Review Libratone Track Air+ Sony WF-1000MX3 Alternatives?

so why does the earbuds are clearly all the rage right now it’s easy to see why that compact form factor is super convenient you just slip it in a pocket and carrying around all day and yet a lot of them deliver some surprisingly good sound quality straight into your skull I just got done reviewing the power beats Pro last week and ever since then I’ve had the Liberatore track air plus stuck in my lug holes and you know what these things are a lot thicker than the power beats bra but still delivers some seriously good sound the track air plus costs 169 quid here in the UK which means they’re slightly more expensive than Samsung’s Galaxy buds about the same as Apple’s air pods and a hell of a lot cheaper than Sony’s WUF 1000x mark threes but like Sony’s buds they also deliver active noise cancellation over the track air + off sadly not perfect here’s my full review after roughly a week of use and for more on the latest and greatest tech please do pork subscribe ending that notifications belt Cheers now first up these are definitely two of the tiniest ear buds that I’ve had stuck in my head orifices compared with the power beans port it’s just ridiculous they’re worlds apart these buds are just over five grams each and barely visible when you

shove them in your ear and they’re very comfortable to wear for a full afternoon thanks to that nice slim light design even not exactly got the most generous selection when it comes to the colors unfortunately you can basically pick up the Liberatore tricare plus in black or white there’s no vibrant models or anything like that if you prefer something a bit more in-your-face but I do like the styling of them despite the fact that they’ve got this slightly dipping down bit here just like the Apple earpods it’s a lot more subtle I don’t think you look quite as much of a douche bag as you do with those air pods lodged in your head you basically just look like you’ve cut the wires off a pair of actual earphones a little bit of Tweety Bird logo on the side there and hopefully Liberatore will bring out some more vibrant colours in the future as well so you’ve got a bit more of a selection you do get a selection of different sized ear tips as well when you buy the track err plus you find the ones that are the exact perfect fit for you on particular locals I think a news is I just stuck on the default ones they seem absolutely fine

they feel like they’re lodged in there nice and neat without like pressing against the inside of your ears so they should be absolutely fine for Fitness fans things I loved and running in these things they don’t feel like they’re gonna fly out of your head even though they don’t have the ear hooks of the power beats Pro if you’re going to be doing a lot of work down the gym I’d probably recommend having some sort of extra support just in case but for the standard stuff this is absolutely fine but as always just to prove let’s do a bit of a mosh test and the buds are ipx4 sweat and splash resistant as well they’re not fully water resistant some God dropping them in your cappuccino or anything like that but they’ll be fine for running in the rain or that commission Anakin’s now the pairing process initially is fairly straightforward you can just do it directly to your Bluetooth menu on your smart phone however I’ve found that parent up subsequently has been a little bit awkward occasionally I’ve not so if you pull out the right bud out of the case before the Left buds then they just won’t sync up with my smart

phone at all you’ve always got to pull the left foot out first and then the right buds and I’ve also noticed that quite often when I first initially pair up with my smartphone I get a little bit of stutter e-performance just Ferb’s up 10 20 seconds or so until finally the bud seems to sort of sell down and then the connections absolutely fine you can strip from your phone a fair distance its ups the no problem whatsoever and even in busy areas like London Bridge Station Paddington Station places like that I’ve had no issues with connectivity tiny little stutters here and there if you’re like rushing through a really packed area but that’s basically it now like a lot of wireless earbuds Liberatore and tricare pluses off a touch controls as well you can double tap the left one in order to activate or deactivate that active noise cancellation and you can double tap the right one to pause or play your music however if you dive it into the Liberatore app on your smart phone you can actually customize what tap and each bud does so I decided I have it set up so the double top of the left bud will pause will play your music and a double tap of the right bud will skip forward a track as you can see there the level of customization is quite limited unfortunately you do have support for the voice assistance or Google assistant if you’re usually

Android smartphone Siri if you’re on iOS but there’s no option to skip back a track or anything like that so it is kind of limited unfortunately just yesterday for up see no reason or whatsoever I could think of but they touch controls just stopped working every time I did a double tap all I got was a ding noise instead which is quite irritating so I had to do a factory reset via the app repaired again to go through all that shenanigans and finally got it working again but hoff it’s not going to do that very often because that would get very tiresome very quickly and inside of the app you’ve also got where detect you can have the buds automatically pause your music when you pull them out of your low calls and you’ve also got some equalizer settings as well and best of all you can actually leave the noise canceling smarts to the buds themselves you know I’m to manually activate and deactivate it whenever you want them they can detect when you’re in a noisy constant droney area such as a train or a plane or something like that and it boost it up to the maximum level so you feel like you’re in your nice own little personal vacuum unfortunately the app can be rather infuriating

to use quite often when you’ve paired up with the the track air plus is everything you go into them into the app to try and change the settings and occasionally it will just completely vanish from the menu and then you’ll have to like restart the app and just basically pray that the product pops up and you can actually get into them and change the settings so get out no no it’s vanished again I bloody love tech me you got four Bluetooth five support a nice bit of architects as well not apt xhd unfortunately the sound quality is very strong by the track air plus is especially given the dinky little sizer and they do not quite offer the same level of grunt as something like the power beats Pro unfortunately saw really heavy rock and metal music you don’t get there any thump and drums the the really heavy bass or anything like that but the year the clarity is fantastic it does work across a range of genres classical jazz pop music dance music and all that so does sound really really nice as I say just lacks the real grunt of something with a bit more on behind it as far as volume goes though these things put up

some serious sound again considering their dinky size and of course you’ve got the active noise cancellation as well so I’ve found that even when I’m on some of the worst tube lines like the central line the big blue line really screechie ones generally absolutely no problem whatsoever with clarity I listen to audiobooks and podcasts to make out every word without having to blast it on that really high volume so the Simpsons did the job and no problem taking calls through these things either you’ve got the built-in mics of course tile type with the active noise cancellation and everything as well so the whole setup works really nicely even in a fairly noisy environment outdoors on a high street something like that’s the other person could always pick up my voice so again no problems there and as far as battery life goes that is another winner tend to get between five and six hours of use on a full charge depend on obviously how much used in the likes of the active noise cancellation of course and then when they do need a charge just chuck them back in the case and you’ll get three full charges out of the carry case before that will also need a charge between 20 and 24 hours basically of battery-life with the fall that charge kiss and when it’s

time to charge the truck here pluses back up we’ve got a nice bit type C action there on the back none of that microUSB governs the good news is just like Samsung’s Galaxy buds it supports a bit of wireless charging as well so if you’ve got something like while we’re me at or the p30 pro or Samsung’s Galaxy S tens things like that the support the Wireless reverse charge and as you can see there you can just slap it on the back of your phone it’ll power up on the goal great news if you run out of juice in the middle of Norway you obviously don’t have access to a plug socket anything like that job done and now right there is my full review of the Liberatore wireless air track sorry there was my full review of the Liberatore track air plus wireless earbuds you can see for the size of them the sound output is pretty fantastic got that active noise cancellation just a few little quirks here and there unfortunately with the pairing process and that bloody app but hopefully that’s issues that could be ironed out with firmware updates in the future so are you tempted by the Libertad stuffing be great to hear the thoughts down below in the comments cuz can they measure up to the likes of the sony wireless 3-year buds well that’s a very tough rival right there though obviously these bad boys are a lot cheaper and for one the latest greatest tech please do poke subscribe ending that notifications bell Cheers

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