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so hey guess what just when you think xiaomi has launched its final plan blower of the year oh boy were you wrong it’s already spaffed out some of my favorite budget smartphones of the year including the redmi note 10 pro absolutely fantastic capable but now it’s back again with the redmi 10 one of the most budget friendly efforts of the year so far 179 euros so probably about 170 -ish quid here in the uk and as usual a tiny bit of hardware for that fund price so let’s beat the redmi 10 on out of the box taking a full on to the hardware and the software and for more on the most recent and greatest tech delight do saloon subscribe and ding that notifications bell applauses so first up what is actually in the box besides of course that redmi 10 well you get a big old-fashioned hulking influence adapter “youre supposed to” won’t be able to guess what this is obligatory quick start guide and yes xiaomi has continued its veer of bundling a condom case with its budget telephones and that’s your much so now the virtuoso attractivenes the redmi 10.

And i gotta say it may be made of plastic but “thats one” attractive rear end so the selection of plastic for that back end somewhat standard for plan smartphones around this sort of price point it is a glossy finish now on the xiaomi redmi 10 and yes it does seem to pick up a greasy reproduces and scratches and dust preferably easily came alternative the three colors of the redmi 10 great white-hot or this rather stunning blue model it’s a kind of a gradient vogue finish more blue down towards the bottom and then sort of clearer up top you’ve got this lovely rainbow reflection uh beaming off the surface as well when it catches the light-headed particularly reasonably certainly and then if you throw the redmi 10 over you’ve got a gorilla glass 3 presentation it’s actually got a pre-installed screen protector on as well so it’s doubly protected from scratches and scratches not the skinniest bezels around but again fairly standard for this budget toll place you’ve got that centrally stood selfie cam and then the engine is fabricated of course from plastic once again 181 grams the xiaomi redmi 10 is reasonably lightweight as well gotta say i do like the design of it despite the fact you got that smudgy plastic around back looks very smart certainly just gotta throw it the occasional buffing up and while the redmi 10 doesn’t have an official ip rating for splashing defiance or anything like that unlike some antagonists like motorola smartphones at this premium station it seems absolutely fine time getting a little bit moist as long as you bone-dry off fairly rapid and if we poke open the redmi 10 s sim tray you’ll see that not only do you have space for two sims at the same time you’ve also got a separate slot for your micro sd cache posters to expand that storage okay so it’s time to get this more for all set up and check out the rest of the hardware and that software so redmi 10 setup good to go and as usual it’s your standard android 11.

Uh with a good part of xiaomi’s own miui 12 launcher slathered lovingly on top and if you’re watching uh this video fortunes are you’ve got a vague idea at the least of what miui is all about but essentially you’ve got a vaguely broth android feel these days like the google detect feed present and correct apps tray by default you can drag down that notifications forbid or the usual google apps and widgets and all of that good material but also lots of miui 12 bonus fragments including for instance the control panel completely shamelessly nicked off of ios but fast access to all of your primary toggles and everything else you need you’ve got face recognition support to back up this perimeter attached fingerprint sensor and it’s reasonably nippy and seems to recognize me in even somewhat dodgy lighting requirements that shape attached fingerprint sensor likewise labours an absolute attractivenes as you can see they’re nice and nippy and accept again even uh with fairly baked chapped digits as mine are at the moment from cleaning about a thousand times a day got lots of nifty gesture assures as well for the fast loading snoozes and the like one of my own personal me ui favorite facets is the video toolbox which allows you to for instance uh stream a youtube video with the screen sleep and so you can just listen to an audio record or a podcast that’s on there but dun dun dun miui isn’t all that in a suitcase of cheesy chippings because there’s plenty of annoying little irritants such as the sheer quantity of drivel where you get shoved on every single xiaomi smartphone block puzzle game be gone jules smash sodden right off tile fun the really piss off all right and on and on it exits tick tock and all this other the touchwood i’ve been playing with redmi 10 for a few cases hours now and i’ve noticed any sort of little quaint bugs or irksome behavior nonetheles while you do have nfc i believe in some regions with the redmi 10 i don’t appear to have it on this prototype uh right here i’m certainly not realise it in any of the settings or the toggles no campaigns on the storage figurehead though because you’ve got 128 gigs i believe you can pick it up in a 64 gig flavor as well and of course that is expandable via microsd now the 6.5 inch ips expose seems pretty solid for this sort of premium stage it is a plan panel of course that is fairly obvious but at least it’s a full hd plus body so the resolution fairly abrupt excludes those visuals nice and crisp some penalty detail in there when you’re browsing your photos and everything colors are pretty punchy as usual despite the fact it’s an ips and not an

