Review DJI Mic VS Rode Wireless GO and Sennheiser ew100

a supreme wireless option for your sound dji mic allow’s testimonial that what’s heros my name is alek nikiti as well as you’re enjoying no restrictions on channel so right currently i’m recording internally with dji mic right there most likely you can see this and let’s reach the set so in the set we have two little wind muffs which are quite good and also they’re functioning with spin lock systems so they are not falling away but you can not keep the microphones themselves within this charging instance with the wind muffs you have to eliminate those likewise here we have a trs cord quite routine one and allow me claim a rather brief one likewise the usbc to usb a billing cord likewise this little adapter which is permitting you to place it onto your hot footwear or cool shoe of your electronic camera and allow me claim it’s a little lightweight to be straightforward so i’m not really sure about this and likewise we obtain a very good bag you can keep this billing situation as well as all the accessories in this bag plus some lavalier mics which are not included in the kit regrettably quite cool bag and the billing instance itself it’s made out of plastic however it’s a little bit rubberized you have the usb type-c billing right there as well as additionally you can save right here some accessories allow me state two transmitters one is right below the one is right below as well as likewise the receiver there is an area for this little cool footwear adapter you can save it right there too and also 2 adapters for your iphone and also your usbc adapter to use this package with your apple iphone quickly or with your android tool or perhaps with a laptop computer like i show you below you can plug it in straight to your macbook i didn’t check it with home windows but i think it will certainly function as well as you can utilize it for example for zoom calls or something which is fantastic so what are the competitors today so below i have actually the rode cordless go initially generation but primarily the second generation has the same exact size and also as you can see they’re pretty various the dji is a lot smaller and also even slimmer which is great and additionally we are contrasting it today with sennheiser

ew 100 g3 system which is just big contrasted to this it has no integrated battery no built-in recording just it’s a very wonderful and also pretty dependable system which a lot of musicians use and also expert videographers too as well as i possess this for like i do not recognize 5 years or more so now allow’s compare the integrated microphone top qualities of rode and dji and after that with lavalier mics with sennheiser as well as sennheiser lav as well as additionally the arie mic for your low-cost leveling mic with those two wireless systems rode in dgi and also let’s look at the variety examination it will certainly be pretty fascinating so delight in so men currently i’m using the dji microphone right below on my upper body without any level ear mics simply the integrated microphone so currently i’m examining out the rode wireless go first generation no external lavalier microphone just a built-in mic and also allow’s check the audio his palms are sweaty knees weak hums are heavy he’s throwing up on his weather already mouth pastas he’s anxious however on the surface area he looks tranquil as well as prepared to go down bombs but he continues failing to remember when he listed the entire group goes so loud he opened his mouth however words will not appear he’s joking just how and currently it’s time for the

range examination of the dji microphone i’ll be going that method and sometimes i’ll be reversing however additionally i’m taping internally so we’ll have to we can actually restore the audios if it clips or if it loses the signal so allow’s begin the test so i’m turning such as this and also i’m starting walking so allow’s start with around 15 to possibly 20 meters uh allow me state right below so i’m attempting now with this tree it’s a line of sight as you can see individuals and one two three mic check one 2 three now i’m turning once again and i’m mosting likely to this location so the trees are someplace there we’re testing out the signal top quality and also probably allow’s state right below will suffice i can not also see my electronic camera yeah people i’m ideal below it’s around 30 meters most likely 35 meters i wish to see my check and i’m with my back so my body is obstructing the audio one two three mic check go even more so below i am most likely you can not even see me today it’s even more than 50 meters yet it states that it’s greater than 250 meters i can barely see my video camera it’s around 80 meters maybe more detailed to 90 and also it’s sufficient i believe for this test so rode cordless go allow’s go so initial factor we’ll be right there i’m transforming with my back towards the receiver and possibly blocking this the signal and also currently allow’s check if the signal is okay so right below is regarding 15 meters one 2 three might inspect and allow’s get

