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hello gorgeous pieces Christmas expert and I’m here with opera’s fresh nuri not to Zane or to Z I guess if you live in the u.s. it’s a 329 pounds smartphone slightly cuts back specs compared with the full fat renal – but it still busts a quad lens rear camera four thousand milliamp battery 6.5 inch gorgeous AMOLED display lots of great features and specs as I say just 229 pounds pretty solid value by all accounts I’ve already delivered my full Apple green or 2 reviews go check that out right now if you want to see more on the Big Brother to this bad boy well I’m going to do now I’m going to prize the upper Reno Tuesday out of this rather enormous box I’ll show you exactly what you get in there get it all set up take you on a full tour of the device itself and then stay tuned for an in-depth review now if I can actually get the 2 Z out of here that would be lovely it’s properly stuck in there come on you know you want to seriously if they’d like superglue this thing in there or something Jesus Christ it really does not want to come out ah there we go almost dropped the bugger right is he got the phone itself or obviously like the standard Reno too you also get a lovely little case bundled in the box so which is a bit of a step up from your standard sort of just transparent basic and bumper type think that’s a good bit of protection that great stuff of course you get your three pin that charging that plug you get your type-c USB cable get your pole key pin device tracks you get the sim in there and you get some bundled earphones as well and yes they are

3.5 millimeter because you do actually get a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack on the opera we know to zared lovely staff all right there is the box itself highly excited and now let’s actually turn our attention to the device they can grab the opera no Tuesday’s in a couple of different hues you’ve got a luminous black and then you got this version here the sky white which I’m really glad that I got as my review device because I do rather like it let me just look like you’re playing the boring standard sort of white handset a casual glance but as you see as it catches the light does actually throw up a flicker a various different colors it is a veritable rainbow when it catches the light just saw now really liked the look and the feel of the Reno Tuesday as well everything’s arranged of a nice symmetrical vertical line right there as you can see right down the middle you got your little nubbin up top which will just help to protect that back surface and as well though touchwood the renal to z is constructed from Gorilla Glass 5 back and front as well it’s got a good heft to it as well at 195 grams so he doesn’t feel Tory like I definitely see it for 329 quit it’s one of the best phones around this sort of price point as you see down there as mentioned before headphone jack as well as type-c USB let’s see if there’s any gas in the tank hopefully we’ll have a bit of battery

lighting just yet get it all set up now without having to pre charge as you can see here the operatory not too Zaid actually has a built-in fingerprint sensor here and that massive display just like the standard reen or two it’s just gonna get that set up now and there we have a set a process complete so of course whenever you want to turn on the operon or tuesday you can basically just tap that fingerprint sensor right there so when the operator to Zed detects that it’s been picked up or if you just tap the screen it will bring up a little icon right there and boom straight into your desk tops nice and easy now like the standard rien or to the renal to Zed comes with Android PI on boards are they not list Android 10 and like the oneplus 70 because you’ve got the color OS version 6.1 stuck away on top as well I do quite like color s it’s definitely improved quite a lot all the times you’ve got lights the smartest and just gives you basically a lot of fast access widgets and the like you’ve got you’ve got an apps tree which is nice you can clear the clutter on your main desktops there I’ve done a full video tour of color OS version 6 to go check that out if you want a closer look at some of the new features on there and everything as well one thing that’s worth mentioning though is the Reno – that does not have an a/c built in so you won’t be able to use it for contactless payments and the like now at six point five inch AMOLED display certainly seems strong for this sort price point that looks nice and bright nice and punchy as you can see they’re

quite vibrant colors on this Holly Quinn trailer because it’s an AMOLED you get some nice deep blacks and everything as well they’re so respectable contrast that I don’t believe it supports full HDR and of course here on the output reading on Tuesday just like the Reno – you get a lovely full view finish that’s because there’s no dinky little nipple not to anything like that poking into the frame and that my friends is because of the pop-up selfie camera which is rather adorable more on that in a bit but back to the media and your port re not to Zed is also very impressed when it comes to the audio side of things you only get a single moral speak word for T rather than a stereo output but it’s nice and powerful still a little bit teníamos maximum volumes but we should be able to clearly hear what is going on you got full support for Dolby are awesome even high res audio as well far as the performance goes here in the upper beam or to Z you get immediate a kill your p90 chipset rather than the snapping 730 G packed into the full fat mob arena – but is still backed by eight gigs of RAM touchwood seems reasonably nippy Assaf also only be given it plenty of test ins here how it cooks are like sub pub G mobile I want to thought you’d have any problems on the battery front either it’s a four thousand milliamp cells stuffed inside of here and you once again get a vogue three put on with charge and softly an hour at the plug should give you most every full charge and the storage tip you’ve actually got a choice of 128 or 256 in gigabytes of storage as you