amoled and you can play around with the color scheme as well to sort of tone down the visuals if you like and alteration the colour temperature the regard slants declare they aren’t fantastic the image purity starts to break up once you tilt the screen away from your face or watching something side by side with another peer human being might be a bit knotty but on that top brightness certainly uh when you’re using the redmi 10 outdoors the lucidity remains strong nonetheless while on top brightness that screen is perfectly huge for outdoors use i have found that the redmi 10′ s auto brightness functionality not exactly marvelous i’ve been using the redmi 10 as my full-time ford for three days now and several times previously i’ve had to manually tweak the brightness because either it’s been a little bit more dim while i’ve been outdoors i couldn’t fairly picture what i was doing otherwise it’s been too bright in the evenings and actually burning my retinas and that is a problem i’ve had with several other budget xiaomi smartphones as well so it’s not a big shocker and while it’s stuck at 60 hertz freshen by default you can bump it up to 90 hertz if you like and according to xiaomi it is a variable freshen so it can dip down to 45 hertz when the presentation is not really doing much to keep battery power let’s shift onto the audio and it’s a stereo talker setup now on the xiaomi redmi 10 and both of those orators are actually mounted on the edge of the device is the audio quality actually any good let’s see is well worth celebrating in the obligatory traditional british mode of sucking booze until i can no longer feel feelings and it’s okay for a budget telephone to be perfectly honest uh this top speaker emphatically doesn’t production at the same sort of level of execution as the bottom speaker it’s quite tinny uh and uh relatively quiet by comparison top volume you know it should be absolutely fine in a somewhat

noisy environment clarity is not incredible but you know it’s good enough the main thing is that you’ve actually got a headphone jack now on the side of the redmi 10 so you can jack in when you want to listen to some music you’ve got bluetooth five substantiate as well now performance and running the redmi 10 is the mediatek helio g8 8 chipset uh backed by either four or six gigs of rams it’s pretty much the only smartphone around right now that’s actually utilizing the g88 and it’ s most definitely a basic chipset that’s for damn sure but so far touchwood everyday life seems to be absolutely fine despite the miui launcher being slathered on top of android that said the geekbench values are certainly quite low compared with a lot of contenders like for example the nokia g50 and fellow xiaomi handsets like the redmi indicate 10 s but of course for this sort of price you can’t expect the moon on a put and if you merely just wanted to do a bit of web browsing messaging media streaming should do the number of jobs and now because i’m always puzzled as to how these smartphones play with a good fragment of gaming action i’m gonna come my ass handed to me by a assortment of 12 year olds on call of duty and unsurprisingly those graphic aims are rather limited now on the redmi 10 as you can see they’re the highest you can bump the graphics aspect is medium and then high-pitched for the chassis proportion and yeah the good news is that despite the fact that you are quite limited on the performance front this six giga ram model absolutely fired through call of duty mobile no worries the frame charge bided quite consistent even when i bumped up to that mighty medium graphics detail giving throughout the match that i played i certainly didn’t notice any you know serious jitters or lurches that would have impacted the gameplay and made me even less of a chance than i already have with my booze adult reactions and knackered old arthritic