better so now it will be around 30 meters away one 2 three could examine cordless go has no built-in recording abilities so it’s just concerning the strength of the signal as well as if you lose it you shed whatever so today it’s regarding 30 meters i’m appropriate below standing under this gorgeous tree as well as one two three my check wishes to see my check so going a bit farther currently i’m still in the very same like 50 meters so i’m ideal here men wish you can still hear me and also see me one two 3 mic check one two 3 mic check so men as you can possibly hear me i hope so it’s around 90 meters without blocking the signal with my body and also currently i can still hear the signal so this was the test of rode wireless go first generation and people ultimately i’m using sennheiser ew 100 g3 system which is pretty huge as you can see probably it it’s right there as well as also with a greater level microphone since you can not use this system with no of the microphone and now let’s examine the variety of it i believe it will certainly be a big array so uh the receiver remains in the video camera the transmitter is right here on the back pocket so i’m best below obstructing the signal with my body as you can see and also i hope it’s still functioning

perfectly you understand this sennheiser g3 system is superior so i think it’s more than 100 meters and also i hope it’s still working i’m blocking it with my body and also people considering that we’re examining out the lavalier microphone of sennheiser let’s compare it to lavalier mic which i examined in the past right there every mic lavalier mic which is rather inexpensive yet i truly like the audio quality of it so one two three mic check one 2 three mic check so currently we’re using dji mic with lavalier microphone from every mic one two 3 mic check one 2 three mic check so now we’re using the aerie mic lavalier mic with rode wireless go one 2 three mic check one two 3 mic check one 2 three mic check one two 3 mic check one 2 3 mic check so people you saw the outcomes i believe you did your very own conclusions and also i assume that dji is doing an extremely wonderful job in terms of range i’m truly satisfied i do not assume i’ll be using this system better than those 50 to 70 meters that are quite all right with this system if you have a straight line of view so i’m pretty satisfied with the results men as well as additionally you can use the system with your apple iphone thus so let’s look at the test and also let’s pay attention if it has some regularity issues and some you recognize hissing as well as so on

The iphone examination so now guys i’m utilizing the filmic professional application with dji mic uh via the adapter right into my apple iphone 12 professional max we’re examining out the sound top quality the degrees are pretty fine in my opinion so it’s not also loud not too silent and also do you like the audio one two three mic check one two three mic check and now i’m utilizing the typical video camera app in video setting and we’re checking out the audio high quality plus six i have the gain on my receiver and also the very same i had with the filmic pro application and just changed the quantity degree the input degree in the app how do you like the sound one 2 3 mic check one 2 three mic check and also now guys i’m still using my iphone kind of imitating some kind of lecture or something so i’m quite much away from the phone and also i didn’t transform on the aircraft setting so most likely the cellular you recognize concerns and waves they can occur in this scenario so we’re examining this part of things as well so i’m now at the windiest component of my yard and as you can possibly listen to the wind muff which is right there is functioning flawlessly well i really hope so so yeah it’s quite windy right there as well as if i put it off you’ll definitely listen to some wind but we’re examining if it’s working or not well it’s not that windy but it’s it’s a good

wind and also men this is just how it appears without any kind of microphone so integrated mic of apple iphone 12 professional max it’s not as gusty below on my balcony but i think it appears okay so men as you can hear with dji microphone we obtain much less ambient sound as well as a little bit much better sound top quality than with the built-in microphone of the apple iphone and also now let’s reach the interior recording you can use this gadget independently without even the receiver only the transmitter as well as if you do videotape internally you have around 15 hours of taping time as well as also you’ll have wav documents of 24 little bits as well as 48 kilohertz just have some notes here as well as it’s an extremely easy plug-and-play remedy so you simply plug this in with the usb type-c wire to your computer system and it reveals up as a folder as well as you can immediately download and install the documents and collaborate with those so you have a little earphone jack right below and it’s a terrific thing to have but however when you connect in the headphones to this port or to your cam headphone sporting activity you obtain a little bit of lag like half a 2nd possibly and it’s a little bit bothersome worldwide allow’s go don’t have this problem you can hear practically in the very same time as people state something you can hear it right in your headphones with this one you get a little bit of a delay

