Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 7 – Insane Battery Life!

what is up everybody welcome to my first live stream that’s an actual review not an unboxing an actual review where i’ve kind of taken b-roll and tested the laptop already and combine these interactive elements into this style of a live stream this is a test most importantly after this live stream is done please please let me know in the comments section down below if you like the style and you want to see more live streams that focus on a more interactive review a quick shout out to python a quick shout out to alegnor and everybody entering the chat thank you so much for taking the time out of your day for this live stream now this is a special laptop because it is a mid-ranger that’s priced fairly well well depending on which model you decide to go with this is the lenovo ideapad slim7 and and this is a laptop that weighs about three pounds and um it’s it’s a a good good increase volume hey is the volume okay just to make sure i think the volume is okay i think we’re good all right volume let’s go volume is not good make my man what it’s not high enough how about now is the volume okay now how does

the volume sound okay volume’s fine guys i think you guys are losing it okay here we go um you guys totally just ruined my flow i hope you’re happy totally just ruined my flow anyways this is the idea pad slim seven it’s a three pound laptop great mid-ranger fantastic for back to school it’s a good option the big thing about this laptop that a lot of people are looking for is the fact that it uses the new amd ryzen processors this is a 4 800 u inside of here that’s eight cores and i know a lot of people are looking at this guy and thinking should they buy this or should they spend less money and buy the flex five because the flex 5 is about 600 us this is a cheaper laptop and yes technically the specs are a little bit slower but the 4500u is very equivalent to an intel i5 processor in fact a bit faster in certain instances so here’s the big deal three pounds for the ideapad slim 3.3 pounds for the flex 5.

The ideapad slim is a entirely metal chassis there’s not that much flex on top of the deck it’s a thinner laptop than the flex 5. as you can see right here the flex 5 on the right hand side is significantly thicker and the the but they do have the same ports like the port lineup is fairly similar now with the idea pad you have a usb type-c power delivery which uses a 65-watt brick compared to a barrel connector type of style on the flex 5. they both have hdmi they both have usb type-c obviously not thunderbolt 3 since it’s using an amd processor and then of course you have your headphone jack on the other side you have your power button on the slim 7 two usb ports micro sd card slot the only benefit of moving downwards towards the flex 5 is you get a full size sd card slot now the power button just happens to be here instead of the back like you have on the slim 7 and of course you have two usb ports on the flex 5.

Now this is a a beautiful laptop like you know it it looks a lot like the the cheaper ones but they’re they’re improving certain materials in order to to put it in line with the mid-range mid-range category the other thing to note is that this display is not a type of display that can be flipped 360 degrees if you want that you have to go with the yoga the most it can do is a 180 degree format so you can put it all the way back almost to the to the back of the desk which is pretty close but you can’t flip it 360 degrees now some of you might be familiar with the slim 7 in in in different markets and if you are a lot of the specs in that laptop are very identical to the specs inside this guy now just a quick little look at the the keyboard deck here it’s the same keyboard layout as the the flex 5.

it’s using lenovo’s u-shaped keys but it doesn’t have a nipple this is a nipple free laptop okay if you want the red nipple you got to spend the money you got to move yourself up to the thinkpad because the thinkpad is the laptop with uh the nipple technology now these are u-shaped they do have a slightly smaller travel distance the the the key press is about 1.3 millimeters of travel distance both of these laptops have backlighting i don’t know if you can see it on this but if i hit function spacebar i can cycle through the different levels of backlighting which is kind of nice for some reason my chat has just completely stopped let’s just restart that now intake grilles are in the same portion they both support dolby atmos the difference though is that the the touchpad is a bit diff different like on the right hand side you have a more proportionally sized touchpad whereas on the ideapad slim 7 touch pad is a bit more horizontal giving more horizontal space but that’s only because the actual chassis is a smaller form factor than the flex five now sticker placement look you know lenovo’s guy usually does a pretty good job you know usually they’re in line they’re not too crooked he’s a solid solid sticker guy but you know he’s he’s kind of slacking on the slim seven like if you take a look over here the sticker placement is a bit crooked you know i don’t want to hit i don’t want to hate on uh lenovo lenovo’s sticker guy sticker guy too much because uh he’s not as bad as let’s say acers but gotta step it up lenovo you got you gotta put your sticker guy in good training okay now there is a little bit of flex on the keyboard on both of these laptops it’s not huge but you know it’s it’s there i would say it’s slightly more on the flex 5 but again this is more of a budget spect laptop compared to the ideapad slim 7.

