Review EPOS GSX 300 Gaming DAC – Sennheiser Has LEFT The Chat

oh no not another huge cod upgrade as we wait though what are you people running for audio i get on the brand-new black shark v2 x respectable budget plan option going directly right into my motherboard i’ve really been utilizing the g professional x from logitech with its own usb audio card it does the task i am running the reliable gsp 300 from sennheiser and trying something brand-new the epos gsx 300 epos what is epos yeah epos that’s what i claimed what the fudgicals is epos it’s a brand-new brand name why do not you google it all right so there’s epos watches there’s the european plate observing system it’s likewise european pediatric orthopedic culture no no no ippos audio there’s the complication yeah that would create some brand name confusion so allow’s discuss this whole brand name splitting up of all pc gaming products from sennheiser that are currently under the epos umbrella just a few clarifications it’s not such as a separate brand that got sennheiser it’s a various division within sennheiser that separated and also is currently epos so all existing pc gaming items from sennheiser have the epos reduce sennheiser uh sign while moving onward from september or whenever they launch new products it will certainly just be epos rollovering the exact very same modern technologies as what’s been developed from sennheiser simply under a different brand name i believe it will take some time for epos to acquire some appeal and also brand loyalty because you see the sennheiser logo this is

instantaneously identifiable as well as immediately includes value while epos doesn’t truly so in this video clip allowed’s speak about the gsx 300 the brand-new external usb audio card from epos i will certainly be comparing it to the gsx 1000 because that was the initial and it still is one of the very best surround audio usb audio cards on the market and also we’ll likewise contrast it to the shit loaded with three which is a 99 dac amp combination additionally tailored in the direction of players as a result of that mic input i really hope that epos will certainly have the ability to repair all the chauffeur and software program issues that i’ve experienced with sennheiser items in the past and also i’m wishing we do not stumble upon in this review all right let’s start right after this the brand-new gala had all-in-one coolers by liam lee incorporating costs materials for an attractive plan to cool your intel or amd cpu with black or white color choices offered both with attractive aluminum real estate and enhancing 120 ml argb high static stress followers and also you got ta value appropriate length follower screws the water pump is outstanding with easy installment amazing pattern with vibrant lights control with the center or vau motherboard and also rotatable real estate to match your positioning as well as do not neglect the aluminum magnetic cap for a different look check out the brand-new galahad all-in-one

colders by liam lee down below so first off i would certainly claim getting an exterior usb audio card for pc gaming is not essential in 2020 because the majority of motherboards have actually good sound boosting and also rather respectable microphone high quality as well i’ve done both sound as well as microphone screening on various motherboards as well as external options you can take a look at those video clips below however the factor you may want to select this up is actually for convenience generally using this with a notebook or if you’re relocating computers as well as you wish to still lug over the exact same sound that you’re made use of to this is mostly why you ‘d want this in regards to physical features it’s a relatively small system offered in white or black yet the black model i have here is not exactly black it’s kind of like gunmetal gray we have some rubber pads at the device and the base is angled to kind of face you which behaves at the front we have a volume wheel with gorgeous tactile actions so you can regulate precisely just how much volume you’re including or removing it is not a switch so you can not such as press it to silence next to it is a button that you can operate either make it possible for border sound setting or switching between presets in the back we have a mini usb connection as well as your earphone and also microphone inputs the quantity modification is additionally immediate with no hold-up as well as the only way to mute it is to go all the way down so it’s a actually basic as well as standard usb sound card and the one point they all share

in between the complete shield 3 the gsx 1000 and also the gsx 300 is a truly short usb cable television so if i plug this right into my maker i don’t have much versatility on where to place it on my desk so what i want is truly listening to the difference between the full sheet 3 the gsx 1000 and the gsx 300 in regards to power output in terms of clearness sound stage shipment as well as the general personality and also i’m actually interested to hear what the surround audio application is like on the gsx 300 which is so much less expensive than the gsx 1000 which has amazing binaural engine integrated in and we’ll see if any of that lugs over the gsx300 is the just one that has any software consisted of because the gsx1000 has all the controls on the real unit while the 403 is completely driverless inside the pc gaming collection we have all the typical eq personalization and also accounts great deals of microphone controls which i value as well as the only point you can map the wise button to is to either transform your accounts or disable and also enable border audio i truly want that you might map it to silence as well all right so allow’s begin with the power comparison making use of the gsp 300 a great 99 headset it’s a 19 ohm device at 113 db level of sensitivity so you don’t call for also much power to drive this point

