Which 16″ Gaming Laptop in 2022? Legion 5i Pro vs Zephyrus M16

I have actually contrasted the Lenovo Myriad 5i Pro against the ASUS ROG Zephyrus M16 to assist you make a decision which video gaming laptop computer is the very best for you! Both of my laptop computers have Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti graphics, a 16″ 165Hz screen, DDR5 memory of varying quantities and also 14 core 20 string Intel 12th gen CPUs. The M16 included an i9 while the Legion came with an i7. Both laptop computers are offered with various specifications though, you can take a look at other arrangements and present rates with the links below the video. The construct top quality of both laptops is above standard. They have actually both got metal lids, simply a clean Myriad logo on this year’s 5i Pro while the Zephyrus has a rainbow movie beneath hundreds of cut out holes. The myriad has a magnesium chassis while the Zephyrus has a soft touch finish, so the M16’s interior really feels smoother, nearly yet not rather rubbery. I suched as the feeling of opening the Myriad more, possibly because the Zephyrus can relocate around a little bit. When you open up the M16’s lid it increases the back of the device up. This aids air get in below for air conditioning, provides you a slight slope for keying, and also suggests the bottom audio speakers aren’t pressed up against the desk, but adjusting the screen also just type of relocations the laptop around a little bit. The display of the M16 goes completely back 180 levels, so it’s far better for sharing, yet I really did not feel limited by the 130 degrees available to the

Legion. Both laptops have some flex to the key-board, probably a bit even more to the M16 as the back obtains propped up, yet they both really felt rather solid during normal use. There’s probably a tiny bit extra flex to the M16’s lid, it’s close, but once again both were strong during regular use and neither screen wobbled when typing. If I had to summarize the develop top quality, I ‘d say the Myriad really felt a bit much more tough to me, however I liked the feeling of the M16 and it just really felt better to pick up and also lug about. But that may be because of the dimension and also weight distinction. When comparing the laptop computers alone, the 5i Pro considered nearly 500g or over 1lb even more contrasted to the M16. The void gets larger with the power blocks consisted of for billing, with the 5i Pro now being 600g or 1.3 pound heavier, as well as this is since it has a larger as well as larger 300 watt power block compared to the 240 watt block that comes with the Zephyrus. Both laptops have Type-C billing assistance though, as much as 135 watts for the Legion and also 100 watts for the Zephyrus, so if you don’t need complete efficiency on the move that’s a good alternative. In spite of both laptop computers having a 16″ screen, the M16 was slimmer in every measurement, so integrated with the lower weight it’s certainly the more portable of the 2. Both of those 16″ displays have a 2560 by 1600 resolution, which is more than basic 1440p, and this is because they have a 16:10 element proportion. This just means they’re taller contrasted to most others with more pixels vertically. Both laptops have a MUX switch, so it’s possible to disable optimus for better efficiency in video games, but at the expense of reduced battery life. The 5i Pro takes points to the next level though as it has progressed optimus,

meaning we can switch between the incorporated and discrete graphics without a reboot. The M16 needs a reboot to change, which is a little bit more frustrating. With optimus off, the 5i Pro additionally has G-Sync, something the M16 does not have, however both laptop computers have flexible sync if optimus is on. The M16 has a somewhat faster screen response time, though at much less than a 0.4 ms difference I would definitely consider this to be within the margin of error range, so I would certainly consider them equal in the real world. Despite the small difference in screen feedback time, there was a bigger distinction in system latency. This is the total amount of time in between a computer mouse click and also when a gunfire really discharges on the screen in CS: GO. Both are fantastic results, yet the M16 appears to be a little much better for competitive gamers. Both 16″ panels have the same resolution and freshen rate, they’re really various versions, and also the M16 provides much far better color gamut compared to the lower 5i Pro. While not incredibly important for simply pc gaming, this would certainly be useful for material makers. Both screens had similar illumination degrees when maxed out at 100%, though the Zephyrus M16 was a little ahead, as shown by the red bar. The M16’s variety of brightness is much a lot more regular at reduced levels though, whereas the 5i Pro’s illumination dips down swiftly, however it additionally obtains dimmer if that’s important to you. Backlight bleed was

exceptionally minor in both of my systems, but this will differ between laptop computers. Simply having both side by side, directly I prefer the screen on the M16. Primarily since there’s simply no bottom chin, it’s all screen, but the drawback of this design is there are air exhaust vents right here that blow hot air directly onto the display. Whether that’s going to be a trouble long-term, I can’t truly state, however ASUS have actually evidently examined it as well as they seem to assume this style is great. Both laptop computers have a 720p camera over the display in the center, but just the M16 has IR for Windows Hey there encounter unlock. The 5i Pro has a physical privacy shutter button on the right to immediately make it possible for or disable the electronic camera. This is what the camera and also microphone appearance as well as seem like on the Lenovo Myriad 5i pro, as well as after that this is the ASUS Zephyrus M16, and also for some factor it seems definitely horrible so I’m not exactly sure if it requires an update or what the bargain is. Both key-boards were excellent, but personally I favored inputting on the 5i Pro, it simply really felt remote control as well as nicer to push. The M16 has a single area RGB backlit key-board, while the 5i Pro has a 4 area RGB key-board, so a little bit extra

