Google Pixel 3 XL vs OnePlus 6 vs Huawei P20 Pro

hello once again gorgeous peeps this is Chris from tech spirt I’m here with the mighty Google pixel 3 XL a huge six point three inch Beast rocking a bit of Android pie I’m going to do a quick side-by-side comparison with two of the biggest and best Android phones of 2018 here on the left the one plus six and here on the right door while we’re p20 pro to see which one might be best for you and don’t forget for more hands-on and comparisons with the list and grits mobile tech to poke that subscribe button and ding that notifications about Cheers so first of all stick them all side by side and has very little difference to be honest Google picks all three X hours six point three inches the one plus six is a mite smaller at 6.2 it and here on the right we’ve got the wild peach when you put a six point one inches maybe the pixel 3 XL is ever-so-slightly meteos if they’re slightly bigger than the other smartphones here mostly thanks that big bezel down belief in the fact that does have that slightly sziget screen as well because p20 pro isn’t too far off because it does actually have the fingerprint sensor mounted beneath the display and make the other two which have them around the back instead course all three of these four of the fingerprint sensor is nice and responsive and accurate as well a quick tap and you’re straight into your

desktops and of course it’s immediately apparent that notches are rather in fashion in 2018 because all three of these blowers do sport one up top just allows the display to reach all the way to the very top of the phone as you can see you get a bit of pertinent information either side of it your battery life your time your Wi-Fi levels all that kind of stuff over here on the oneplus and on the wild p20 pause well you do have an option of a mask in that knotch if you’re not a particular fan of it and with that done when you head back to the desktop as you can see just a thick black line is drawn across it to kind of hide it from view and voice you don’t get that option on the pixel 3xl flip them all around however and you’ll see that they support very different designs but on plus 6 and the wild p20 pro both have a fully glass finish for the only case the long plus 6 you can’t pick it up in a matte finish if you don’t like this glossy surface on which does tend to pick up scuffs quite easily you can also get it in a gorgeous red finish as well which is almost a match almost but not quite for the Huawei p20 pro’s gradient design it can be quite smudgy of course but the way that it sort of morphs from purple down to a a blue hue is absolutely stunning and if you go over to a combo you can see my unboxing of the new Aurora model as well which is even more Dunnan can also pick that up in some other different colors as well

however the pixel 3xl stands out is very different for the others actually uses a combination aluminium and glass finish here on the back it’s quite difficult to make out on the white model you can just about see there it’s definitely a lot more apparent on the black and the pink efforts all quite neat finishes but the p20 pearl definitely wins or a top thumbs up for that stunning gradient finish you do get these water resistance at all three of these phones as well it’s full IP 68 here on the Google picks of the excel ip67 for the p20 pro and you don’t get an official IP written here on the oneplus but it can take a bit of a dunken and come out completely unscathed as well as from bonus design features you get the alert slider here on the 1 plus 6 I just allows you to quickly thrust it into do not disturb mods in a jiffy here on the pixel 3 Excel you actually get the active edge you just give it a bit of a squeeze and it will load up the Google assistant ready for you to shot at it and get any kind of information you need the beat 20 prods isn’t have either Lil’s options unfortunately and if it’s headphone jacks that you’re after the 1 plus 6 is the only one to actually offer a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack the other two you’ll need to use USB type-c dongles so moving on to the displays and in all three cases you get a bit of all there – tech so a nice punchy color shop contrast all that kind of stuff

you can actually fully customize the color output as well if you dive into the settings and go into the display section you’ll see you get a good bit of customization in there after we’ve course boss the usual night mode so I just filters the blue light at night for more comfortable easier my experience as you can see if you dive into the colors sections as well you can really customize that output so here on the oneplus 6 you can dive into the srgb gama if you want to read sort of realistic output otherwise you’ve got the adaptive mod you can dive into the custom colors and actually tweak the color temperature there as well sim on the p20 pro he got a vivid mode by default we can slap it down to normal if you want more realistic tons and again here on the pixel you can have nice natural realistic hues or you can give them a nice bit of a boost make them nice and vivid all three you have nice bright display there’s no problem on that front either you can see them clearly in bright daylight unfortunately here on the oneplus 6 you don’t have support for HDR video streaming from the likes of Netflix which you do get on both the Google pixel 3xl and of course while we’re p20 caught as well that said I can’t actually get Netflix to Lorde on the Google pixel 3xl full

