It CHANGED the way I FILM! Review Insta360 Go 2

what’s excellent people my name is alek nikitian from russia with love you’re watching no limits on channel and also today we’re having a review of airpods pro i imply insta 360 most likely to a really fascinating activity cam so allow’s review that to start with full disclosure insta360 did send me the video camera as well as all of those accessories but they do not get to preview the video clip before it’s uploaded as well as i will offer you my truthful ideas and opinions well individuals consider that that’s a lemon tree see that great huh first of all allow me inform you that this is not your initial camera or not your second i mean an electronic camera or a b electronic camera it’s a special cam activity electronic camera as well as an unique purpose electronic camera and also i have to admit that this camera has a really wide capability thanks to the accessories we’re having right here so maintain that in mind and also we’ll talk concerning every one of the devices in a couple of minutes first off this lens has f 2.2 aperture as well as 11.3 millimeter area of sight in full frame equivalent as well as take a look at this case it’s a bit larger than the airpods professional and also the electronic camera itself is just little consider that it’s this tiny it’s uh the dimension of my thumb currently it’s also smaller than my thumb really so it’s a wonderful point to have with you at all times and also specifically during taking a trip and also i took this cam to sochi city to the republic of abhasia and additionally to the gym so you’ll be seeing every one of this footage during this review consider this place men it’s similar to magic the maximum resolution is 1440p approximately 50 frames a 2nd as well as additionally you can

record 120 structures per secondly completely hd top quality the cam does have different settings yet my biggest idea is to make use of the pro mode it unlocks the unique function of this electronic camera we’ll speak about it in a 2nd as well as additionally it gives you with the most effective picture top quality as well as in the application you can set the only button on this cam this set to be the professional setting beginning record as well as quit record so you’ll always be tape-recording in professional setting and also do not mistakenly tape-record a reduced quality video footage in a typical video mode for example the photo quality in great illumination problems in 1440p is sufficient for me for an action electronic camera this little so it’s rather okay that’s pretty stunning but men really we are stuck this is our automobile the russian us automobile however we are stuck and also we are having a big traffic congestion right here and it’s it’s drizzling actually and also we’re sitting right here for like 15 minutes already and also there is no indicator of obtaining better the engine just died you can most definitely use this electronic camera without a load of devices so today i mosted likely to a health club to you recognize inflate the muscular tissues as well as really i was making use of just the instance itself with the discoloration like mini tripod this function right below also i was making use of the electronic camera itself with its magnetic place and also ultimately i was using the locket

which is right here it’s magnetic as well as it connects to your breast basically affixes the electronic camera via the tee shirt to the locket as well as it was a truly nice combination and also i obtained a lots of various angles as well as video footage so you do not in fact need and also have to get a lots of devices for this video camera russian sauna as well as since we’re talking about the accessories this is package that it includes and here are the placing capabilities of this box i mean of the sets in this box so below we have a little situation which is the charging situation itself as well as additionally it has a tiny tripod as i stated quarter inch thread likewise usb type-c for charging and shipping your documents to your computer system additionally here we have a tiny screen which is pretty wonderful two switches record and also setting button as well as also it doubles as a battery charger right below also right here we have the cam itself it’s a magnetic place on the back and additionally in the base kit we obtain this little clamp which is a head clamp a cap clamp so a small clamp allow me state and also it has an adjustable device possibly is very loud at my microphone which is

