Review iPhone 11 Camera & iPhone XR Comparison

so the iPhone 11 is the most affordable of Apple’s 2019 smartphone lineup and it was the biggest upgrade or certainly one of the biggest upgrades compared with last year’s iPhone 10 our is that camera tech you get the same primary 12 megapixel lens as the 10 off slapped on the back with an F 1.8 aperture and built-in optical image stabilization however the iPhone 11 also boasts a secondary 12 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens with an F 2.4 aperture for grabbing a very different view of the world and around the front the selfie snapper is now a 12 megapixel F 2.2 aperture lens compared with the old 7 megapixel effort however it ain’t just the camera hardware that’s changed for the iPhone 11 it’s got a few new bonus software features thrown in there as well such as the all-new night Lord for taking low-light shots but the question is of course how these upgrades actually improve the photo and video quality here on the iPhone 11 well had both of these handsets last few days been seeing them out and about testing them out and here is my in-depth iPhone 11 camera review and

comparison with the 10r and for more on the latest greatest tech please do pod subscribe ending that all applications Bell cheers so it probably won’t shock you too greatly to learn that the an iPhone 11 like last year’s iPhone 10 R is great for taking simple point-and-shoot everyday snaps bit of touristy monuments or simply your kids and your pets doing their thing the new 2019 handset actually captures sharper detail than last year’s iPhone given matching conditions despite using the same primary tech although you have to zoom right into your photos to make this obvious viewed on a smart phone screen the images do appear to be identical as far as sharpness goes I also found that colors appeared ever so slightly more natural on the iPhone 11 although again in most of my test shots there’s minimal difference the camera UI has actually changed slightly here on the iPhone 11 as well most of the toggles have now been hidden away out of sight for a cleaner finish meanwhile long press on the shutter button will actually stop recording a video with the option to swipe to the side to lock that in it’s pretty handy if you find yourself shooting a lot of impromptu home movies unfortunately that now means you take a burst shot surf

photos by dragging it your finger across to the left it’s not the most intuitive of methods does take a little while to get used to get there in the end of course one of the big differences is that you ultra wide-angle mode which is ideal for snap in large subjects like these weapon-grade buildings or just getting a more dramatic view point for us and action shots and thankfully color temperature doesn’t seem to take a hit like it does on some Android phones when you’re shooting with that primary lens in landscape mode you now get some office fill across the boundaries I guess to give you an idea of some of the stuff you’ll be able to capture if you do switch to that wide-angle shooter although it’s not an accurate representation and to be honest it is a bit distracting well they swap them between the lenses it is super quick and easy and you get a neat zoom in and out effect very snazzy now according to Apple the iPhone 11 sports next generation HDR some more advanced than the iPhone 10 are for shooting high-contrast scenes and occasionally I did notice some slightly true-to-life views from the new handset but in a few cases the older iPhone actually picked up more detail in those dark areas and produce less green with the same levels of overall exposure one step forwards another right back again of course one of the most hyped features here on the iPhone 11 is the fact that Apple has finally done a night mode something that Huawei first popularized roughly 18 months ago using the standard auto mode on the iPhone 11 I felt that the low-light results were comparable to the iPhone 10 are just once again with stronger detail however switched to the night mode which happens

automatically when the iPhone reckons it’s a good idea and you get brighter shots all around you can control the duration of which the shot is taken and the longer you make this the grit of the color clarity as long as things are really dark unfortunately Apple’s night Lord may brighten up doc relevance but it does nothing for the previously overexposed the lighter elements they’re still blown out and ugly so while there is an improvement the iPhone 11 in or p30 Pro now swap to the portrait mode on the iPhone 11 and you can capture a great-looking photo of another human being with a please and bokya style background effect and as before you got full control over the level of blur by tapping this here aperture symbol the portrait results on the iPhone 11 seem to be a minor upgrade on the 10 ah the edge detection seems a lot more accurate on those stronger blur settings and you now get a full complement of 6 studio lighting effects as well compared with the original 3 on the 10r as ever these are fine for picking up baldies like me and throwing out the rest of the photo into oblivion but any complex hair often poses a problem now switch to video and you can once again shoot up to 4k resolution footage out 30 or 60 frames per second and like with the iPhone 10 are you still have to change the resolution in the phone settings menu instead of directly through the camera why Apple why I mean seriously for all these years I’ve thought this was just really bad software design but now I’m actually starting to think it’s straight-up sadism policy and video results aren’t that four key level or just

as strong as before you get detail rich picture quality with respectable color capture image stabilization is more or less on par with a full HD resolution there’s a bit of shimmer with every step that you take but certainly nothing troublesome and any video shot with the prevalence generally comes out all right at night but forget about using the law aperture ultra wide-angle snapper the results were just a grainy ugly mess that’s for all your well that gets a thumbs-up the iPhone 11 can prioritize any sound coming from wherever the lens is pointed out though in a really noisy environments the effects are minimal anyway it Betsy gets drowned out so don’t get too excited however any commentary the also providing at the time also gets cleanly picked up too so that’s great the main difference on the video front between the iPhone 11 and the older 10 are is that you now have that ultra wide-angle lens which can capture a very different view for your whole movies just like you can for your snaps and yes you can switch between the two lenses at any time despite tapping that on-screen icon so let’s move on to those selfie snappers now on the iPhone 11 the picture quality detail levels in general have improved thanks to that bump in resolution you can also now widen the view on the iPhone 11 pulling back so you can cram in a lot more background action or just more people if you have another have friends apple claims that the HDR chops have once again been improved on the selfie snapper as well and occasionally I did see a little less overexposure in the background when shooting on a really bright deer but honestly there’s not much in it my shots did seem to be an improvement

however with brighter clearer results and of course you always get that blinding screen flash feature to help out you also get the same portrait mode support for that selfie camp but the same set of lighting effects as the 10 are included in those studio efforts that make you look like you’re trapped in some kind of horrific sci-fi void here on the original Idol of 10 or of course you can only shoot up to full HD resolution video using that front-facing 7 megapixel camera let’s now use not put this 12 megapixel camera here on the iPhone 11 you can now shoot a glorious fall here as we should per second which is what I’m doing right now my face and ultra-hd one thing it was definitely not made for so that right there is what I think of the iPhone 11s dual lens camera and how it stacks up against last year’s iPhone 10 are definitely a dependable everyday shoot and if you just want simple point-and-shoot efforts then you know it will do the job then unite lords stuff is commendable the video chops are still solid as always but what do you reckon of the iPhone 11 are you tempted by it especially if you’ve got the 10 are already is that bump in the camera tech enough to make you jump ship from the center and get the 11 toughy throw your comments down below be great to hear your thoughts so please do pop subscribe and thing that notifications bar for more on the latest and greatest tech cheers everyone love you

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