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hello gorgeous pizzas Christmas expert Nanami with Motorola’s latest Android one handset the Motorola one vision is the successor to the slightly disappointing Motorola one from last yeah I’m sorry it took me a while to get to this one so it’s actually launched back in me but I was a terrible time because of it as the same time as the oneplus handsets the honor 20 series the pixel three years a whole bunch of phones basically launched that month and so unfortunately never got around to the one vision but would make up for now full unboxing and a review will be coming next week as well so first up of course I just actually take a look in a box and see what you get you get a pop you put in device for getting your sim in there a bit of manual action type-c USB cable to actually charge your backup plus a 8 3 pin plug of course that looks like you even get a pair of bundled earphones as well which is quite nice considering the budget asking price just 269 quit here in the UK complete with some replaceable rubber tips lovely stuff so that’s the box dealt with and as you can see the Motorola one vision actually comes bundled with the transparent cover as well which comes

wrapped around it already which is a lovely little dish is great to see Motorola phone in these little bonus extras despite that sub 300 pound asking price great stuff so if you don’t know anything about the Motorola 1 vision essentially it is a successor to last year’s more to roll a one which is kind of disappointing in a couple of key areas one of them being the camera tech Motorola has concentrated on that for the one vision as you can kind of tell from the name and so they’re really really big enough this new dual lens at rear camera which of course I’ll be testing out in full and because this is an Android one handset you get nice clean version of Android with the guaranteed at least two years of OS and security updates as well so it is a nice and future proof like pretty much every other smartphone in 2019 is of course a glass finish here on the Motorola 1 vision it’s actually Gorilla Glass here on the back they didn’t specified particularly which version in the specs but hopefully it should prove nice and rugged and you grab it in a couple of different hues this is the sapphire version we can also grab it in bronze if you like quite an unusual color selection there as you see there it’s a pretty simple straightforward design by actually quite like it I like the way

you got these nice lighter tones as you get towards that the curved edges there actually feels quite nice in the hand despite the fact that it’s a six point three inch smartphone cause as with all glass hands out so will scuff up quite a bit but hopefully the fact that it is mostly quite a dark sort of coloration will hopefully help to mask a lot of that as you can see it’s time to get quite smudgy already and well unsurprisingly you don’t get full dust and water resistance it is IP 52 rated which basically means the model one vision can put up with a light spray as I’ll be finding a bit of rain something like that if you don’t spill your pine nut hopefully what will be alright if you dry it off quick but definitely don’t go submerging it in water or anything like that alright so I’ll just quickly run through the setup process here on the model one vision that’s a bit of a tour of the hardware software so you can see what you can expect so of course it is a bit of Android Pi action onboard here and it’s a lovely stock version of Android as well thanks to the fact that it is an Android one handset now so this isn’t quite complete virgin

Android you will find a couple of little more taller additions most notably the mortal app which actually add some pretty damn useful features sort of roses you got the model actions which add some gesture support surfers you can take a screenshot by swiping three fingers down the screen you can turn on the torch with a quick karate chop or two which is always fun and you’ve also got the likes of the attentive display feature as well which basically just use that selfie camera to make sure you’re actually staring at the screen and then it won’t hide beneath it which is quite funny little feature as well speaking about screen it’s a six point three inches so a nice size for watching movies playing games things like that as you can see you do have a dinky little pinhole selfie camera but it’s wedged up there in the corner sort of fairly I’m intrusive despite the fact you’ve got obviously quite a thick border around it oh my god that’s all-out stand down a little bit it’s an IPS panel of course as you would expect at this sort of price point so you know it won’t have as strong a contrast or quite as punchy colors as an

