Samsung Galaxy Buds 72 Hours Review

hello gorgeous peeps this is Christmas exponent for the last three days I’ve been thoroughly testing out the Samsung Galaxy buds truly wireless earbuds launched this Wednesday at Samsung unpacked I’ve tested a lot of buds in my time and I’ve got to say I am very very impressed by the quality on offer here here’s my fault 3d review and don’t forget for more on the latest greatest tech to poke subscribe and ding that notification spell Cheers so first of all I absolutely adore that tiny form factor this is definitely most compact truly wireless earbuds that I have tested out and they’re super light as well as just 5.6 grams come into these from the Skullcandy push the difference is really really clear and the Skull candies weren’t even that bulky either the Galaxy buds definitely look and feel more premium however that soft touch finish is really really nice indeed this is obviously the white version but you can also pick them up in black and a really new on yellow if you want people to think that your ear wax is radioactive or something well I was really impressed with was how firmly they fit into your ears they fit in there nice and snug and they really do hold firm as well thanks to those dinky little hug things you get plenty of substitute ear gels and those lucky things as well to suit your own local bundled in the box the

first couple of days as always Russian about the place desperately trying to cover stuff for MWC I was kind of worried that they’d just come flying out at some completely random point and then basically I’d be buggins eyeful of these drops out as you’re on a tube escalator or something like that they’re nuts it’d been gone basically but the good news is even if you’re joking about like a Mentalist they do hold really really firm neither of them have popped out even once definitely kind of hope for when you spring in a lot of money on a big gadgetry and just to prove it wash test and that light compact and comfortable design bit means that the galaxy buds are really really comfy to wear for hours on end literally hours no kind of area core anything like that Perrin is an absolute piece of piss as well first time I use them I literally just open the lid pulled out the buds and they appeared in the Bluetooth menus above my android phone and my iPhone I’ve been testing them out mostly on my iPhone just to see if they would play nicely together and so far they definitely have no constellation is bloody good the Galaxy phones do a really good job of blocking out everything that’s going on in the world you just about be able to make out conversations going on around you but that’s about it everything else is just nicely blurred out leaving you in your own little personal joy bubble you do of course get full

touch controls with the galaxy buds as well it’s a single tap in order to start your music signal tap again to pause it a double tap to skip to the next track and a triple tap in order to skip back a track you know so double tap to answer any incoming calls and a few long press that cause up the phone assistant and it’s kind of annoying the conch angel you using the touch controls especially with something like Spotify hardly even with the novelisation feature active it’s still really really jarring sometimes when you’re playing to play this occasionally a track oh come on it’ll just absolutely blast your eardrums they’d be fumbling for your phone and swearing in the middle of the pavement but I found that the controls have basically worked really really well when I first started use them I did a case for the Miss tap I would beat up and around the edge by accident but once you get used to the position and everything it’s absolutely fine and also whipping that the buds out does automatically stop your music so that’s good news if somebody just suddenly starts talk and I use don’t have to be fumbling for your phone or anything just whip up the buds nice and easy and they do work independently of one another as well you can leave one in the case and stick the other one in and then it will just start playing music

as standard that’s really really good if you want to be listen to some tracks but also aware of what’s going on around you maybe do a sneaky one of these when you’re in a work meeting or something but of course none of that really matters a jot if the music quality is that it is really really good which is all the more impressive when you consider the size of these things rock music will really get your pulse pounded jazz music and hip hop music sounds great because that base comes through nice and clear without drowning out the rest of the sound it does matter what genre you’re into the sound will be just be crisp and clear the stereo output is perfect you actually sound like you’re in the room as they’re recording the music seriously for some in-ear truly wireless earbuds these things are probably the best I’ve tested or definitely like right up there with the best as for battery life I thought I did indeed get the full six hours that Samsung is advertising per charge and if you stick it back in the case you can get another six hours out of them as well that case is just as compact as the actual buds themselves it’s a really cute little thing just like a pillbox ready and it comes in the same color as the buds themselves as well which is very very neat I still attention to detail there Samsung or Indies do is just flip the lid and then just stick the buds in there nice and quick and simple I held in there magnetically though it doesn’t feel like the thermostatic attraction they do jiggle about a bit but as you can see that they get a fairly big jiggle on before they do finally tumble out but at least there is some magnetic connections so when you do pop that lid they don’t come flying out

accidentally or anything like that and when they are charged it as well there was a honey little LED inside and then when you stuck the case shut transfers to the outside as well as you can see exactly what is going on and that’s charged the actual case is sucking just shoving type-c a USB cable there is one of those bundled in the box as well otherwise they also support the full wireless charging as well so if you’ve got a wireless charging pad with the chief standards just stick that on there or also if you’ve got a phone that supports a wireless reverse charging as well such as the Galaxy S 10 other while we meet 20 bro again you’ve set them on top enable that feature and they’ll start to power up and you’ll be able to tell because the LED and that right there is what I think of the Samsung Galaxy buds after 72 hours of use I am very very impressed indeed by these bad boys wholly recommend checking them out if you’re into your music and you want portability whether any sacrificer or – comfort and also quality here in the UK the cost around 139 pounds they are more expensive than the likes of the Skullcandy post stuff like that but honestly I would say it is worth it and you can also get them bundled free if you preorder the likes the Galaxy S 10 as well before that’s released so slap your thoughts down below in the comments and don’t forget a poke subscribe to do that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest texture so for I love you

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