stop at the moment there seems to be a few little software issues with the pixel smartphones right now so that’s obviously a bit of a downer but hopefully by the time you watch this video that will have been corrected and the good news is that the pixel 3xl is actually the sharpest display here it’s a quad HD Plus display so nice and sharp all the same the Full HD finish here on the oneplus 6th and while we’re p20 pro gives you some nice crisp visuals as well stick them all three side by side and you’ll struggle to notice the difference so if you view the same picture side by side you’ll notice they’ve all got nice crisp detail in them and of course those colors really shine as well depending on obviously which mods you decide to stick them in the speaker output is also solid on awfully smart phones to slightly prefer the pixel 3xl however with those dual front firing speakers as you probably tell the volume is rather powerful so you do get some distortion on those top levels but still impressive for a smart phone output definitely if you want to carry around a massive media collection a lot of people kind of do the job leave 1 plus 6 starts off at a base 64 gig modelsim as the google pixel 3 XL you can also pick up both in 128 gig flavors which is the only flavor of a Yop 24 only comes about 120 gig storage I think it’s 1 plus X you can also pick it up with 256 gigs of storage if you pump for one of the very most

premium models and in none of these cases do you get micro SD memory card expandable at eboo as far as the software goes all three of these blowers are in a bit of Android but only the Google pixel 3 Excel currently has Android Pi the latest version cousin 1 plus X does mimic some of those PI features such as the swipe up to access the apps and everything that you can get here with the oxygen or s update and where you can swipe right for a bit of Google action here on the Huawei p20 pro others at the pixel 3 XL and the oneplus 6 it but brings up the shell feature just gives you fast access to your recent app to contact things like that which I actually to be honest you get some slight 100 help in the case the 1 plus 6 you can pull down that notifications bar from anywhere on the screen definitely good news as it’s an absolute beast but we prefer the while wave p20 Pras solution this just allows you to swipe across that navigation dock here at the bottom of the screen and it minimizes everything on your desktop so you can run your apps nice and easily and it’s definitely a massive help when you’ve only got one myth free what comes in the security of course all three of them have that fingerprint sensor but only the one plus six and the one with p20 bra also offer a bit of face unlock and this works beautifully even in low-light conditions a quick tap of the power button or R is to wick and it recognizes your mogan as you can see what’s the time you don’t even see

that lockscreen you just straight into your desktops that’s I mean there’s not offered by the pixel 3 Excel it normally has the trusted face option on a lot of Android smartphones but it’s not available here on the pixels to excel and I really am not gutted at all because it frankly pants so you’re stuck with just that fingerprint sensor or good old pin entry of course remember that kids go to get haul extra bunch of bonus features gesture controls and everything so printing flip over the pixel via Excel to shush it you can do this in here on the wall with p20 plot as you can see you can also do the same on the 1 plus 6 here flip to mute you get a form of gear and more on the p20 Pro and also the 1 plus 6 ok so you got all the spam and stuff like the Google assistant on all three handsets as well the pixel 3x adds got a couple of bonus Android features you won’t find on these other two such as a bit of coal screen and which isn’t actually available here in the UK yet I’m testing it out but it should hopefully be coming soon and of course you’ve got full support for the dear dream VR and a bit of digital well-being which basically is just kind of like a digital nanny which just says hey you’re wasting your life on all this crap man you might want to go outside look at some flowers or something so if that’s your bag you got it right there good

news performance wise because all three of these smartphones mash it out the park nice and mipi no worries there your apps will basically load up the instant you tap them as you can see they’re not hanging around or anything like that so if you’re the impatient type all three of these handsets will definitely do the job you got the Snapdragon it 4/5 chipset on both one plus six and the Google pixel 3xl however that is backed by a choice of six or eight gigs of ram here on the 1 plus 6 for us and the case the pixel 3 XL it’s only got 4 gigs so as you can see there especially the multi-core score you get a stronger result in Geekbench on the one plus six definitely very very strong for that multitasking the well IP 20 pro is running the kieran at 970 chipset of WoW is on division again backed by six gigs of ram as you see they’re not quite as strong as the snapdragon it 4/5 sadly some of the Geekbench scores sure a considerable difference between them in everyday running I found that performance has been absolutely fine Gaming is strong especially thanks to while we PU turbo update which gives who a nice consistent frame rate and the likes of G mobile so certainly things like pub G will clear on Heidi’s her levels on all three of these handsets and