see this is the one to eight model I’ve installed quite a lot of apps and as you can see I’ve only used just the tape gigs still got plenty of space there feel or pics in your movies and such forth and back it up that a fingerprint sensor as well is a bit of face unlock action of course using that pop-up a selfie camera so you stick my mug in there and get it all in rolls no face detected come on man that is a perfectly good face and you’ve got lots of different settings that you can play around with and of course cause eyes will feel fierce recognitions when you don’t get them and you googled pixel smartphones which cost twice as much in touch weather should be nice and nippy here on the aquamarine or Tuesday just like the upper one or two before as you can see there despite the fact you got to wait for that camera to pop up it’s still pretty Swift until of a little purple LED lighting as well mice or pop up camera disco touched on before the OP or green or Tuesday it has a quad lens camera setup similar to the original Apple run or two but it is actually different tick so once again do get a forty eight megapixel primary lens F 1.7 with that sony mx-5 it’s six cents a great stuff at this price point B it’s up back here but it megapixel ultra wide-angle lens and then just a tomb eight megapixel depth sensor and a two megapixel on mono lat sensor so there’s not teleport or zoom unfortunately now if you jump on into the camera app though it’s basically the same setup as the standard or port reen or two as you can see there you’ve got a bit of scene recognition smart so a reckons there mr.

Tiger here is actually a puppy you can jump that ultra wide-angle lens with a quick tap up it’s slightly annoying that it’s all the way up there it’s sort of down here you can’t do a two x digital zoom as well using that little thing unfortunately and five times as well but it doesn’t actually swap to that ultra wide-angle lens with another tap it just goes straight back to your standard mode you got your dazzle color up here if you want to just give those colors a bit of a boost various filters and all the rest thing in quick access the settings here let’s immediately oh it’s good so the watermark is turned off because sometimes it’s turned on by default on these phones which is incredibly annoying video you could shoot all the way up to 4k resolution footage though sadly it only allows 60fps at 1080p full-hd level and of course you’ve got all of your bonus camera modes that you would expect like bit of portrait mode using that depth sensor just to lock on your subject keep them crisp give a nice bucket style blowing effect to the background interpret your video mode with a quick tap over here and as you can see there you can use the ultra wide-angle lens blur I believe that’s only when you’re in full HD video mode I don’t think you can use it at 4k level and then it’s up here and you’ve got the likes of the night mode which just takes so long exposure shot stitches together lots of different photos of different

exposures and just to really brighten things up certainly works quite impressively well now you’ve all expert on mode as well jokes you want to piddle about what the settings bird messed around with like the white balance ISO levels all that kind of stuff and if we swap about to that

amazing front-facing selfie camera you can see what’s again got your bit of portrait mod so you can capture some most crisp shots yourself blur out the background quite a wide angle finish you should be able to cram in a plenty of mitts or a bit of background action as you see this got full itch your smarts as well just as well and if we dive on into the settings the video starts off at 720p we leave by default become bump it up to 1080p and there you have it that is the OP or ranaut to zal as I say 329 quid here in the UK you’ve got their full rights of Carphone Warehouse Amazon and of course direct from opera as well and I’ve got to say the specs and the features on this thing are mighty impressive for 329 pounds definitely a strong rival to likes the Moto G 7 plus I just love extra cash and you can bag yourself one of these instead as always don’t mind the fact that it’s got their color OS and everything slapped on top camera certainly seems got I’ll be giving out a full test and out testing out the rest of it hopefully the performance and battery life will steer strong as well so what do you reckon are you tempted by the up or renal Tuesday defi let us know down below in them bar comments this is your puck subscribe ding the notifications about do a lot find thing love you lots cheers boy

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