Review Beats Fit Pro Buds True Wireless Earbuds for Gym Fans

hello gorgeous peeps i’m chris from texpert and today we’re going to be reviewing the beats fit pro some fresh new premium true wireless earbuds which will cost 199 pounds when they go on sale here in the uk from january the 28th so right up there in terms of the pricing with the most premium true analysis budgeting grab in 2022 considerably more expensive than the beats studio buds and almost as expensive as those powerbeats pro now i’ve been tested at the beats fit pro for over a week now so here’s my in-depth review and for more on the latest a great stack please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers so first up you can grab the beats fit pro and a choice of four different colors you’ve got your bog standard black and white otherwise also sage green and this very fetching supremely match your pinky purpley effort inside of the beats fit pro box you’ve got three different sizes of the fleshy ear tips you can find a size that fits your own particular logo size and shape and beats has included a fun little test as well just to make sure you are using the right size of ear bud as well make sure you’ve got a really sound fit i mean obviously you can sort of go by feel to make sure you’ve got the right size of tip but it’s good to have extra confirmation that indeed yes you are using the right size for you the method insertion nice and easy just stick them in there and then rotate basically and they will fit in there nice and firmly and because the beats fit pro are designed with uh active users in mind so people who are gonna be you know jogging or hitting the gym things like that you do get this flexible wingtip which just helps to lodge the true wireless earbuds they’re firmly into your ears make sure they don’t go flying out of your head when you’re

you know you’re jogging down the street and i thought this certainly did the job the beats fit pro are incredibly stable some of the best out there for active users and just to prove how good that fit is wash test unfortunately however although the fit is really really stable i do find that these flexible little hug things they’re not quite the right size and shape for my ear holes they’re not quite flexible enough as well to make them super comfortable to wear i find there is constant pressure against this little fleshy bit of my ear whatever on earth that is called and you know it’s absolutely fine for about an hour maybe stretching to two hours then after that i do start to get the old ear fatigue things start to ache a bit i do have to take them out even if it’s just for five minutes or so to give myself a break and yeah it may well be that i have weirdly shaped ears and no other reviewers have had this exact problem because beats are very very confident that it is a perfect design uh but yes certainly for me it just did not really work for the long term use and now frankly i’m starting to get a little bit of an ear complex as far as the bluetooth connectivity goes no real worries there whatsoever i had a couple of occasions in the past sort of 10 days or so where they connected to my phone but then they refused to play the actual uh audio and i just for full disclosure as well i have been using them full time with android

smartphones because that’s what i’ve been testing out rather than iphones but you know 19 times out of 20 they’ll connect absolutely fine pair up no worries and then the actual connection stays strong and stable as well even when i’m in a really busy area absolutely churning with fellow human beings all using their own wireless gizmos and of course because these are premium true wireless earbuds they pack in all of the features you would hope for and expect so for instance you’ve got auto paws whenever you yank out one of the buds then auto play it as well so whatever you’re listening to will stop when you yank out the bird and then resume again when you shove it back in your head that’s a feature we didn’t get on the beats studio buds which were still pretty pricey so it’s good to see them actually included here on the beats fit pro and while most true wireless earbuds feature touch sensitive controls so you just lightly tap one area of the external bit of it in order to pause play skip etc etc here on the beats fit pro it’s actually a physical push button which you just lightly pork in order to access those controls the push section pretty much takes up the entire external surface of the beats fit pro so very easy to find and very intuitive and they’re very straightforward controls as well basically a single tap will pause your music and then another tap will resume you’ve got a double tap in order to skip forwards a track and a triple tap in order to skip back unfortunately in the beats app for android you can’t configure those

controls so it’s a real shame i would have preferred for instance double tapping the left buds in order to skip back a track double tap the right button or to skip forward a track and then maybe the triple taps could be volume control or something but yeah you can’t do that inside of the beats app what you do have control over is the long press which can either toggle between your enc mode and transparency mode or just knock the whole lot off or also conjure up your smartphone assistant so personally i was using the left bud to cycle the anc on and off between that and transparency and the right buds in order to call up my smartphone assistant and speaking of smartphone assistants you do have full hey siri hands-free support if you’ve got an iphone so you don’t have to do any poke no problem whatsoever to call her up but as i say i was testing on android so i didn’t get a chance to check that out yeah overall the touch controls do get a thumbs up from me the only slight problem is that because it’s an actual push button you are sort of driving the buds into your ears every time you use those touch controls so if you do use them quite a bit then yeah you do get that little bit of ear fatigue a little bit sooner than you would have done as for the audio quality well pretty solid here on the beats fit pro as you kind of hope for a 200 pound pair of true wireless earbuds especially considering they’re only

