The Best Laptops of 2020!

welcome to my best laptops at 2020 video and before i begin i got to do a bit of housekeeping the first thing is if you don’t see your favorite laptop or a laptop that you think deserves to win an award don’t freak out it means i haven’t used it or reviewed it i’m only one person i could only review so many laptops in one year number two if you watch my videos or are new to the channel i’d appreciate if you subscribed and hit the bell icon to get future video notifications not only would it make me happy but it would make my great great great grandmother olga happy too so let’s start off with budget gaming and my pick goes to the acer nitro 5.

they made some improvements compared to the previous model the first one being better thermals the previous generation would just get a bit too hot this one has a significantly better thermal layout the other thing is it’s using the newer amd processors the 4600h paired with a gtx 1650 for under 700. this is a great budget laptop to get you gaming now you’re not going to be able to play at ultra settings all the latest titles but what you will be able to do is play comfortably at 1080p with settings set between medium and high now for mid-range gaming laptops that’s definitely going to the hp omen 15.

Again using an amd processor the 4800h this thing is an absolute monster no matter if you’re doing gaming or content creation this thing is going to be able to handle it the mid-range sector usually retails anywhere from 1 000 to 1350 and this comes with an rtx 2060 which means you can comfortably play games at high settings and sometimes even higher if it’s an older title i just love this new look from hp it has this very minimalistic design it’s not a thick laptop it looks clean but if you want a premium gaming laptop you gotta go intel they’re the only models that are using beefier processors the rtx 2070 supers and 2080 and my pick goes to the gigabyte auris 15g i feel like this laptop did not get enough credit i unboxed it but i didn’t review it i just love this thing i spent more time with it the metal chassis is nice it’s very well built it’s not too heavy but it’s one of the only laptops you can get with a mechanical keyboard and i feel like if you’re a true gamer you’re going to really appreciate that typing on this and gaming on these keys feels so much better than any of the other gaming keyboards i have on this table now of course this being a premium gaming laptop it’s going to cost a lot of money but i think this one here specifically is one of the better deals out there now for a 17 inch premium gaming laptop i’m giving it to the razer blade pro 17.

this is the 1500 version i had to send the 17 back but i loved it you know you’re getting a big display which is so much better to visibly game on plus you can now get it with a 4k 120 hertz panel this is like a content creator slash gamer’s dream not only do you have that big 4k vibrant display with that high resolution for content creation you also have 120 hertz which is great for gaming the next category is two-in-ones or convertibles and i want to give it to the hp envy x360 this is not the most expensive convertible you can buy but i feel like for under a thousand dollars you’re getting so much value the amd processor rivals and beats out 10th gen intel processors it has a touch screen it flips 360 degrees so you can use it in different positions yes it doesn’t come with a pen but considering the price that’s not a big deal if you go buy one i find it to be an exceptional machine for note taking and sketching now that’s a bit too expensive for you the other option is to look at the lenovo flex 5 14.

This is also a two in one or a convertible it’s a lot cheaper and i feel like there’s a lot of value to be had here this is actually a very durable laptop it’s plastic but it’s using this like rubberized texture that feels very strong now some of you might be asking where is the surface pro 7s and stuff like that and the answer is i love the surface pro 7 it’s also a safe bet but i feel like with these new amd processors out there the pro 7s are starting to show its age now for ultrabooks this is going to the macbook air or pro like what apple was able to do this year was an absolute breakthrough like this is now the gold standard for ultrabooks this is a product that’s silent no fan in the macbook air but yet still outperforms a lot of the high-end competition you pair that with insane battery life insane idle time some of the best speakers and a super color accurate display and what you have is the new gold standard now this is not for you and you prefer something in windows i take a look at the razer book 13 or the razer blade stealth 13.

This is one of the only 13-inch ultrabooks that have a beefy gtx 1650 max q inside and to me that is kind of interesting because you could be someone who edited this video or does a little bit of programming and maybe wants to game a bit but wants to do it in a smaller form factor i think that’s where the stealth kind of fits in now if both of those laptops are a bit on the expensive side and you’re looking for something more mid-range take a look at the lenovo ideapad slim7 this is an amd laptop it has eight cores it’s very powerful it has an almost thinkpad like typing experience the keyboard’s a bit software but because it’s using those u-shaped keys feels very familiar you have these top speakers to provide better sound and you have pretty good build quality the only area it kind of suffers in is the display it’s not the brightest display on the market now if all of those ultrabooks are too expensive i recommend the acer swift 3.

You just get a lot of value for hundred and fifty dollars now finally the last category which is performance ultrabooks and the first one i want to talk about is the 14 inch form factor that goes to the asus zephyrus g14 there’s just not a lot of laptops like this and you notice how i didn’t put this in the gaming section i don’t feel like this is a good gaming laptop one 14 inch display is just too small to game on at least for me and number two the high refresh rate of the 1080p model has a very poor response time but the qhd version which i have here has a very nice display and if you use this for content creation or work on the go you’re going to love this thing you know the high-res display paired with the rtx 2060 and 4900 hs processor inside gives you a monster a little monster that you can take anywhere and do your work the battery life is decent it does get a bit hot sometimes but overall i still think it offers a lot of value now if you want something bigger my next pick goes to the hp envy 15.

Not because this is the best performance ultrabook that’s a 15 inch model but again because it offers everything you need for the price and when this thing came out it offered so much value a 10th gen h-series processor with an rtx 2060 a 4k oled display a premium metal design in a 15 inch form factor i think it was a 1 500 bucks it was unheard of and it ran well it performs well and if you’re looking for a lot of value for the money i feel like this still has it today now if you want something bigger i’d go with the dell xps 17 but i do have to warn you a lot of the xps 15s and 17s have these minor qc issues for example i ran into touchpad issues where you had gaps when you press down but other users were lucky and didn’t have that experience so if you do buy that keep that in mind but the good news is dell does have a good return policy so that wraps up my top laptops of 2020.

if you’re interested in checking any of them out links will be in the description down below again if you didn’t see your favorite laptop in here or a laptop that you think deserves to win i probably didn’t review it so if you enjoyed the video feel free to hit the like button if you’re new to the channel subscribe and i’ll see you guys in the next video you

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