Google Pixel 4 XL vs 3 XL What’s changed?

hello there you wonderful person you this is Chris from text better and I’m here with two generations of Google’s premium flagship pixels smartphones here on the left is the fresh new pixel for excel just launched last week they’ll be available from October the 24th starting at 829 quids hope that your bank account has not been raided too harshly before Christmas and here on the right you’ve got last year’s f4 the Google pixel 3 excel didn’t cost you eight hundred sixty nine pounds for the lower storage model that’s gonna come down in price now with the launch of course of the pixel of four so stay tuned for more information on the price and a lat my full pixel for excel review should be going live as this video also hits the interwebs but I thought I’d do a side-by-side with last year’s pixel three excel just to see if pixel three honors should consider an upgrade to pixel four or if you don’t have either of these smartphones should you save a little bit cash get the pixel three instead of the fresher new for Excel and for more the list of grits Balto please do put subscribe and ding that notifications Bell cheers first up there’s our massive difference between them in terms the actual dimensions that both six point three inch handsets I thought the pixel 3xr Duffy is a little bit chunkier than the new pixel for excel be a bit more clear if I just launch up an app like YouTube or something you can see there that obviously the bezel situation has definitely changed the pixel 3x

I’ll had a big fat bezel down below and then it’s weird little mustache not which jutted quite far into the display up top completely switched around here for the pixel for Excel there’s no mustache not just a big fat bar up top and now a nice slender bezel down below a few other design aspects have changed up for the pixel for as well as all the fundamentals do remain pretty much unchanged from the pixel 3 X L so once again you get glass coated on the back as well as the front you’ve got a nice bit of aluminium frame and language between the two however whereas before it was quite a glossy finish to that engine now on the new pixel for excel it’s actually quite soft touch mat and finish to the aluminium as you can see there the overall aesthetics has changed as well used to have this neat two-tone effect here on the pixel 3 X so obviously adds the equate glossy little strip up top and the rest of it had a kind of a matte finish to it instead well our two-tone finish has been completely banished here on the pixel for Excel it’s now just as you can see there a single layer of glass nice and simple and straightforward and of course the camera grille has changed up as well from the sink simple little pin dot style effect on the pixel 3 exile now you got this big square chassis or right there which is kind of love it or hear that most people seem to not particularly like it very much and the color schemes changed up slightly for the pixel 4 as well the old pixel fix I used

to be able to get it in white or also black and a subtle pink color black and white options are still available for pixel 4 but now the third option is a very vibrant also orange effort which is yeah very eye popping the pixel for excels got bit more of a heft to it compared with you order 193 grams compare 184 grams are not exactly a massive step up and then both ip68 dust and water resistant to know about the actual software we run on them both well the pixel 3 excel has now been updated to the latest Android tens was basically running the same software as the pixel for Excel that means of course you get the lovely dark mode and all those sort of features that go along with it however there are some differences in the features between these two pixel handsets for one that reminded fingerprint sensor has been cold from the pixel 3xl so you’re on the pixel for Excel you just use a bit of face recognition instead so far seems to work really really nicely very fast and responsive and accurate and because the pixel 4 has a built-in radar as well I can actually sense when you’re reaching for the phone it’ll then activate that fierce unlock as you can see boom you’re straight into your desktops no need to swipe or anything because it got a couple of other born of cell features like live transcribing and stuff in there go check out my fault in-depth google pixel for excel tips and tricks guides going live on tuesday for an in-depth look and all those features apart from apps very similar to the pixel 3 excel they top off at Wi-Fi 5 support there’s no 5g got isom support on there as well as the nano-sim and of course the google

assistant just give the the funds that’ll squeeze and up they pop now the rich before they both a rocky 6.3 inch screen it’s an OLED panel with a nice bit quad HD plus resolution on the go as well for each to your smarts and everything the whole kit and kaboodle suppose you can see there you get great-looking images really nice contrast shop contrast very true to life blacks and very nice natural-looking colors but those colors can really pop when they need to as well and of course you can put it around with the settings in the actual displayed sentence then of course you do all the way in a Netflix you don’t have that little knot jutting its way into the screen but unfortunately on YouTube that in the case unfortunately do have that here on the pixel 3xl in good old youtube not so much the on the pixel for the sound quality is absolutely fantastic on both these devices as well you got a nice stereo speaker setup on both of them so that’s just the boost of the pixel for excel all the way up to the top try that out I hunt terminators love it and the pigs will fit excel let’s do the same boost it all the way up to maximum and try it out I mean here’s great and sounds better every time you hear it but it girls neither of these pixel sports a headphone jack or unfortunately after you rely on a good bit of Bluetooth 5 or better dongle actually you don’t even get a dongle bundled in the box of the pixel 4 X I which kind of sucks but there you go have the one area that display that has been upgraded compared with a pixel 3 XL is the 90 Hertz a refresh rate makes it silky smooth navigation everything just looks beautifully buttery smooth when you flip and feels menus and everything and it got a subtle support 90 hurts for recommended games as well and naturally of course the performance has been updated as well as last year’s pixel 3 excels