now when it comes to the display as i mentioned before it doesn’t rotate 360 degrees the most you can do is 180 like this now some of you might like that because it can go lie down flat on your desk if maybe say you’re passing the laptop to somebody but if you want one that can rotate all the way around in sort of like a a tablet like form factor then you got to go with the yoga slim 7. now this display is significantly better than the display on the flex 5. and the reason being is you just have much better color accuracy you have better color gamut it’s a brighter display like 387 nits of brightness so if you take this thing outdoors you’re gonna be able to see it like you’re gonna be able to look at it and have a good experience now there is an infrared camera at the top of the display but it’s it’s it’s not windows hello if you want windows hello you gotta pay extra and get let’s say a thinkpad which will have it embedded at the top of the display camera quality is not that great i’m not even gonna waste my time showing you because there’s just no point but um you can open up this laptop using one hand so there’s like a little indent that sticks outwards and if you place your finger up here ever so nicely you can open up the entire display speakers are generally on the top of the deck this time they are using dolby atmos we’re going to do a speaker test in a second but lenovo usually does a better job with their speaker quality compared to other manufacturers like you know some some some companies just don’t take speaker quality that seriously so i have to give credit to lenovo even you know placing better speakers on their budget and mid-range laptops now to show you guys the speaker quality i’m going to load it up on both laptops it’s the only thing that i don’t have pre-recorded because i find these are better to do live since you can kind of hear the difference live and there’s no like uh pre-recorded stuff going on but i’m just gonna load up anything i’m gonna go to my epidemic sound over here i’m gonna load up youtube on this computer because the chat is frozen on my other one can i log in i think there’s if i remember correctly there’s quad speakers inside of here so it’s going to give good sound all right make sure you guys don’t see this i’ll i’ll switch the camera in one second as soon as i log in we will do a little sound test all right so trending let’s go here we’ll play this guy here we go alright so this is the sound

coming from the slim seven let’s get a little base okay so that is the slim 7 and now we’re going to play the flex 14 doing the same thing i have a feeling the speakers are going to sound exactly the same that’s just my gut feeling all right you guys let me know this one sounds better this is the flex five i don’t know they they sound they sound a lot alike i’m not seeing a huge difference in terms of speaker quality but but they do sound very very familiar now for those of you curious about the the actual specs of my unit the one i have here is the the ryzen 7 4 800 eu with 16 gigabytes of ram this is the 14 inch display full hd 60 hertz display 512 gigabyte nvme ssd now this unit costs more than 899 dollars the base model the 4700 you that you guys see on lenovo’s website costs 900 usd or or 1300 canadian it’s about 0.9 kidneys for for universal currency this model here costs about an extra 100 bucks or so now internally there are some differences between this model and the flex 5 and we’re going to go over that right now i’m going to show you guys the differences between both of these laptops just got to open it up so you guys can see the internals i’ve already taken off all the screws i don’t have to do that on camera annoying me i’ll probably all right so this on the right hand side is the flex and then this on the left hand side is going to be the idea pad all right so there is a big difference between both of these laptops so flex 5 ideapad slim 7.

