Preview LG Watch W7 Full Tour

hello you gorgeous people this is Kristen text Burton I’m here with LG’s latest wearable the watch w7 showing off at CES 2019 it’s an Android wear watch but it’s actually a curious blend of your traditional analog watch and the Smart Watch because as you can see there it’s actually got mechanical hands built into it so let’s get it set up on a full tour of the hardware and everything else and see or what the w7 is like and they’ll get more on the lips too great a small watches to book subscribe and thing that notifications belt Cheers its first off let’s check what you actually get in the box it’s pretty straightforward by the locks vector you get a charger of course this is in the UK charger because it’s not a UK review model but the pod went software everything should basically be the same charging cable of course and a Quick Start Guide my most wanted smartwatches of course it comes with a proprietary charging dock as well so when it comes time to charge up your watch w7 all you need to do is just slap it on there make sure the

dock is all connected of course to a power source and and I’ll power it back up again it’s not those premium of charging docks we’ve played with it’s just a sort of a basic plastic shell but it does seem to hold the watch in there pretty solidly as well a guess there must be a magnetic connection and of course you get a lovely cleaning cloth to give your watch to be someone a good buffing up when required and keeping it looking all shiny and sleek we take a tour of the hardware first of all as you can see quite chunky monkey the w7 with its stainless steel afraid the fee a hefty mother as well with 80 grams apparently although it feels a lot more than that that’s for sure probably because a lot the small which is I’ve tested out Oh generally quite sort of lightweight these days but if you’re swimming with the proper premium a feel premium heft to it so then this will do the job gotta say I’m quite liked in the premium design though as you can see all the numbers are actually etched into the surface and of course because

you’ve got those actual mechanical hands you’ll be able to use it just as a watch there is a just to watch vod’s I believe which keeps you going for about 100 days on a single charge as you can see on this side here you get three different push buttons as well and it should be for the touchscreen it controls as well it’s got the usual array of accelerometers geometers barometers pot from unfortunately a heartrate monitor as you can see there Norwich our sensor built into the back of the LG watch w7 that’s bear vision because most modern smartwatches do come with that functionality now even the ones on cost 150 200 pounds the watch is ip68 dusted water-resistant though so that’s quite reassuring you can leave on if you go on the shower doing the washing up or anything they recommend not to use it for swimming though it should survive because it comes vive I believe it’s depths of up to 1.5 meters for around 30 minutes I’ll see actual structures are standard 22 millimeter straps you can’t swap that out at any point and replace it with another one just as well because the strap that comes with it is a fairly borin straightforward rubber affair if it likes the premium a look

and feel of the actual watch body itself but thanks that quick release caps it’s very easy to put the old one off and then you can just slap a new one on when needed if the rubber band would work quite nicely if you’re tracking a bit of fitness action but when you actually hit in the town for a night out with the lads or whatever you can maybe stick a nice leather one on instead now see if we can actually get it powered up I don’t actually know which one’s the on button but I’m assuming there’s big middle one yep unsurprisingly there we got actual display it’s over to 1.2 inch LCD oh very snazzy there you go quite fluid hand action there by the looks of it very snazzy it’s just showing off now as I was saying it’s 1.2 inch LCD panel so not all that unfortunately again like unlike some premium small which is that you get these days and it’s a 360 by 360 pixel resolution for I believe it’s 300 pixels per inch so it should be nice and crisp and there we go that’s from the latest version of ware or s as well so it a couple times to set it up what you’ll need to do is download the wear OS app onto your iPhone or

Android device just open that up and click start setup now ever so slightly awkward is gonna be at times because obviously we’re OS is designed for smartwatches that don’t have mechanical hands so as you can see they’re mechanical hands are actually blocking out some of the text and everything but hopefully shouldn’t prove too annoying now we’ve just gotta wait for the app to catch up right there we go so we found the LG watch so it’s now connecting up right so as you can see there we are all set so there you go L do you watch w7 all set up of course I won’t go too much into actual where or s itself because I do that pretty much every time I cover a SmartWatch it’s busy the same old where West we know and love you can directly control some of the settings by the app itself such as for instance the watch piece that shows up hey you can also play around with notification settings so as you can see there it’s currently on for pretty much every app basically you can also turn on and always-on screen as well although that’s not quite as necessary since you’ve actually got the analogue hands you can check the time whenever you want without needing to turn that on we do have the tilt to wake option and all of that anyway of course you get an update on the actual battery life as well as you can see they’ve got pretty much a full charge already so that’s great and it’s on brightness level 5 of 10 at the

moment so just boost that up a bit not make things a bit easier to see as you can see there the default watch face is to put it perfectly Frank a bit ugly so let’s get rid of that you do get of course plenty of other options as well and of course you can download plenty more as well from the Google Play Store let’s just go for something nice and simple let’s go for the iconic one there we go now as usual with wear OS so you just swipe down to quickly access the settings you swipe up and you get all of your notifications right there so as you can see we’ve already got a watch update waiting for us then just do your usual swipe in to dismiss anything that’s not particularly exciting and of course you can tap your way in and as I mentioned before the the analogue hands do kind of get a little bit in the way of the text but look to the degree that you can’t actually read it at least which is good the screen itself seems perfectly fine for an LCD sort of reasonably punchy colors not as bright ball there’s an OLED panel would be of course but certainly nice and crisp no worries with legibility or anything and as you can see their viewing angles are pretty good as well as you tilt it away and still actually see what is going on now you can turn on the screen that with a quick tap of that central button at any point and you can hibernate it again just by putting your hand over the screen as you can see that if you actually press

and hold that central button then you’ll bring up the Google assistant as with more small watches you access your apps by pushing in that central button and as you can see there that then brings up this kind of spinny menu which you can then flick through you can choose exactly what you need or alternatively of course you can just use the touchscreen which works just as well in fact it’s probably a lot faster of course have full access to the Play Store so you can download new stuff direct through the watch which is always good to see it’s get a bit of Spotify on the Gough that’s just busy download and now and as you can see plenty of other apps on the go as well good bet a giggle fit action to track all of your wondering about but a translate weather torch all the usual shenanigans and on top of that you also get the lg master tools as you can see there that just gives you fast access to the likes for a compass and automata stopwatch a timer barometer things like that says pull up with a compass for instance and there you go that looks accurate to me because I have a North Face in that garden which means it’s dark and dingy 360 days of the year awesome stuff those top button actually shunts the screen up and set the mechanical hand so they’re horizontal so that’s probably pretty good if you’re actually trying to read some text so as you can see there if you’re in an email and for

whatever reason you’re struggling to see what is actually going on all you need to do is just hold down that top button and it’ll leer the hands down nice and flat and actually bump up the screen so you can see what is going on not a bad little idea if you press and hold in that bottom button that’s how you turn on the just a watch feature so as you can see there you would have 113 days of battery life using that just to watch Maude just give that a little tick and it will then shut down where Wes and it will work as just to watch so that is the LG watch w7 as I see it’s a bit of a shame that it’s missing a couple of those key features such as a heart rate sensor especially is it’s quite sort of a nice premium looking that device however it’s definitely unique among smartwatches with those mechanical hands and as you can see in the just to watch board it does actually keep you going cause alternatives are available the likes of for instance the women’s steel SmartWatch which offers about a month’s worth of battery life between charges and that’s with the full notifications support and everything as well because as you can see it’s got the the dinky little display built into a proper analog Fierce so what do you reckon are you tempted by the LG watch w7 definitely let us know in the comments down below and say don’t forget Spock subscribing doing that notifications both for more on the latest and greatest wearable tech cheers everyone love you

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