OnePlus 7 & Pro Best new OxygenOS features

the fresh new one plus seven and this here pro model come Boston some serious hardware upgrades but they also come pack in a bugger ton of new software features courtesy of oxygen OS version 9.5 from the sexified Gaiman mod to the stress-buster news n modes and of course a whole bunch of new camera towards this litters Persian of oxygen OS is definitely a worthy update so let’s run through some of those new oxygen rest features you’ll find on the 1 plus 7 and the 1 plus 7 Pro compared with the older one plus 60 and don’t forget for more on the latest a great small tech topic subscribe ending that notifications bell Cheers so first up one of the new features added in oxygen OS version 9.5 for the 1 + 7 + 1 + 7 Pro is a nifty bit of screen recording which was actually suggested by the oneplus community this can be quickly and easily accessed at any point simply by dragging down that their notifications barn you should see the screen record a function right there give that a little tap you tap tap now you’ll notice that this week doohickey here pops up onto the screen this is the screen recorder tool of course and it can be dragged around the display

and position basically wherever you want so it’s at least intrusive it’s nice and easy to use as you’d expect when you want to start recording just tap that big red button as you’ll see a timer will start showing you exactly how long you’ve been recording for on any point you can just give it a little tap and then pause and when you want to finish recording just hit stop we get a little notification there just confirming that your recording has been saved into your gallery so you can check it out at any time you can share it and of course in quickly delete it as well if you’d made a bit of a boo-boo there’s absolutely no limit on how long you can record for and you can also pause the recording at any point just by hibernating at the 1 + 7 and then when you wake it back up again I think recording or once again startup there are loads of different screen recorder options that you can play around with as well or prizes for guessing how you access those does a quick tap of that middle cog and it pops the menu in here for instance you can change the quality of the recording both the resolution all the way up to 23 40 by 1080 and also the bitrate up to 20 megabytes per second so for instance you can choose whether to have your on-screen touches actually indicated with the little white dot and you can also change up the source of the audio either the using the internal sounds the external mic or no audio at all and just for their curious yes the screen recorder function does indeed work for

recording YouTube videos complete with sound however as you would expect it is of course by the likes of Netflix all you’ll get if you tried to record that is just basically a black screen and or sounds next up oneplus has updated its nifty game and mode for oxygen OS version 9.5 so now for instance you’ve got greater control over what your display does during gaming and you’ve also got more enhanced notification blocking as well one of the biggest additions however is the new fanatic modes at which you can access at any point by pulling down the notifications and just given that option a little tap this is basically a super serious gaming mode as you can see here busy calls everything in the background gives ultimate priority to whatever game you’re playing in this case a nice bit of pub G mobile you’ll get 0 notifications from any other apps while your game and probably because they’ve all basically been killed in the background and with fanatic modes your game gets full network priority as well which is particularly helpful for online titles like pub G that means if you do have a secondary sim on the go as well that will be completely cut out of the actions only the primary sim will operate note however that while the standard game and enhancements will be on the oneplus 7 the fanatic mode is an exclusive to the oneplus 7 pro also while the 1 plus 7 and the 1 plus 7 pro lack a

dedicated notifications like they do still indicate notifications on that lock screen when you get notification the edges of the 1 + 7 + 1 + 7 + display will light up it looks absolutely stunning and of course if you’ve got the always-on display active as well you’ll also get a little notification popping up there now one of the other completely new oxygen or s additions for the 1 + M naman +7 Pro is the fresh new Zen mod this is designed to basically disconnect you from the world it caused all of the major functionality of the phone so basically it means you can switch off and relax chill do whatever it is you do when you’re completely alone for 20 minutes just stroke the cat and that’s not a euphemism Zen mode will completely kill all activity on the phone and won’t allow you to do anything Bar make an emergency calls and also use the camera as well and it works for 20 minutes exactly there’s no way of changing that time limit with then what there is absolutely zero backsies once you are committed to it that’s you in there for the next 20 minutes I’ve got to admit before I hit that big black stop but and I do feel my blood pressure smashing through the roof but once you’re in there at

least you’ve got 20 minutes of peace in order to relax now one Android Play feature missing mother one-plus handset is digital well-being but this has been brought to the 1 plus 7 and the 1 plus 7 pro in oxygen OS 9.5 for anyone who isn’t familiar with digital well-being it’s basically a form of digital nanny which tells you exactly how much of your life you squandered on stuff like Instagram Facebook and YouTube actually no time spent on YouTube definitely isn’t time squandered watch more YouTube videos specifically my youtube videos Cheers Digital well-being can prove a bit of a nasty wake-up call but does have that helpful wind down feature as well which allows you to set a bedtime schedule this can basically turn the screen monochrome set and nightlight set do not disturb things like that simple little things that help you to get into the mood to get all snuggled with teddy yeah another new oxygen West feature found here on 1 plus 7 and the 1 plus 7 pro is found in the system section if you dive right down to the bottom you’ll spot the new RAM boost tool run boost does exactly what you had expected to basically prioritizes those apps that you use the most

make sure they’ve got plenty of memory in order to run smoothly meanwhile any apps they don’t really make what you solve are cold in the backgrounds dive on into the 1 + 7 + 1 + 7 pause utilities menu and you’ll notice a new feature in there as well namely quick reply in landscape this isn’t anything particularly exciting though as the name kind of implies it just allows you to quickly reply to whatsapp messages as they ping through when you’re in landscape mode using a float and keyboards and luster you’ll also find a couple of notable camera updates here in oxygen OS 9.

5 so for one the night mode has been improved with night scaped 2.0 this offers general all run improvements when shooting at night you’ll get less noise and better shadow definition some great stuff and when you’re shooting standard everyday shots one plusses new ultra shot feature will automatically take effect this includes two major improvements you’ve got hdr+ which now takes different exposure level shots and combines them all to give you a nice balanced result definitely a very much needed upgrade I mean while super resolution will basically combine the visual data from lots of images in order to improve the detail levels and again the color clarity all right there is my rundown of the best new features found in oxygen OS 9.5 here on the 1 plus 7 and the 1 plus 7 pro so what are you reckon about the new updates are they worthy are there any features that you would like to see stuffed in there definitely let us know down in the comments below and please do poke subscribe and think that notifications about for more on the latest it says every one of you

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