AMOLED display but as you can see there the Casta are actually looking really really nice if you dive into the settings you actually have a play around with the output surfaces got the color section headings it’s on saturated at the moment we can dial it down a bit to two more natural hues if you prefer and of course you’ve got like so the night light adductor brightness all the usual shenanigans you would expect and it’s full HD plus resolution again as you would expect at this sort of price point so you can expect nice crisp visuals when you are watching a bit Netflix or a bit of me on YouTube hooray now intriguingly well most of the Motorola handsets use a Snapdragon chipset for the performance this one actually uses a samsung exynos nine six or nine backed by four gigabytes of RAM sold read so far the performance seems nice and nippy just be very interesting to hear why mod roll actually went with the Samsung chipset instead of a Snapdragon so yeah definitely be asking that the next time I see them as I say I’ll be giving this the full review in about a week’s time after I’ve been using it as my personal handset so definitely check back then to see what I think of the

actual performance and everything what looks like the Settings app just closed itself good start as for the battery tech it’s a 3,500 milliamps all stuffed in there to support 15 watt turbo power charging as well so hopefully should charge up nice in Italy and I would expect that to give you at least a full day of battery life especially as it’s that nice clean Android one UI and as you can see there you’ve got your usual adaptive battery modes and all the usual shenanigans as well to have you get the most out of your remaining juice and very good news on the storage front as well you get a rather generous 128 gigabytes sacks and as you can see only 12 gigabytes actually used when you first get the handset as well so you’ve got plenty of space for all of your your media apps things like that and the Motorola 1 vision also supports micro SD memory cards as well as you can see there either that or a dual SIM set up the spider depend on what you want so you can expand that storage by a further 256 gigs if you like give you plenty of space and oh yeah before I forget it of course there’s a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor it’s a model staple as you can see with a nice bit of the Motorola Brandon built into it as well and just a quick tap of that and you’re straight into your desktops nice and quick and easy of course a bit of the model 1 vision that I’m most intrigued by is this new dual lens

setup as you can see there clearly marked it’s a forty eight megapixel primary lens it’s f 1.7 and it’s got optical image stabilization built-in as well which is pretty solid at this price point and that’s just backed by a 5 megapixel depth sensor now if you’ve used a modder other smartphone in recent times you’ll know exactly what to expect from the camera it’s pretty straightforward stuff because some pretty decent features packed in there as well you start off in full auto mode of course you do have manual controls if you want them to piddle about with the lights the white balance the ISO levels that kind of shenanigans you’ve got the likes of the active photo feature which just catches a little snippet of video with every photo that you take just to bring your gallery to life as you’re flicking through go of course HDR controls and everything it does our fault it’s your auto more which is handy so Allah choose when to activate it you can switch up to video nice and easy with just a quick tap there and I believe you can shoot up to 4k resolution footage as you can see there or Full HD at 60 frames per second nice stuff and one of the camera features that’s traveled across to the mortal one vision from the model g7 plus is the ear I board as you can see here you’ve got all a smile capture but more interestingly but the smart composition feature what this can do is it can basically automatically apply the rule of thirds as you can see there so I’m crop into a for tour and just get it looking really really nice I go check out my phone what do some plus camera view on a normal on that and I’m aiming to get a full mortal one vision camera view up very very shortly because as usual you’ve got a

selection of bonus modes as well already like the spot color more that’s pretty good that can basically just isolate a particular color and make everything else monochrome so for instance nice bit of free advertising for oneplus here we just put the bottle in there we isolate the red color and as you can see everything else goes black and white so it’s quite good it’s kind of effect that wedding photographers absolutely wet their kicks over now of course because it is Adrienne’s coming you’ve got the obligatory portrait mode and likes of panorama and stuff as well and you can shoot slow motion in time-lapse video as well as standard and even stream direct to YouTube and if we swap around to the front facing camera it is a twenty five megapixel effort F 2.0 and should again prove absolutely fine for all of your selfie needs got these were beauty mode gubbins and all that kind of shenanigans and believe me when you’ve been awake for about sixteen hours as I have today you will definitely be wantin that beauty mode o and that right there is the Motorola one vision as I say it’s available right now in the UK for 269 pounds sorry again that’s taking so long to get to this handset but definitely stay tuned for my in-depth camera review and full review as well you’ve got any questions comments what do you think of the one vision do you think it might be the next sub 300-pound smartphone for you deftly be great to hear your thoughts and please do poke subscribe and doing that notifications bar for more on the latest and greatest mobile site shows everyone love you

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