as you can see the battery inside of the slim 7 is massive even though technically it’s not a big battery in real life it’s only 60 watt hours but it takes up almost half of the laptop whereas in comparison you have a 51 watt hour battery inside of uh the flex five and trust me it makes a big difference in terms of battery life the battery life you get from the slim pad or idea pad slim seven is significantly more even though it’s only nine watt hours bigger now the cooling solution is also different as well with the flex 5 you only have one fan with two copper heat pipes cooling the cpu and integrated gpu whereas with the the slim 7 you get two fans with one big heat pipe cooling the the cpu and integrated gpu now in terms of upgrading you have one slot here for your ram this is upgradable and the other part of your memory is eight gigabytes that’s soldered onto the motherboard you can’t access it you can’t upgrade it so technically you can only have a max of 24 gigabytes of ram inside of here however i would probably just leave it at 16 so you can take advantage of uh dual channel configuration since the other stick is eight gigabytes as well um here look hard drive speeds or nvme ssd speeds on this guy are really good they’re over 3 000 like 32 to be precise it’s exactly 32 46 read and about 2203 megabytes right so a very good nvme ssd and this big battery literally net me 19 hours and 15 minutes of use that’s insane like 19 hours of battery life this is with the screen at 30 brightness where that’s almost a full day like that’s almost a full day the funny thing is the 19 hours and 15 minutes that i got on this guy was done in intelligent cooling mode this is like the default mode for this laptop if you drop it down to battery savings mode you’d think you’d get more battery life but i actually caught a little bit less only got 18 hours and 53 minutes either way that’s still an insane amount of battery life now in comparison the flex 5 feels sorry in comparison the flex 5 gets about 9 hours of battery life so you get significantly more battery life with the ideapad slim 7.

Now in terms of upgrading you know ssds and stuff like that i don’t see any extra slots to place one just this little slot right here you can probably do a smaller form factor nvme ssd on this side so technically you could have two drives inside of this i’m guessing the other nvme drive is soldered onto the motherboard and then um actually is this well let’s take this off i think this is oh sorry this is the nvme ssd this is not the ram i apologize so this is your one nvme ssd slot and then this is potentially a second slot if you want to place another drive all 16 gigabytes of ram is soldered onto the motherboard so whatever configuration you decide to buy that’s all the ram you’re gonna get which is kind of unfortunate whereas on this guy it’s the same sort of situation like if i was to take this off this is your solder soldered memory on the motherboard and then you have one slot for your drive and then that’s basically it like you you can’t upgrade anything else now unfortunately you don’t have access to the wi-fi six cards so if you want to swap that out you can’t which is probably not a big deal because at the end of the day like why would you wi-fi six is like the future and the pretty most wi-fi six cards that are inside of these laptops are super solid but the big deal is performance like a lot of people are gravitating towards these amd processors because of the performance like you’re getting a lot of value for its price point like to have eight cores inside of a laptop like to give is bonkers you know and a lot of people want value to performance as much as possible they don’t want to spend lots of money on a laptop that’s going to perform slower than um than this guy right so right now it’s a good thing however i think as like the future goes forward there’s gonna be a lot of changes people are going to find out that amd is gonna finally increase their prices as more and more people buy amd laptops over intel ones this is assuming intel can’t get their act together and start selling faster cpus with the same sort of quality now performance is interesting because if you’re doing like a simple cinebench score you know to to see how fast the cpu runs this thing dominates like literally look at this 3500 this is beating out an eight core h series processor from a gigabyte aero hp omen and all these other laptops like that is that’s impressive like super impressive like how many laptops like do that why did that like go away that’s weird okay like that’s super impressive like to be able to to have that type of

performance in a u-series processor but there is a catch though there is a catch even though this laptop is dominating other laptops in terms of sheer cpu performance it’s doing something bad in order to get there and and it’s not a good thing and i’ll explain that to you in a second okay [Music] gpu performance it’s an integrated gpu the the vega chip that’s inside of here is is about as good as like an mx 250 or 350 depending on the the the laptop you’re buying you can game on this but you’re not going to be like you’re not going to be like gaming the latest games with super high settings you can play some more well optimized titles from the past like overwatch and fall guys for example now when it comes to the adobe seat suite that’s where the u-series of amd processors completely fall apart i don’t know what it is and this is probably not an amd problem this is probably more to do with adobe’s optimizations in general but it completely falls apart like for photoshop for example this is using a superior processor compared to all these other intel based laptops you see here and it came in second last place okay uh 4800u should beat out a a macbook in photoshop like an i5 macbook without any issues but it came in second last place to all these four core i7 intel processors and the same thing holds true when it comes to adobe premiere pro like with premiere pro this laptop just couldn’t perform it came last it doesn’t matter which i5 or i7 intel laptop that i put up against this it completely fell flat on its face the funny thing though as soon as you use an amd processor that’s an h series paired with an nvidia card things are fine things are great it’s only when you drop down to the u series

