Huawei P30 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Side-by-side comparison

hello you gorgeous people this is Chris from expert and I’m here with was p30 port and absolute behemoth of a flagship smartphone it says I hit the UK tomorrow and I’ve been using that as my personal phone so I thought I’d do a side-by-side comparison with its other literally big rival from 2019 Samsung’s Galaxy S 10 plus to see how they stack up for speed battery life camera tech and the rest I don’t forget for more on the latest and greatest of all types of pogs subscribe and think that notifications bell Cheers so first up if you thought that the Samsung Galaxy S 10 plus was big well the p30 pro is gonna blow your socks off take em side by side as you can see the warrior p30 pro is clearly the bigger hands they’ve got a six point four seven inch screen compared with the six point four inch here on the galaxy s 10 plus thankfully as you can see here those screens do basically fill the front of both smartphones there’s very little in the way of bezel action singing all the peeps that he brought is an absolute beast it’s still relatively slender so it’s not too uncomfortable to Klutch thankfully helped along of course by the curved edges which you get on both of these smartphones

and thankfully there’s not too much intrusion in the way of notches or anything like that either you just got a little jus drop notch here on the p30 prong a little nipple just just about pork’s into the display there and because you got the punch hole set up here on the galaxy s 10 plus if you’re not a big fan of notches you can actually hide it here on the p30 pull by diving into the display settings so you can mask it from view if you like flip them around and both of these smartphones support a glass back another you can’t actually pick up the Galaxy S ten plus and a more premium ceramic finish as well the glass version of the galaxy s 10 plus it sports Gorilla Glass 5 on the back and 6 around the front while we haven’t actually confirmed whether it is Gorilla Glass here on the p30 pro so far it does seem pretty Hardy I’ve had it in my pocket with other smartphones and it hasn’t scratched up touchwood and of course you do get a protective cover bundled in the box as well in big both of these smartphones up in a couple of different hues but I prefer the more unique stylings here on the p30 pod this is the breathe in crystal model as you can

see kind of similar to last year’s while we’re flagships it kind of changes color as you tilt it towards the light it’s purple sometimes it’s orange it’s blue and then when you look at it dead-on it almost looks pearl white bad news if you’re aware we have fun though there’s no 3.5 millimeter headphone jack here on the p30 pro only on the xes 10-plus so you could plug your white headphones direct him with that you’ll have to use a dongle II thing here with the p30 prong I didn’t see one bundled in the box either which is kind of annoying and also before I forget both phones Rock a bit of ip68 dust and water resistance certification so that means you can submerge them both at our bath or sink whatever and they’ll be absolutely fine now both of these phones also have a fingerprint sensor actually built into the display itself it’s towards the bottom of the screen in both cases as you can see nice and Swift and accurate although it is actually a more advanced scanner here on the galaxy s 10 plus it’s an ultrasonic sensor so it actually reads a 3d image of your print and it works really really well even if your hands are a bit greasy a little bit moist something like that and

fortunately here on the p30 pro does occasionally fail touchwood nine times out of ten it seems to be working absolutely fine but it does just take a 2d image so it will be easy to fill if someone is actually bothered enough to give it a go and occasionally it doesn’t quite get the read right especially if your hands are a bit wet or something now if you dive on into the display settings you can play around with the output of both the PFA pot and the Galaxy S ten plus you can have a more natural output or you can boost them up to vivid just changes the colour temperature you can actually physically manually change the colour temperature to suit your own particular a pallet as well if you like and of course you can change the screen resolution and everything as well as let’s turn that off as you can see it’s just a full HD Plus resolution here on the p30 port you can actually boost it all the way up to a bit of quad HD plus here on the galaxy s 10 plus now we actually dive on into a photo I’ve set them both to vivid mod which is my own personal preference because I like those really nice punchy colors both of these smartphones have a OLED panel it’s actually dynamic AMOLED here on the s10 plus as you can see that means nice vibrant colors slightly more punchy we think on the galaxy s 10 plus it’s only really not a

sport on some of those brighter hues such as the bright orange some of the pinks and the purples but they are definitely very in-your-face as you can see there there’s a slightly different color temperature a little bit warmer here on the galaxy s 10 plus but again you can manually correct that if you like and of course if you’re a bit of a netflix fan you get full itch to your stream and support on both of these handsets as you would expect the visuals are absolutely stunning even though the S 10 plus is we shop with that quality plus resolution it’s kind of hard to notice the difference especially when you’re just streaming a bit of video like this it’s only really if you stick a fork it image on both these smartphones stick them side by side something like that you’ll notice a bit more detail on the s10 plus but to be perfectly honest p30 pro is simply stunning when you’re watching a movie couple of shows something like that and of course with that is gr support it means you get a really stunning contrast which is particularly handy if you like watching DC movies or dark enemies things like that that’s for the speakers set up it’s a stereo speaker arrangement here on the galaxy s 10 plus speaker up top and down below on the bottom as well here on the wall where p30 pro however it doesn’t actually have a top speaker it uses what weighs electoral magnetic levitation vibration speaker instead Sofia media