sported the Snapdragon 805 chipset backs by 4 gigs of ram that’s been upgraded for the pixel photocell to the new Snapdragon 8 5 5 backed by 6 gigs around my saying it was actually launched about 10 months ago up here huh of which I can’t run a antutu benchmark or anything on that to show the side-by-side difference because the pixel for exile blocks antutu in Geekbench because it’s not actually been released yet we’ve got the good news is the pixel 3xl from last year’s still runs the likes of pubsey mobile on those top details hands nice beautiful buttery smooth frame rates definitely do not worry if you’re looking for a swift handset that can handle everything you throw it at the pixel fix I’ll definitely does the job nicely that’s about you take that has also been upgraded which is a grit where they feel on the pixel folks I’ll start 3700 milliamp cell copy over the 2430 front in the pixel 3x so it’s a pixel 3x I was to last you a full demon with pretty intensive use the pixel for exile has basically guaranteed absolutely no worries you get 18 what fast charging in there same as before as well and again qi wireless charging 2 and the difference as far as the storage calls you get toasted 64 or 128 gig options there’s no microSD memory card support unfortunately but you do get a limit Google photos support for all of your pics and home movies now the final up grid is of course that camera tech as you can see now you’ve got a dual lens setup compared with the single lens of yesteryears the pixel 3xl had a 12.2 megapixel F 1.8 aperture lens with optical image stabilization has been slightly improved

here on the pixel for Excel it’s now an F 1.7 but the same general setup and that’s back to here on the pixel focus off by 16 megapixel secondary lens f 2.4 again without optical image stabilization thrown in have you dive on into the camera upon these two phones you see the things have changed up a little bit here for the pixel 4xl in terms the interface and some of the features they’re both basically nice point-and-shoot smartphone cameras very minimal effort to get really nice-looking photos and video you don’t get any full pull manual controls unfortunate with either of these devices it’s very much aimed at the general everyday smartphone user one of the big changes is whenever you’re shootin an itch to your style situation here on the pixel for exile you actually get a separate slider to change the brightness of the foreground compared with the background and you can change the overall brightness of the images and this little slider here as well so very handy if you’re trying to snap someone against a really brightly lit sky no because you’ve got full portrait mode smarts as well and even though it’s still had a single lens that I set up here on the pixel 3x I’ll still caption gorgeous-looking portrait shots with nice crisp edge detection very nice bakiyev style of blurry effect so that was great stuff and it’s just as

strong here on the pixel 4x oh and of course light side makes very welcome return as well as it’s been improved and updated here on the pixel profile you can even shoot the night constellations apparently if you’ve got a nice starry sky above you which here in london i’ve got jack hope over anything resembling that unfortunately that’s the setup is very very similar you can once again of course shoot video it up to 4k resolution at 30 FPS or if you bump it down full HD there you could shoot it at 60 frames per second instead and you got a handful of boris boards as well including slow-motion in time-lapse video and of course the likes of the photosphere that panorama shenanigans like that if you swap her onto the front-facing cameras the rolls have actually been reversed you actually have a dual lens setup here on the pixel 3xl risers only a single lens here on the pixel for ik so in all cases it and megapixels and of course you can zoom right the way the pixels week so you get very ultra wide-angle setup here on the pixel for Excel as well as he can capture big group of me it’s having a great time lots of bands etc or just lots of background action whatever you are up for and

of course got a bit of portrait mode support on both these devices as well and you can shoot up to full HD resolution video and now right there in a nutshell is have a new pixel for excel fresh and new for 2019 stacks up against last year’s pixel three XL flagship smartphones as you can see quite a few upgrades performance battery life that new 90 Hertz display bit new camera tech on the go as well so you tempted up grid to the pixel for Excel if you’ve got last year’s of model or if you’re tempted by one of these devices are you going to try and save a bit cash go for the pixel three still look great smartphone although I do really like the setup on you pixel Forex on some of those features like the real thing it seemed very cool indeed let’s go check out my fault in-depth review of pixel for work so what you be going live at the same time as this video don’t forget to poke subscribe and dealer notifications about ourselves our lovely week people cheers love you

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