Sony Xperia 1 ii – Can it Replace Your Camera?

ed here with the electronic absorb as well as today i wished to share yet an additional video clip regarding the sony xperia 1 mark ii many of you have actually connected asking whether or not i think this smartphone can replacing a conventional point-and-shoot cam as well as the straightforward solution to that question is yes in reality most individuals out there have actually already dumped their point-and-shoot electronic camera in favor of their smartphone of option whether it comes from apple samsung or google as well as with that in mind you have to keep in mind that most of those gadgets rely heavily on computational digital photography which indicates they are really doing the processing for you on the fly sony on the various other hand has taken a completely different strategy which is we intend to provide a pro experience of course it has a conventional electronic camera application but i’m discussing the professional experience because it is an actual world expansion of their electronic imaging service and it also really supplies some advantages that you will not find in their regular video cameras currently you can see i’ve got an rx100 mark six below as well as an insta360 one r one inch edition the factor i.

brought these out is since these are the type of point-and-shoot electronic cameras that i believe this does not uh generally get of the picture so when you consider point-and-shoot video cameras you might not believe of tools similar to this yet to me the only point-and-shoot cams worth speaking about nowadays have at least a one inch sensor inside their body now obviously the xperia one mark ii doesn’t have that however what it does offer you is primarily the exact same look and individual experience whether you enjoy or hate what sony has made with their menu system that you have actually discovered to make use of with something like an rx100 or any of their various other cybershot electronic cameras so what is real distinction well the reason i’m sharing this video clip is that i have actually seen many comments that essentially say that the rx100 line of cam creates pictures that are similar or perhaps substandard to what someone’s once more front runner apple samsung or google smartphone are capable of that’s actually an item of people not recognizing exactly how to use an electronic camera and also there’s no far better way of putting it as well as a hefty reliance again on computational photography so keep in mind that if you believe that your mobile phone is better than a cam such as this you do not understand how to use the video camera i’m not disparaging you it’s just a matter of fact so this phone doesn’t offer you a one inch sensor and i’m hoping sony in the next generation does cross that.

bridge due to the fact that it’s been done before if we take a journey back to 2014 panasonic presented the cm1 it was a thousand bucks 3 times optical zoom a one-inch sensor android remained in its infancy at that point however they agreed to take a wager with a one thousand dollar handset uh it really did not prosper especially below in the us there had not been much assistance for the bands that it also made use of and afterwards panasonic i think in 2016 rolled it out without the mobile radio just to see if people would acquire a touch display android device with a one inch sensor and 3 times optical zoom as well as i believe that should be selected back up and also ideally this is the start of sony doing that currently uh there are three video cameras on the back of this gadget 16 24 millimeter and 70 millimeter three times optical zoom with the telephoto the largest sensing unit below is combined with the 24 millimeter lens remember these are all zeiss lenses with t-star coding which belongs to the equation along with the software program and the reality that we have a physical two-stage shutter button right below that really do make this really feel a lot like a sony cam despite the fact that it is plainly a sony phone 20 structures per second similar to the rx100 top of the line real-time tracking eye autofocus for both humans and pets alike similar to the rx100 mark 7 which is not what i have.

right here so actually from an autofocus standpoint this can essentially exceed the rx100 mark 6 that i have here however with the one inch sensing unit that’s within of this cam as well as the 200 millimeter reach that’s where naturally this is not mosting likely to outperform the rx100 mark 6 since it can not approach the picture high quality video high quality or the telephoto reach that this cam is qualified of when we contrast it to something like the insta360 one r one one inch edition then they get a whole lot more detailed actually i could make the disagreement that the sony creates far better video clip and also better stills although the insta360 one r has a one inch sensing unit and that’s really a result of insta360 being virtually a novice in the one-inch game whereas sony is well the largest di business on the planet now as well as they’re anything however novice so while the insta360 one r has far better stabilization and also actually is rugged can lose and also can go anywhere as well as you won’t be as anxious as a 1200 phone and remember this is around 500 us dollars currently it’s been out since the beginning of this year essentially i would certainly make the argument that this is the better video camera as well as camera than the insta360 one r uh so if it’s a matter of what could be in your pocket as a go anywhere do whatever system i would certainly prefer this phone so you may locate that fascinating even though there is a one-inch sensing unit in right here due to the fact that application actually does matter software application matters as well as i do like insta360 software application for this tool however.

