Weeylite Ninja 200 Bi-Color COB Video Light first Look

and here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share a first look at the we light ninja 200 portable bi-color cob led light now this retails at least directly through viltrox which i will include a link in the description phil trox did send this over for review purposes i was not paid to review this for those of you that are wondering uh it sells for i think right now a little over 200 us dollars you’ll pay more if you go through amazon but i’ll include links to both they are affiliate links so in the event you know you like the video and you make the purchase i see something associated with my work but all that aside this is a 60 watt bi-color a bi-color light that is app-controllable which i think is nice but we’ll all see what performance and how audible the fan noise is on it because that’s another important thing in terms of lux we’re looking at over seventy thousand seven thousand four hundred to be exact uh the bi-color temp ranges from 2800 uh to 8500 k which uh fairly standard 5600 is the default in fact that’s what i use pretty much all the time adjustable brightness obviously high cr cri rating which is greater than 95 i mentioned the app control they also have lighting effects it’s supposed to be lightweight that’s the whole idea behind the marketing being that it is portable and really for me it’s going to be all about not just the light that’s output by this because that’s kind of a given but the app functionality uh and how loud or silent as marketed the fan operation is in keeping this little light cool so this can be obviously ideal for still work video work it’s really a matter of what you want to do with it so let me go ahead get that out of the way there’s a strap right there we have of course our hood right out of the box and the light is really small so i’m going to get to that in a second the power supply also really small a lot of length on this i’m not exactly sure but it looks like it’s going to cover your needs some of the charging adapters the wall adapters i should say that’s what they are came out of the package already of course the one i need is for the states but they include how many are there i don’t really have a top-down view of this they’re giving you three so you’ve pretty much got every region covered applicable but this is the one i will be using of course and then last but not least the light itself which i can already tell you is adorable but i’m not surprised you can’t call something a ninja i mean not that ninjas are generally adorable but the whole idea of i think dubbing this the ninja is that it is extremely powerful and flexible but yet silent and that is what we’re hoping for right you can see ventilation all on the top and the bottom and uh you know basically the cob element let’s see if i can pop this off it says remove and i’m uh oh i need to unlock it sometimes my brain works sometimes it doesn’t so i’ve looked at a lot of these the last cob light that i checked out which was pretty nice but less expensive not as robust build quality you know was also a reputable manufacturer but one of the things they were addressing in the revision again was specifically the amount of noise output because of course you don’t want a light if you’re doing video work especially that is going to be audible this also and i didn’t mention this but i’m seeing it now hasn’t i believe that is unless i’m losing it i know there’s an ambient light sensor on board this i believe so that’s another thing well i may be incorrect about that so don’t quote me but dc input right there your type c port for connectivity and then your dimmer your control of the intensity of the light also adjusting the the m button is the mode button so cycling through all the different modes i may plug this in right now just to give you a little preview of that and of course your on off switch but really this is it is a wee light it is a really adorable light i can say that so i like the look and feel construction is solid uh the yolk feels good the green color choice well that’s a matter of personal preference but i give them uh some some points for creativity let’s go ahead and get the power hooked up and see what this little 60 water can do because you know generally speaking this is it’s priced at a premium price point for a 60 watt light i’m not going to mix any signals on that there’s no question because you know there are a lot of no-name lights out there in this price range that are higher output than 60 watt but you know what i think is nice about this is that i do think viltrox is a reputable manufacturer i cannot say that for a lot of other uh lights that are in this class so let’s go ahead and connect that right now and let’s see what the light output looks like just in a quick test very quick and i don’t even really need to put this on right now it’s nice that it does come with but most do at this in this day and age you know it’s not unheard of to have essentially everything you need out of the box at this price point the app is what i’m really interested in because you know right now i use gvm lighting in the studio and i really like the gvm lighting but i always am hoping to see a revision on the software side so let’s go ahead and power this on wow okay so it’s already going through it seems like a scene because i’m not getting constant light here um but hopefully you’re able to see the readout because that’s really the premise let me make sure that you are and if i go ahead and hit mode you can now see we’re at 100 brightness at 8 500 kelvin and of course we can dial that down and i’m going to do that off camera so you get a real idea so here we are at a hundred percent again very cool at 8 500 k