right here so here we have a small up adapter with a band as well as you can lug it around with this little adapter however the coolest thing is the adhesive and it can be made use of multiple times by the means so if you cover up the protector you can any type of surface area primarily as well as when it’s not sticking any longer you can clean it up with something damp or simply wash it after that dry it up and after that you can use it once more so it’s a fantastic little point excellent device and i simulate it and if you do not make use of the sticky on the back it functions as a tiny selfie stick thus pretty wonderful one you get a usb type c cable for billing a cleaning fabric right here and a necklace which i’ve spoken about earlier and also that’s it for the fundamental kit and also now let’s speak about all the various other accessories that i have below as well as you can acquire those separately so the accessories let’s begin with the largest one right here is the bring instance for all of your devices right here we have the unique areas for every one of the devices right here on the table as well as below we have an unique compartment which can fit a lot of various things consisting of the selfie stick right here it’s a rather bulky situation to be honest allow me do like so so you can see the name yet it’s a very excellent top quality instance and i definitely do recommend if you purchase a lots of devices for your insta 360.the second thing is the selfie stick right here and also it’s a really very really great top quality selfie stick it’s a rather long selfie stick as you can see right below um possibly 80 centimeters and it’s extremely stiff and also durable as well as i actually like the top quality we have a quarter inch right below and a quarter inch right below so we can use it as it is as a selfie stick or to just elevate up your electronic camera so it’s an extremely excellent high quality selfie stick i do suggest it if you know with gopro accessories below we have home plate this is the level one as well as below we have the link factor and additionally we have a bent one right here it’s a bent one and also we have some glue right here one 2 three four so we can stick it up there and use it to mount it to an auto or elsewhere as well as we have an unique locking system and also the cam owner thing itself we have a 2nd one below the white one if you want and also the locking system which resembles this the like gopros make use of and after that we have a little pivot install which enables you to install the electronic camera to a stand with a quarter inch thread and generally turn it to any instructions which is additionally great so men as you can see we have a lots of mounting options and also

devices and also you’ll be certainly great with this broad package so it has some drawbacks and downsides in terms of melting however i’ll speak a little about it in a couple of minutes yeah it’s a pretty long evaluation guys i’m really sorry that i claim regularly we’ll discuss it in a few minutes in a couple of seconds however i’m kind of chasing myself in this term so my apologies for it allowed’s go better a great deal of individuals choose to shoot this sort of activities with their phones particularly with iphone 13 pro max as an example with the ultra vast camera as well as here’s the comparison in between the go 2 and also the iphone 13 professional max ultra white yeah i do prefer the picture of iphone 13 pro max a little bit extra however you can not place your iphone right below or fire some action like you can with this little video camera as well as it’s a rather effective plan if you know what you’re finishing with this video camera talking about pro mode versus normal mode i shot some shots in fact in the city of moscow in the

downtown during the xmases time and as you can see it’s a quite reduced light circumstance it’s not the best quality video footage but it’s hard to obtain a high quality footage from such tiny sensing units like mobile phones action cams in those lighting conditions so it’s even more than alright to me yet i do prefer the pro mode it gives me some capabilities to modify the image in article please do use this mode if you more than happy sufficient to get this camera once well it’s not a low light cam as i have actually discussed before as well as you likewise obtain some artefacts of stabilization this camera needs one over 400 of a 2nd shutter speed to properly support your footage without those ghosting artifacts so be careful in reduced light circumstances and also attempt not to run a lot with this camera or otherwise to you understand point it like crazy to all of the important things just be gentle as well as accurate and also the footage will certainly be more than fine however if you are doing something really quick it’s gon na be a complete mess of ghosting and also blur and also simply do not do such as so please it’s drizzling and also we’re pertaining to a waterfall they claim it’s a huge falls and also it’s lovely yet individuals it’s not extremely comfortable to be below consider that so men given that my recommendations is to fire in professional mode let’s speak about the restrictions of this mode first of all it’s a 10 minute limitation so you can not fire more than 10 minutes in this mode it will stop tape-recording after 10 mins so it’s not for very long takes that’s the initial point the 2nd point is the

overheating issue due to the fact that after 10 mins of shooting in professional setting in 1440p especially in 50 frames per second it’s obtaining warm and it overheats and also shuts off which is a pity so i was using this camera thus i was doing some short ruptureds here is one shot there is round and so on as well as in such situation it’s more than fine like in gym i just took one shot with i don’t know with one tools then i mosted likely to various other did some pull-ups after that i mosted likely to various other did some other workouts as well as in this term this camera is remarkable it does not overheat it has enough storage for me however if you do long takes it’s not gon na be a cam for you unfortunately well individuals we’re practically here and also about the battery life in pro mode you’ll obtain around 25 minutes from this unit itself but it will overheat as i stated in 10 minutes so it’s kind of 25 minutes of split takes so you go there you fire something after that after five minutes you fire another thing after 5 minutes you fire something else as well as in overall you get 25 mins of footage and if you are making use of the case you’ll get around one hr of recording and for me it suggests that i can take this camera for a pair of days and also have a ton of video shot for example like right here in the pasio we mosted likely to falls and also i really did not take my back

