Blackberry Key2 LE vs Key2 What’s changed?

hello you beautiful wonderful human beings I’m here with the BlackBerry key to Leu light Edition version of the BlackBerry key to flagship form which we have here on the right and I’m just little quick side-by-side comparison of the hardware the software although the various features so you know what the difference is between them and which one might be best for you and don’t forget a pump the old subscribe button and ping that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest mobile tech Cheers first of all I think so you stick up side by side and the BlackBerry key – and key – le are kind of hard to tell apart that’s kind of why I’ve used the different desktops on them both just so I can be sure in my head which one is which as you can see there they’re effectively the same dimensions more or less the same with the le is slightly lighter at 156 grams compared with 168 grams the original key – and of course they’re both rocking at that customary QWERTY keyboard down below with across the built-in touch buttons for the navigation as well just above we flip em around they’re both rock a soft touch rear end as well it’s got this nice sort of textured finish to it really really helps out with the grip buttercup’s the colour schemes they do differ however the original key – can be picked up in either silver or black this is the black model as you see very traditional dark blackberry

finish the key to le actually can’t be picked up in black you can pick it up in a slate gray or this lovely champagne gold finish a nice lighter version of it you could also grab it and the very snazzy new atomic red which is certainly very in-your-face we have the two of the rest of the hardware you’ll see there’s absolutely no difference there either the Le version of the key to once again rocks a mottled power button just to help set it apart from the convenience key which is how it’s just beneath rather inconveniently some might say and of course you’ve got your elongated volume rocker just above as well up top you get a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack no matter which key – you grab the SIM tray is the only thing housed over on this left edge and then down beneath that you have your type-c USB for charging back up and some dual bottom firing speakers as well sadly you do not get full board resistance with either of these handsets because of course they’ve both got a QWERTY keyboard good luck plug in all of those gaps and speaking of that keyboard the key to a lease puts the same key arrangement as the full-sized original key to you once again and get that handy new Shore cuts button that just allows you to it if you hold that down and then hit for instance be I’ve set up as browser you can then dive between your various apps nice and quick and easy as long as you actually remember which shortcuts you set up it’s much much quicker and easier

than jumping into the recent apps our window which is quite nicely arranged but at the same time you might be searching around for a while you’ve got lots of stuff up and as I do here you also once again I have a fingerprint sensor built into that space bar as well and just like with the standard key – it’s nice and nippy just a quick tap of your print to that surface and as you can see your straight into your desktops nor worries however well the original key to support of a touch sensitive keyboards or presence you can flick through a website just by flicking your finger up and down like so you don’t get any of that functionality here in the key to Ellie as you can see not touch compatible at all but of course it’s not exactly a major hardship to reach up here to the screen to scroll about anywhere and to be honest we were never a massive fan of this autocorrect swipe up feature on that standard black Wii key – either it’s a little bit hit-and-miss with the sensitivity so sometimes it just wouldn’t register you’d have to sort of flick up a couple of times in order to get it to work so again no great loss that it’s not on the key to Ellie so what about that screen tech well you once again get a 4.5 inch display here on the key to Ellie just like you do with the original key – it’s once again a three by two aspect ratio so quite boxy which isn’t ideal when you’re are watching a bit of netflix something like that means you get quite thick bars above and below the display so as you can see there I hopefully just about you do get some some thick letterbox and when you are enjoying a movie saw your actual viewing space is quite

compressed now it’ll also mean that putting the likes of pub G is an absolute pain in the arse as well that said the visuals are nice and punchy at 4.5 inch display sports a shop 1620 by 1080 pixel resolution no matter which your choice so if you dive in nice and close you’ll see that those images are nice and crisp to make up there the tiny text you can read no problem whatsoever logos nice and sharp as well the display on the standard key – just seems to be a little bit warmer than the display on the key to Ellie is you can hopefully make out there as well it’s not a massive difference between them is definitely noticeable and I’ve just dived into the display settings just to make sure that I’m accidentally left on a main board or anything like that and no that’s all turned off so just does just seem to be a little bit naturally warmer you do get a little bit more customization here on the standard key too as well for instance you can dive into the color section as you can see that you’ve got boosted colors you can have more natural colors saturate them whereas you do not get that option here on the key to Ellie however you do get the usual night laws and everything as you would expect just a lot of the picture on both you’ll see as you see they’re nice punchy colors pretty much on both these devices some of the more

