Review M1 iPad Pro AFTER iPadOS 16 – FINALLY Worth It?

does ipad west 16 fix the biggest issues with the m1 ipad pro and make it the best all-in-one portable computing device on the market well surprisingly i think overall yes but there are still a few very glaring real world issues that apple didn’t address that you need to know about in this over one year long term review i will be covering my experience and what has changed since apple launched the m1 ipad pro some major misconceptions about ipad’s new stage manager and extended display features and my thoughts on ipod os 16 as a whole and then of course is it worth buying an m1 ipad pro or if you should wait for the m2 ipad pro which is coming up soon the m1 ipad pro is the undisputed best tablet on the market and by a long shot the only close competitor is samsung’s tab s8 ultra but the snapdragon chip doesn’t even come close to m1 and the old display gets destroyed when you factor in the usability of its dim very reflective display especially compared to the 12.9 mini led with amazing anti-reflectivity coatings it’s an engineering marvel packing in an insane amount of world-class hardware into such a thin lightweight design where else can you get a camera setup of this quality level including lidar and face id which is ultra

fast and many times just authenticates automatically and where else can you get a 13 inch 120hz color accurate portable display capable of full screen 1000 is sustained and 1600 nit peak brightness with a built-in battery to power it for many hours for this price not even counting the computer components storage excellent speakers and so on the reality is nowhere which is why with ipad os 16 apple fixed one of the limitations which was sdr only with sidecar but we now have full reference modes for use as a connected display for pro hdr work thank you apple this screen not only smokes apple’s new studio display but matches my 6 000 pro display xdr but with twice the refresh rate all while not overheating and dimming that some people thought it would because it is so thin when they first released it i was a bit worried about display blooming but over the last year the times that i have noticed it were few and far between and although it does suck to notice it i just had to remind myself that if this was an lcd i wouldn’t notice a glow while watching high contrast hdr movies and dark rooms but all of the blacks would be that same shade of grey all the time

and then comparing to oled i wouldn’t get that amazing pop of highlights especially for hdr the only thing that compares is apple’s own high-end macbooks that use the same tech but at much higher prices and with less portable designs because of this the 12.9 inch ipad pro is still my favorite device to watch movies on the go and the quad speakers sound fantastic even beating out the new m2 macbook pro go ahead and take a listen for yourselves is now i don’t have the 5g model since i have great tethering with my mobile plan but if you need it that is something that you still can’t get from a macbook as well as having the touchscreen and apple pencil support for note-taking drawing and much more oh and of course that aforementioned face id as well as a tablet that acts as a supplemental device to your mac this thing is a 10 out of 10 but it’s also extremely expensive now the first 12.9 inch ipad pro launched at 799 dollars now the cheapest one is a thousand ninety nine the first keyboard case was 169 dollars now the one apple wants you to buy is 350 and of course the second gen apple pencil costs more as well and it is crazy that people complained back then that it was too expensive now of course it has gotten way more powerful especially with the m1 chip and thunderbolt but it still makes sense why after dropping at least sixteen hundred dollars for the base larger base spec with accessories everybody was expecting a good software update to come out with ipad os 15 the month after that the m1 ipads launched and as you know everybody was extremely disappointed apple dropped the ball hard and i wasn’t the only critic with my reviews of the ipad and ipad os 15.

Now being able to rotate iphone apps and move widgets around was great and all and then finally knowing how long we’ll take for a transfer was great but we didn’t need the heavily marketed m1 chip to achieve that the biggest issues that people had for years were still unaddressed like external display support still mostly being limited to mirroring with large gray bars on the side all while the ipad itself could resize any app on the fly to your desired split view layout and with that forcing people to spend 200 extra on top of the storage upgrade price to pay for the 16 gigs of ram that’s tied together if they wanted more than one terabyte of storage while at the same time only allowing apps to use five gigs of ram just like before when ipads had a max of 6 gigs thankfully there was enough backlash and pressure the apple removed that limit and fixed it but unfortunately the myriad of external drive issues were not fixed and some still aren’t with ipad os 16.

