Review Ryzen 5 5500 & 4500 Don’t Choose Wrong

good people i guess this video is a bit like aim these new processors better late than never right so more than a year and a half after zen 3 was first launched and right at the end of this generation’s lifecycle we’re finally getting some new processors and some of them we’ve been waiting for a really long time so why now with zen4 just right around the corner and why should you even care i feel like these cpus are probably going to matter a lot more for millions and millions of amd users than zen4 especially when we talk about the much more affordable ryzen 5 5500 and the 4500 skus those are what we’re covering today because you know the affordable stuff gets us really excited and just so much more interesting to look at versus the highest the high-end stuff that is normally not very affordable for many basically amd’s rounding out their lineup with a bunch of cpus a lot of people have been asking for with the 5700x the 5600 and the 5500 but while the 5700x and the 5600 are basically simply down clocked versions of the current processors the 5500 is a whole other thing i mean based on its six core 12 thread layout clock speeds and tdp it might look just like a slower 5600 but it’s not okay it’s not it’s got a lot less cash it doesn’t even have an i o die like other zen 3 cpus and unfortunately it doesn’t support pcie gen 4.

okay no gen 4. that means the ryzen 5 5500 is based on this thing the 5600g and it’s cezanne core design the only real difference other than the clock speeds is the g has the integrated graphics while this one doesn’t so it should be pretty obvious the 5500 and the 5600 were absolutely necessary since amd didn’t really have anything with their latest architecture to compete against alder lake in the sub like 225 dollar market that meant the 12 100 and the 12 400 series were pretty much left on their own and if anything they might kind of recapture the value crown but the other side of this equation is the new okay not really new ryzen 4 500 and 4100 along with the 4600g they’re based on the zen 2 architecture and the idea here is to simply offer more cores for less money that’s super important since i’m sure there is a ton of people who bought the first generation ryzen 3 processor so like the 1600x which was awesome my personal 1700x and they’re looking for an upgrade path but and this is important don’t assume the new 4000 series processors will beat the 3300x and the 3100x every single time because they won’t but more than that later so back to the million dollar question okay at the end of zen 3 lifespan why even bother doing this now is it too little too late we think not and in this kind of market i feel like it’s never too late i would actually like to think the 5500 and the

4500 to be like the last hurrah a sort of lifeline for people who haven’t seen any reason to upgrade their older zen based systems because now with the rollout of new biases that support zen 3 and almost every amd chipset launched in like the last five years so these cpus could be an amazing drop in upgrade for anyone with an a320 onwards provided there are no compatibility hiccups of course so i guess that sets the stage for this review of the ryzen 5500 and the 4500 so let’s see what they’re being compared to here first of all we wanted to include the four core eight thread ryzen 3 300 x which was probably a processor that was way too good for amd since they only released a few dribbles of it but it’s a good example of a 3000 series chip that was launched at around the same price as the ryzen 5 4500 the intel i3 12 100 f is here too since it also goes for around 115 dollars so it’s direct competition for these sort of new cpus you also have to remember that the 12 100 and the 12 400 are a bit different for all their lakes since they don’t actually include any efficiency cores just the performance type and speaking of efficiency let’s talk about power consumption shall we because the 4500 and 5500 are some of the most efficient cpus around right now and more importantly their behavior is pretty constant too instead of massive spikes like sometimes we see on intel processors these ones end up hitting right around their tdp value and sticking there the whole time but even though they’re technically more efficient from a power consumption standpoint these cpus actually tend to run a good deal hotter than intel’s it isn’t that they produce more heat it’s

just that the thermals are a lot more concentrated so temperatures end up being higher with the same cooling so yeah these things run a bit hot that means you might want a cooling upgrade which i might need too for this perfectly placed video sponsor what makes a cpu cooler different well it starts with the basics like a direct touch base plate along with nickel plated heat pipes for maximum heat dissipation a fan that respects your environment without sounding like a jet an easy installation procedure for both intel and amd platforms and the flexibility to work with different memory modules but the real deal comes with the presentation of a cpu cooler and iceberg thermal took a completely different direction with their ice sleet g3 and g4 series by offering this unique multi-faceted design on the exterior shell that looks absolutely sleek especially in the steel version these air coolers come in different flavors to fit your style learn more about the isolate series down below so that rounds up what you need to know about the two new processors and where they land from a spec standpoint but the performance wow that’s where things get really interesting okay starting with cinebench and right away we can see the strength of the six core 12 thread designs versus the 3300 x the 11400f and the 12100f but then again the advantages of zen3 versus zen2 are also there in a pretty big way the single threaded results are not anything unexpected either with alder lake dominating but the 4500 does end up struggling quite a bit against the 3300x here and yeah wait till you see what that does to the gaming results because remember the 3300x and the 4500 are based on

the same architecture and their overall clock speeds are not that different the only thing the 4500 has going for it are four more processing threats the rest of the tests repeat the same thing over and over again in heavy full core workloads the ryzen 5 4500 simply demolishes the 12100f and even the 11400f again and again i mean in most situations it isn’t even close the 3300x struggles too since it’s trying to compete against designs that simply have more threads meanwhile the separation between it and the 5500 goes from super minimal in a lot of the apps to pretty massive in situations that take advantage of zen 3’s strength honestly though if you use a lot of heavy multi-threaded programs and have a shoestring budget i’d actually recommend the ryzen 4500 over the 5500 hands down now against the intel side the 5500 plays in an interesting space as a drop in upgrade for an older amd system it’s got some legs but if you’re desperate to build a new pc like right now it’s not worth it i would actually go with the 12 400 f since that platform will stick around for much longer while am4 is sort of at the end of its life but what about gaming and well that’s where things end up going all messed up at least for the ryzen 5 4500 it just gets its ass handed to it in pretty big way even by the 3300 x and the 12 100 f and you’ll see this in pretty much every game that’s cpu limited so what’s exactly going on here how could it be so strong in real world results but terrible in gaming so let me explain first of all it’s based on an older architecture which is why it cannot keep up with the 5500 but the bigger problem is actually in the

clock speed department low end processors usually get a frequency bump to compensate for their lack of cash and course the 3300 x is a great example of that it’s also based on the zen 2 architecture but its average clock speeds during gaming is much much higher so frame rates are in a totally different league so basically with the ryzen 5 4500 you’re sacrificing a ton of potential for gaming performance for more threads but the ryzen 5 5500 is another matter altogether it ends up giving pretty decent performance right across the board and trades blows with the 12 100 f but you also have to remember that alder lake processors are typically a better bet for gaming so the 12 400 f may be a bit more expensive at the start but end up pretty far ahead in most situations too so on the one hand we have the ryzen 5 4500 it gets more course to the good people but it’s one trick pony that’s amazing in multi-threaded applications but i would never recommend it for gaming as for the 5500 well that one’s a bit tougher with xen4 right around the corner i would not build a brand new system around it right now unless you’re desperate plus there’s some pretty good alder lake options out there if you want to have a less expensive gaming rig and also the big benefit is with those new biases for old motherboards so they’ve made the 5500 and absolutely amazing drop-in upgrades for people rocking the earlier ryzen 1000 and 2000 series cpus especially for gaming applications and you know slapping some newer fast memory and it’s a pretty good slam dunk you know so that is all you have to know about the new 4500 and the 5500 in the performance department again for all the systems it’s a great consideration but if you’re starting to build a system around it that’s brand new you know perhaps hold off a little bit or look into alder lake and you can check out all our reviews of all their like stuff over here thanks so much for watching i’m dwitry coming from the good old montreal office and you good people cpu responsibly my friends

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