what about the battery tech well again very strong on all three of these smartphones the OFP 20 port wings overall in terms of size and battery longevity it’s got four thousand milliamp cell that will keep you going two days as long as you don’t absolutely hammer it’s d and a half quite easily even with quite intensive use Google picks a three XL 1 plus 6 or more evenly matched is 3,430 milliamp on the Google and on the 1 plus 6 it’s a 3300 both phones will happy last you for a day even with intensive use and should stretch to a day and a half even if you’re hammering them a fair bit and it goes got the usual battery saver Moore’s everything if needed so you can see exactly what’s up and all your battery and you can call some of those features when needed yeah fast charging on all three of these smartphones as well Huawei soup but George works really really well just as well as the – charge here on the oneplus then you got standard quick charge of course here on the pixel 3 XL and you got full support for wireless charging here on the pixel 3 XL as well and you pick up the optional pixel stand for 69 quid otherwise just a standard Qi charger will do you the job and that is a feature that you don’t get here on the 1 + 6 or the p20 pro now when it comes to the camera tech these three phones really couldn’t be much more difference it really is a case of one two three the Google pixel 3x I’ll just pause a single 12.2 megapixel camera F 1.8 aperture with a bit of built-in optical image stabilization in case the wrong plus 6 it’s a dual lens

setup you get a 16 megapixel and a 20 megapixel camera working together both with F 1.7 app just quite strong for that low-light and again you get a bit of oh is a torn in there as well to help steady your shots just to prevent any blur but the Yop 20 pro is definitely the bitty big sort of bunch it’s got three camera lenses here on the back you get a footling megapixel RGB lens with an F 1.8 aperture backed by a 20 megapixel monochrome there’s with F 1.6 aperture and finally an 8 megapixel telephoto lens with a bit of built in or is course 3 lenses aren’t necessarily better than one all three of these smartphones to shoot very nice sharp photos in a range of conditions night shots are definitely very very strong and Google’s actually bringing a dedicated night shot mods to the pixel 3 XL which hopefully will compare with the night modes here on the p20 pull the p20 pull is definitely our favorite for low-light shots at the moment thanks to the fantastic aperture and as brilliant 9 laws which allows you to get a long exposure shot even when you’re holding it by hand you do get some bonus camera modes of course all three of these smartphones that rock a portrait mods the case of the pixel 3 Excel of course it just uses Google software smarts because it doesn’t have a dual lens setup but all three of them can give you a nice

background ibaka blurred effect if you want full pro controls then your only choices are the one plus or the one would be 20 pull the google Thorne will allow you to sort of mess around with color temperatures and you can also tap to focus and then change the brightness but that’s pretty much it those are the kids the one plus six and then wild p20 pro you’ve got the full manual controls you can shoot a nice bit of raw imagery as well I guess Google is going more for simplicity or the smart not so you do get a handful of bonus modes such as the slow-motion and of course that the playground mode which is just kind of an AR style thing we jump on into the video section as well all three of these phones are capable of shooting up to 4k resolution video however while the pixel 3xl and the wild pitch when you put a top off it just that for peer level you can actually shoot four kits 60 frames per second here on the one plus six when it comes to image stabilization as well the one plus and the pixel three excel or our favorites nice smooth video even at that 4k level there’s the kiss the p20 process ugly things getting very shaky once you bump up above full HD at 30 frames per second and if we flip them all around to the front facing cameras as well again it’s a very different story and all three of these handsets so you’re on the wild P 24 you get a 24 megapixel F 2.0 up front face and shooter so a nice crisp images it’s a 16-megapixel snapper here on the 1 plus 6 again shoots nice crisp selfies even in those sort of lower light conditions the most interesting setup is here on the Google pixel 3xl it’s actually got a

dual front-facing camera setup both are 8 megapixels but one is a wide-angle lens so using the standard 8 megapixel shooter at the moment it’s an F 1.8 and then once you start to zoom out as you can see they’re just transitions to the secondary wide-angle lens that’s actually an F 2.

2 so not as strong in low-light so you probably notice a slight difference in quality when you flip between the two but it’s definitely more flexible than the others in terms of you get that nice wide angle view as you can see much much better than the other two so good for those goofy shots or if you’re trying to shoot a landmark or something behind you I’ve got actually used the word goofy I apologize that I’m AB near myself feels sick with that one at all and that in a nutshell is the one plus six the Google pixel 3 excel and the wild p20 Pro side-by-side hopefully that’s given you an idea of how they all stack up the Google pixel 3x on the one went p20 pro are quite pricey with all the p20 Pro is rapidly dropping in price with the imminent arrival of the mid 20 and the mid 20 pro so that’s good news one plus six still starts at just four seven nine which is fantastic value for money and here the pixel 3xl unfortunately very expensive it’s six nine is the cheapest one the 64 gig model but if you’re the 128 gig model that’s gonna be 969 almost as expensive as the iPhones so definitely let us know what you think in the comments down below which one are you tend to buy do you think the pixel 3 Excel stands a chance against the other two or as Google just kind of lost the plot be understood to hear your thoughts I’m going to do a full in depth camera comparison between pixel and the eyewear p20 porn probably the iPhone 10s as well so stay tuned for that and don’t forget to box subscribe ding like notifications bow and generally have an awesome day thanks guys love you

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