for example we got that crazy thunderbolt 4 port but if your drive wasn’t formatted you needed a mac to format it first whereas android tablets could do that six to seven years ago and since there is no eject button if anything is being written or accessed to the drive it could corrupt and it would no longer mount this has been an ongoing issue for me in the last year with some drives getting corrupted more often and unfortunately even with ipad os 16 this has not been fixed now apple makes a huge deal about

unmounting before ejecting in mac os but they don’t even allow you to do that with the ipad the most secure way i found is to manually close the files app before you eject your drive and hope that no other app is accessing it with that something else that nobody is really talking about is how slow transfers are with the m1 ipad pro compared to an m1 macbook with ipad os 15 10 gigabit per second external ssds would only connect at five gigabit per second and transfers would be even slower and then thunderbolt drives would also transfer way slower than it to a mac so did ipad os 16 fix that nope it took me 33 seconds to transfer a 10.8 gigabyte file to the ipad pro compared to 13 seconds to my mac over usb type c and then 17 seconds using thunderbolt compared to just five seconds on my macbook air and for those that say it’s because ipad storage is slower nope it is actually faster than the m1 macbook air with the identical capacity apple spent nearly 22 billion dollars on r d last year working on things like the apple car and vr glasses but can we please just fix the external hard drive support for ipads that you can spend nearly three thousand dollars on now of course we have what stole the show stage manager which is why i just changed up my setup to show you guys now we have been wanting a more capable multitasking setup which allows for a desktop-like

experience for years now but especially since we got the m1 in the ipad now some people are still disappointed but personally i am very happy with how this works and i think it’s because some people have some misconceptions first off all you do is you pull down from the control panel and you enable stage manager at that point we go into a full different setup i have some of these apps that are full screen here and we have our dock on the bottom and then our different layouts and pages for multitasking on the side you can quickly shift between them i mean it is very versatile now what some people complained about is the fact that this takes up a lot of space right we have that dock we have this sidebar it’s not very clean and minimalistic well what a lot of people don’t know is you just pull down and you can literally disable that and then disable the dock at the bottom and even if you don’t disable that dock if you go ahead and adjust one of these pages and you can adjust this any way you want and then you pull it down that dock automatically hides to give you more room now there’s a ton of flexibility with the set if you can have up to four different apps open you can have multiples as well let’s go ahead and open up safari over here there’s our browser we can actually split these up we can actually have multiple safari browsers opened up like this so you can customize this any way you

want to including just turning off stage manager and getting back your regular split screen so it is very versatile and i see very little downsides now as you guys could see right now as far as external display support which is the second half we’re still having this mirrored view it looks identical to what i’m seeing with those bars now what is going on is the fact that we don’t have anything connected and apple wants you to buy one of these for ipad os 16 and stage manager so 350 bucks as soon as you go ahead and attach your ipad right away bam we have our external display support now this is not the only way to use it i’ll explain how in just a sec but after this is open you have a whole nother dock over here so even without stage manager enabled i am able to go ahead and open up and bring my tabs in here i can launch different apps and i can have some apps open here others opened up on my external display now there are still bugs as you guys can see it does crash every once in a while but overall the experience is really good and then of course with that apple also added in the ability to go into your display settings and adjust your zoom so if you want more space just like on a mac you can set it and then you’ll have more usable screen real estate so overall i’m very happy with this now for those of you guys i think it sucks being tied to the keyboard and having to buy that well there’s actually a guy that made a really great video in depth about stage manager that connected a regular mouse with a little dongle and it goes right into the external display and it works great so you don’t have to have a magic

keyboard attached now personally i tried with apple’s magic mouse and even though it does attach it does not make it work so i don’t know if you just need a dongle or how exactly that works but we can see that you don’t have to buy the magic keyboard now with that the displays that are supported right now it’s kind of buggy but people have even gotten the ultra wide displays to work and it does work properly so apple is working on all of this with this beta setup so overall i have to say even though that’s not an exact mac os type setup it’s still clean it still allows for all your apps and you have a lot of flexibility so i am very happy stage manager along with proper external display support really make the ipad pro a pro device and as long as you’re happy with the apps available for ipad this could be the best all-in-one portable computing device that can run as a desktop setup for when you’re at home now of course we have the controversy about siege manager and the external display support only working on m1 ipads and the excuses that apple has given multiple times don’t make sense since memory swap isn’t available on the base ipad air the 64 gig but it still supports this feature but you know what i’m not going to get really in-depth into this issue after this video you guys can watch my ipad os 16 video and i get into a ton of detail proving on why this is apple just getting people to buy an upgrade to the m1 model overall after a year of use and ipad os 16 this tablet is better than ever and if you can afford it you will be very happy it took over a year but apple has fixed most of the issues so maybe one more year from now with ipad os 17 it will be perfect check out the ipad os 16 issues video right over there and click above to subscribe if you guys want to help us reach our goal of 1 million subscribers thank you guys for watching this max and i’ll see you in the next

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