And also with the fuller 3 at 60 volume i’m even more than comfortable driving this with gorgeous reduced end tones and also overall smooth presentation moving on to the gsx 300 as well as this point calls for nearly 100 quantity to drive this headset appropriately there are audible snap when you change the quantity so like each step is kind of like it’s not disruptive and also it’s just present when you are changing volume the one benefit of this point though is that it provides a fuller audio versus the fulla 3 and it has better stereo imaging offering you somewhat wider audio phase in a default mode not even making it possible for the 7.1 surround audio as for the gsx 1000 so this thing is somewhat extra effective at 70 quantity i’m comfortable right here so it is much more powerful than the gsx 300 yet they share very comparable sound attributes good beautiful body and the low end not also sharp on the high end uh and the a little wider audio phase than the fuller 3 moving on the headphones we have the hd58x this point is amazing noise sensible develop quality eyes value wise 150 ohms and 104 db sensitivity using this with the gsx300 more quantity is desired just because it’s an open headset so you do at some point kind of lose out some of the detail you could desire to crank up the quantity in order to maintain every little thing in the headphone yet we have fantastic tones as well as still good information even at 100 volume the gsx 1000 is a little much more effective so at 70 volume it’s about comparable to what you obtain at 100 with the gsx 300

this point to my ears has even more sound stage pick-up especially when you’re listening to live recordings it resembles your ears exist rather than the microphone and also the 403 naturally is a whole lot a lot more effective has not a problem driving the ht500x but it has a somewhat flatter and neutral audio trademark so i actually choose the qualities of the gsx audio cards and also going up to something much more demanding the hifiman he-4xx these are planar magnetic drivers as well as despite the fact that they’re 35 ohms their sensitivity is at 93 db which implies i needed to bump the quantity to practically 100 with the 403 and also this point provides beautiful limited base with good smooth luxury utilizing the gsx 1000 at 100 volume this is not an audio card for earphone that has reduced sensitivity yet it was a perfect instance on listening to the difference between the audio signatures where both the gsx cards have slightly fuller body on the low end as well as like even more pleasing tones whereas the fulla 3 while it is extremely effective supplies extremely logical tidy outcome while both gsx devices have warmer discussion extra pleasing sound a little bigger sound phase by default as well as the gsx 300 i dream it had slightly even more power to drive something like the he-4xx since whatever concerning the audio signature i like in this audio card and also the bass while still really limited is somewhat more airy than what you obtain with the gsx 1000 and also the 403 specifically when it comes

to planar magnetic earphones alright so allow’s go on to the microphone examination next as for microphone high quality this is what the gsp 300 headset appears like using the gsx 300 audio card it does not appear so excellent now however watch this merely making it possible for that worm preset for the singing booster significantly improves the vocal high quality it does not just include the bass yet really boosts the entire spectrum you also have gain control side tone that does not benefit some reason noise gate adjustment and sound termination this is what the gsx 1000 seems like it is quite sensitive there is energetic sound cancellation used it’s not too aggressive yet there’s a little bit of like compression occurring it’s not one of the most natural appearing microphone back to the gsx 300 as well as the actually regrettable thing is that throughout my screening and taping audio samples and also paying attention to them back as i was about to begin taping an audio sample for the 403 the microphone jack appeared to have died there’s no microphone signal experiencing which indicates there’s definitely glitch with the fulla 3. Yet the gsx 300 with the cozy pre-programmed sounds wonderful and prior to we wrap up the border setting on this thing is actually rather helpful for 79 bucks i am pleased it’s not like the gsx 1000 we don’t have as many functions however we do have a reverberation slider so you can customize how large or tiny your room is however placed on some headphones and hear the border mode for yourself one huh so after you have actually heard that what do you think of the surround node i believe it’s regulated well for a 3d audio atmosphere for open globe video games it’s an advantage with reverb at minimum i find it helps to ravel the stereo splitting up provides you even more of a 360 level rotation for audio and it does sound fairly good while maxing out that slider provides you audio speaker like playback before you without making things too remote or eating out way too much of the information i still locate the soundstage development and also 3d world with layering to be much better on the gsx 1000 however for 79 this is an outright suggestion if you seek border audio but that naturally if there were no problems with software application which is a best segue right into motorist problems a shock surprise so first of all the epos pc gaming collection does not really reveal up in the taskbar when it’s open as well as the only method to accessibility it is via the surprise icons or finding it in the applications i do not understand why it does not just open as an application the website on feature on my system does not work also when changing the slider i still

can not hear the microphone as well as the wise switch ah it’s not so wise nevertheless it functions great changing accounts yet it for some factor does not in fact function when you’re attempting to allow border sound or stereo all right so right here’s an example what i’m talking regarding i am literally clicking the switch on the gsx 300 device as well as you can actually see the mode altering on screen right but i do not really listen to the difference in audio so absolutely nothing is being activated it’s just when i physically navigate my arrow over the switch and also click it that you can actually hear that border audio mode or stereo setting being applied which is very peculiar as well as this sort of insect is not allowed to take place although it’s a fairly economical system the fact that we have actually a switch called wise button that you can change to do either this or changing profiles i do not obtain it it really is unfortunate that on every sennheiser gaming product that has motorists i’ve experienced all sorts of issues as well as insects as well as the gsx 300 is no different which is so regrettable because for 79 it has a lot of power to drive pc gaming headphones has an actually good microphone top quality particularly when you allow the cozy predetermined and also the border mode for the cost point is dazzling specifically with the reverberation adjustment lowering it to minimum gives you slight sound stage growth however maxing it out provides you really large speaker format that seem like they’re in front of you so see to it to subscribe for our ultimate gaming audio card amp combo comparison since i have like 7 and we’ll do comparable testing as we have actually carried out in this video clip but yeah i hope you appreciated let me know which microphone sounds best to you and the surround setting enhance your experience based upon the earphones you put on i suggest for me does however not for whatever good i’m dmitry thanks a lot for watching check out this various other relevant web content subscribe for more i’ll talk with you in the following

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