Sennheiser MB 360 UC Active Noise Cancelling Headset

hello beautiful people this is Chris from two expert and I’m here with Sennheiser’s latest pair of headphones the very sexily titled mb 360 you sees what it essentially is as a Bluetooth headset with active noise cancellation gonna get it unboxed now I’ll set up and then we’ll whizz forward a couple of days into the future where I will give you my full review so first up I’m guessing this isn’t actually the final retail box as it’s not particularly exciting just a fling cardboard box what we do get inside here there’s a lovely little carry case plan Heiser branded of course and here you’ll find the actual headphones themselves bit of pamphlet action instructions on how to actually use the things so you’ve got an audio cable you’ve got the actual charging cable as well which unfortunately is micro USB rather than type-c USB I’ve also got a USB bluetooth dongle as well if you want to actually get the headset connected to a PC or anything and then of course the actual Sena is a headset itself sort the MB 360 uses only come in this one color black and silver basically as you can see pretty straightforward simple design definitely has more of a corporate headset kind of feel to it than a strutting your funky stuff walking down the street pair of headphones kind of design but as you can see they’re from a little NFC log you drive built-in NFC in order to it’d with the parent and of course you’ve got your external mic there to just help with the active noise cancellation so nice thick rubbery form around the ear gripped bits as well so hopefully that should prove nice and comfy for wearing and you get a

little bit of rubbery padding up top as well for your bones as you can see here all of the ports and actual controls are all ice lived here on the right cups of course you’ve got your audio jack you got your micro USB port for charging up and a bunch of other buttons I’m a little bit concerned that they’re all a bit sort of heavily clustered together as a shame they won’t spread between the two cups but hey huh well as you can see here when it’s time to put away the Sennheiser’s they do fold up nice and compact to just be crushed into a bag or a case or whatever unfortunate if you’re rocking them around your neck the actual cups don’t twist to a flat position to just rest neatly against your shoulders which is a bit of a shame first impressions are very good indeed though they definitely fit very snugly on your bonce they don’t stick out too far or anything like that a nice comfortable fit again thanks to that that padding around the ears and a little bit up top as well especially good if you’ve got a Baldy scalp like I do and already I’m struggling to make out any surrounding environmental noise thanks to the fact that they do fit sourced ugly I’m just going to try it pairing them up now to my smart phones so we’ve got a bit of NFC supports that see if we can connect them that way oh yeah there we go so immediately just tap them together and it says do you want to pair the Bluetooth device and be 360 yes please I do like it when it’s got their NFC support just

makes the pairing process even more effortless than it normally would be like finding it in a menu and on a normally saw stressful and there we have it MB 360s active 100% battery array right so fast forward a few days in fact it’s just over a week into the future I’ve been using the Sennheiser’s my full time head set slash headphones and so far yeah quite impressed at all they’re not quite perfect first of these city support bluetooth for not the latest Bluetooth 5 version I’m not really sure why that’s been emitted and also while there is support for quad clubs apt X streaming standard there’s no app Tex HD support which is supported on most modern smartphones thankfully as far as the quality of the audio is concerned you get crystal-clear clarity for your podcasts when you’re actually on a call as well no problems there if you are into music you’re gonna be looking for a headset to listen to a lot of tunes on the go as well you might want to look elsewhere however the sound quality is absolutely fine but it kind of likes the bass the full-bodied experience that you would get from dedicated music related Bluetooth headphones as far as the active noise cancellation is concerned it works but it’s not as strong as I’d hoped for these cities definitely do block out a lot of the environmental clamour when you’re in a busy High Street an otherwise noisy environment but a lot of that is just down to basically the design of the for themselves the fact that apartment engulfs your ears entirely just blocks out that sound but these Sennheiser’s you certainly won’t have to blast your podcast to music or anything like that

while you are on a tube or a train where there’s generally a lot of background noise but the NC doesn’t really add a lot to that experience hopefully I found that the 360s were fantastic as far as voice calls got when I was walking down busy High Street something like that with a lot of environmental noise again my voice was clearly picked up I didn’t have to speak loudly I could just speak in a natural volume and found that the person on the other end of the line could hear exactly what I was saying nobody’s whatsoever and like why I could hear them perfectly fine – and when you do get a call the caller ID is clearly announced right in your lug holes and you can answer with just a quick push of that blue button as well so it’s all nice and simple as far as the controls go there is of course a good selection available as they’re already kind of touched on there is that play/pause button which can also be flicked back or forward to skip through your music and there’s also a separate volume rocker as well which is very helpful indeed it’s just a little bit awkward having everything crammed onto that one side after a couple of days I was kind of generally going for the right button each time instead of fumbling and missin gone first you know the volume instead of the skip track or something like that

thanks mostly just a muscle memory but honestly it’s awkward I really would have much preferred having a nice even distribution of the controls between the 2 cups well good news however when it comes to the battery life these Sennheiser’s are absolutely fantastic up to 25 hours of advertised use certainly seems to be pretty accurate from my experience I say you easily get a couple of dozen hours per charge so they’re right up there along with the Saudi WH thousands really top-end bluetooth headphones and charge it’s relatively quick as well just a couple hours in the plug and they will be back up to full 100% juice so that is what I think of the Sennheiser 360s would I recommend them it’s kind of a tricky one you know the cold quality is fantastic I really like the design nice and comfortable to wear for long protected periods haven’t had any issues with connectivity anything like that unfortunately the active noise cancellation doesn’t seem to add a huge amount over just the standard muffling of the ear pads themselves and as far as music goes as well there’s definitely better options out there so that’s what I think what do you think definitely leave your thoughts down in the comments below and please do poke subscribe to doing that notifications bar for more on the latest in greatest tech jazz everyone

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