In Depth review Atomos Ninja V Recorder Monitor | The Best addition to Sony a7s III

items ninja 5 or v whatever you call this i’ mma acquired this since i’m acquiring sony a7s3 i have simply pre-ordered this currently and also this is a wonderful buddy to the electronic camera of this year i make sure it will be the video camera of the year so let’s go individuals what’s heros my name is electric kitchen area as well as you’re viewing no limits on the network concerning a privilege of being a consultant as well as you’re welcome to my technology kitchen area this is the atomos ninja five i’m i’ ma call it 5 as well as western electronic blue ssd disc for one terabyte is a terrific friend to this as this is an excellent buddy to sony a7s iii so i’ ma inform you everything regarding this system just how it functions how it contrasts to utilizing simply the internal recording also what devices you’ll require to get as well as whatever you require to learn about this beast of a device so people it’s time to open this up as we open up the box right here is the device itself it’s not hefty but you recognize it feels really excellent in the hands it’s all metal besides the back it’s so the plastic one here we have our microphone line in also the headphone jack which behaves the remote controller power button the hdmi in so you’ll be connecting in your electronic camera right here correct it right into this hdmi port hdmi out so you can send out the signal out to the director’s display for instance likewise below we get the strings for placing this onto the cam or to installing some devices onto the footwear below is the multi interface device from atomos so we’ll be connecting in some additional devices such as sdi or time code units but you’ll require to purchase it individually as well as also below’s the port for the battery and also here’s the port for the ssd i picked the western digital blue one terabyte which remained in the listing by atomos so it is a good choice for this system it will certainly be sticking out a little however it’s alright for me we’ll place this aside as well as now we’ll take a look what’s within this box so guys i took whatever out of package and also the initial thing we have here is some documentation it claims welcome to the atomos family members which is extremely good from them it’s an excellent firm as well as they like their customers so right here it is additionally you have 3 years guarantee when you register your devices in the atomos website which is the additionally we have here various adapters for different outlets so below we have the european one the british one the

american one and also the unusual one i do not also recognize what it is so additionally we have the unique adapter to connect in the dc so you’ll be utilizing simply the regular outlet so you plug this in additionally you have this power adapter also you can put it in and afterwards you screw it like so as well as it is securing link so it’s not going anywhere so you’ll be secure which is likewise extremely good kind of tough as well as right here you can plug in some various adapters so mine is the european one so i remain in russia we have the european adapter so simply slide it in till it clicks and also it prepares to go and also the last piece of tools right here is the atomos caddy so as you can see we can open this system up as well as right here we have some small screws so we placed our ssd drive directly right into here and afterwards we merely close it after that we um make this screws done and afterwards we slide it like so to the atomos ninja 5 itself so this is the excellent option so if you don’t intend to get the angel bird ssds which are suitable properly the atomos ninja 5 you can make use of the typical one the ssd which comes to the computer this is whatever that can be found in the box it’s a pretty tiny set and also you’ll require to purchase some devices with the aid of the magic of modifying i’ll be showing you those things a little bit later in this video clip and we’ll be assessing the all the you understand things the little bits and pieces regarding this system a bit later however you’ll see it now what’s heros today we’re reviewing atomos ninja 5 recorder recorder let me stress this out due to the fact that as a screen it’s not the most effective selection i had a separate video about contrasting this screen as well as tape-recorded to my tiny hd focus 5. So if you’re interested please go there and after that return here so this recorder is regarding to be assessed so the initial as well as the most popular attribute of this screen is its ability to tape professional res and also dnx hd or hq so these are the styles that help a lot with your editing system you can simply plug in the ssd directly from right here to your computer system and also edit off of it and also without downloading actually the footage right there as well as in fact apple progress and also dnx hd are much a lot much a lot more convenient codecs as well as your computer system is not kind of repping out your data from the video camera which are the h. 264 and also the long up compression from the sony a7s ii which is a much much heavier lots on your computer and also your handling power also you can boost your camera capacities as an example my sony a7s ii records just 8bit 420 inside and externally i have the ability to get 4 to 2 still eight bits however some various cameras can record even from 8 bit to 10 little bit to an outside recorder which is fantastic and also when the sony a7s iii arrives to me i’ll have the ability to tape-record 12 little bit professional res raw to this recorder and additionally i’ll have the ability to tape-record 16 little bit raw in a later firmware i really hope so another benefit of this atomos video recorder is also that it can be an audio recorder for example you can record 2 networks from your electronic camera using hdmi as well as two networks independently since it has the mic line then you can tape a different 2 channel audio and also you have every one of the four networks audio in your modifying system editing and enhancing software in fact and you’ll be able to tape-record a meeting with two people at the same time without using a second electronic camera or a separate audio recorder also you can establish your hdmi and also your recorder to be a videotaped trigger so you press the document button on your cam and also

