Review Xiaomi Mi 9 OnePlus 7 killer?

so the Jeremy brand is pretty much synonymous with and value for money and while the fresh new me nine flagship four might not exactly be affordable at five hundred quid it’s definitely one of the cheapest Snapdragon 855 premium handsets out there with some really nice top-end specs for about half the price of the likes of a galaxy s 10 plus you get premium specs across the board including a gorgeous AMOLED screen and a triple lens camera all that a price that won’t relegate you to Bing’s on toes for dinner for the rest of the decades but of course the me9 does have plenty of stiff competition from the likes that one plus seven the pixel through year and operas latest blowers so is the Shamim e9 a worthy alternative to those other phones what I just mentioned well I’ve had my sim deep inside this mother for the past week and a bit and here is my full me9 review and if it’s not too much trouble would you mind awfully poking that subscribe button and digging that notifications bar for more on the latest and greatest mobile tech Cheers now unsurprisingly the me9 looks like many other phones that have been churned out in 2019 from the front you have a display that mostly fills that area complete with a dinky little notch up top for the selfie camera flip the handset around and you’ll find yourself staring at your on Haggard look and fierce in the shiny glass rear end and wondering where it all went wrong of course that mirrored glass does smudge up a storm when you actually dare to touch it the dark finish on this model here does help to mask the worst of it but even then I’d still give it a buff written of 20 men you’ll have to buff it on your pants or your jacket or wherever at least 20 times a day to get it looking all nice and shiny again and frankly the other two coloured models on offer or a lot more interest in this rather bland version still like curvy finish makes for quite a comfortable grip and all this is still a beast of a blower so general 200 use is advised thankfully Johnny hasn’t ditched its simple one handed mode or for those tricky at times you don’t need to worry if you are a bit of a butterfingers

though I fumbled the Xiaomi me 9 plenty of times over that past week and it’s had several interactions with hard and shall we say jagged surfaces and so far the worst damage it sustained is a few teeny tiny little Nick’s mostly around the corners there a couple of tiny little ones on the screen up at the top as well but considering there’s no screen protector pre-installed on there that Gorilla Glass 6 panel has held on very nicely indeed the me9 size of all 6.4 inch display is a full HD AMOLED effort courtesy of Samsung and it’s as bright punchy and I please and as any other panel around this price points you get full control over the color temperature but I felt that the default settings were perfectly fine with some nice crisp whites and deep blacks and what you do apparently get it to your support you will not find it unfortunately in the likes of Netflix clarity certainly isn’t an issue either as a mean eyes display gets up to a mighty 600 nits so even use that in very bright sunlight isn’t a problem and if you couldn’t tell from the fact that I’m not completely pale yes I have actually been abroad been using this thing in seriously strong Greek sunlight for a week now and yeah no worries even with sunglasses you will not have a problem look hard enough and you still won’t be able to see the fingerprint sensor that is buried away deep inside the display as well it’s an optical effort like the majority that you’ll find on

smartphones these days that it performs almost identically to the likes of the 1 plus 7 it’s absolutely fine except for when your fingers are wet or basically greasy on the audio front you do not get any headphone port action here on the me 9 unfortunately but the support is as good as you’d expect to for Bluetooth 5 and a bit of aptX HD on offer as well there’s no stereo speaker arrangement here when you’re enjoying a bit of media unfortunately just that bottom mounted speaker right there but it’s pretty damn loud if not particularly hot on the quality front overall the me–you 9 is shaping up to be a case of great hardware but unfortunately distressingly the software is not quite so capable me–why still really isn’t much fun at all in this 10th incarnation now I do try and stick with the standard over there whenever I review a smartphone just to get the full natural experience but I’ve got to see me UI is about as much fun as iron and your under crackers while you’re still wearing them it’s a real real shame especially when the likes of Zen UI and even sore knees recent smartphones offering a much more stock Android experience in the end I relented and I swiftly stuck on a bit of Nova Launcher to keep my temples from throbbin too hard and this does solve quite a few of the problems like making everything looking neat and actually adding an apps tray thank the baby Jesus unfortunately of course the sentence menu does remain an absolute state I also still saw a fair few glitches here on the Mii Yuu as well such as apt crush in the phone

just hibernating on its own accord or even resetting itself entirely which it decided to do while I was using it as a sat-nav driving along the m25 really helpful I also found the me nine have the rather nasty habit of waking itself from hibernation whenever it was stuffed away in my pocket wasn’t smart up to realize it was stashed deep in my shorts and then I decided of course obviously to start replaying whatever sweary podcast or really nasty horrible hip hop track I’d just been listening to usually just as I’m walking up to my four-year-old daughter of course it’s not all bad news on the me UI front some presence you get plenty of shortcut options here so it’s a piece of piss to take a screenshot or split the screen or dive into your favorite app you even get ways yummy terms that AI bun over on the left edge which is fully customizable in the settings and though a single push will unfortunately always call up the Google assistant and in your first few days you can expect to hear at pipe up over and over again as you accidentally fumble press the bugger now I already set it back towards the very start of the video but case you’re like mindlessly skipping through this forever