which is really frustrating to be sincere i wish they can repair it with the firmware yet possibly not one even more concern with those transmitters is that you can not plug in the lavalier mics with securing system you can really plug those in but they can be quickly eliminated as well as it’s not a safe connection in any way so beware with those as well as if you have just the lock-in systems lavalier mics which are most of the time pretty pricey you’ll have some concerns with those so simply make use of the straight plug as well as play once or you need to take into consideration a different system it is what it is so also men you have an ability to utilize the security track feature only in moto mode so it will have -6 db um various tracks so the left channel will be a great one a routine one and also the other one will certainly be -6 db sort of a safety and security track attribute which is a great enhancement as well as now individuals allow’s have a look at the battery test so we’re checking as well as contrasting it to rode wireless go initially generation yet uh remember men that i’ve been using those lavalier microphones and cordless system

for around a year and a fifty percent so they can have a bit less battery life yet additionally it says that it has a rather excellent battery life on the dji system so allow’s check it out and currently concerning the billing time so if you lack batteries from 0 to 100 you can charge this receiver for 160 mins which is a great deal it’s greater than 2 hours and you can bill the transmitter for about 70 minutes a little bit greater than a hr which is respectable yet thinking about the moment of billing of the receiver it’s a rather lengthy time individuals so keep that in mind as well as beware most likely you need to bill it and keep it in case while the brakes or the dinner or something both the outputs and the earphone outputs the female outcomes are out of balance so this is another thing to think about also this system has a high pass filter of 150 hertz and the range of from 50 hertz to 20 kilohertz rather routine numbers to be straightforward the built-in microphone is omnidirectional which is pretty routine as well as alright it’s a condenser microphone and also it has an spl rating of 114 db and also another pretty awesome thing individuals is that we have this little magnet which can be connected right below it’s a very strong one so you can primarily put this below your t shirt and having just this little magnet outside which is terrific and mentioning placing this one to the tee shirt as you can see i have a rather bright green as well as traffic signal so the eco-friendly light is revealing the

link status as well as likewise the traffic signal is showing that we’re recording inside to the transmitter and it’s quite bright so beware with that so you’re not distracting your audience from the individual which remains in the structure and additionally i really simulate the food selection system and also the touch abilities of this little gadget it’s very uncomplicated rather simple to comprehend as well as to navigate as well as only understand it’s a far better service than merely one or two switches on the body like we have below on the roadway wireless go actually we have just one button right here as well as also a pair of switches right there one two 3 buttons and also that’s it so it’s a far more convenient way to make use of a system like this and also finally individuals the rate for this little beauty is from 300 to 320 depending upon where you get it on dnh it’s 320 and also it’s a pretty affordable cost to be honest rode cordless go 2 when it was releasing it had the cost factor of 300 however it has on the house situation and naturally you had to separately bill each gadget so 2 transmitters one receiver three separate usbc cords which is not that hassle-free to be truthful as well as additionally the application of the rode wireless go road central application if i’m not incorrect it’s extremely

difficult and it’s not that simple to utilize as this plug-and-play dji system so i would certainly go for dji i’m pretty pleased with the results and also if you have a great collection of degree vm microphones as well as you do keep an eye on the audio via the headphone jack you’ll be greater than fine and great as well as it’s a killer point for interviews and also for run as well as gun things so i truly highly suggest this item so individuals tell me please in the comments what’s your favorite wireless system for recording audio with 2 transmitters and also one receiver probably i really did not see and also really did not try out some other systems so every one of your thoughts down listed below if you did appreciate this video clip please wreck the like and subscribe bottles as i claim my videos and also struck the alerts bell below are a pair of videos for you to watch following my name is alec mckitten no restrictions on channel see you people in the next make sure bye

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