everything’s just pumped out of this bottom mounted speaker unfortunately let’s just play some clips and you’ll hear the difference boost the volume right up 10 plus and they are the right the Google pixel 3x I’ll go to a full side-by-side comparison of all the specs the features the best bit and then again here on the STM plus in video different design as well oh you’re over should people this is Christian’s expert and I’m here with – mighty Android mobiles here on the Left we have sometimes galaxy s 10 plus and there on the right than Google pixel 3xl I’m gonna do a full side by side so as you can hear there it’s definitely more punchy full of volume here on the galaxy s 10 plus and more bassy as well as there’s definitely more full-bodied sound compared with the p30 pross decent on that top of volume it’s up C fine for watching videos be certainly not it’s the difference when you play a bit of music I used to use DG snake for this test but then I got a copyright complaint on my last video so normal I’m afraid because of your going to be using either these bottles to play music obviously recommend connecting up some headphones or speakers got Bluetooth five support on both of them but of course only the S tempest has that 3.5 million jockeys

smartphones of course use a nice bit of Android Pi however it is presented in a very different form on both of these smartphones so you get some songs 1ui slapped on top of Android here on the galaxy s 10 plus and it’s always on a motion that you I overlay here on the p30 pro the just change up the general look and feel although you will see a lot of crossover in terms of the general features vocals on both of these sunsets you get a bit of the Google assist in which you can call it by long pressing the home button and of course you get the Google feed here on the p30 Pro as well whereas it is actually the big speed feed here on the galaxy s 10 plus and you do have a dedicated Bigsby button here on the side as well to call up that Bigsby assistant I don’t really tend to use Bigsby if I do need a voice assistant I’ll just use the Google Earth system basically however that said there are actually some pretty good Bigsby routine features here on the galaxy s 10 plus which can basically automate your smart phone dependent on your location the time of day things like that it’s basically and if this then that routine you can set up little shortcuts on the desktop to call them up at any point as well manually if you like which is particularly handy if you’re gonna head into a meeting something like that both of these handsets also offer

up a one handed mode as well which is particularly handy because they’re both absolute beasts this just allows you to shrink everything down for instance that it’s that so much easier to heat you up for that notifications bar of course you can use all your apps in this form as well looks like that you do get a bit of face recognition with both of these smartphones as well it’s not full on 3d facial recognition however it is just your standard 2d but all you need to do is either is to wake or just tap that power button as you can see they’re scans your mug and you’re straight into your desktops lovely stuff further on both these uncertain tends to work well even at night because it does lumina at the screen to help light up your gorgeous face basically I could bang on all day doing a full software comparison between the p30 pro and the Galaxy S 10 plus in my estimation they’re equally matched they’re both very strong overly is definitely two of the best out there so now that’s touch on the performance and both of these smartphones are using the manufacturers own chipsets you get some songs Exodus 98 20 here on the s10 plus and here on the p30 Pro is rockin Wow is Kirin 980 first introduced in last year’s mid 20 series you can pick them up in different variants of actually got eight gigs of ram in both of these smartphones so they are evenly matched on that front if you dive on into a

bit of Geekbench you’ll see that the Exynos is the better benchmark er of these two in terms of the general everyday performance however I’ve got absolutely no problems from the p30 bra as you would expect from a premium device they’re both nice and quick tap an app to open at the generally both open basically instantaneous no hanging around or anything like that just straight into it absolutely fine for multitasking split-screen with both of these handsets so no worries whatsoever now of course if you’re a fan of pubsey mobile or any of those other quite demanding mobile titles good news is they run absolutely fine even as you can see here we’ve got each dr/dt levels we’ve got on the high frame rate setting and yet strong detail levels and absolutely fine on the frame rate as well again as you would imagine from a premium device so as you can see they’re just legging it across the landscape absolutely fine decent frame work has got the old GPU turbo feature here on the p30 pro of while we’re on vision that just helps to maintain that frame rate as well dedicating all the resources to your pub G’s here on the s10 plus you do actually have a dedicated game

mode as well which just allows you to block calls and notifications and phrases record your game in session as well there wasn’t anything like that pre-installed here on our p30 Pro review sample but you can of course download that sort of thing from the likes of Google Play it’s also worth pointing out of course that you can pick up the Galaxy S 10 plus with the Snapdragon 805 chipset instead in some markets such as the US and parts of Asia as well and apparently the performance and the battery life are improved on that model the battery life here or the galaxy s 10 plus I haven’t had great times with it to be fair it’s got a four thousand 100 milliamps R which is only slightly smaller capacity then the 4200 milliamp here on the p30 pro unfortunately the samsung galaxy s 10 plus can maybe just about make it to bedtime if you sort of put it through its paces whereas the p30 pro tends to have a good chunk of change left in terms of the the battery tried to come the end of the day and often make it well into a second day on a single charge because of what these smartphones you’ve