reason the Xiaomi me night is one of the most affordable devices to pack comms Monte’s Snapdragon air 5/5 chipset right now I’ve already gone on in great length about the subjoin eight five five in various other videos including my full coverage of the platform itself back in December so check that out for all you need to know but all you really need to know is that the father the Jeremy 9 is super nippy no matter what you’re up to even if you’re well into gaming for instance the likes of pub G more well players with a absolutely perfect frame rate and no worries whatsoever unfortunately the 3300 milliamp battery isn’t as capacious as some rivals from the like Zimbabwe an honor and you definitely don’t get the same peace of mind when you’re glued to this thing all there occasionally with the me9 I just about scripts by using the battery saver mode and definitely experienced a couple of brown trials of moments trying to complete a message before that final trickle of juice was finally eaten up and that’s without the likes of the always-on display option enabled as well then the main line does support the likes of quick charge 4.0 but rather stingy you will have to provide your own compatible adapter as the rom bundled in jammies box all these supports quick charge 3.0 boo and using that bundled one the jumpy me 9 is pretty much on par with the likes of the galaxy s 10 as far as recharging speeds go so father Jean Mimi 9 has sported some pretty solid hardware

nothing particularly remarkable to help it stand out law so what about that triple lens Maria camera well you get a 14 megapixel primary lens using Sony’s AMX 586 sensor that’s actually pretty standard these days you’ll find also on the 1 plus 7 for the zenfone 6 and a fair few others I’ve recently reviewed and that primary lens is backed by a 12 megapixel telephoto and 16 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens so again a fairly standard set up for 2019 now what the likes of Google’s pixel phones try to keep the camera UI as nice and simple and straightforward as possible as most people just basically stick with the full standard auto mode for their everyday shoot in any way Xiaomi has basically just shot its load completely in the opposite direction every spare millimeter here is crammed with modes and toggles and sentence and frankly you will need a first-class degree from smartypants University to really understand what all of it means thankfully it is easy enough to skip between those three lenses to suit the given situation that 2 times optical zoom is pretty standard for this price range while the wide-angle effort offers a different viewpoint which is definitely handy for busy Singh’s and you don’t get the same extreme color warmth issues that sometimes blights these ultra wide-angle lenses just a slight boost here and there overall you get realistic looking colors for that primary lens so rich hues really shine and photos look perfectly natural HDR

situations are also dealt with early the me 9 does not break a sweat with sunset shots or seriously bright blue skies you get an ear eye mode here as usual as well which is supposed to recognize certain subjects then tweak the camera sense to suit the mood although as with other genre phones that I’ve recently reviewed this seems to do suite F ear portrait mode is of course back in action with a full range of effects and the usual beautifying gump which thankfully can be disabled completely a lot of them were out there filters produce quite eyebrow raise and results but the standard bulkier version does the job nicely there’s also a 40 M megapixel mode which does what you’d probably think it does catch her in a ridiculously detailed 40 a megapixel image using the full force of that primary sensor just in case you wanna blow your photo up and slap it on the side of a skyscraper or something and there’s a dedicated night mode as well something that’s also pretty standard these days which captures lords of pics together at different exposure levels then slaps them all together for bright balanced results you get good returns from this just like on the 1 plus 7 the honor 20 pro and lots of other rivals which is just as well because the pics we shot on the auto mode were generally quite murky with oversaturated lighter elements the night mode sorts all of that right out as for the video side of things you can shoot at either 30 or 60 frames per second even at that 4k resolution and at that Ultra HD level you can expect

some silky smooth image stabilization which is very pleased and indeed I found that my fudge was Germany crisp again packed with natural colors and perfectly clear order your pickup as well so in other words the me 9 is a grew it means a shoot and good-looking memories and as for the selfie shooter wealthy falters in each to your situations but otherwise we didn’t experience any issues again you can expect great natural-looking results and if you knock off that beauty mode every lovely little wrinkle increase will be perfectly captured it’s not right there is my feelings on the zombie me9 after over a week of full-time use I’ve got to say compared with some rivals I’m struggling to really find anything that sets the me9 apart of the fact that you get a Snapdragon 805 in Germany quite premium specs with just 500 quid little things such as the not great battery life and the quite substandard software unfortunately means that the me 9 is a bit of a hard recommendation even at that asking price but that’s just what I think what are you guys reckon are you tempted by the me 9 have you tried it out why you want personal thoughts Stephanie let us know down in the comments below and please do poke subscribe and doing that notifications both for more know that just and great a small-bore tech jays are on of you

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