KWUMSY P2 PRO Portable Triple Screen Monitor Unboxing and First Look

ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share a quick unboxing and first look at the clumsy p2 pro now this retails for roughly 550 us dollars i’ll include a link in the description and in full disclosure this was sent over by the manufacturer for review purposes now with that out of the way unlike traditional portable monitors that i’ve covered in the past and will likely continue to do so in the future this is a dual screen solution so what you’re seeing they’re calling a try screen but what clumsy has made here and i’m sure many of you have seen things similar to this is an enclosure that mounts on your laptop of choice that is of course a pc or a mac and that enclosure has two pocketed 13.3 inch full hd displays that then essentially extend out giving you a triple display setup very cool usually very expensive and i think this is one of the more affordable ones on the market right now and that’s why when they reached out the manufacturer i said send it over full hd 60 hertz panels let’s see what’s on the back of the box here and essentially they’re just detailing that this works in portrait mode as well you can go into presentation mode you can use it with smartphones you can see the accessories in the box they have a type c to type c there are two of them apparently as well as a usba to type c as well but that’s pretty much it again if you’re looking to turn your laptop into a triple display experience that’s where something like this is going to be useful so this side already popped open let me hit the other side and let’s get right to it and see what this clumsy is all about and i’m excited because again i have not seen a unit like this yet this will be the first of its kind and these are unique i mean traditional portable monitors are definitely good but this is going to give you a capability functionality that of course

can’t be managed in a traditional capacity the other thing to be aware of is that i mentioned support for pc as well as apple this is over a single cable now many of you using m1 based macs are going to say well you can’t support two displays additional displays beyond the primary but clumsy has put together an sd card in here with software already on board in order to let you bypass that i’m not going to get too much into that today obviously but let’s take a look at this thing it is fairly heavy i’m not sure on the exact weight but feels fairly substantial at that i’m going to put this aside see what else is in the box i’m anticipating the cables i just told you about and there we have it some of them already fell out in transit but we have a type c to type c as mentioned with a 90 degree what’s really unique is that this triple setup as i mentioned is going to permit you to do this all over a single cable in a daisy chain fashion which i think is nice we have a type a to type c there that’s what it appears to be a little travel case for the clumsy presumably and then we have another type c to c again with that 90 degree and it looks like we have the user guide so let me go ahead and get this out of the way and let’s take a look at this thing remember uh support is roughly 13 inches to 17 inches so pretty broad capability is what i would say about

the clumsy you’re not going to really find a situation with any laptop on the market that this will not be able to adapt to and then for those of you wondering or worried about the weight that it adds to your center display realize that it does have a kickstand so this is not going to put flex on your laptop so that i think is really important so it appears we’ve got a power button here at the top um it looks like a volume up and down but you know i’ve got to play with this and then this button i believe is how you get into the actual uh stand so basically when you press this button my understanding is that this will actually open up but there it is so essentially it’s a release button and that’s how you’re going to get this thing uh to actually mount on your display of choice fairly straightforward and now you can see the two displays are starting to essentially come out because what you were looking at is actually let’s see what the orientation is here so those are the two displays this is going to mount so this is the back of the device so essentially we are looking at the back there is the kickstand that i was talking about and this is going to open up and i assume this extends and it does so this way you can offset the weight that’s been added pretty cool and basically what you’ll be looking at again is both of these displays of

course will be in the reverse orientation so let me just move this over and i might pop this onto a machine just to show it to you now even though this is a quick a rough look at it is what i would call this this is really big i mean you have to remember that even though these are 13-inch panels this is expanded uh quite a bit here i mean it really is it’s extending across my entire desk so this is going to require a wider shot than i’ve got going right now but you can see we now have a display here and a display on the other side and this would be sitting on your laptop your laptop’s display would be seated right here as the center and that’s pretty much it now in terms of connectivity let’s actually i have to fold these back in again this is the first time i’m seeing this so i’m going to have to spend some time with it to really get this down but on the bottom of the device you can see we have that flash slot right there with the included i believe micro sd card and then we have two type c ports right there and that pretty much looks like all of the connectivity and that’s because again this is relying on a single cable to handle everything and then they just pop it right back in and it should be able to close up again let me go ahead and just put this down from me simply pressing that button in and it pockets one of the two displays is what it appears it should lock in it did yep you know i’m gonna have to spend some time with it to get it down but that’s the way well i think that’s the

way it closes up i don’t want to break anything obviously i may have done this in the incorrect orientation it looks like it did so but either way you’re getting the idea so this one i guess it goes the other way this one folds in first yep that’s correct and there you have it so i will be giving you an update video with this actually functioning on a laptop of choice i have plenty here to work with of course and again anyone looking to expand their screen real estate without expanding you know the footprint that much that’s the goal here and at its price point i think it you know if the display quality is good it’s probably a really good option for anyone who’s been waiting for something like this because it pulls it off i mean it isn’t that big it’s not that heavy and all of a sudden you have two additional 13.3 inch panels of course as you may have noticed they’re telling you don’t squeeze them don’t pierce them but of course remove the protective film and there’s the closing sequence that i almost almost screwed up but i did not that’s pretty much it pretty cool i’m waiting to cover one of these products i’m glad clumsy sent it over and soon you will see a functioning demo of this triple screen setup on a laptop any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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