XFANIC USB4 13 in 1 Dock – 4k 120hz and Up to 8TB

ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share a quick unboxing and first look at the exfanik usb4 14 in one docking station now this is currently in a kickstarter capacity i will include a link in the description for those of you interested in backing this they actually have two models the one you’re about to see here as well as a 13 in one now i was under the assumption i was getting the 13 and 1 but the 14 in one is what arrived and i’ll explain the difference as i get this open essentially what you’re about to see is a step in technology for docking and that’s because it has the same throughput as you would traditionally find with thunderbolt 4 without any of the proprietary thunderbolt 4 issues so essentially what exfanik has put together here in terms of two different options apparently this is the 13 in one not the 14 and one so i’m glad that i’m seeing this remember this is pre-production this has not launched yet is really impressive i believe it can support a single 8k display at 60 hertz it can display two 4k displays at 60 hertz it can even display 4k at 120 hertz so this is pretty amazing it also supports nvme drives whether those are sata or nvme state can jump in here i don’t mean a two and a half inch drive so

really connectivity above and beyond anything i’ve ever demoed and then the fact that we can throw an ssd in here makes it even more compelling now before i get to that they’ve also included a thunderbolt cable and remember this can handle everything that thunderbolt 3 or 4 can and then some and that’s what makes it really unique so a quick rundown on ports as you can see we have power delivery right here rated i believe at 100 watts we have another type c port that is what you will be i believe uh no the front is we’ll get there so power delivery on the back this is where you will be connecting your laptop of choice it can display uh three monitors three video outs for something like a macbook m1 something that to my knowledge not many docs are capable of doing and as you can see we’ve got a display port two hdmis but there is the hdmi 2.1 again capable of 4k at 120 hertz the dc input of course an ethernet port and then if we flip this over we’ve got more ports of course we have a uhs 2 card reader micro sd card reader usb 3.2 another usb 3 3.2 those are both type a ports and then another type c port with 10 gigabits per second transfer we also have a headphone microphone combo jack right there and of course the power button and as i mentioned you can see the ssd branding right here and that’s because this pops off i don’t want to break anything and reveals the ability as i mentioned to drop in internal storage now i believe exfanik is also selling this with i think a one terabyte they mentioned it supports up to eight terabytes you can be sure that i will be testing that to see how that

performs because if it does work well this really is the jack of all trades when it comes to docking solutions i mean i’ve seen a lot of thunderbolt 3 thunderbolt 4 and traditional docks but i’ve never seen anything quite like this again with the video out capability as well as the ability to possibly throw an 8 terabyte drive in here it supports all different form factors you can see this is removable and then you can slot that in to support whichever size drive you’re dealing with so this is really an exciting piece of kit let’s see if i can get that rubber piece back in i don’t think this is going to be too difficult even though i’m having an issue right here it just pops right back in and the beauty of this as i get that back in there if i can is that you again have all of the i o you could possibly want even though my fingers are not small enough to stick that back in there you have all of the i o possible but i have not seen anything as i finally got that back in that can handle uh you know again 4k 120 or 8k at 60 hertz that’s just fantastic um whether or not you need it is another question to be answered by you of course heat dissipation heatsinks keeping this cool all around all aluminum construction on this and again this is the 13 in one which i’m glad because the 14 in one i do not believe has as much capability it has an additional port obviously but i don’t think it has the nvme slot on the interior nor does it support 8k in fact on the back of this box right here you can see that they list some of the specifications and you can see right here with the 13 in one it shows the 40 gigabit connection the throughput which both of these have that is usb4 that’s the speed expected but the 8k video is only on 13 and 1.

You can see we have 4k video on the 14 and 1.

we do not have that on the 13 and 1. power delivery is 100 watts on both and then they also list of course as i was mentioning earlier you can do three monitor setups with this uh a single at 8k uh of course at 60hz and then two at 4k at 60. so really impressive again i challenge you to show me any others on the market right now i have not seen any so this is really impressive and i’m looking forward to getting this up and running this seems ideal again for pc apple uh the fact that we’re getting a card reader that supports a rate of up to 300 megs a second is really impressive and i really can’t think of anything this is missing except for maybe well it’s ridiculous to even say a compact flash express card reader because that just isn’t standard now you may have noticed the power brick did not come with this and remember this is pre-production they did provide of course a charger it just was not in the actual packaging and again that can be chalked up to the fact that this is pre-production so there is the charger and of course i’m in the states so this is the adapter that i’ll be throwing on and i’m good to go so really excited to set this up test it for those of you that follow my channel you know i cover a lot of laptops not apple but pretty much everything else that exists and i will be testing this across the spectrum to see how well it performs and it looks like that just snaps right back in it does so that was easy to open easy to close and i’m just excited to start testing out this expanic 13 in one docking station the first usb 4 docking station that i have come across in general let alone of course here in 2022 any questions or comments about what appears to be the best docking solution on the market for just about any machine please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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