Are you KIDDING me? 400mm on a phone?

just how to level up your mobile digital photography and videography video game you can get a better phone like iphone 12 pro max or you can acquire a collection of lenses which are the external lenses for circumstances like those from stereo business and also level up your game in that way [Music] what’s heros my name is electrical consuming and also you’re watching no limits on network and also you rate to my technology kitchen area today i have two sets of lenses from survey firm yeah it’s a c rui but it’s pronounced like su ray and basically those are the lenses for your mobile phones allow’s begin with a smaller sized plan this is the study three lenses set the macro lens the fisheye lens and also 18 millimeter ultra wide lens additionally we have here the unique install it merely snaps onto your phone for example onto my apple iphone 8 yeah it’s not the very best one but it has just one electronic camera right here and also essentially it’s kind of you understand enhancing my digital photography game a whole lot with this phone the iphone 12 pro max has a large angle camera it’s 13 millimeters not an 18 but still you can use this lens on the major cam only the major video camera can be made use of with

those lenses essentially as well as additionally right here in the set we have the zipper bag some cleaning towel also the bluetooth remotes begin quit or simply to take a photo shutter release button so the situation itself is quite nicely constructed it has an unique caribbean and also these lenses are shielded you also have another safety cover and also all of the lenses have tiny little you understand install guard as well as the front cover protector thus allow’s attempt to mount among those lenses onto the phone so guys we took off the cover of the lens and of the lens mount then we take this installing you understand snapping thing and also we just sort of line the small sections of the lens and afterwards we turn it and also it’s secured in after that we placed it onto the phone thus and also we look like from over to level it as much as line the electronic camera itself as well as the lens so let me record a small portion so you rate to my technology kitchen area individuals right here is it below below is it here it is my tech cooking area my a camera my big cam my c electronic camera my lighting my laptop computer my whatever and myself this is the fisheye

I provided this lens to my partner she wasn’t sochi you know the olympics in sochi as well as she made one shot with it so right here’s the shot as well as some various other shots from me from moscow from kremlin and also from my yard below it is [ Music] focus exactly how broad it is contrasted to the regular lens of iphone 8 it’s a lot much larger as well as it’s a great deal of fun to use now allow’s place on a macro lens it’s a quite fun lens to make use of so allow’s place this on line it up and also as you can see now this lens does not concentrate in all only the macro abilities so allow’s see this two ray logo design this fisheye lens like so or the keyboard you see the control button right below yeah so it’s a fun lens to make use of here are some even more samples of this lens as well as it’s a lot closer than utilizing the routine mode the regular cam it doesn’t allow you to obtain as close as this macro lens can and now men i’m videotaping this on the 18 millimeter lens which is a vast angle lens it’s not oh my microphone it’s not as wide as the 13 millimeter ultra wide on the iphone 12 but as you can see similar to this it’s.

getting much much broader if i utilize this lens instead of a routine apple iphone 8 regular 28 if i’m not mistaken on 26 millimeter miller mirror lens west now concerning the downsides and also benefits of this kit it’s a really good set the develop quality of every one of the lenses is rather good they are constructed out of aluminum i hunch or steel the placing factor device is also an extremely strong one the bag is quite durable but really i won’t be lugging it around with the bag i assumption i simply put those lenses out as well as toss it into some soft bags so it takes much less area in my backpack but i did enjoy using those lenses as well as if you make use of a telephone mobile phone an old telephone you recognize and also if you are making use of a smartphone with only one video camera and also you don’t intend to purchase a much better more recent one for much far more cash you can in fact pay around 120 130 bucks for this package and you’ll be able to make use of a macro lens a fisheye lens and also a low distortion broad angle lens on your routine iphone 10 r apple iphone 8 mobile phones from android as well as all that things so in my point of view it’s a wonderful selection if you don’t wish to pay additional and if you can obtain around to.

making use of the you know the clamp to install the lenses and to swap the lenses right around so i such as this package and also right here is a little surprise survey 400 millimeters for your mobile phone well 400 mils on the smart device sounds like crazy so this set has the tripod the mini tripod and also the bow head since without it you just can’t normally utilize this lens since it just calls for some stable surface additionally you get this install it has two points of turning and also you can primarily place it to any phone of any type of size and also a very nice install and also the lens itself it is with the cover on both sides and you need to by hand focus this lens so it’s as you can see possibly it goes one side as well as the opposite the picture quality is not that great you have a great deal of chromatic aberrations the absence of intensity and also general it’s even more of a fun lens to make use of than any kind of specialist definitely not an expert lens so let’s try to install it so men here it is the lens is pretty big and also hefty it resembles a telescope actually as well as you can see just how i was firing the main clock of russia with my original lens as well as with this 400 millimeter lens of course.

this lens can not concentrate in this area since it’s you know not that close focusing distance lens but you can experiment with it in a you know larger space like out of the home window like i did below trying to capture an airplane like i did below or just you understand have some fun the top quality is not that great the rate is around 150 bucks which is a great deal but you can essentially take into this larger instance each and every single lens and also the lens place inside of this instance into right here as well as bring around only this larger case with every one of 3 lenses from this this larger one this placing point the clamp and also all that things yeah it has the miniature tripod the ball head the great installing device however general i do not see myself using this combination in any way surrey is making a big step forward 400 millimeters on the phone is a great option but it’s except me in fact so please people share your ideas in the remark area below if you do appreciate using your lenses for your smartphones likewise there is a moment case for the lenses so essentially your placing factor your [Music] mount gets on the phone on the case itself as well as you do not have to make use of the placing mechanism or the clamp as well as share your ideas in the remark area listed below as i claimed as well as if you simulated the content on my channel please wreck the like and also subscribe bottles as i claim in my video clips and i’ll see you men in the following video as well as by the method do not neglect to strike the bell for alerts take treatment guys bye.

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