Moza Air 2S Gimbal First Look

ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share a first look at the moza air 2s now this was sent over by the manufacturer for review purposes the unit they sent me retails for 499 us dollars and should be available at the time of this i’ll call it an unboxing even though there is no box and basically this second gen moza air ups the payload capacity to over nine pounds gives us internalized batteries whereas the previous generation had batteries that had to be replaced there was no internal battery up to 20 hours of run time in addition to that we also now have a greater range of motion as well as locks on the axes so that should mean a lot of different things in terms of stability in terms of ease of use when it comes to actually balancing the gimbal build quality very robust all metal construction here we have a screen readout right there for the gimbal itself you can see some of the locks i was just mentioning here and there and this is something that a lot of manufacturers have been incorporating but again moza on their previous generation did not have that so this is yet another improvement we’ve also on the right side of the gimbal have a lot of mounting options that just simply did not they don’t exist on any other gimbal at least to my knowledge on the market here in 2021 so again just to reiterate this is a powerful gimbal to say the least the fact that it can handle over nine pounds in terms of payload is very impressive in addition to that great battery life or at least that’s what’s promised i’ll be testing that out you can see the power button here at the base similar to what dji employs there are actually two power buttons a charging port right here again rapid charging is supported via this type c port and if the battery the internalized battery is exhausted you can power this off of a battery bank which is another nice thing but to have the cold shoe mounting points it really does change how you can use this gimbal most are really anticipating that

professionals that are using this and hobbyists alike are going to maybe want to use a wireless monitor a microphone could be set up obviously extension arm whatever you want you have all of the flexibility because of all of the mount points and the cold shoe right there you have a physical control to actually control the movement of the gimbal itself of course a jog dial here for going through the menus power button this is the other one i was talking about and essentially all the modes you would expect from a premium gimbal in this class are supported they also have this new wheel which gives you precision control of movement on the gimbal so that’s another nice thing that’s a new addition and of course the trigger on the front self-explanatory what that does when it comes to controlling centering of course going to filming yourself selfie mode all of that just as you would with any other manufacturer are you know is employed here but really what it comes down to is that moza with the air 2s is giving you something that is substantial again really high payload capacity what should offer great battery life and then hopefully the app which i have yet to use but will be when i test this out just complements this gimbal further

now they also include a small tripod for it and really i think the beauty of the mosa line of products is that if you combine this with their sly pod then you not only have of course a gimbal but you also have a slider and in tandem they work together to give you something that generally would cost a lot more money from other manufacturers that i’m not going to mention in today’s video this little tripod attachment all metal seems solid well built but then in addition also gives you additional grip which i think is really important when you’re dealing with a gimbal that is this weighty and by the way that is the trade-off the whole premise of going with a more solid gimbal something that is this heavy is that it is going to give you smoother footage inherently so while a lot of manufacturers like dji like feiyu that i’ve covered are going in a direction of offering us smaller and lighter gimbals which is always nice the reality is is that your footage will never be as smooth as it will with a heavier gimbal that has quality motors and operating capability so no arca-swiss plate with this i believe it is a manfrotto style should be right here and if you’re wondering why there was no box for this video it’s simply because the box in transit got pretty beaten up there is a slightly more expensive bundle you can go with that includes a follow focus motor for pulling focus that comes in at 5.99 so if that appeals

to you for a hundred dollars more i highly recommend it but nothing wrong with um this manfrotto style mount for those of you that prefer an arca swiss mount of course you can just put that on and solve that problem really easily but simple to of course lock and unlock and mount your camera of choice for me uh you know right now i’ve been shooting um the a1 for those of you that are familiar sony’s cream of the crop now with a lens like this which is the 2 to 600 g i’m not going to be dropping that on the moza air 2s but of course pretty much any a7 body with a decent sized lens is going to be able to live on here without any issue because of that nine plus pound payload capacity now in terms of camera control that hasn’t been left out either that’s something that most modern gimbals address and you can see right here we have the port for connecting your camera of choice to the gimbal now keep in mind there is a limited list in terms of compatibility uh i will include a link directly to moses website they list a handful of them on the box i’m sure that list is growing as they continue to roll this out it’s still i think only in pre-order mode even though some units have shipped so moza did get this out to me prior to launch and again i’m just really impressed

with the build quality this is my first experience with a moza product and hopefully the beginning of using a lot of other moza products and sharing them with all of you and this is not a paid or promoted video sponsored video again just sending it over for review purposes it does function of course with bluetooth connectivity as well so there’s a lot to like about this if it really does deliver the experience that moza is promising and we’ve got to hold down the power button here for a few seconds you can see it populating all the different motors there and may not have enough of a charge there let me see if i hit the power button again i thought we did but the axes are locked right now and just to jump into the menu well i guess i can’t but look i’ll find out more as i play with this war i can assure you of that and the the bottom line is is that if you’re looking for a heavy-duty gimbal that is going to support a full rig rather than just be a lightweight this may be one of the most competent options especially at its price point i don’t think 499 is exorbitant at all and the build quality really is excellent um i may end up comparing this uh to some of the feiyu uh gimbals that i have and of course dji now i did not jump into dji’s latest generation of

gimbals for a very specific reason i felt like they went a little bit crazy we live in a world where you don’t need 14 different and i know they didn’t literally launch 14 different gimbals but you just don’t need that many gimbals little accessory pouch here included that has basically everything you’re going to need for this so all of the additional cables again you have to check to see what is going to be compatible with camera control using the air 2s so they’ve got basically all these cables labeled out for us but it’s going to vary because even though you might think well there’s a cable with the correct you know mini or micro usb it does not mean that that’s actually going to function with your camera of choice but they’ve got pretty much as many bases as they possibly could cover here as i pluck through these um you know they’re just labeling off what they are and then of course finally a type c cable for charging then in here we have the mounting gear for lens stabilization i believe that’s what i’m looking at yeah so also really common for those of you that already use gimbals you know that beyond stabilizing

the camera after balancing your lens needs to be held in place and so with that we have mounting hardware for keeping the lens in place as well what else do we have we have a key and some additional hardware so either way this is i have to say one of the more impressive gimbals that i’ve seen in a long time when it comes to build quality and just how robust it is i was actually kind of shocked on arrival the user manual seems to cover the bases so you better believe i will be doing a deep dive here because again i have not used the previous generation um and that key by the way is for disassembly that’s what i’m reading right now um the toolbox i mean everything that i mentioned was inside of it uh is basically again connectivity for camera all different cameras but i’m just looking to see if they have i know on box i said there was a list but i don’t think we’re going to see one here i think online is going to be your best way to really get all the info that you need but again the key takeaway on this uh improved you know improved second gen is that it’s all about that new internal higher

capacity battery i think it’s over 3 000 milliamp hours where the original was a little over 2000 so uh you’re looking at better battery life and the fact that it’s built in you know some may look at that as a pro others as a con i see it as a pro because again a battery bank can also power this worst case scenario and quick charges there and then in addition to that as i’ve stated greater range of motion locks on the axes and then of course having a cold shoe and mounting points which no other gimbal on the market has and true physical controls that i think are going to make this very easy to use it also does have the feature that’s been around now for a while with all competing gimbals in this class where when using the app it can essentially mimic your physical motions with the phone you know that’s a cute thing how practical it is to actually use another story altogether but either way i’m excited to put this through the paces see how it works um predominantly again with my uh a series body so that’s gonna be like my a7r4 that that is my primary a camera and then maybe a little bit with the a1 as well but if you have any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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