personalization, nonetheless the 5i Pro only has 2 brightness levels and also you need to use software application to change them. The M16 has 3 brightness levels and they’re less complicated to alter with key-board faster ways. The 5i pro additionally squeezes in a numpad and also has larger arrowhead secrets, while the M16 has actually additional dedicated media tricks over left wing. The M16’s touchpad was a little larger in both measurements and felt better to click, it was also a little quieter also. Don’t get me wrong, both touchpads were great to make use of and felt good and precise, yet all points considered I ‘d choose the M16 here. Both laptop computers have 2 Type-C ports on the left, the one closest to the rear is Thunderbolt 4 while the one closer to the front is USB 3.2 Gen2.
Otherwise the M16 has a lot of its I/O on this side, including the power input, HDMI 2.0 b, 2.5 gigabit ethernet, USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-A port and a 3.5 mm audio combination jack. The 5i Pro has its 3.5 mm audio combo jack on the right, along with the cam disconnect button and also a USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-A port, so not as quickly as the Gen 2 located on the M16. The M16 has a 2nd USB 3.2 Gen2 type-A port on the right, along with a UHS-II MicroSD card port and Kensington lock, two points the 5i pro does not have. The M16 has absolutely nothing on the back except air exhaust, while the 5i pro has the remainder of its I/O here. From left to right, the Legion has actually gigabit ethernet, one more USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C port, HDMI 2.1, 2 even more USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A ports as well as the power input on the. So to sum up the ports, the Myriad has 3 USB Type-An as well as

Type-C ports while the M16 has 2, nonetheless the M16’s Type-A ports are quicker. The M16 can also be billed with approximately 100 watts over either of the 2 Type-C ports while the Legion just supports Type-C charging with the one Type-C port on the back, though it does rise to a greater 135 watts. And all Type-C ports have DisplayPort assistance. The M16’s ethernet is likewise 2.5 times faster, yet it will depend on whether or not you’re actually linking to a network that sustains higher than gigabit speed, as well as the 5i pro has HDMI 2. Inside both have the battery down the front, two M. 2 storage space ports simply above on the left as well as appropriate sides, a Wi-Fi card, as well as memory, though the 5i Pro has two memory ports while the M16 simply has one. The 5i Pro was ahead regardless of the setting predetermined, as well as was 10% ahead of the M16 at ultra settings. Rainbow 6 Siege on the other hand had one of the larger differences in support of the 5i Pro, which was reaching 23% higher typical FPS at max setups, as well as was another where the 1% low was ahead of the average FPS from the M16.
These are primarily GPU hefty work, so again it’s not unusual to see the 3070 Ti with higher power limitation racking up better right here. Currently for some content designer examinations. Adobe Premiere was checked with the Puget Equipments criteria, and also the 5i Pro was scoring 6% greater contrasted to the M16, so not a large difference, and also

compared to most various other video gaming laptop computers it feels like just having a 12th gen Intel CPU is enough to rack up fantastic below. Adobe Photoshop on the various other hand was a win for the M16 with a 16% greater score below, rather a big distinction, so what’s taking place? I have actually typically discovered this examination to depend much more on single threaded efficiency, so I suspect this is a location where the i9 in the M16 is actually serving. DaVinci Willpower is a lot more GPU hefty though, so the 5i Pro was back ahead, granted it’s an extremely little distinction here compared to the previous 2 designer tests. SPECviewperf tests out numerous expert 3D workloads, and also provided it’s the GPU that does this work it’s not shocking to see the 5i Pro in the purple bars ahead of the M16 at a loss bars in all of these tests, though in most cases the gap isn’t that big. Intel 12th gen supports fast PCIe gen 4 storage. Both laptop computers were providing excellent read and write speeds, but that said the M16 was quicker in both of these regards, though it can depend upon the specific test. The M16 also has a UHS-II MicroSD card port which carries out well, something the 5i Pro does not have, a great bonus for creators. The 5i Pro absolutely has more customization available through the biographies, however that would not be hard since the M16 just has really basic choices. You simply can’t do a whole great deal via the BIOS on the ASUS device. Linux assistance was tested on Pop! _ OS 21.10. By default out of the box the keyboard, touchpad, speakers, video camera, ethernet and also wi-fi worked on both. I have actually obtained to give the win here to the 5i Pro though, because the faster ways to change efficiency settings as well as keyboard lights can still be personalized without

Windows software, they’re baked right into firmware. Allow’s review pricing as well as availability next. This will naturally adjustment gradually so refer to those web links in the summary for updates. At the time of tape-recording a comparable M16 to what I have actually checked however with half the SSD room goes for $2150 USD at BestBuy, but they’re known for often running sales, so again examine the web link in the description for offers. Now, this new 5i Pro isn’t in fact in supply on Lenovo’s internet site, so once more you’ll have to check those links for present availability.