hands the screen is nice and accept as well so no issues on that figurehead so yeah certainly if one wishes to do just a bit of light gaming on call of duty pub g etc no worries oh and the amusing didn’t even begin to heat up uh after 10 minutes of gaming either so norway is there that’s not really a surprise as the mediatek helio g8 8 is supposed to be quite vitality efficient and energy efficient this smartphone certainly is as well it’s got a 5 000 milliamp capacity batteries it’s pretty spacious to begin with but even then i was still amazed with “what ive seen” some epoches i was finishing with around 40 to 50 battery life still remaining and that’s with a good fleck of media stream and abundance of messaging flake of camera actor all that good substance even with a lot of skyping and some genuinely ponderous practice well met i had at least 25 to 30 by the time i overwhelmed to bed so even the most demanding of users should be more than satisfied by the xiaomi redmi 10 while just more casual consumers should be able to get two full eras of use between charges although the uh fast charging is only 18 watts so not particularly fast at all you will have to basically plug it in for a couple of hours to get close to full bear in mind also that mediatek helio g88 chipset does not have a built-in 5g modem so no 5g support here on the redmi 10 if you want that you’ll have to look at some of xiaomi’s other smartphones they generally have 5g in the identify to kind of give you a bit of a helping hand otherwise there’s likes the nokia g50 which really launched as well now last-place up for this xiaomi redmi 10 unboxing before i go and drown myself in a bathtub full of brew let’s have a look at the camera

tech and we’ve got here is a quad lens setup and this is pioneered by a 50 megapixel primary camera sensor the xiaomi camera ui will glance unusually very familiar if you’ve squandered a xiaomi smartphone in recent times you can quickly and easily jump between that 50 meg primary sensor and the 8 megapixel ultrawide slant crap-shooter like so and yeah you’ve got xiaomi’s usual ai shenanigans on here as well but i tend to leave that switched off as i find that the results tend to be a bit artificial with that turned on as i mentioned before i’ve been using the xiaomi redmi 10 for a few cases days now and i’m surely amazed by the camera it’s a solid fund shooter captivating estimable extents of detail in every shot and the center is definitely agitated by stronger flares you will find the occasional saturated pick when you’re shooting outdoors and in more ambient light-footed there is blown with some highly portable subjects but otherwise my exam photos all came out well and it’s exactly what i would expect from a budget smartphone the redmi 10 s night mode doesn’t really do much at all you get a slight raise in brightness but no more clarity as for the ultra wide angle shooter well that’s fine for getting a different opinion of specific actions and it even

works reasonably well in lower light-colored the final two lenses now on the xiaomi redmi 10 don’t get too excited because it’s a two megapixel extent sensor and a two megapixel macro lens rc if you want to you can uh dive in and get a really up close personal shot with uh with whatever and you’ve got all of the usual uh bonus fragments on now of course portrait mode which can add a bokeh wording background effect which you are eligible to tweak there’s a pro mode where you can piddle about with the various types camera lays you are eligible to shoot at the maximum 50 megapixel resolution if you like there is also a dedicated 50 megapixel state here in the more segment under the usual night mode slow motion time lapse all of that good material and if you do want to shoot a bit of video with your disembodied figure chief well the redmi 10 is rather limited as you can see there surfaces off at full hd at 30 makes per second there’s no 60 fps option there’s certainly no 4k it’s the one of the limitations regrettably of that helio g88 and last up if you want to take selfies well there is a selfie cam and it’s absolutely fine again as long as you’re not trying to shoot against a shining sky or do anything uh outstandingly silly like that then you’ll do dignified fairly results and there you have it my quites that in a nutshell is the xiaomi redmi 10 budget smartphone as i say should be affected in europe imminently for around 179 euros so it doesn’t seem to producing anything peculiarly brand-new or fresh to the budget smartphone assortment but it’s a solid enough all rounder respectable fairly camera tech honorable rendition strong battery life a good enough display you got the headphone jack the expandable storage uh no 5g is one of the only ailments so what do you guys recommend to hear your own ponders in the xiaomi redmi 10 down below please do poking subscribe and dig that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest tech a bathtub of brew awaits me so i will bugger off now love you

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