Review Motorola Moto E6 Plus A worthy £100 mobile?

ok I get it so times are a bit tough you’ve got to spend all of your money on booze to forget about how rubbish your life is and now you’re gonna drop your smartphone and down the bogs trying to send a pathetic drunken text to your ex who by the way still hits your rotten guts no worries though your very existence may be unbearable but at least you can buy yourself a shiny new smartphone without having to sell your body on the streets again because this here is the mortal a 6 plus fresh from Motorola which boasts a dual lens camera and HD display and definitely plenty of shine all for just a hundred quid I’ve had my sim card stashed inside for a good few days now to see if there are any funny little quirks or qualms so here is my in-depth Motorola mortal e 6 plus or a review and for more on the latest and greatest mobile tech please do poke subscribe ending landlord applications Bell Cheers so starting with design and unsurprisingly for a budget mobile this Motorola blower spots a basic plastic chassis you can grab it in this mirror style finish or a cheery cherry style as well but either way it’s gonna get greasy ER than a Gregg’s sausage roll once you actually lay your hands on it and of course it ain’t too durable either after just a few days of use the motorola moto e 6 plus has already got a couple of light scratches there on the back which to be fair you can’t really see unless you kind of wipe off all of those smudges anyway thankfully motorola has at least kindly bundled a transparent cover in the box in case you want to keep the phone all shiny and new looking and low complaints but the rest of the designers the four is comfortable to clutch and to use despite those chunky bezels surrounding the screen the handset doesn’t really feel too bulky and though sadly there is no dedicated one handed mode or any features like that to help out you do have a rear mounted fingerprint sensor though for fast unlock and other four and it works a treat as long as your hands on dirty or too moist or too

dry or anything like that impressively the Moto e 6 plus also supports fierce recognition using that front-facing camera and that works alright in decent light another in exactly super nippy although if you try using it in a darkened room then frankly you’re one hell of an optimist and this first recognition is just one of a couple of bonus features that Motorola has added to that stock Android PI UI I had all these bonus bits off sadly in scarce supply you don’t get any of the usual mortu experiences thanks to the e6 plusses limitations including that well missed one handed mode and nifty gesture controls and they definitely are a miss if not quite a deal-breaker there’s also law NFC born either for your contactless payment needs still you do get the full range of Google Apps and services and a respectable 6.1 inch IPS screen to enjoy them on its 720p HD not full HD but it’s still reasonably crisp for video and the like so that and the 19 point 5 by 9 aspect ratio is well suited to movies ensures there’s only a teeny-weeny little notch

intruded on that display as well doesn’t really get in the way too much at all my god so as you’d expect from a budget smartphone it’s just a single mono speaker that’s used for your media it’s pretty loud definitely do the job if you’re listening to a video or something in a noisy environment on scene not great for music as it is tinny as hell but the good news there is at least you do get a 3.5 ml headphone jack and just plug in a wired pair if your Bluetooth set is out of battery so you don’t have a Bluetooth set job done now a basic mediatek helio p22 chipset powers the model a 6 plus and it’s fine for everyday shenanigans but I would not expect a silky smooth performance in fact this most basic 99 pound model sports just 2 gigabytes of RAM so it’s no wonder that it struggles seriously the model 6 plus at times is slower than the average take me out contestants apps are constantly being automatically closed in the background to free up that meager memory but it’s just not enough to prevent the general lethargy and while most apps to run well enough I did see Google photos freeze up a few times while I was trying to just watch your video or zoom into some snaps I would have said if you’ve got a bit more cash to hand then maybe

upgrade to the 4 gigabyte model instead but to be honest 150 quid these tears will bag you the mortal g7 power which isn’t just an upgrade of these 6 plus in terms of the performance is also better that likes a battery life as well as the name kind of suggests so the Moto e 6 plus has a 3000 milliamp cell stuffed inside and unfortunately it won’t quite last the day if you’re constantly on it just messing about on stuff like maps and whatsapp plus a bit camera use in a couple of hours of music streaming was enough to kill a phone just before bedtime although to be fair that is without resorting to the battery saver mod which does stretch out those Jegs for an extra couple of hours if you’re just gonna be checking emails stuff like that you’ll be absolutely fine but Lord demand and users should check out something like the Nokia 3.2 instead now last up is the camera tech and for a 100 pound that gillen’s ria setup in too bad you get a 13 megapixel primary camera with an F 2.0 aperture and that’s backed by a 2 megapixel depth sensor for those portrait shots well detail levels aren’t exactly impressive at least colors look quite natural and even moving subjects were generally captured cleanly the Moto e 6 plus rarely over exposes a shot either although the HDR smarts are rather limited on bright days you will get some murk creeping into your shots if you want to swap to portrait mode you can actually adjust the background blur effects before taking a pic which is a nice touch and my test shots generally came out fine although the

processing time is nuts the Moto e 6 plus generally freezes up for on 6 to 7 seconds while it cobbles together your shot so you better hope you got it right the first time of course there’s no dedicated night mode or anything like that here on the model we 6 plus the low-light shots are often a grainy ugly mess but it can shoot up to full HD resolution video and the results are fine for basic core movies just don’t move around too much as the image stabilization is pants once again color reproduction is reasonably accurate and at this price it really is tricky to find any kind of fault with these 6 pluses performance and if you swap around to that front face an 8 megapixel selfie cam you’ll get respectable enough shots of your mug perfectly fine for shown on the Facebook’s or the instagrams sorry there is what I think of the model a 6 plus after several days of use that performance limitation unfortunately does make it slightly frustrating to use at times but it will get the job done eventually I felt something for just general everyday use check in emails messages bit of web browsers and things like that the bit music streaming as well absolutely fine will do the job and for 100 quid to be honest pretty solid value for money but if you’ve got a little bit more cash to spare I would highly recommend jumping up to the mortal g7 power instead which basically wipes out most of the negatives here on the e6 plus the performance the battery life all that stuff is well and truly sorted out as a great handset so please do check out my runs up the best sub 200-pound smartphones more ideas of what to spend your meager amounts of cash on and please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell as well for more on the latest and greatest sect cheers everyone love you

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