GVM SD200D Bi-Color Spot Light

ed here with the digital absorb and today i intended to share a fast unboxing as well as very first appearance at the gvm sd 200d bi-color video clip spotlight now this is a 200 watt light once again bi-color 3200 to 5600k and it retails for approximately 320 presently unavailable quite a lot anywhere and from what i have actually seen on the internet what you will certainly wind up purchasing likely will not get this i’m going to call it pre-production system that i got from gvm for evaluation so once again there will certainly be a link in the summary to the item when i can provide you with one where you can in fact buy it but now i recognize it’s not readily available on amazon not in stock at b h potentially directly via gvm you can obtain it as well as essentially this is a revamp of yet an additional light gvm remaining to primarily take their whole lineup make it compatible with the brand-new bluetooth application and this is no exemption and it’s additionally a complete redesign so we’ll see exactly how peaceful it is we’ll see what light production is like on it as well as the initial point you’ll see i did pop this open is that as well as this is why i claim pre-production this is the very first gvm light i have actually ever gotten that did not included a situation um every little thing they have actually ever before sent me actually from the smallest to the largest established always includes a traveling situation as well as for apparent factor just how on planet are you mosting likely to take this to a shoot or move it like this you’re just not mosting likely to so neglect the product packaging i have not connected to them yet to ask them about a bag yet i make sure they’re going to send one my means because in its present type i can set this up and also check it out yet it’s not going anywhere so again total redesign this light doesn’t even resemble most of the competitors as a result of that redesign i actually believe it looks quite amazing um yet we’ll see how it works that’s more vital however you know you’re going to desire to obtain a soft box for this to diffuse this thing correctly it does come it has a bowens mount obviously it includes this little cap which you can make use of not to uncommon yet you know in regards to uh using this at a greater intensity i’m not exactly sure exactly how well this will certainly get on i’m mosting likely to try it out that’s for certain but i actually simulate this redesign as odd as the

light looks with virtually similar to this natural leather grain structure on the side the gvm branding on the handle appears like steel but it’s plastic the yolk certainly is metal as well as there is some metal i count on this construction the the grille where we have the cooling the air flow is steel you can see the screws there yet the back is plastic some metal up front by the cob i think it’s a cob unless it’s an led selection and um yeah it’s it’s a wonderful looking light i have to claim you recognize they did a wonderful job on style totally different than days past you recognize i have the 150d that i use in the studio naturally it’s no more compatible with their brand-new app which i dream there was a means to make it backwards compatible those are wi-fi based lights not bluetooth obviously we’ve got this hood right here and you know you can use this but as i mentioned you’re mosting likely to desire to place a softbox on this light there’s truly no other means to tackle using it in my point of view just how are you going to pacify this point and also i expect it’s mosting likely to be rather intense so allow’s obtain the power brick out let me light it up i’m not going to be installing this and placing a soft box on it in this video as well as once more it’s just a little bit of a miss out on below with the the product packaging i i was still in shock when i broken this point open i did so

assuming that we were going to have a carry instance you know i utilized to unbox these from the brown box that you see before you and i stopped since it was a waste of time let’s just get directly right into the lug instance and this was the initial light once more to my awe that we did not have a real lug instance so with that said i’m mosting likely to go on and get this whole point out of the means take that let’s relocate the physical brownish cardboard box out and bring the light back and allow’s see what we’re collaborating with here i indicate it’s a great looking light do i believe it will change what i’m presently utilizing i suggest if this were the rgb variation after that yeah it might however the fact that now i’m working with their new generation app the and also as well as all bluetooth lights it has made me consider the 150d as well as you understand i’m a little depressing due to the fact that it’s sort of attempting to put it to bed however we need to see just how loud this obtains i have actually currently obtained a a more powerful light than this in-house in the studio yet it is not gvm so it can not communicate effortlessly and that becomes part of the charm of these gvm lights is that interaction and obviously when you’re invested in a system you desire whatever to communicate perfectly you’re not aiming to have you recognize a combination of lights that that do not know exactly how to communicate so let’s proceed and obtain this connected in i like that they changed their power supply and plug to something significant with a securing mechanism that’s already a great indicator means we’re not mosting likely to have simple interference the yoke feels like it’s quite solid also in terms of tightening up holding setting appears like it as well as allow’s go on and also plug

this in now this has actually got a little more play than i take care of i have to state so i’m mosting likely to remove it however it is a standard bowens mount so you’re not mosting likely to have any issue making use of another thing with it which is excellent as well as prepare for the light program folks let me go on as well as obtain this off the beaten track once more i’m simply in shock that we do not have an actual you referred to as usual a lug situation however again from what i have actually seen it looks like this is pre-production as well as if you were in the initial wave if you connect to support i’m rather sure they’re gon na provide you with something due to the fact that they understand this was an error it is it’s really obvious so powered on gon na need to offer us a little extra relaxed than we currently have we’re gon na see how warm this obtains how loud the follower is i’m not anticipating any issue with light production i suggest it’s simply a little bit of a beast you recognize 200 watt light so now we go to 5200k you can see the lcd readout it’s just the same settings that you have with gvm’s existing schedule of applications i mean excuse me lights turn servant master and after that app control and also essentially dial that up take that completely as much as 100 percent exceptionally brilliant extremely extremely brilliant dial it down and also you recognize we go to one percent today as well as it actually does appear like a true one percent two three 4 i’m doing it in solitary step increments below we go to 16 40. i indicate it’s simply obtaining brighter as well as brighter i imply it’s completely blown out however this is rather outstanding i would certainly state playing with color temp now getting this approximately 5600k which is what i use in the workshop we intend to make it warmer we can certainly do that down to 3200 i like the light i indicate it seems nice take a pay attention to the fan sound it’s audible however peaceful sufficient that it’s not going to be chosen up i believe under general situations to make sure that’s certainly excellent i obtained a little blinded there didn’t i um it’s a wonderful light i think they did a good task with this um i’m gon na have to invest some more time with it undoubtedly as well as you understand see just how it matches my setup but absolutely a good light it’s not as well loud i have a soft box waiting on it to make sure that’s not a concern i simply desire it was rgb desire it had a bring case those are points that can not deal with the rgb part although i imagine they are mosting likely to introduce a new rgb variation of the 150d um however yeah it’s it’s lightweight solid i like the power port the truth that it in fact secures is a large plus so yeah i think they think they have an interesting item here uh with the sd200d i need to certainly utilize it a bit greater than simply taking it out of the product packaging which i’m gon na do and after that report back to all of you regarding whether i believe it’s a beneficial uh acquisition at its given rate factor which i assume is sensible i mean i believe 320 dollars as well as it’ll most likely be much less as it goes on sale is relatively solid and also once more i think it looks its component although it is absolutely various than what i’ve seen in the past from gvm and also virtually every various other supplier but um fascinating as well as so it isn’t a cob it is i think a series of leds in there any type of concerns or comments please really feel free to publish them strike that like button and customarily please do not hesitate to subscribe and please stay secure later on

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