video camera with me it was pretty rainy and also unsafe and also all that things and it just took some shots of the waterfall after that i took some shots of myself chatting to you men so for this situation this cam is greater than alright and i had no problems lugging it around with me without charging for like two or 3 days once again if you do require a load of footage as well as a great deal of shooting time this might not be the most effective selection so the memory is built right into the camera itself so you have 28 jobs of useful storage and it’s around 45 minutes as well as 1440p 25 frameworks per second pro setting and high bitrate as well as likewise there is a version of this camera with 64 gigs you can pay extra 30 and also get 64 gigs and round 58 will certainly be functional for you as well as your storage space your videos so there are 2 main restrictions the storage and the shooting time i mean the overheating issue so this camera is truly designed for short bursts for smaller takes which’s the situation in my situation in fact because i do favor this kind of shooting i despise making with i do not know 10 mins of the exact same footage like i’m riding a bike or something i do not need 10 mins i need 15 seconds right here 15 secs there and after that i can make a brief video for you people for example by the method the video camera itself this little guy is water-proof ipx6 and you can drop undersea for 3 meters but this situation the billing case is not water resistant so very first you can dry out the camera dry up dry make it dry very first and after that placed it to the case since this is not

water-proof so men as you might have seen this camera offers you a lot of liberty and also imaginative abilities and also if you wish to see the complete capacity of this cam i extremely recommend you watch a video by my faves one of favorites youtube designers as well as filmmakers phillip blossom a little web link down below as well as he’s stressed with this cam and also this video clip is simply outstanding so after viewing this video if you still below as well as you like the content go there and provide a philip yell out from russia with love from no restrictions on channel that we really appreciate it men so let’s carry on as i stated prior to the mountain alternatives are not the ideal ones so below is the only install that can safeguard the video camera very highly and it’s not going anywhere if you’re even touching it like insane and also attempting to kick it out of the place i simply hit record once more you put it right into the clamp like so and afterwards you have to place it out of it it’s not one of the most hassle-free method initially due to the fact that most of the moment you put simply it like so and it’s simply magnets to the mount but this install considering that it’s strong indeed yet you can actually shed the cam but like so it’s quite durable yet if it encounter something something it’s gon na drop off so it’s not the very best choice for mountain biking or some kind of you recognize action support uh when it shakes a whole lot so you have to buy an additional device

that repairs it right into location in a really strong way wasn’t it so men now let’s discuss the app naturally you can monitor your image right below and also in pro setting if i tilt the camera it stays leveled all the time oh no it remains in pro video i claimed yeah in pro video clip you see i turn the camera yet it remains leveled it maintains the perspective leveled which is awesome so here we have various settings like time lapse mode time changes also hdr video clip slow-moving movement also online streaming which we don’t require actually then we have the video clip setting the common one the photos evening shots interval and also star gap with significant significant uh direct exposures i i don’t understand iso from 3200 to 100 then the shutter the white equilibrium every little thing is actually tweakable if i can state so so allow’s get to pro video as soon as again below we can change the conventional the vibrant color or the log even which i am not recommending to make use of criterion is ample we have truly pressed video to collaborate with log here we can transform the view however we additionally can do it in post so in fact you can see my microphone up there yet you can see it like so i do prefer the direct or slim if i do require it yet it’s pretty you know cropped in as well as the top quality is not the ideal so straight is the finest one in my opinion also right here we have our resolution the framework price and the element proportion which is adjustable in post even which is also trendy so here we have the cd and also as you can see i was swimming right below we can inspect the footage and also we can do a great deal of

various points it’s not as fast due to the fact that it’s 1440p 50 frames per 2nd but really we can tap and also hold to scroll and even tap as well as hold to alter the frame and also as you can see we have some black spots so it’s not such as completely 360 yet you can transform the angle a little bit like so likewise we can add some effects and we can include various modes of view we have once more the adjustment of aspect proportion face filters songs even different changes so we can download the clip we can export the clip and so forth and also if we go to tales setting we can even develop a tale out of various structures for circumstances one 2 three four and afterwards we get flashcards we alter i suggest we choose the period let it be six seconds and it will certainly pre-process it for us it will change the songs it will certainly choose the music for you as well as actually make some changes and all that stuff that’s my partner’s butt to be truthful as well as uh yeah it’s quite laggy right here because i’m display recording too yet you can export it it will be downloaded and install to your phone’s major cd which is fantastic [Music] so individuals in general the app is simply terrific and also it has a lots of performance