it’s something to birth in mind an additional point you require to find out about this besides 20 structures per second and also you know the ability to track real-time moving objects is that this has the ability to record 4k video clip in 10 bit which is something that you can not do with an rx100 or certainly an insta 361r as a matter of fact the only sony video camera now that’s present that can record 4k 10 little bit video is the a7s3 which i’ll be evaluating soon hopefully as soon as my evaluation device obtains below which launches right around the bend so something to chew on and then in addition to that the screen on this phone the 6 as well as a fifty percent inch 4k screen is really color precise and is 10 little bit which is likewise unheard of so these are done in my point of view uh the you know the foundation the groundworks uh the making of a phone to take cam capability to the next level and also this does do that i mean uh when you’re inside and also i have actually shown this on my various other videos you understand you have your mode dial you have the ability to basically do anything you want whether it’s the ruptured mode uh as well as taking it approximately 20 frameworks per 2nd where you do shed certainly several of your information bracketing exposure anything you want and also yeah there are a whole lot of pro modes that do that however none look feel as well as act like a sony.

cam apart from this as well as while numerous smart device manufacturers have actually been attempting to reinvent the electronic camera on their smartphone it makes a hell of a great deal of feeling that the most effective camera manufacturer out there is making a smart device targeting exactly that function that better matched to place the point-and-shoot cam in its grave than sony and also i mentioned this in one of my updates since in many means smartphones have put point-and-shoot cameras in the tomb and when you believe concerning that sensor the the mid-range one the 24 millimeter it is essentially the sensing unit size the same as what you would certainly have found in electronic video cameras back in 2013 via 2016 once more that were sub one inch to make sure that gives you an idea of what you’re dealing with as well as at 12 megapixels also when you pixel peep with this device things still look rather damn great which goes over and you know if you just go out and shoot auto with this or this there’s a possibility that things could look even worse even though you have a one inch sensor specifically with the insta360 one r naturally this video camera is not water or dust immune to make sure that’s something to remember that’s one of the factors i brought the 1r one inch version to the table for this discussion is as a result of program the phone is ip68 ranked and is water as well as dust resistant to ensure that is something to take into consideration.

which’s why it does fare far better than an activity video camera yet once more an activity electronic camera can go anywhere this can go anywhere you go those are really different points clearly the professional mode on the video side and also given this just has 3 times optical zoom so it would certainly make out better against an rx 100 pre the mark vi where we were limited to you know 24 to 70 millimeter array yet also then you need to bear in mind that that one-inch sensing unit as well as having a real electronic camera do make a difference which’s what sony i seem like is trying to link a void you recognize this is not everything about computational photography like the completing items around once again from the huge three apple samsung and also google however it provides for any sony individual provide you basically the exact same color scientific research the very same menu system and the exact same out of camera performance that you would certainly anticipate from well an rx100 or among sony’s compatible lens cams and afterwards once again the reality that it can shoot 4k 10-bit is bonkers and also the reality that you can review it on a screen that is color precise is merely unusual and the cinema pro mode is where that all occurs and also you know i revealed this in previous videos about the camera for good reason since it develops a project timeline you control the appearance and feeling of all of your shots and also you understand can this be done with third-party software application sure is the execution anywhere near like this.

absolutely not and that’s the elegance of what sony’s made with the xperia 1 mark ii it’s unequaled once more you know shooting pictures and also video on the fly are not going to be as always eye pleasing or as brilliant as where computational digital photography the processing takes control of but you recognize you have the capacity to shoot raw stills right here and publish procedure most cams do not use that and also while a number of you around might claim well there are video cameras with bigger sensing units they’re not from reliable producers i’m not knocking those suppliers yet they are not as mainstream a name as sony samsung google or certainly the fruit firm to make sure that’s something to be taken into account when considering what this phone stands for as a photo tool in addition to a video tool too and that’s why sony marketed this tool as not just being essentially an a9 packed into a phone but additionally being a web content creator’s desire for video clip and i could see utilizing this as an expansion i don’t understand if it would be b or c or d roll but the suggestion that it might even do that is something that i would never ever think about any kind of various other smartphone having the ability to provide for me for me all the improvements we’ve seen with mobile phones in their cams they’ve been incremental they’re far better than absolutely nothing type situations you understand if you don’t have anything else it’s excellent that you have a mobile phone that has an electronic camera that is far better than as i just said absolutely nothing this takes it to another degree and a lot of.