Simply having both side by side, personally I like the display on the M16. Do not get me incorrect, both touchpads were excellent to use and felt great and precise, but all points considered I would certainly select the M16 here. Inside both have the battery down the front, two M. 2 storage space slots just above on the appropriate as well as left sides, a Wi-Fi card, as well as memory, though the 5i Pro has 2 memory slots while the M16 simply has one. The 5i Pro has an 80Wh battery, while the M16 has a larger 90Wh battery. The 5i Pro was ahead regardless of the setup pre-programmed, and was 10% ahead of the M16 at ultra setups.Alright allow’s summarize all of the crucial differences between the Legion 5i Pro from Lenovo as well as ROG Zephyrus M16 from ASUS. Not to discuss it’s obtained a smaller power brick too. The M16’s display obtains brighter, it’s obtained a much better array of brightness, as well as it’s got a greater color gamut, so for somebody that’s doing a mix of pc gaming and content production, the M16 can be the way to go.
Approved contrasted to most other laptop computers I’ve checked, either of these are excellent results. I ‘d state thermals were better with the 5i Pro. Yeah, when it’s resting below idle like now doing absolutely nothing, the followers are louder contrasted to the M16, but they’re not that loud. When both are in fact under a work, the M16 is louder which was more frustrating to me, but at the very least the M16 does use some fan control, so you can personalize it. Which’s not something the 5i Pro currently supports officially from Lenovo, however they might be including that later this year, I simply don’t know when so I can not state for sure. In any instance, the 5i Pro can be customized with 3rd party Legion fan control software program. Along

with that, the thicker framework of the 5i pro was constantly cooler to the touch. The M16 constantly felt much warmer when I was in fact running work with it, and also the M16 was likewise vulnerable to hit the GPU warm place thermal throttle restriction in spite of its lower GPU power limitation. Yet that remained in a worst instance CPU plus GPU stress examination, and also fact is, a lot of individuals simply aren’t maxing both of those elements out at the same time. A lot of games don’t do that. The greater GPU power restrictions are mainly liable for the 5i Pro carrying out 14% quicker in our 10 video game standard, so more FPS from the larger maker. I liked the feel of the 5i Pro’s key-board, and also it’s got a numpad and also larger arrow tricks, nevertheless I liked the bigger and also quieter click of the M16’s touchpad. Compared to most various other laptop computers though, the keyboard as well as touchpad on both of these machines were well above average. The 5i pro has more USB ports, but the M16’s are quicker, as well as the M16 also has faster ethernet, however once again it depends on whether the network you’re linking to can actually make use of that. And also the Legion does have much better HDMI support as it can do 4K high refresh. The M16 was easier to get and also open accessibility to the internals, but because of it having soldered

memory, the 5i Pro is probably going to be a lot more versatile in regards to future upgrades. Like I said, if you do get the M16 with 16 jobs soldered to the motherboard, I assume most people are going to be just great. I assumed the software control panel experience was better with Vantage on the Myriad as there’s simply much less things as well as it’s done in one area, it feels spick-and-span. That claimed it’s a little bit of a double edged sword, due to the fact that there is even more personalization through the ASUS Depot Cage software. Straight out of package, the Myriad appears much better in Linux as you can still control keyboard lighting and also performance settings without custom software program. There are definitely negatives and also positives for each and every machine, so eventually it boils down to what you do as well as uncommitted around. There’s no excellent laptop, everyone has various needs, it’s a situation of discovering the maker that functions ideal for you as well as what you do. That said, if you’re following the most effective gaming efficiency and also gaming experience, after that the Legion 5i Pro is the winner. Though it does of training course depend upon the price distinction, since as mentioned today, this machine is difficult to obtain and it appears quite overpriced. I’m certain that will certainly change in future if supply boosts.

Alright let’s summarize all of the vital distinctions between the Myriad 5i Pro from Lenovo and ROG Zephyrus M16 from ASUS. The M16’s screen obtains brighter, it’s got a much better range of brightness, as well as it’s obtained a higher shade range, so for a person that’s doing a mix of gaming and also web content production, the M16 might be the way to go. Yeah, when it’s resting below idle like right currently doing nothing, the fans are louder contrasted to the M16, but they’re not that loud. I liked the feeling of the 5i Pro’s key-board, and also it’s obtained a numpad as well as larger arrow secrets, however I favored the larger and quieter click of the M16’s touchpad. That said, if you’re simply after the best video gaming efficiency as well as pc gaming experience, after that the Legion 5i Pro is the victor.