freewheel firm has actually sent me the filters vnd filters with mist impact for mavic 2 professional allow’s find out is it any type of excellent [Music] what’s good individuals my name is electric eating you’re seeing no limits on channel from russia with love and today we’re going to discover out what is a mist filter just how does it affect the mavic 2 professional picture high quality and all that stuff so allow’s go so men allow’s begin with the essentials why do we require nd filters a lot of the drones have 2.8 aperture certainly the mavic 2 pro has physical aperture and we can shut it up to f11 for example however on f11 the picture obtains softer because of the impacts of diffraction and also we don’t desire to have this and also if we close during the bright day the aperture approximately f11 will obtain the shutter around 2 1 over 250 which is not the proper shutter as you know we require the shutter in 25 structures per 2nd one over 50 as well as in 50 frames per second as an example one over 100 yet we can not attain this with the physical aperture on the mavic 2 professional and also obviously we can refrain from doing this on the air to ask for instance due to the fact that it has a set aperture and throughout the bright day will certainly crank up the shutter speed for like one over four thousand or one over 2 which is bad so this is the normal blur the movement blur we obtain when we fire on one over 50 shutter however when we shoot on a various shutter speed we obtain kind of jerkier movement and also we don’t desire to have this since we require the cinematic activity i dislike the word motion picture but it is what it is our eyes are made use of to this movement blur as well as yeah we need an nd filter to accomplish this in any type of drone basically so now allow’s talk concerning what mist filters do essentially they soften up a little the highlights of your image and make total feeling concerning the image is sort of a little softer yeah the picture itself is kind of a little softer and we all recognize that drones they have a tendency to give us extremely sharp and extremely digital looking picture as well as we really wish to soften that up a little the mavic 2 professional offers you with not that sharp picture high quality it’s sort of a little softer than the air 2s as an example but when we apply the mist filter it gets even extra soft you can see on those

instances just how highlights are being dealt with by this filter and also what’s cool concerning those filters from freewell that we obtain two filters with different nd stops from nd2 to nd9 generally as well as you have a substantial series of choice of nd plus the missed out on capability as well as the missed appearance so you can definitely see the difference on both photos side-by-side or one at a time despite just how i reveal it to you and let’s continue it’s additionally vital to state that the gimbal itself is working perfectly well with those filters which is essential the construct quality of those filters is just superb they can be found in this little situation with magnets on the front cap and generally they are made out of plastic i hunch but it seems like it’s aluminum made made out of light weight aluminum sorry for my english people and you can quickly change your nd degree rotating this little red ring and also it’s actually comfy to utilize so my thumbs up for the construct quality without a doubt also freewheel business made those filters type of immune to all the things like sand you recognize dirt finger prints as well as also the declines of the rain so if you left a finger print on it you just wipe it with a i don’t recognize a tee or something as well as you proceed flying which is great thank you freewill business for sending out those filters to me i truly appreciate it and people struck such as well as subscribe containers if you likewise use the free choice business merch products and also you are pleased with those items and also now the most interesting component the photo top quality with the filters and also

without the filters basically you can immediately see the environment-friendly cast of the filters as well as we’ll see the distinction between different nd quits and we have even sort of a you understand low opacity filter which is a little darker than without a filter then we have from two to 9 quits on two various filters so one is from no sort of zero to 5 stops as well as the various other one from 6 to nine stops the eco-friendly actors is conveniently correctable in article as well as i can match those photos with and without a filter like so yeah it’s simple people so the green cast is not a concern and now allow’s see the highlights for love as well as all that stuff so as you can see people nd9 is extremely dark you see the building which is white as well as it’s lit by the sun it’s a kind of a sundown yet it does not matter and you can use just one filter with the mavic 2 pro due to the fact that the mavic 2 pro’s sharpest aperture is around 5.6 to f 7.1 and you can use like uh nd2 or nd4 with the one filter as well as make use of the 2nd one in some diplomatic immunity situation i do not understand where like in the center of the desert with white sand during you understand the midday and also now individuals allow’s examine the highlights roll off with as well as without a filter we can primarily see type of an identical photo in terms of highlights roll off perhaps it’s a little softer with the filter applied and also i can most definitely claim that with the filter on you have lower comparison so generally the entire photo looks like uh it’s s log photo as well as lastly about the rate the rate for those filters for the set of 2 filters vnd mist filters is just 50 which is a piece of cake i guess due to the fact that we get two filters great construct quality good photo quality the eco-friendly cast is not a concern especially if you fire in 10 little bits d-log on the mavic 2 pro or in 10-bit with the air-2s which also has those filters we can get those for the air to ass as well and also yep individuals to me it’s a great offer naturally individuals you

need to set the nd degree before you fly and examine the exposure prior to you fly because while you’re flying you won’t have the ability to change the nd level and also of course you’ll be making use of the aperture of the mavic 2 professional or the shutter rate of the air 2s if the sunlight goes like behind some cloud for instance but i’m actually pleased with the result of those filters you can buy those filters for your drone if you do not have some filters for instance the air 2s pro combo kit or like fly a lot more combo kit it has the filters however they are dealt with filters and also the indeed in my point of view is a little much better and also i really enjoyed the picture quality of those filters as well as by the way i hope you taken pleasure in the footage made on the pink like in russia yes attractive so guys please share thoughts regarding those filters in the remark section below also tell me what filters you utilize for your drones i’m truly interested to read your remarks additionally don’t fail to remember to smash the like and also subscribe buttons to see more of my videos as well as the alerts bell to be informed when i put on my next video two times a week incidentally this was electing kitchen that channel is called no limitation track from russia with love as well as i see you people oh no no no wait here’s my instagram right here are a couple of video clips for you to see next and also i see you in the following that’s been it thank you bye