ThinkPad X1 Nano! My Favorite Laptop from Lenovo

so i finally got my hands on lenovo x1 nano i was literally eyeballing this thing when it was announced a few months ago not because it’s this revolutionary laptop that’s going to change the world but because of its size like this thing is tiny and it does this without having to sacrifice a lot of performance or features now this is expensive and when this thing first came out the skew that i have here costed over 3 000 but the good news is like samsung lenovo tends to discount their products over time you can pick this guy up for nineteen hundred dollars like if you’re truly looking for the lightest ultra book that you can find that doesn’t sacrifice a lot of performance it’s this guy it weighs 2.14 pounds this is a pound and a half lighter than the macbook air or pro in fact i have one right here at least the pro to give you guys some context on the size difference now it doesn’t look like much from the top down camera but if you were here in the studio you would see the difference in fact if you were to pick up the nano and pick up the pro in your hand this feels significantly lighter like you place this thing in your bag you’re not going to feel it like you would with a normal ultrabook the other thing is you’re looking for durability you know all the think pads at least the more expensive thing pads have been mill std tested they’ve been tested for dust they’ve been tested in different environments they’re spill proof they offer feature sets that protect the laptop from damage and the third thing is business features most of you guys watching my video don’t care for these business features but if you’re in the

corporate environment if your it department requires it this laptop is going to be much more secure than your typical consumer laptop now if there’s one area that had to make a bit of a sacrifice it’s definitely the ports like you don’t get the same i o selection as you would on the carbon or thing pad extreme you only get two thunderbolt 4 ports on the left hand side the good news though is that the thunderbolt 4 which means you can pretty much do anything you want as long as you have a dongle to connect to it you have power delivery and it also fast charges so you can top this thing up pretty quickly it’s that same feel you’d get on the extreme or carbon it’s it’s using that carbon weave or or fiber that makes it feel very durable you do get a lot of fingerprints on the top of the lid like this thing is going to get dirty fast the flex is very minimal on top the keyboard it’s that thinkpad keyboard you know i love great tactile keys they’re not as deep as the extremes but they’re deep enough for a laptop this size it has that nice click the only other area where there’s a bit of flex would be the keyboard but i’m really not too concerned you still have the lenovo nub or nipple as i’d like to call it in fact i even matched my shirt to the nipple today just so i can show you my appreciation for it the touchpad is a bit small but considering the fact that this is a very tiny chassis overall i feel like it’s a great size fingerprint scanner to quickly log you in and of course it has an ir blaster in the webcam area so that you can use windows hello to log into now the cool thing is lenovo’s laptops or at least some of them have a presence

sensing tool so the ir camera scans the area to see if you’re there and if it recognizes your face it automatically logs you in and if it sees you walk away it will automatically lock the computer even though this is a very small laptop they were able to cram in four speakers two upward firing speakers then you have two woofers on the bottom of the laptop they’re dolby atmos and the dolby access software is really cool because you can set up presets for the type of stuff you’re listening to presets for music presets for movies and it’ll automatically switch between those presets depending on the application you’re using now the macbook pro speakers obviously sound better because there’s more of them that are firing up but for a laptop this size it actually produces very clean sound display 16 by 10 13 inches it feels big it doesn’t feel tiny or like you’re typing on a cramped display and they’re giving you a display that actually has great color gamut and color accuracy like i could totally feel comfortable doing design work on this and not having to worry that the colors are not going to match up it’s even bright like over 400 nits of brightness making this pretty good for outdoor work now you do have a webcam on top it’s only 720p but if you need to make a conference call or whatever it is at least you have one available so remember in the beginning of the video i told you this was an i7 tiger lake processor well it’s not the one you’re thinking of it’s not the 1165 g7 that you’d see in laptops like the razer book 13 or acer swift 3.

This is using the 116 zero g7 the difference is that the zero g7 only has a tdp of 15 watts whereas the other one has a tdp of 28 watts the more power the more you can push the laptop the less power you can provide the cpu it just can’t sustain those boost clocks as long and of course you’re not going to get that sustained performance over a long period of time the good news though is that this thing is still very capable it’s faster than most 10th gen intel processors from last year like you’re compiling code on this and yes it’s going to take a bit longer but it’s still fairly respectable if you’re using adobe photoshop same sort of idea like i wouldn’t buy this to run stabilization effects all day but if you’re editing a bunch of photos you’re not going to feel like this laptop is slow the only thing i wouldn’t buy for is obviously gaming and i wouldn’t be editing 4k video on this all day but if you need to make some quick changes it will handle it you’re not going to have too many issues heat management is also great this laptop never got too hot it does a good job of keeping the cpu temps down lenovo is prioritizing fan noise because this is a business ultrabook it wants to make sure those fans are always quiet internally nothing to get too excited about there’s only one fan and that’s fine considering the cpu only boosts up to 15 watts you have a pretty small battery it’s around 47 watt hours and i was only able to get about 11 hours of use before needing to charge there is only one thing that’s upgradable and that’s the ssd now it has fairly good read and write speeds but it doesn’t match the read and write speeds of the carbon but this is something you can swap out and upgrade if you want more storage down the road so here’s the thing if you’re a regular consumer i feel like there’s a lot better options for the money you’re going to get

better specs you’re going to get more value and probably even save money by buying something else over this i feel like this laptop is perfect for one type of individual you’re the person who will be traveling a lot when things get better you’re going to be traveling a lot around the world and you prioritize weight over everything else you’re someone who’s going to different environments and you want your laptop to be durable whether it’s a hot environment or a cold one and the third reason is business features you work at a corporation you run your own business and the features that this laptop provides can be used by your company and if you’re that person then you’re gonna love the x1 nano but for everybody else save your money just get a regular consumer laptop because you’ll get a lot more performance a lot more or better battery life and you’ll probably save yourself some money too if you’re interested in checking this out there will be a link to it in the description down below like the video if you liked it subscribe if you haven’t already and i’ll see you guys in the next one

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