people consider the pictures that appear of this electronic camera and they’re not amazed however that’s because again they’re expecting computational uh processing that sony has actually determined to do away with for developing a phone that is an extension of their di service i wish that makes sense it makes perfect sense to me as well as i assume you understand that’s it’s apparent why they did that it’s because they know a lot of customers are seeking that instead than simply software being thrown at whatever to try to make pictures look excellent let’s have photos actually depend on their very own feet and again the shade scientific research that appears of this it’s simply accurate people look the means they need to colors look the means they ought to i can’t claim that regarding apple i suggest it’s simply the reality google samsung they tend to blow points out in order to make them look extra brilliant and possibly apple does the most effective work they you recognize apple and google of both yet once again they hinge on computational photography in a manner that sony doesn’t require to do that they know that they know any individual is going to have an interest in this phone as a key or second electronic camera because nevertheless it does go anywhere with you that’s.

the beauty of it right any smartphone is that you’re not going to leave home without it which’s why i brought this out is that this is tiny sufficient that you can make the argument you can constantly fit this someplace the rx100 you recognize we call it pocketable but is it really not so much it’s a quite thick electronic camera however you understand you have an evf here you have ergonomics that don’t exist right here the zoom you have a screen that provides you adaptability that doesn’t exist right here you know the zv1 would also be a good contrast but to me the one-inch sensing unit still grows currently if sony eventually does as i pointed out earlier in this video take on a one-inch sensor right into among these phones and give all of us of this capacity well after that i do not see a factor beyond needing telephoto that the rx100 gives as well as certainly ergonomics which the rx100 has never been a champion that’s why we have the gluon grip as well as the zv1 has a physical uh grip affixed to it although it’s not amazing either after that suddenly we have a gadget that you understand when i’m heading out during the night when the pandemic is over as well as i can really return to some form of normalcy go out for supper those kind of points i recognize that i’m not going to question if i require the rx100 unless i require telephoto as well as god understands when you’re heading out to dinner or simply you recognize seeing good friends you do not need telephoto as a matter of fact a great deal of individuals say that the rx 100 needs to go back to.

not having the 200 millimeter i don’t concur with that i mean i like fast glass yet i like the 200 millimeter reach which is still what’s actually differentiating it from something such as this if they do use a one inch sensor we already know that they’ve surpassed every person on automobile focus shade accuracy it’s simply it’s there the writing’s on the wall as well as once again if you prefer computational digital photography there are phones for you to pick from this is not the phone so hopefully this video clip has told you what you require to recognize regarding whether or not it can change uh a traditional point-and-shoot video camera which i claimed at the extremely top it absolutely can i suggest many front runner mobile phones can but they can not change these sort of electronic cameras and also that was really the emphasis of this video so one more thing prior to i wrap it up to understand which i mentioned in my full review is that when you’re trying to zoom in between the 16 24 and also 70 millimeter that’s not possible you can go telephoto as well as do a three times optical from 70 millimeter however you can not change via these lenses i presume that is something sony will certainly attend to on the next generation due to the fact that most front runners can do that however in concerns to practically everything else that i’ve stated when it concerns autofocus the 12 megapixel stills basing on their own having the color precision the color science that the majority of sony customers have come to anticipate and many like the phone delivers and afterwards the 4k 10 bit yeah it’s coming from a tiny sensor.

You recognize that’s it’s still kind of insane i indicate i i’m not i do not think there is another smartphone out there that is capable of that video clip quality and shade accuracy and also as i stated previously this cam isn’t also capable of it does not indicate the 4k video out of this will not look much better it will certainly the one sensing unit delivers a various experience than uh the sensor that’s at the 24 millimeter the largest sensor that’s inside there but again it’s about which is going to be with you and also certainly your smartphone is going to be with you all over you go and that’s the charm of sony obtaining this right and also i do feel they have here in the xperia one mark ii as well as i’m simply delighted concerning the assurance of the future of what this camera will have to or instead the smartphone you see there freudian slip this smartphone will have to supply us going onward so sony maintain up the great work because this is a game changer in spite of what you know lots of people may believe is missing out on because of the computational side being not an emphasis at all of the xperia 1 mark ii wish you delighted in the video clip any concerns or remarks please feel cost-free to post them hit that like switch and as normal please really feel complimentary to subscribe and also please stay secure later on.