Review OnePlus 7T After One Month

and yet another example of how time is terrifyingly slipping through our grasps and before you know it we’ll all just be bones in the dirt or dust blown on the wind it’s already been a full month since one plus 70 was released here in the UK and one previous t-series handsets what basic updates all for the original models this time around 1 plus decided to rip all of the awesome tech out of the 1 plus 7 Pro launched earlier in 2019 and then slap it into that entry-level one plus 70 handset from the stunning 90 Hertz fluid display to the flexible triple lens camera there’s some impressive features packed into this bad boy where you also get the latest Android 10 OS and Qualcomm Billy Big bollocks Snapdragon 855 plus platform making the oneplus 70 fresher than your Nan’s buns so spoiler alert yes the oneplus 70 is a bloody good phone but is it one of the best of the year and are there any little issues cropped up after that honeymoon period has well and truly ended well there’s my fault 1 plus 71 month for review and for more on the latest greatest tech place to poke subscribe and ding like notifications Bell cheers let’s start as ever with designer the oneplus 70 features a smarter more refined finish compared with the previous one plus 7 it’s slightly slimmer and longer now and combined with that curved glass back it sure feels nice in the hand phenomena the most obvious change to the design is of course that circular camera grill housed on the back something that’s been popularized by the likes of Nokia Motorola and while we’re this definitely looks a lot neater than the previous effort and although it does get a ferry from the surface it is nothing too troublesome the design choices were a bit more limited with this generation however the glossy version

found on the 1 + 7 has been killed off entirely so you can only grab the 1 + 70 in this matte glass finish instead luckily for me that’s my favorite anywhere because it’s an awful lot less smudgy than the glossy effort makes it much easier to keep clean and if you don’t a spunk up extra cash for that snazzy McLaren Edition then your only color choices or silver or this here blue model both sports and a subtle gradient finish the good news is even a month on the oneplus 70 still looks fresh out of the box you get a tough bit of Gorilla Glass 5 playing around back and that’s been upgraded for Gorilla Glass 6 for the display and as if that wasn’t enough you also get a screen protector slathered across the front end of this phone and you get prophylactic is bundled in the box if you’re super paranoid so basically on the Jason Statham’s kill this gets a full-on 5 written it’s tougher than a slice of beef either black now power up the oneplus 70 and you will of course be greeted with this gorgeous six point five five inch fluid AMOLED display it’s a full HD plus panel and despite the size of it those visuals are super crisp while the fresh new twenty by nine finish is perfectly suited to a spot of Netflix on the commute and yes there is a dinky nipple notch up top something that you don’t get in the pro version because of the pop up camera but it really is dinky here and barely intrudes at all even if you got a full screen and unlike rival devices are on this price point and much more expensive than it you also get a 90 Hertz refresh rate understa split as well which is superb for gaming and make sure everyday navigation just looks silky silky smooth more on the gaming side of things in a bit as usual you can play around with the color output in the Sens but I like to leave it on oneplus as vivid setting as those whose really do smack you right in the mug you get sharp contrast too thanks to the itch to your 10 support which is fully supported in the likes of Netflix and no problems as far as the brightness is concerned either because this bad-boy tops out at a stunning 1000 it’s definitely strong enough to clearly see what you’re doing on a sunny day I just generally use as a weapon to blind any attackers plus of course the usual night mode shenanigans are back on board for a comfy viewing experience when you’re rotting your brain with YouTube stuff at 3:00 a.m.

