Preview Realme 5 5000mAh Budget Beast

hello there my love this is Chris from Tex Burton I’m here with the new real me 5 budget-friendly smartphone but I wanted to test this out for a while ever since was launched over in that body spin a couple of months ago should be one of the best budget blowers of the certainly if the real me 3 Pro is anything to go by which I absolutely adore gonna get it fully unboxed set up and take you on a full tour of the hardware and features and from all the latest greatest technics to poke subscribe anything that notifications bell is like you grab the real me 5 right now from the real me website it will cost you 169 euros not a bad price at all considering suddenly pretty awesome especially have five thousand milliamp battery and they’re the same as the mortal g7 power Snapdragon 665 ISM is the Moto G it’s plus the opera in and twenty20 quite a few other budget-friendly smartphones that cost a little bit more than this room e5 dare to leap is the tagline not great advice if you at the edge of a cliff but Papa okay of course there is the phone itself and you also get a handy little transparent bumper included with the real meat five as well which is a great little bonus are just to add a little bit of extra protection to the smartphone and also bundled in there is a

charger and a Type C kit at least I hope it’s Type C and no its microUSB badges honestly why is micro USB even still a thing as we’re about to hit 2020 that’s just depressing anywho there is the really five in all of its shiny glory and I really like the design of the really forms despite the fact their budget efforts kind of like honor they do put a little bit of effort into the actual design I see how that nice S curve on the room III bra he you’ve got a very funky sort of like crystal shards almost style design quite acute angles and everything very cool and eat-in pick it up at neither blue or purple this is quite really the blue version that was very slick indeed quite a decent heft to it as well about 198 grams I believe it was so yeah definitely compare with a lot of other budget phones as on the upper end of the way it skill let’s just quickly slap on the older bumper as well just to see what it looks

like with that wrapped around it and yes it is a prophylactic bumper as I like to call it because yeah basic just look like you’re wrapping it in a super extra thick bonus safety condom so it doesn’t detract somewhat from the overall sexiness of the room we 5 that blue color isn’t quite as pronounced quite as ball with the kiss slapped on being still make out that funky design at least and you know what if you are paranoid about your shiny new we only five getting scuffed up or scratched or anything like that that will do the job the back end of the room only 5 is just constructed from polycarbonate so probably will scratch up if you’re not too careful with it at least the front end though you do get a nice bit of Gorilla Glass 3 plus so hopefully that will help prevent any scratch and in scuffing right there on the display which as you can see there is already coated in fingerprints yummy thus the design is pretty straightforward so if you do get a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor which is great to see power button your volume rockers you do get a 3.5 million jackpot to see these tears microUSB is of course a whopper of a camera as well four lenses slapped there on a back so got a similar to the arrangement on the up or a 92020 will be taking an in-depth look at that later on in the video so don’t bugger off anyway know it’s time to stuff my SIM card inside and then I will get it all set up and take

you on a tour of the rest of the phone so see what we’ve got so we’ve got a double sim slot and a separate micro SD memory slot as well as you got two choices between 32 to 128 gigs of storage here on the real meet 5 and you can add a further 256 gigs of storage by a micro SD slot which is great stuff and apparently the real me fibre is splash resistant as well as all the details are a little bit hazy on the website it doesn’t have an official IP written or anything so it would be a little bit tentative in the whole area of getting it moist just see if we can power this bad boy up and it’s worth pointing out as well you get pre-installed screen protector here on the real me 5 as well as you can just about make out there so I’ll add an extra bit of protection on top of that Gorilla Glass 3 now it’s sort of the Wi-Fi and everything now it’s time to set up the fingerprint sensor and the face unlock got a 13 megapixel front-facing camera which is used for the fish smoke it’s just a simple to 2d unlock of course not full-on 3d or anything like that and as you can see there you got rays to turn on screen effort as well and there we have it all set up but as you can see there it is of course like other real need devices a color or s4 color OS 6 being the latest version the low I believe this is just 6.0 sat on top of android pice or the previous version of android again not the latest version Android 10 but hopefully that update will be coming soon

dear real me user I’ve been waiting for you heart very intriguing that’s all about the app market that’s just ignore that now and all that color OS elicits quite a Marmite response from people some people absolutely love it some people hate it I don’t mind uh I think it’s perfectly fine over there add some nice little bonus features in there on top of Android and you’ve got all the usual stuff that you’d expect your Android like an actual apps tree you get the smart assistant of course which is basically another version of oxygen Oasis shelf feature stuff like that it’s basically just a page of widgets which you can add to and take away from as well there’s anything in there you don’t particularly want you do it fortunately get a fair bit of crap we’re pre-installed of course which you can just mostly uninstall CA you’ve got the usual hot apps hot games all this kind of shenanigans just get rid of it and just ignore it is my personal recommendation my personal favorite is definitely the game center Joey at your fingertips for now for now we do actually get the pretty handy game space feature which basically just helps they give you games a little bit of a performance boost which is always handy on a budget blow it like this it gives you a bunch of other tools as well notifications management and stuff like that killer s is quite highly customizable as well and you’ve got the likes of these swipe gestures from Android 10 as well some little bits like that which mean you won’t miss

