8bitdo SN30 GP Followup: Directional Pad Too Sensitive? Errant Diagonals Tested

hey everybody its LAN side-bend we’re back with a quick follow-up on the 8-bit though controller I reviewed the other day because a viewer wrote in matmo daga curious about something he noticed on prior editions of the 8-bit though controller and was wondering if the new ones have seen any improvements specifically he says when you mash the controller from left to right sometimes you get a random diagonal in the process so instead of it just going left to right you sometimes get it showing a combo up and right which of course might be an issue in games that require a very precise amount of movement like a fighting game or something like that so I figured I would do a quick test here with the new controllers and see if they’ve improved that at all or not and we’ll take a look with some slow-motion footage here in just a second but I do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure at these 8-bit dough controllers came in free of charge from 8-bit though however all the opinions you’re about to hear are my own nobody is paying for this update and no one has reviewed or approved what you’re about to see before it was uploaded so let’s take a look at some

footage I shot here with my iPhone at 240 frames per second and what I was doing here was rocking my finger back and forth between the left and right side of the d-pad and you’ll see that occasionally it is picking up a random up tick there which means that we will be getting some of those random diagonals as we go back and forth and I found that you really have to keep your finger or your thumb in this case very much centered on the d-pad to prevent these accidental button pushes from showing up it is still very sensitive as prior versions of the controller were and I apologize for all the blinking here going on with my slow motion footage this experience here was the same experience I had with the pro controller as well so I think if you had issues before buying this new controller is not going to make them any better now I also ran the same tests on my 30 year old NES game controller and I would get a couple of errant diagonals here and there as you can see but generally not as many the older controller the real NES controller just is not as sensitive as the 8-bit dough controller is and I don’t know if that’s a function of this old NES controller being Oh or if the 8-bit dough controller is just that much more sensitive but nonetheless I was getting less of those errant diagonals with the older controller than I was with the new 8-bit dough controllers here so certainly the d-pad on the 8-bit dough is a lot more sensitive than what we’re seeing here with

original stock NES hardware and that may or may not help your gameplay I guess it really depends on the kinds of games that you’re playing now if you’re curious as to how we are getting this test executed I’ve got my analogue NT mini here that is running an NES game cartridge that tests game controllers you can hit the buttons on your controller and have those buttons register on screen here it works quite well and this application would actually run on an original NES as well this is one of my favorite devices of all time by the way because not only does it run the NES pretty much perfectly on a 1080p display it also runs most of the game consoles from the 80s as well so my atari by ColecoVision my Sega Master System my NES everything is in here and it looks beautiful on my OLED TV upstairs and when you’ve got one of these wired controllers on it as well there’s like practically zero latency it is a really really nice game system and if you’re into old games definitely check it out and what I’ve been doing is just running this test here to see how the errant diagonals go now we do get occasional blips here back and forth as we’re using the original controller but it’s not as bad as the 8-bit dough is and again I just think this is a matter of sensitivity and perhaps maybe some of the design choices that

went into it cuz I can see how a more sensitive controller might be more helpful in some areas but some games may not work as well so you can see as we do that same motion here going back and forth we’re getting more of those errant diagonals just because this thing really is a much more sensitive d-pad but what I found is that if you’re pushing all the way down to the left here it takes a lot more effort to get that diagonal to fire off so it really is this rocking motion that makes the biggest difference and if you go slower as you can see it’s not as pronounced but you really need to keep your thumb kind of centered on the d-pad as you go back and forth and if you’re used to one of these older controllers that doesn’t have that level of sensitive I can definitely see how this might be an issue for some folks and again it’s just I think of matter of how they have designed these deep ads and maybe what their design choices were and it’s funny this was something that I didn’t really notice when I’ve done prior reviews on these controllers because perhaps the games that I play are not as sensitive to an errant diagonal as perhaps a fighting game might be or something like that so definitely more sensitive here so just be advised about that however we did know in the review that they have improved the latency not only on these new controllers but the older ones too so if you update the firmware on them you should see better performance at least and so far as latency is concerned with your existing controllers but I definitely wanted to do a follow-up on this because it was something we hadn’t tested before it is

still an issue if it was an issue before for you so just bear that in mind I also ran a similar test on my Xbox one controller and I found that it’s the pad was a lot less sensitive to errant diagonals so you might want to go out and maybe pick up a few different controllers that you might be able to return later and find the ones that work best for your particular application and I can definitely see that if you were a Super Nintendo gamer for many years and you got that muscle memory locked in that could be an issue on this controller because it might behave slightly differently when it comes to diagonals than the original did especially older controllers that have perhaps been worn down over the years a bit as well I’m gonna put a link down below in the video description to a video that somebody posted about how to make the control there’s less sensitive and I would imagine what they did for their 8-bit though controllers a couple of months ago will still be relevant now so if you have one of these things and you really want to improve the experience on those diagonals check out that video I think it’ll help maybe get a bit of a less sensitive controller experience for you on your 8-bit dough controller until next time this is lines Ivan thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by the lon TV supporters including gold-level supporters Chris Allegretto the four guys with quarters podcast Tom Albrecht Gerard Newberg in Cali an Kumar if you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to LAN TV slash support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe

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