Sony 14mm f1.8 G Master Lens First Look

ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share my first look at sony’s brand new 14 millimeter g master full frame lens now this is a very exciting piece of glass for me personally because it is so compact it’s an ultra wide and it is so fast at f 1.8 1 600 us dollars pretty much sold out everywhere right now but it is ultimately one of the most compelling pieces of glass that i think sony has made in a very long time at least for me personally i love to shoot wide so if like me you like shooting landscapes maybe you’re into astrophotography this is probably going to be right at the top of your list because first and foremost if what i’ve seen is accurate in terms of it being sharp corner to corner and you already already can see how compact this piece of glass is uh for uh how fast it is what sony’s pulled off here is fairly amazing now this is a review unit just came over uh and i’m just excited to share it with all of you and i’m excited to start shooting with it again so small and in the same vein pricing you know when i look at ultra wide options of course you know sony already has some great ones sigma i’ve covered uh they’re great ultra wide zoom as well but this if

you’re looking again for just something really compact and fast this might be the dream lens and i’m glad i you know sat on the fence and waited again even though i haven’t tested it yet there’s a lot of promise now what i asked for sony to send over of course to use with this is the a1 because i really feel like the a1 is the camera to beat right now and to have this paired up with it i think is the only way to do it justice of course i will be using this with my a7r iv as well but the a1 was just a no-brainer you know what body do you want to test it on you want to go with sony’s latest and greatest i wish that i had more time with the fx3 so that i could have done some shooting with that as well from the video side but again this is uh an ultra wide that i would primarily use specifically for still so having it for the a1

and the a7r iv and even possibly testing it out with my old a7r ii which i still love i mean it may have aged but it has aged very well still incredibly competent here in 2021 but just look at that form factor i mean this is the beauty of this lens besides of course what i expect out of it optically uh it’s just amazing that sony pulled this off uh and it’s so compact and yet so fast and a g master at that you know i didn’t necessarily expect that we were gonna see a lens like this i mean obviously once it was announced we knew it but i think the price you know it’s expensive but it’s fair if like me you’ve been waiting for an ultra wide either zoom or prime that could rule them all this may be it may be looking at it so i’m just really excited to get this out in the field um again the a1 i don’t own this is all review equipment uh my primary is the a7r for this looks like it needs a little bit of a cleaning whoever used it last really put it to work but this lens i’m expecting really good things out of and this may be my next piece of glass because when you think about landscape and architectural shots where you’re not going for detail but you are going wide i don’t know how much better you can do than this i’m not even really sure what to point at i’ve reviewed a lot of wide angle zoom lenses i currently own the 16 to 35 old zone that’s the zeiss f4 and this would just be a tremendous upgrade for me i really was leaning

towards the sigma uh 14 to 24 and that is a phenomenal lens but 14 is really wide enough and at the end of the day for me personally if this does meet my expectations i don’t think i’m going to miss the zoom element because if you are shooting with something like the a1 or the a7r iv anything with a really high megapixel count you don’t really need the zoom element and this even applies to you know the three thousand dollar ultra wide uh 12 uh to uh what is it is it uh 12 to 28 or is it 12 to 24 i’m brain farting but either way shelling out three grand for that lens when you could get something like this if this is all you need doesn’t really make a lot of sense i mean at 1600 u.s this could be a clear winner for just about every landscape and again astro photographer out there so if like me again you’ve been waiting for a fast ultra wide prime you know this just makes what sony’s been doing [Music] not look bad but it’s just incrementally getting better and better and better i mean i thought sony did a phenomenal job with the 20

millimeter g at its price point really hard to beat almost the same performance of the 24 mil g master but this guy right here this is going to change the game for me and especially if you’ve got back problems i got back problems i don’t no one is really interested in my back problems but trying to keep things light but still get as much quality and performance as you can i don’t know how we’re going to beat this lens right here even though i haven’t shot with it yet i already know sony does not take the g master label lightly you’ve got that click switch so if you want to use it on something cinema related or just for shooting video it should still be phenomenal and of course uh build quality on it is stellar as with every g master that’s out there and i do still have the fx3 for a moment so let’s just see you know what what that looks like on this guy because the fx3 is a

little beast and i mean in a perfect world i would have both of these but this world is not perfect and i have neither of them but let’s just see what this is also a review unit going back let’s just see what this guy looks like on the fx3 um i like it a lot now of course i’ve got to shoot with it i’m not going to have that chance this is going back right now literally but this would solve any wide-angle needs i imagine that i would have with the fx3 and the fact that my cinema glass that i have now is the kit 28 to 135 and the 16 to 35 zeiss is just not going to cut it i mean it’s a good lens for the money but it is certainly no uh superstar whereas this for 1600 and possibly less as you know over time as it gets discounted i have a feeling we’ve got a superstar on our hands but before i keep giving it all this praise i think i gotta shoot with it first but anyway this was the first look and if you couldn’t tell i’m very excited any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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