equate so much let’s take a close look at some of the hardware and right here on the rail v5 you get a 6.5 inch display almost full view as you can see there just a tiny little nipple much poking in on the left side when you’re holding it so it’s a 720p panel sadly not a 1080p as you don’t get those full HD visuals but to be honest the 720p visuals looking pretty crisp here just in a little bit of YouTube action and the colors seem absolutely fine brightness stuff definitely on top brightness seems to be doing the job as well so yeah I’d say that I’d be absolutely fine for just enjoyed a bit Netflix bit YouTube whatever you want on the go and it’s a mono speaker setup down here on the bottom [Applause] so no probably won’t win any awards for being super-powered or anything like that but it’ll absolutely do in a pinch and you know what you got that headphone jack so you can connect a pair of white headphones or a bit of Bluetooth 5 support for your wireless as imagine before it’s a snapdragon 665 chipset backed by either three or four gigs run depending on which model you go for this is the 4 Giga I’ve said a few little sort of stutters and stumbles here and there that’s pretty common for a smartphone that’s still busy setting itself up touch what it’ll run all right the Moto G at plus certainly with a stock version of Android run absolutely fine the Opera in own 2020 then I meet issues without either so fingers crossed here on this color s6 handset that 665 will provide good

performance and then of course there is the whopper of a battery five thousand milliamp cell so that’s on par with likes the Moto G seven power one of my favorite budget smartphones of 2019 I’ll tell you what if this thing could get three days about your life like that can and I reckon it probably will then that would be job done so nice been able to go away for a weekend and not have to worry about packing that charger also will be fully reviewing that the real me five so that is stay tuned might end up thoughts on that hopefully coming in about weeks time and so we come to that absolute beast of a quad lens rear camera here on the back of the real me five and of course more lenses doesn’t necessarily mean better photo quality by any stretch of the imagination but there were only three products the impressed for its optics and walking for a similar sort result at the very least here on the room you get 12 megapixel primary lenses an F 1.8 that’s backed by an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle lens giving you a very different view of the world that’s a 119 degree angle lens are believe it is and they got two basic finalizes a two megapixel depth sensor and lit 2 megapixel macro shoot shooter as well should just help you to get those really nice up-close shots I captured lots of finer detail so let’s give it a quick ol dad tour the user all pink unicorn subject something very jazzy there mr.

Unicorn as you can see pretty feature dates camera UI as usual from a color or a smartphone if you take some shots you’ve got HDR mode up top on full auto this is how you select the ultra wide-angle lens just a quick tap of this icon appear not the most accessible of options and unfortunately you can’t simply select it by pinching that when you’re in the normal modes either and if you tap this little bad boy down here you like between the different forms of digital zoom but if it goes all the way up to ten certainly does all right there is an of course unicorn nostril lovely stuff you’ve also got a portrait more of course making full use of that depth sensor in order to help provide a nice bit of accurate edge detection I will of course be fully testing that out as well for my in-depth review and then you can swap to video mode like so and to up to 4k resolution videos you can swap resolutions nice and simply just by tapping this little icon up here and you go selection of boris Wars which you can access by tapping here and clicking a good

old night skip mode for those low-light shots of course and like a bit time ups and slow more if you tap expert that basically opens up the professional mod allows you to play around with likes the white balance of the order of focus to get a very precise kind of shot and at any point in quickly and easily swaps about 13 megapixel selfie camera very bit of a glamour Instagram shots or not so much in my case I apologize for looking like a horrible I’m basically I haven’t left the house today pretty much so I just throw it on whatever not your typical youtuber I apologize and there you have it that in a nutshell is the real me 5 definitely so far looking like a pretty snazzy budget blue as I say it’s done for 169 euros rise into a little bit more if you want that extra bit of memory and storage abs the episode be definitely of enough follow on tests and I’ll be using as my personal handset my sim is already stuffed inside so stay tuned for an in-depth review of that let me know what you think down in the comments block there’s anything specific you want me to test out be grit to your thoughts and please do folks subscribe anything that notifications bar the monolayers quit saying jizz all right love you you you

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