using the sbc and the aac codex as usual no support for aptx adaptive or anything like that though thankfully touch words i haven’t experienced any syncing issues whatsoever when i’ve been watching a bit of disney plus netflix youtube i found that unlike the beats of yesteryear you want to have a pretty decent balance between the bass and the treble the bass is slightly emphasized as usual but really not to a horrific degree whatsoever it doesn’t matter what genre of music you’re into if it’s classical jazz hip-hop rock metal you don’t necessarily get all of the finer details coming through on some of those more complex tracks especially if you listen to a bit of jazz and blues or a bit of metal uh but really really solid all the same and i did find the vocals in particular come through really crisp and clear and well defined so if you do listen to a lot of audio audiobooks or podcasts then job done and if you’re on an iphone 7 or later you can enjoy a tasty bit of special audio action here on the beats fit pro as well so in supported content and the likes of apple tv plus for instance you’ll find that the audio is directional shifting as you move your head and of course like every other pair of premium true disables of this sort of price point you’ve got active noise cancellation built into the beats fit pro as well and this is pretty

bloody good it’s not quite up to the standard set by the likes of sony for instance on their true wireless earbuds but very very solid competition indeed so if you’re wandering down a high street for instance lots of traffic go and buy lots of people wandering by dogs cats whatever you’ll find that most of that surrounding sound is blocked out quite comfortably so you can listen to the likes of podcasts and audiobooks again without them to jack the volume all the way up which is definitely very much appreciated but yeah as with all wireless earbuds really the quality of that anc does depends on how good a fit you’ve got with your locals make sure you’ve got the right size of tip shoved in there you’ve also got a transparency mode as well which as i said before you can flick to with a long press of the buds and this will just make you aware of everything that’s going on around you basically pipes in all of that sound via the microphones the twin beam former microphones which are built into the external bit of the beats fit pro and speaking of these mics these are used whenever you’re making a phone call or whatever via the beats fit pro and they’re designed to lock onto your voice while also dampening out any background noise that’s going on all around you and does it work not really but here i am walking down the street got some uh some traffic going by on the left hand side and uh just

tested microphones just to see how clearly they’re picking up my voice and how good the jobs they’re doing of drowning out all of that lovely traffic in lots of stairs because i’m just just walking down the street talking to myself with bright pink birthday things sticking out my ears but i don’t care i’ve got no dignity left so as you can hear there when i was making calls with people they could hear what i was seeing but it certainly didn’t do anything to drown out any of the noise that was going on around me either so i’d say try not to make calls you know on your local high street or in the middle of a rave or anything like that so battery life and beats reckon you’ll get a full six hours of play time from the fit pro if they are fully charged and that is with the active noise cancellation that turned on otherwise you can expect an extra hour or two and i found my testing that’s pretty much bang on in fact they sometimes got a little bit more than those six hours usually around sort of six and a half hours and when they are fully drained or you just want to stash them away again you’ve got of course the lovely rot the fetch and beats fit pro case which matches the color of your buds and yeah it’s not exactly the dinkiest charging case around it’s a bit of a monster to be perfectly honest with you but at least it’s got that lovely rounded pebble style shape and that helps it to slip inside of a pocket or a bag or whatever as with most premium true wireless earbuds you’ve got fast charging

support so bang them in that case around five to ten minutes you’ll get around an hour of use from fully drained buds and that is with anc on even though the case itself is a bit of a whopper you’ll get around three full recharges of your buds from it before the case itself is fully drained as well you can charge it back up again using a type c usb cable you get a fantastically tiny one bundled in the box but you know you can provide your own no wireless charging support unfortunately here on the beats fit pro which is a massive shame because most premium rivals and even some drywallers earbuds roughly half the price of this thing do offer wireless charging now so that’s a bit of a bum so right there’s my full final beats fit pro review and i gotta say i enjoyed using them but for 199 quid i’d say maybe just chuck a bit extra in and upgrade to those powerbeats pro which are absolutely sublime other likes the sony ws which are both better anc and a better all-around feature set of course the big draw of the beats fit pro is going to be for more active users because you’ve got that flexible wing tip as well although i did find that impacted the comfort level so if you want buds that you’re going to be rocking in your ears for good so you know three four hours even longer than that then you might want to look elsewhere sadashi blows but be great to hear from you guys down below if you’ve actually been using the beats fit pro for instance if you’re in the us or you’re watching this video after the uk launch would be great to hear your thoughts in those comments please do poke subscribe and dig that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest technology salsa fan bloody tastic rest of the week cheers everyone love you

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