Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Yoga Gen 6

ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share a quick unboxing and first look at the lenovo thinkpad x1 yoga gen 6. now the retail starting price point for this is somewhere around 1800 us dollars and that’s very close to what lenovo sent over for review purposes this is not a sponsored video it is just an independent review as usual here on my channel what we’ve got under the hood is an intel 11th gen core i7 it’s the 1165 g7 a chip that is familiar already at this point in 2021 we have 16 gigs of ram we have a half terabyte nvme drive which of course actually can be upgraded to a gen 4 drive for those of you that are wondering intel iris xe graphics on board of course integrated and a 14 inch 16 by 10 full hd plus that is 1920 by 1200 resolution display with anti-glare and privacy guard uh uhd uh excuse me not uhd a 720 pm at hd camera webcam with windows hello ir support that pretty much covers it let’s get this thing out of the box and i think this is going to be incredibly popular because after all it combines what so many people love about the thinkpad with the yoga line into the same machine which makes it very attractive so the only other thing in here is the power brick go ahead and put that down get the box out of the way and let’s see what we’re looking at here in this sixth generation and this machine has evolved a lot and from what i’ve seen the six gen that

you’re about to take a look at remember this is a review unit this is not i think you know if you’ve got this with retail packaging i’m pretty sure that you would have an actual physical box in here they are letting you know that there is a privacy guard on this you have to use function and d in order to use that privacy guard and i’ll talk about that in the course of my review 65 watt charger i’m pretty sure is what is included but let’s take a look and just verify that i’m not sure what the actual charge time is on it but these days ultrabooks like this yeah it’s a 65 watt nothing proprietary type c you know you’re generally looking at a little over an hour hour and a half maybe two hours depending on the machine the first thing i will tell you is that build quality is solid but that is expected move this out of the way as well let’s take a look around the actual machine because there has been some redesigning you can see we’ve got an hdmi port and then we have a usb type-a port two thunderbolt four ports which you will be using for charging you can see that indicated right there the docking port that used to exist on the previous generation has been done away with and then some ventilation on the back you can see i believe this is a new hinge system some more ventilation on the bottom this is user upgradable at least to some extent you can get this i think it supports up to 32 gigs of ram on the other side we’ve got a kensington lock we have another usb type a port headphone jack this is one of the jacks that’s been relocated and then the pen in its silo and this is again what makes this particular thinkpad unique now there are different flavors of this but this is a brand new refresh and in that it really is a

redesign it definitely when you see it from the sides looks a lot more like the traditional yoga line than the previous gen 5 model so exciting for those of you that wanted the best of both worlds i would have liked to have gotten a uhd version but you know when lenovo’s pr reps reach out and they say i’ve got this or that i generally am pretty accepting because i love new tech like most of you that subscribe and i don’t really have anything against full hd displays they’re not my own personal choice but i know for many of you out there full hd is still the way to go so fingerprint scanner is located on the upper right i believe this is also the power button let’s go ahead and see if it powers on the it may not have any charge it was already open so i thought maybe we would have some the uhd with windows ir compatibility so that’s windows hello facial recognition top center we also have a little privacy guard you can see the little red dot now covering it and then we have basically i would say a very similar keyboard to what you’d find on the yoga line speakers are on the side track pad and then they’re just letting you know again in order to enable the privacy guard you’re going to want to hit function plus d uh you have you know from what i can tell nice key travel on this matte finish by the way on the display that’s what was denoted by anti-glare and very little bezel and that’s something that is yet another improvement and the fact that this can actually if you wanted to game

because it has iris xe on board is yet another benefit of this sixth gen uh yoga six so in the thinkpad lineup so let me actually plug this in i do have it’s on the wrong side but i can bring it around i have a 65 watt charger right here from my own hp 13t which of course should drive this you can now see the power light is blinking let’s go ahead and power it up we’ll see if it’s been formatted or not your traditional pointer in the center all of your secondary functions like controlling the spacebar for backlighting on the keyboard and then all of the dedicated function keys at the top i do like that we actually have a light on of course the mute button something that i always appreciate when manufacturers do and you can see that boot up time was pretty fast now viewing angle is not the best but remember this is a yoga so we can do that we can go all the way around we can do whatever we want with this thing pretty much 180 degrees of rotation the hinge is very solid i can tell you that right now i mean if you were concerned about wobble not getting wobble it looks like i may have disconnected the power in wobbling it though let’s see did i just put it to sleep something happened let’s see if it comes back come back to us come on that’s what i’m assuming happened seems like it looks like it went to sleep it’s coming back uh dolby atmos sound which we’ll see how it is of course that’ll be part of the testing and build quality seems really solid i’m not sure what just happened there but we will find out i wanted you to be able to see it looks like the privacy screen is enabled so that would explain a lot let me go ahead and get rid of that so again as i mentioned you’re just going to hit the function button and d nope that was not the pro that this is sans privacy i

don’t you should be able to see a slight difference there let me go ahead and crank up the brightness although it may be all the way up it is all the way up now this is a 400 nit screen i’m not sure how well it’s going to come across um the battery is depl uh yeah is depleted which is yet two percent so i literally got this whoever used this last whoever reviewed it wouldn’t waste any electricity and uh they’ve left it to me to charge up but you saw it’s it’s estimating about two hours to a full charge so that’s not bad at all uh and again that’s with any 65 watt uh power supply because this is my hp one i’ll see if it does behave any differently with the lenovo but i doubt it build quality seems excellent we’re gonna see how it does hopefully i’m i’m expecting battery life to be somewhere around eight hours but we’ll see in real world use of course i’ll test it out we’ll see what wi-fi performance is of course we’ve got wi-fi six on board after all this is latest and greatest and then i may even throw in a severant gen four drive i have a two terabyte and four terabyte might want to see how it operates in here since this is a machine much like the vaio z that i have in house which my full review is coming shortly that supports gen 4 drive so if you have the need for speed it can be accommodated again a business machine that can do both it is a yoga still has the great little thing pad blinking light for you know above the eye i like the design cue and it reminds me a lot of them basically taking the thinkpad yoga gen in general the design language and bringing it the traditional consumer yoga design language to the thinkpad version which is a good thing it’s a marriage that i think was long overdue so excited to share this with all of you definitely a lightweight flexible ultrabook with pen input touch screen capability i mean the only thing it doesn’t have is a dedicated gpu which isn’t what you’d be looking for in a thin and light convertible like this anyway and you still have all the niceties of it being a thinkpad for the most part any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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