vibrant vivid hues on shinin through slightly more on the key to because I’ve got it on that boosted mods but honestly there’s not a massive amount of difference between them as you can see they’re a nice crisp imagery and both of these blackberries you load up a another picture as well you’ll see again shop visuals and again those red hues are sort of shining – ever so slightly more on the original key tube again there’s not a massive amount of difference between them and of course the software they’re running is identical in both cases as well you get a nice bit of Android Oriol with black breeze on over there slapped on top that just adds a whole bunch of bonus features so of course you’ve got bbm on there you’ve got the excellent D Tech security software suite as well and as you can see detectors basically keeps tabs on your device make sure that no nasty viruses or dodgy apps infiltrates you’ve got plenty of other nifty security features on there too so for instance you’ve got unlocker which PC just does that and an extra layer of security for any particularly sensitive files that you might have as you see them just either verify the fingerprint I’ve set up a password and I just further encrypt any of your more sensitive bits you’ve also got the likes of the redactor things like that as well so plenty of stuff in there to keep your

sensitive bits confidential and as usual of course you’ve got the BB hub which just gathers together all of your emails your text your social media bits you’ve got all of that important stuff all in one place and both phones of course you’ve got the productivity tab which you just drag out from the edge of the screen at any time this just shows you exactly or what you’ve got to do – dear again it gives you fast access to your new Mills and notifications and other bits and also your favorite contacts the rest of the specs are different however here on the key to le you get a Snapdragon 6-3 six which is a slightly pared down chipset compared with a six sixty found here on the standard key – and you also get less Ram it in the key to le as well four gigs around copy over the six gigs stuffed inside the key – doesn’t make a massive difference to be honest not really every day of runnin still seems perfectly smooth here on the key to le you will see the occasional little stutter and stammer here and there but on the fall it enjoys life quite nicely especially in person concerned how many bonus features BlackBerry has thrown on there dive on into good old Geekbench as well you’ll see again not a massive discrepancy between the two the BlackBerry key – is only slightly in the league compared with the Le version the storage is also different as well here on the BlackBerry key – you get a choice with a 64 or 128 gigs of storage rather than the Le version is either 32 or 64 gigs fee not though because both of these Blackberry phones support micro SD memory cards you can slap in a Tundra 56 gig card to rapidly expand and fit in

plenty more media becomes the battery life however the standard BlackBerry key – should be superior to the Le version it’s got 3,500 milliamp cell compared with the Le editions 3000 milliamp cell so far however touch one it looks like you just about make it through the day with the Le and they both support quick charge 3.0 when it comes time to power back up so what about the camera tech well as you can see here both of these blackberry blowers Rock a dual lens maria’s snapper against the standard blackberry key – you get a 12 megapixel primary ends F 1 point 8 and that’s backed by another 12 megapixel secondary lens F 2 point 6 the specs have been pared back slightly for the BlackBerry key 2 le however you get a 13 megapixel primary lens but it’s AF 2.2 so not quite as good in those low-light conditions and that’s backed by a more basic 5 megapixel secondary lens and that one’s f 2.4 we dive on into the camera app you’ll see there’s not a huge amount of difference between the two in terms of features and general setup however as you see you got fast toggles like the HDR mode

up top and you do get your bonus camera modes in both cases as well give put a portrait mode action of course because they both have that dual lens setup saying a nice crisp shot of your subject a nice blurry box style backgrounds we jump on into the video you can she looked a folky resolution video on both of these smartphones as well as you can see there for Kier 30 frames per second then you also have a full HD 1080p option at 60 frames per second as also a bit of the is better digital video stabilization on both of these handsets as well of course once you hit that 4k level you can basically forget about it and they both support they lock a board as well which just allows you to tick a snap using the fingerprint sensor instead of the shutter button and that just gets whisked off straight to the locker app so if you take any more sensitive photos so then you don’t have to worry about it because the photo quality will be superior on the standard key to thanks to the fact that it’s got that higher aperture setup and that more dedicated secondary lens as well there’s no difference when it comes to the front-facing camera tech of its and it megapixel snapper on both of these in both cases fixed focus as well so as you can see they’re just latches onto your face and then you can take a shot nice and easy and that right there in a nutshell is the BlackBerry key to le versus the original blackberry key to that’s a bit of a difference in price the original key to is 579 quid compared with the 350 pounds blackberry key to Elly’s they’re quite considerable drop in price there as you can see the specs aren’t massively different in terms of the performance there’s not a huge amount in it slightly smaller battery of course and you do get the pared down camera tech on the LE however the software is essentially the same the overall experience remains pretty damn solid so that’s know in the comments below are you tempted to spring for the full fat black breed key – are you gonna save yourself some pennies and get the key to le instead or are you gonna get near this is stuff you blackberry I’m gonna grab something else definitely be great to hear your thoughts and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button Big Mac notifications bar for more on the latest and greatest mobile tech G’s everyone love you bye

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