process or using their integrated gpu does this sort of chip fall significantly behind when it comes to the adobe suite now this makes me feel like this is obviously an adobe problem their software is obviously not optimized for for the integrated vega gpus inside of these ultrabooks because their h-series processors paired with nvidia gpus are flying they’re doing a fantastic job when it comes to the adobe suite now the reason why you’re seeing such high scores in cinebench compared to all these h series laptops is due to one simple fact this laptop is getting really really hot and i mean ridiculously hot amd’s threshold for cpus is 105 degrees celsius this thing is getting hotter in a than 105 degrees celsius so for example this is uh intelligent mode so there’s three profiles that you can use on this laptop intelligent mode performance mode or battery savings intelligent mode we’re looking at 100 to 102 to 105 degrees celsius okay that’s ridiculous this is an oven cooker you’re going to be cooking eggs all day on this thing if you put it on performance mode which is what you see right here now it’s the same sort of idea 108 degrees sometimes it hits 108 degrees celsius now don’t get me wrong the cpu performance is through the roof it’s unbelievable you’re getting like clock speeds of over three gigahertz but the cpu is just

ridiculously hot and that’s unacceptable for any laptop like the longevity of this machine won’t be that great now if you’re just basically doing you know like everyday tasks and you’re not pushing your laptop then then you’re fine you know but if you’re constantly pushing those cores to its full potential if you’re doing any sort of like compiling code or or anything that’s utilizing all the cores constantly then it’s not gonna it’s not gonna be good for the longevity of this machine but if you go into the battery savings mode that’s when you finally get better thermals when battery savings is being completely pushed to its max the cpu temperatures drop down to about 80 degrees so goes down to 80 degrees but you end up losing some of that performance because clock speeds start to hover around 2.2 gigahertz so it depends on what you’re using this laptop for if if if you’re buying it because you want to use this thing for like just browsing the web listening to music maybe maybe pushing it every once in a while then i personally feel like you have nothing to worry about but if you’re going to be like rendering files all day compiling code code combined cold compiling code all day then the cpus inside of here are going to get really hot and it might affect the longevity of the cpu inside of here so that’s something that needs to be fixed the thermals inside of this laptop okay and that brings me to fan noise now i’ve tested all three profiles if you leave this on uh battery savings mode you’re looking at around 40 decibels which is really acceptable you

don’t hear the fans they’re not loud which is great for if you’re in class or at the office and you’re just simply taking notes if you if you bump it up to intelligent cooling then the fan noise is going to hit around 48 decibels which is a little louder you’re going to hear this okay like this you start hearing the fans they’re not annoying to the point where it’s no good to use but you will hear the fans now if you put it on performance mode fan noise goes closer to six about 55 decibels so it starts to get a bit too loud so if you’re in class keep it on battery savings mode you’re looking at 40 decibels if you’re not in class and you’re at home and you want to push it you can leave it on performance mode but decibels will pump up to about 57 if you leave it on intelligent cooling which is their default mode you’re looking at around 48 decibels which which i showed you right over here so i think that’s it i mean i think i pretty much covered everything about this laptop it it it has it has great performance with great performance but it gets way too hot it has insane battery life some of the best battery life i’ve tested this year 19 hours of battery life the build quality is fantastic like really good build quality it’s light it’s portable and it’s very easy to use it has a really great display okay turn on has a fantastic display full hd 60 hertz ips much better than what you’d get on the flex 15.