As for the audio front well it’s a full-on stereo speakers set up here on the oneplus 70 complete with Dolby Atmos support it’s definitely loud and punchy enough to be clearly heard even in a very noisy environment the most spacious 10 inch display there’s also proper full HD as well 1920 that’ll definitely piss off the grannies on the bus sadly the headphone jack is once again missing in action here on the oneplus 70 but the Bluetooth connection was perfectly dependable and stable enough even in busy central London locations so no worries on that front we have a bit of a gander at the software it’s yet another win for oneplus this is still one of the only mobiles in 2019 to come pack an Android 10 out of a box from the dark mode to the suggestion allegation there are loads of improvements on offer and slathered on top of Android is one pluses on customizable oxygen or West’s launcher which throws in even more features for one you get a typically excellent bit of face recognition to back up that in-display fingerprint sensor both of which stand tall against rivals the Zen mode feature is also back in action allowing you to block out the world for a set amount of time no good one for any for more sufferers but definitely good plan for day at night overall I really really like the 1 plus 70 UI in general and user experience it does everything that I need it to and it doesn’t feel like a particularly heavy launcher certainly compared with a lot of rivals out there and for all of your apps and all of that shenanigans you get 128 gigs of storage although suddenly that’s not expandable via microSD oh and no complaints on the performance front from the oneplus either not much of a shock given that the lid Snapdragon 805 5 + chipset is backed by 8 gigs of ram pump G mobile players on top D 2 levels at a super crisp 60 frames per second which of course looks amazing on that next-gen display and the game space feature is back in action also complete with notifications blocking network enhancement tools and they’ll like check out my fault 1 + 70 Tips & Tricks guide for a closer look at that and some of the other oxygen OS software features the 3800 milliamp cell stuffed inside the 1 + 70 s on

the a minor upgrade over the 1 + 7 3700 milliamp cell but it’ll basically still keep you going all day long nice and dependable even if you’re using this thing as a sat-nav a gaming device entertainment media streamer whatever you want basically no problem there one month on no dip in performance as you kind of hope and judge and the wee bugger back up again is also incredibly fast that warp charge 30 T Tech means that you get a full battery and pretty much bang on an hour that’s faster than almost every single other rival out there as usual there’s no support for wireless charging but to be fair that’s pretty rare to find at this price point anyway so now onto that triple lens rear camera which offers a very similar setup to the older one plus 7 pro the everyday shot to get a 40 a megapixel lens with F 1.6 aperture and built-in optical image stabilization plus it uses Sony’s popular IMX 588 sensor and at any point you can also swap to the 16 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens or the 12 megapixel telephoto lens for a very different viewpoint my test pics came out perfectly well colors on the whole look natural and it’s rare to see any other saturation in those HDR situations rather the darker areas are likely to be a little bit murky cause maybe a little bit weaker but nothing serious just a little lack of detail compared with some rivals but you do get plenty of detail packed in every other shot and I’d be happy to use this blower to capture those merry memories on a daily basis all of the usual bonus ones of course being crammed into the oneplus 70s camera as well including a bit pro action so you can play around with the different levels and capture and up to 48 megapixel image in either JPEG or RAW format light shots are also pretty solid on that auto mode but you also get a dedicated night mode here which boosts those darker bits while temper in any oversaturated areas it’s definitely a good effort and that new macro mode is seriously impressive if you want to capture an up-close-and-personal image sucking up all of those finer details from just a

couple of centimeters away at any point you can of course swap to that ultra wide angle lens handy for grabbing a landscape or cityscape pic and we certainly get some dramatic results with warmer output than the primary lens and it’s good to see that the mic mode is still available using the shooter as well alternatively you’ve got the telephoto lens which serves an up to two times optical zoom to get closer to the action it’s not a patch on the world where p30 Pro of course but it’s definitely handy for touristy snaps and ferb shooter next doors cats now as for the video you get up to 4k resolution footage and either 30 or 60 frames per second great to see results are typically sharp and smart stabilization is pretty good even at that Ultra HD level and the audio pickup is absolutely fine things only really start to falter once you start a shoot at night apart from that it’s all good as well as the selfie cam cause it’s one plus as usual 16 megapixel effort once again absolutely fine for your Instagram pics the portrait mode is pretty smart with respectable edge detection given the single and setup and it’s not too bad for indoor shots either you get a little bit of softness but nothing too tragic so basically your handful of minor flaws aside the oneplus 70 is a fantastic all-round device and at 550 quid it can basically take on any Samsung or Apple phone out there is it the best smartphone of 2019 well it’s definitely right up there with the best especially given the value for money so that’s what I think of the oneplus 70 one month after it was released here in the UK have you got one Plus 70 if you’ve been using as your full-time phone as well we’ll definitely let us know what you think down in the comments below let us know if you’re tempted by it or if not why not and please do próxima scribe and doing that notifications bar for more on the latest greatest tech tears overall

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