Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra 2 Months Later

ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share a quick unboxing of the samsung galaxy tab s8 ultra now this is not my first unboxing it’s actually my second and that’s because my pre-order that i placed directly with samsung has finally arrived and i have to say if there’s any product worth waiting for uh so far this year and it wasn’t an incredibly long wait but it seemed like it it would be this tablet right here because it is a game changer i mean depending on what you plan to do with a tablet here in 2022 uh this is for someone like me who’s been waiting for a large form factor tablet really since the beginning of tablets becoming popular so we’re talking about the early 2010s this is what i’ve been waiting for i mean the toshiba excite 13 was really a preview of what i thought would come eventually over time and of course we got to that class of 12 to 13 inch tablets even in premium design but this really i think epitomizes the search for this sort of product so again incredibly thin and light we have an s pen included you can go with three different builds uh basically their ram and storage configurations so i went with the middle of the road model that

gives you 12 gigs of ram 256 gigs of storage i highly recommend that one the key there being that i use a z-fold 3 every single day if you saw i just went through some issues with it but first time that i had an issue with that phone it really is the best device ever as far as i’m concerned and you know it’s something where that has 12 gigs of ram it works perfectly very similar uh gpu i mean cpu rather here we have something newer with the snapdragon gen 8 gen 1 as opposed to the triple 8 that is in the z fold 3 behind me as you can see type c cable here for charging they do not include a charging brick um so i know that’s you know a bit of a controversial point there i think their point is that it’s better for the environment and everyone’s already got one but with a tablet that’s over a thousand dollars you can’t help but feel like this is a little bit rough and i will join the chorus on that and did i just make it harder to get the other box out i think i did and here you’ve got your sim tool because you will want to get in there even though this is a wi-fi only tablet we do have a storage expansion using an sd a micro sd card to be exact so i’ll probably be dropping a half terabyte or one terabyte card into this tablet and that really completes it as far as i’m concerned 256 gigs of internal storage in that

middle of the road option if you step down to the lowest config you’re looking at eight gigs of ram 128 gigs of internal storage and of course top of the line which i think is a little bit crazy trying not to rip this up you’re looking at 16 gigs of ram half terabyte of internal storage now with that as i struggle with my next removal here you know the i would prefer to have 16 gigs of ram but i am still not going to make the argument for needing that difference between the 12 and 16 and until i can give you a personal use case scenario where that is a difference maker for me i can’t recommend it to anyone else now look if budget is a non event and no you know it’s non-starter no issue is what i meant saying not nonstarter then go ahead and grab it i mean i just don’t see there are too many things working against picking that up first and foremost the pricing being absurd at 1400 i mean not that this is palatable but anything less than that is certainly the direction you want to go in over a thousand dollar starting price point for that eight gig with 128 gigs of internal storage that model is fine there’s nothing wrong with it but i recommend again the 12 gigs of ram uh you’ve got two cameras on here on the back a six and a 13 megapixel shooter then you have a 12 megapixel selfie camera on that notorious notch that did find its way here but it’s okay because with the aspect ratio that this rocks along with the high refresh rate on this panel i think it all comes out in the wash pretty nicely power button volume rocker you do have of course that sim tray slot which is really just for micro sd card storage expansion because this is a wi-fi only model as i mentioned really clean design type c port

there on the right side of the device speakers on pretty much i was going to say all sides but on the left and right excellent speaker quality you will be hard-pressed to find any tablet that will outperform it on the bottom your pogo connection port system for connecting to of course the keyboard dock and then of course more speakers and more microphone pinholes that pretty much sums up the overall design of this tablet which i think is excellent it’s just a big modern slate or slab and you know it has everything a great camera system great pen that really is a mature inking system one ui driving the whole experience again with what i think are still really good cpu to ram and internal storage capacity configurations like that they’re all going to do well but regardless of which one you go with i don’t think you’re going to see much of a variation again more ram always favorable but that’s on a case-by-case basis that i think most of you are going to do perfectly fine with that entry level and of course i should have mentioned this at the top of the video i will include a link in the description surprise surprise you know anything you purchase through there goes to towards helping produce more content if that wasn’t obvious already but this is just an excellent tablet that i can easily recommend to everyone as it goes on sale it’s going to get even better if you’re an artist a student both of those things a mobile professional that travels that wants something that’s lighter than a traditional chromebook you know this is how you do it and unfortunately this does mean that i’m sending back my tab s7 plus but i

think that’s a worthwhile trade i mean i’m getting 600 from samsung for this which i don’t think is excellent in terms of trade-in value and i could sell it for more because it’s in perfect condition i’ve got the more desirable keyboard cover you know that you would want to have with this that they emulated for the tab s8 ultra however again having to put up with people deal with them sell it i would always rather avoid that it’s just too much of a pain in the ass um so even if i could get a hundred or two hundred dollars more selling it to somebody locally which i probably could with the keyboard uh it’s easier just to trade it in and i’m just excited to get this going um and you know the if you were wondering where the other one’s going family but it’s just that good of a product folks if you’re out there in search for a tablet that has changed the game this is that game changer unless of course you need something smaller but um all the people who complain about the form factor i mean i use tablets the majority of the time with a stand some sort of case this whole it gets too heavy to hold thing i get it i also don’t get it because is everyone always walking around holding the tablets i mean i have not that has not been a practical use of a tablet ever for me personally if it is for you i’m interested to hear it well kind of sort of maybe not really but you get the point here um i just there are legitimate criticisms of the size being too big like not fitting in a bag or i mean that to me is obvious if it doesn’t fit your the way you travel then that’s the end of the story but if it’s about like hand fatigue from using it i don’t get that as

far as pen input obviously having the larger surface area on this display is an inherent advantage and from a hardware standpoint again every single element of this was upgraded over the previous generation the tab s7 plus do i think it’s that much of a jump absolutely not that’s why the large form factor tablet is the one i’m buying and trading in my s7 plus for because it really does separate enough from the competition and as i’ve explained so many times on the channel having something like this a tablet in my pocket that’s nearly eight inches means i need a tablet to be substantially larger and while you know the under 13 inch improvement that we got with the tab s7 plus was a major one this is really what i’ve been waiting for and if they even go larger i mean they could go to 17 inches as far as i’m concerned that would still be a great device in my opinion for so many different uses not just as an android tablet a second display you can clearly use this as that as well for a windows based machine i mean there are just so many different creative ways to utilize something like this it makes it easy to want to add this is not like a chromebook this is i mean you can make comparisons i get that uh when you get to the productivity side of thing but you know dex really is a game changer but it’s not like having any ultrabook or two in one really because again it’s form factor you just can’t match with anything even a surface pro 8 which is the closest thing we get to in the pc world still smaller display much clunkier i might add this thing just checks every box long video i said quick i fooled you or if you’re a subscriber you already know i’m not fooling you at all any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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