and it did enjoy utilizing this app for certain so large thumbs ups for the app it’s a little laggy every now and then yet overall no issues so people now i’m tape-recording the screen of my computer system as well as allow’s most likely to the insta 360 studio app for your mac computer or pc so here is the insta360 camera right here we have all of the data we just drag and also drop those and also it will certainly type of collaborate with the video as you can see right below it’s a quite fast process given that this is a usb type-c link with usb 3.0 if i’m not mistaken possibly it’s not 3.0 but it’s quite fast which’s my great face right below so below you can delete a file if you don’t require it merely go right below as well as delete also we can take this for example and we can experience this documents like so as you can see i’m attempting my finest in this kind of stuff and we can adjust the angle just press and also you can simply do it thus likewise we can transform the aspect proportion for tales for example thus or do the square thus allow’s maintain it back below additionally we can trim the video clip so we simply cut it like this absolutely nothing as well crazy we can adjust the rate we can increase time it if we want to we can add activity blur for the for this component as you can see here motion blur we can alter the rate period like 2 times four times and so on or simply remove the rapid activity after that we likewise have if we go here we have the circulation state stablizing which i suggest utilizing all the time we likewise have the fpv stablizing yet it doesn’t truly make any kind of feeling to me a minimum of so fpv means that it will certainly be in the as you can view as it was and the flow state is keeping

the horizon leveled all times so when i switched it to this setting as you can see the perspective is still leveled and i do my thing pumping up my hands are so odd on this shot so let’s maintain going right here we have the angle view as i said i do prefer direct for this term we have aquavision for underwater shots and also it will certainly change the shade of your shots additionally we have real audio or action focus or voice focus i guess it’s pretty all right for simply a real sound we can save the job we can see the information concerning the documents and afterwards we can export this data right here we can set the little bit rate we can set the file course likewise we can alter it equalize to four to two prores which is wonderful and afterwards we can export or add it to a queue additionally we can set export the files which is good we can choose all of the documents and we can hit the appropriate click beginning export as well as here we can establish the bit price which is high we can select h. 265 for circumstances add flow state stablizing or we can pick fpv for all of the clips we can make remove grain as an example if you are contending evening as well as it will certainly eliminate grain decent work but i do not recommend it anyway don’t make use of shade plus for certain we can alter the aspect proportion right below for every one of those clips we can change the file course and also start export as well as we’ll export all the batch one at a time which is terrific so generally you can collaborate with each clip

independently or you can just batch export those pro video clips and after that open those in last cut and also deal with normal video footage which is excellent as well as functional as well as general it’s pretty basic yet really worthwhile app and also it’s complimentary by the means so once more thumbs up for the workshop app this thing aggravates me a lot you have to regularly press this button to reconnect the video camera in case why isn’t it connected by default when you open the case insta360 do something with it when it’s out of the situation and it has actually to be connected i do understand it but if it remains in the instance why as well as currently let’s speak about the cost it costs 270 on b h which is a lot for an activity camera as well as you can purchase something like sony x 3000 for those money yet really it’s a little various function as a little action cam or interesting point of view video camera this is a no-brainer as a result of the dimension the weight the adaptability the functionality the accessories despite this bass combo right here so in my viewpoint it’s actually worth it specifically if you obtain a number of accessories as well however if you want like an initial camera like a camera it’s not an a video camera it’s not even a.

vlogger’s cam it’s an added spices for your video clips some interesting angles some cool shots something uncertain let me state as well as for those types of things it states go after journey on the box itself and also i assume this is what it’s everything about it’s about the experience it has to do with the interest as philly flower said uh about the imagination and also in this term i do enjoy this video camera and also it truly influenced me that i chose to make a video clip like a pov video of a photographer like in a ruin game or initial factor shooter game so if you’re into this as well as you desire me to do this wreck the like and subscribe containers as i state in my video clips as well as additionally if you did enjoy this video guys and struck the notifications bell to see even more videos that i do often men my name is aleknie cooking area from russia with love you’re enjoying no limitations on network and also i wish you did appreciate this video clip individuals because it’s been a long time i’m taping for one hr straight right currently but i do record at the same time the the russian channel and the english one so it’s increases whoo rather long day respectable cam in my viewpoint interesting one so men take treatment as well as i see you in the next video you can watch a couple of video clips right below as well hereafter one and also after that go to phillybloom’s too take care people bye.