records both right into the sd card of the camera as well as to the recorder itself additionally you can tape-record the feed from the cam with all of the settings so it’s the hdmi signal with your autofocus with your all the setups the white equilibrium and also all that stuff so your viewers will certainly have the ability to see every one of your settings right here right now it’s far more hassle-free method than just firing the back of your electronic camera like i used to do if your video camera has just one sd card you currently have the capability to make your immediate backup so you can videotape to the recorder and to the sd card yet uh for the sony video cameras before sony a7s 3 it sort of makes your autofocus with faces and also eyes handicapped so maintain that in mind yet sony a7s iii has no constraints when dealing with the exterior recorder so you can videotape to both sd cards or cf share kind a cards to a recorder and still have your eye monitoring and all the benefits utilizing this external recorder you now no more have the thirty minutes restriction on your cams some video cameras don’t have it internally like sony a6600 or a6400 or sony a7s3 yet the more you recognize old cams they do have the limitation so currently you’re able to tape as long as your battery is all right yet remember if you’re recording to both the sd card and to your recorder you will certainly be limited to half an hour as a result of the sd card will not tape for more than 30

mins internally only externally when utilizing a one terabyte ssd you’ll be able to record as much as 6 as well as a half hrs of pro res lt approximately four and a half hrs of prores 422 and approximately 2 with some mins of hours in professional res hq the exact same numbers can be related to dnxhd codex also i located out that it’s a lot easier and also less expensive to use this taped as well as the one terabyte ssd than purchasing separately for 256 jobs of memory cards v90 cards for your sony a7s 3 because it will certainly be sort of the same cache but you’ll get even more a lot more from this person you will certainly get a screen a respectable one you’ll get prores videotaping you’ll obtain quick modifying by means of ssd straight to your computer system it’s just a much better alternative so if you’re eagerly anticipating acquire a sony a7s3 or if you currently have one this is a very excellent complementary point for you a little downside of this building and construction is that the caddy of the ssd is a little bit winky and also you can type of you know flex it a little bit and also it protrudes of this recorder but it’s a minor point i’ve never ever had a concern with it it’s just a little bit lightweight additionally you can relabel your documents whatever you desire to you can call it any way you desire yet you will certainly still have a rather long name as a result of the data naming system in here yet it’s still really convenient because in the cams prior to sony a7 s3 we had a pretty shitty system of naming the new name will certainly be used just after formatting your ssd so keep that in mind posting the brand-new firmware as well as your luts is pretty basic and also uncomplicated you just plug in your ssd you download and install the firmware you download the luts and also later on you can post it to the recorder itself it

takes a couple of seconds really and also it’s very great and convenient it lacks the devices in the package and also the kit with accessories is simply significantly significantly costly so i have actually gotten some accessories and all of the links will be in the description listed below so what are the accessories i acquired a simple screw which just screws right below with a cool footwear adapter it’s a great touch here you can just put simply here your microphone or something additionally below is a cam install actually the display install which can be turned 360 degrees and also it’s additionally turning it’s an extremely good one not a low-cost one really yet you understand it’s around 12 that’s alright likewise i acquired the unique wire which is usb 3.0 to sata 3.0 to connect in to your computer system your ssd drive after you have completed your recording also what do i have right here i have some duda pro europro batteries and a twin battery charger which bills the batteries from no to a hundred percent for concerning six to 7 hours so you’ll need a pair of battery chargers and a number of batteries really it’s a 2 batteries charger and it bills using mini usb so you can plug in your power bank as well as bill it while you’re shooting in your backpack which behaves it’s a pretty inexpensive service however still the batteries are pretty great additionally i acquired a special hdmi cord which is hdmi 2.0 to videotape 4k 50 from sony a7s 3. It’s sort of a you recognize angled and it’s rather great it will be like so but it’s a 30 centimeters cord possibly a half a meter cord would certainly be a far better selection however still i’ll discover it out a bit later and also the last but not the least is the little cage actually you can utilize it with your ipad mini it’s a situation for ipad mini it’s a really soft one as well as it safeguards your screen extremely safely it fits perfectly as you might see because you certainly don’t wish to scrape your screen and there is an another good touch if your battery dies in your video camera or if the battery dies in your recorder or if you somehow plug out your ssd the data will not be corrupted it will be secure as well as recorded approximately the moment when you simply plug out the ssd or the battery passes away which is an excellent one so people overall i do appreciate atomos ninja 5 as a recorder and also i do advise this tool particularly if you have your sony a7s iii or you’re playing to buy this set is simply a fantastic excellent addition especially thinking about the cost of those small asd cards of b90 cards that are able to videotape 4k 50 or 4k 120. so we’re proceeding to the quote of the episode the capacity to make accountable giving ins is evidence of sound judgment jane austen the english writer certainly for me after utilizing the tiny hd focus the atomos ninja 5 is sort of a compromise however i’m being smart as well as i’m all right with those little peculiarities and problems with the surveillance functions of this however as a recorder it is simply beautiful as well as it truly helps me out with my operations so individuals that’s been it as well as the concern of the episode do you utilize atomos ninja 5 what do you think about it or possibly do you utilize something else please share your thoughts in the comment area listed below right there below the like and also subscribe containers hit those containers if you really did not already and if you appreciate my content without a doubt this was electric kitchen area my technology kitchen area and also no restrictions on hope you learn some brand-new things from this take care individuals see you in the next one bye you

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