got the usual battery power saver mods and all that kind of shenanigans as well if you need it you got faster charge and above these handsets as well though and the Galaxy S 10 plus I think it’s doing itself a bit too much service by calling it fast charge and it’s actually only 15 watts when connected with the USB cable here on the p30 poor you get 40 watts supercharged and it is very nippy indeed you’ve also got 15 what wireless charging on both of these smartphones and they do support a bit of wireless from first charging as well or power share as as it is called here on the cs10 plus you can actually share your charge with another device it’s quite slow however so it’s only really best for wireless charging accessories such as frozen Samsung’s Galaxy buds the storage options are very different on these smartphones as well the p30 pro comes with 256 gigs as standard and it can be expanded but all the user now is proprietary memory cards not using standard micro SD memory cards it on the galaxy s 10 plus you get 128 gigs in the base model otherwise you can upgrade to a 512 gig model or even one terabyte if you plump up for that super premium ceramic model and it’s got me expanded up to a further 512 keys by standard micro SD memory cards all of which shenanigans brings us onto the camera tech

and it’s actually surprisingly similar hardware on both of these smartphones as well they both work a triple lens setup although you do get a bonus time-of-flight lens here on the p30 pro as well for accurately measuring distances now the p30 probably gets stronger primary lens it’s a 40 megapixels super spectrum lens compared with a 12 megapixel galaxy s 10 plus lens I said let me galaxy s 10 plus it does have a dual aperture can swap between F 1.5 and F 2.4 or us here on the p30 pro its standard f 1.

6 you do get a nice bit of YS action as well you’ve then got an ultra wide snapper in both cases 20 megapixel here on the p30 pro 16 here on the galaxy s 10 plus and finally a telephoto lens as well for getting up nice and close to your subject it’s an 8 megapixel snapper here on the p30 pro and 12 megapixel again here on the S 10 plus now while the S 10 plus only offers a 2 x optical zoom you do actually get a 5 times optical zoom thanks to the new periscope design hit on the p30 pro you can actually take it up to 10 times hybrid zoom as well using some of the digital smart because of that 40 megapixel primary camera just take a deep breath after gone through all of that hardware I remember this used to be a lot easier when it was just a single lens camera on each bloody smartphone and we don’t run into the camera apps they offer up a similar set of features you can of

course immediately quickly and easily swap between the three different cameras just with a quick tap of the icons down here slightly prefer the more visual icons here on the galaxy s 10 plus of course you’ve got a form of AI modes on both of these smartphones basically just changes the sentence depend than on what it detects in the scene and then of course you’ve got portrait modes here on the p30 pro or Live focus as it’s not on the galaxy s 10 plus with a big selection of random styles and effects that you can put it into play you do have full bra controls as well and both of these smartphones so you can fiddle around with ice or white balance aperture here on the galaxy s 10 plus as well as walking between the F 1.5 in the FT 2.4 and of course you can shoot up to 4k resolution video on both these smartphones as well however the galaxy s 10 plus is more advanced in this area you can actually shoot up to 60 frames per second in that 4k level whereas you top off at 30 frames per second here on the p30 Pro and you’ve also got the option of HDR video if you dive in the advanced recording options as well it’s your 10 plus plus you also on top of all that if

you shoot in full HD level without the HDR you get the option of the super steady feature as well which is really really good if you’re moving and shooting at the same time you can use fuel you and/or enthusiasts and all the rest and of course you can shoot in super slow motion and all the rest – I won’t go too in depth into the cameras in terms of the photo and video quality now because I’m actually gonna do a full side by side camera comparison that should be coming in the next day or two so stay tuned for that and yes of course in terms of the selfie cameras you get a single lens 32 megapixels snapper here on the Wow it p30 pro and it’s a dual lens setup here on the galaxy s 10 plus it’s actually 10 megapixel and an 8 megapixel so slightly better for your live focus shots you can get a bit of portrait mode here on the p30 pro as well though and to be fair the depth sensor is generally pretty good and when it comes to your video you can ship to full HD footage here on the PFA Pro or as it goes all the way up to Ultra HD here on the galaxy s 10 plus it’s not like there’s how the p30 Pro and the Galaxy S Templar stack up in a side-by-side comparison which one is your favorite and why definitely be great here for slap them down in the comments below and don’t forget to poke subscribe and Digg not notifications bar for more on the latest and greatest mobile tech cheers everyone love you

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