let’s take it all the way down and you can step by individual percentage points we’re now down well that’s zero here’s one percent okay one percent now let’s jump up to 20 percent now we’re up at 50 hopefully you’re seeing the difference here and last but not least all the way back up to 100 percent and i mean it looks clean to me obviously since my studio lights are operating at 5600k this isn’t going to look exactly how you’d want um but let’s jump through some of these modes so powers at 100 speed fast scene is uh fire so campfire and you can see that effect obviously going right now next scene well no excuse me let’s cycle through that because it is a multi-function button this is not a new thing to have a multi-function button here so you can press that in so you can control the speed you can see now i’ve set it to slow and you can see the effect that has a little more natural and then there’s normal which i just set to now i click out of that each time you depress the dial that’s how you switch through the power speed and scene now i’m going to change this let’s see we have camera flash and you can change the speed on this as well television again you can change the power and speed on all of these scenes i’m just taking you through everything they’ve got it’s you know it’s amazing how far these little cob lights have come they really have done some amazing stuff now generally i like rgb but bi-color is certainly more than enough for most of you out there because rgb is not a necessity i mean if you’re really trying to get creative and and do you know edgy stuff that’s where that comes in that was the fireworks by the way you can see all the different modes here as i do it kind of flickering light bulb and we’re back to campfire and again you are able to jump through all of again the power and the speed just by pressing the uh actual dial now in terms of how audible the fan is it’s audible i mean i can hear it right now and i’m going to bring it up to my lab so you can hear it but it’s fairly silent it’s not really too loud in my opinion so looks pretty good um now in terms of color temperature because i didn’t do this so let’s do it right now let’s warm things up okay let’s go all the way to 2800k and again for a 60 watt light this thing’s pretty powerful just panning around the studio and it’s lighting things up if i want to do a straight color match to what i’m using presently which again is 5600k let’s do it and right now we’re sitting at 5600 right there that’s 5600 so if i take this away you can see that’s what 5600 looks like without this light in the mix if i bring this up incorporate it in you can see things got much brighter just now but this is high intensity considering that uh it’s not diffused in any way and it is literally a foot well a little over two feet away from my hand but again get rid of it it is hot i shouldn’t have brought it that close to my body and back on the hand pretty clean looking light so we’ll see how it performs but right now again feels solid looks good i almost made myself blind just now you have your lighting effects you have the standard bi-color temperature range that you’d expect to get and i like the yolk like little green accents a little bit of flare on something that you don’t necessarily get strap and instructions are right there and overall it looks like the we light is exactly what it is a little ninja of bi-color led goodness now whether or not it’s right for you uh you know i’ll hopefully be able to give you full impressions on this but generally you know viltrox the few products i have gotten from them for review purposes have been solid sometimes you know they may not be best in class but they often without any question are worth the price point that they come in at and that’s why i respect viltrox as a company is that you’re not going to get any crap from them if that makes sense hopefully it does so you get what you pay for with them whether we’re talking about lights or lenses which i’ve covered in the past so i’m expecting uh good things from this little light and the fact that it you know has firmware upgrade capability and hopefully the app is going to be good i mean that’s what i’m really hoping for this just looks like a really flexible little light that can go anywhere and again it fits in the palm of your hand it may come with a big bag but you do not need a big bag to use this and the fact that you’ve got everything out of the box uh that you need it’s a complete package again for a little over 200 us i think on amazon right now it’s selling for about 270 if you go through viltrox as i stated it’s a little over 200 either way hopefully this introduces you to a new product that you may need that could be a vital component and to your again still or video work and that’s that’s just part of what i like to share with all of you and that’s why when viltrox asked if i was interested in the ninja 200 i said of course i am it’s adorable affordable and doesn’t seem like it gets too loud and it puts out clean light that seems like a nice uh nice package so i will test it more and get it mounted up get it diffused and we’ll see how well it operates the app again is going to be a deciding factor because i feel like light quality is easy to get these days again with these smaller packages it’s another story but then the next thing that is the most critical is the remote control capability of course and and how silent uh the said lights are you know they all tend to run hot it’s a matter of how quiet the cooling operation is and there’s no ambient light sensor i don’t know where that brain fart came from forget about that but any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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