it’s not touch which is unfortunate but overall it’s a great display if you want to touch display then you have to go with the actual yoga slim or buy one of uh lenovo’s laptops that’s support touch that is so i think that pretty much wraps up my review on the lenovo ideapad slim7 what do you guys think of this style of live stream where i incorporated some b-roll and other specs do you want to see more videos that use a live stream or should i just stick to making uh the regular reviews that are done in like four to five minutes if you want in the meantime let me know your feedback and also if you have any questions about this laptop let’s do 10 minutes and i’d be happy to answer them does it have macro support what do you mean by macro support the power button placement is fine it’s on the side like it’s it’s not that it’s right here i don’t think it’s a big deal so python loves it loves the style of review happy duck says this is dope garthix says matt shut up i don’t want to see a live stream ever again do the review do you think the r5 version will have the same display which one’s the r5 version oh the idea pad 5.

that’s a good question i think it’ll be somewhere in the middle well they can always watch the live stream afterwards python it’s on my youtube channel if you want indian prices you’re gonna have to check india i don’t have indian prices thank you brian oh is there macro keys no there’s no macro keys it’s just your your function keys on the top of the device there’s not any actual macro keys to bind things to you thinking of gaming i mean there are some laptops that have it but mostly you’re looking at like a gaming laptop that has it this versus the swift 3. um i like the build quality better on this and the performance is better on this but i like the cooling better on the swift three doesn’t get nearly as hot this gets way too hot there is no thunderbolt 3 it’s an amd processor testicles loves the format how much is this one in canadian the price of this guy in canadian is uh 1294 for the 4700 u version that’s the base cost this this one’s a bit more expensive the one i’m reviewing today it’s around probably around 14 1500 canadian any chance of getting the yoga slim profile no there’s no chance i

mean i’m not going to get it it’s pretty much the same processor oh set oh yoga slim 7 pro sorry i misunderstood you yeah i definitely want to get the yoga slim 7 pro into the studio so um once that comes in i’ll definitely review it that laptop looks very interesting along with uh lenovo’s new legion thin laptop that they just released that also looks pretty awesome swift five i haven’t reviewed it yet but it looks cool so compiling code on this is fine that’s the one area that amd processors completely crush the competition if you’re buying this to to compile codon it’s it’s fantastic it is absolutely fantastic and it’ll beat out most windows laptops with similar specs the only area that it does suffer in like i mentioned before is uh the adobe suite like i said like the performance is is just not that great compared to the competition again i think this is something to do with adobe’s optimizations and not so much with amd’s hardware does not play witcher 3 definitely play solitaire but not cod warzone um do you show off the charge of the charger i don’t have here it’s in the box but it’s like those little it’s like those little um black it’s like this big like this big this thin about like that size the charging brick this is terrible this is a terrible way to review it’s about that size it’s a usb type-c and it’s a 65-watt charging brick the graphics card i think is a vega eight if i remember correctly it’s an

integrated gpu it does have wi-fi six it does support usb type-c charging a lot of this already answered but you can see here usb type-c this is power delivery for usb type-c charging it comes with a usb type-c 65-watt charger oh i also forgot to mention it has rapid pro charging so you can you can use fast charge to charge this laptop i think in like 15 minutes you’ll get like a couple hours of battery life something ridiculous like that okay i think that’s it i think we’re gonna wrap it up guys thank you so much for for joining my live review please uh feel free to hit the like button that will mean a lot to me it also helped the video also any feedback for these live streams for for future videos that would be greatly appreciated if you could just drop them in the comments section not the the chat so i could see it that would be greatly appreciated because if you guys are really enjoying these live reviews and live unboxings i’d like to continue doing them and any feedback how i can make them better or or or if you don’t want to see them at all i would greatly appreciate if you could let me know in the comments section down below lenovo 7i lenovo legion 7i review videos coming out this week a bunch about wells with a bunch of other stuff so stay tuned for that today nvidia is announcing their new 3000 series gpus so stay tuned for that it starts in about an hour and a half i might live stream that on twitch so if you’re interested in hanging out on twitch and watching the nvidia live stream twitch.tv matt monas thanks again for for sticking around i appreciate you taking the time out of your day to watch this video and i’ll see you guys in the next one

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