UURig Wooden Grip

ed right here with the electronic absorb and today i intended to share a quick unboxing and initial check out the uu gear r027 this is a wood take care of grasp with a quarter 20 mount created for naturally uu rigs cages like the one you see now that i have my a7 r4 within and also i find that uu gear truly does make some of one of the most affordable it’s additionally yulonzi cages on the marketplace that’s why i share them this was sent out over for review functions uh this is the original cage i don’t believe they have an upgrade yet it supports the a7 r2 3 and 4 so truly flexible um quite boxy you understand but no no fuss it does specifically what you desire it to do the factor i have the overhanging handle off to the right is simply due to the fact that i simulate to make use of sony’s digital shotgun microphone which means that i require to position i need that warm footwear to still be readily available however what i’m excited about here with this grasp is that i truly did miss having the responsive feel of having a side hold as opposed to one of these so i’m going to go in advance and also unscrew this man and also there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it i indicate these these holds are still totally appropriate versatile really i.

likely would maintain this on despite having this new wood hold to accessorize with i assume this retails for around forty dollars someplace i’ll consist of a link in the summary as well as this became part of a bundle that yulonzi aka uu rig sent over uh per my demand i suggest they simply asked me what i want to assess therefore i considered what they had that was brand-new and i said this fits the bill which’s due to the fact that it is something that i have actually wished to obtain for some time as well as now they make one currently in the past uh yulonsi did not so we’ve got some branding they’re stickers with their phone ography a little adorable slogan um as well as they ensure to represent both yulonsi and also uu rig and uh they even tell you if you have some concepts for for products and they make it happen they’ll send it to you for totally free so allow’s see what this manage appear like and look a great deal of suppliers make wooden deals with such as this they are far from the first and likewise far from the last to make one however this is all about.

having much better comfort designs on your tool and that’s precisely what i’m anticipating with this so let’s go ahead go to the other side now in terms of mounting choices you know whether you’re a lefty or righty you can basically go regardless with this but based upon what i’m seeing below it appears like this is mosting likely to be my only placing option on the left side which is where i would certainly intend to install it allow’s see if i’m really threading properly right here and it’s not mosting likely to be unbelievably uh focused however that that does not imply it won’t work let’s see if i’m actually going the proper way to string this though appear like i am and also it appears like we are in business and also there you go currently i have actually obtained a wooden grip um currently in an excellent globe obviously you would certainly want to have two of these so you have them side by side but just having one makes this currently ergonomically speaking far better for me to make use of especially because once again the more than hand expenses top deal with grasps are excellent for particular shots but if they hamper like in this situation they did the hot footwear that’s where for me the wooden hold was something i was waiting to get to just transform the method uh this runs really feels strong feels well made appearances like they have actually taken an allen vital right there in the hold itself to ensure that you can actually tighten it up i’m thinking i’m seeking to see but that’s what it appears and yeah i mean i have a little of play on it now yet i’m presuming that’s simply uh from.

me needing to readjust it and also then obviously the allen trick is right here to make sure that you can readjust the setting of the grasp tighten it up you recognize whatever you wish to do i’m tightening it up now to see if that gets rid of the play and it practically did so this is all about whether or not you need an accessory like this it was something that was missing out on from my life so to speak that i knew i needed naturally in an excellent globe you want to have 2 of these as i mentioned but a great deal of people prefer the overhead design grasps like this this does still afford you a chilly shoe place right here so if you wish to stick a microphone on there you can i have it on the same side as the mic inputs on the a7r4 so it it just functions out and this is a suitable kit i suggest integrate the microphone once more this is sony’s pure electronic mic lock that fool on and you quite much have every little thing you require the only point uh that is missing out on is a tripod or perhaps this the little bluetooth remote yet i’m great to go currently i mean this has placed me in a placement where i can brace it as well as and truly.

since the other hold is still revealed you don’t require to have one more grasp and that’s what i like concerning this absolutely nothing is covered and also yeah i’ve been awaiting yulonzi aka uu rig to present something similar to this and it appears like they did an excellent work i like it in shape and coating is great it’s solid really feels like it’s well made i do not seem like i stated it’s not wavering it refers tightening it up a little which i just did i’m mosting likely to have fun with it a little more however this is just how you can truly start to utilize your item of devices as high as feasible what i have actually not attempted doing is taking the a7s note 3 that i have waiting in the wings over below and also seeing if it will certainly fit in this cage if it does after that clearly that’s a rather excellent cage alternative budget friendly versatile and also uh of training course i would certainly be prepared to go all set to begin firing uh right away yet once again this is the uu gear r027 the wood handle grip with a quarter 20 place for uu gear also known as yulonzi’s steel cages it is global uh it doesn’t need to be with this cage maybe um with an additional cage i recently uh obtained from them which is created for the a7 mark yeah the a7 mark iii that basically rounds it out any type of inquiries or remarks please do not hesitate to post them at that like button and also as usual please really feel totally free to subscribe as well as please stay risk-free later.

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