Review Vivo X60 Pro Zeiss camera phone plus built-in gimbal!

so yeah the vivo x60 pro certainly ain’t inexpensive at 750 quid here in the uk it’s more expensive than some adversaries like the oneplus 9 and about the same cost as xiaomi’s me 11 and the samsung galaxy s21 some pretty luscious event there but the question is if you chucked all of these telephones into some kind of bizarre smartphone thunderdome would the vivo x60 pro stand any probability at all well to be informed about i slipped my sim poster in this bad boy i’ve had my vivo x60 pro going on full duration for the last week or so there’s my in-depth review and for more on the most recent and greatest floor satisfy do thrusting subscribe terminating that notifications bell mirths so first up the smart pattern obviously warms the cockles of my mind it’s nothing progressive sure as shooting but the vivo x64 does gaze neat and straighten with two curved layers of glass separated exclusively by a terribly slim airstrip of metal the smartphone’s got a good heft to it but it’s not as ponderous as some other premium smartphones like that me 11 and it is reasonably slim to boot despite the jutton camera lens the arsenal is fabricated from a g glass where the ag stands for anti-glare and in vivo’s onwards this leaves a lovely satin finish to the vivo x60 pro i am sure do like the bone like finish to this smartphone it’s got exceedingly soft

touch feel so it feels really nice in the mitt everything all about that hand feel and best of all it does a fairly cruel good task of rebuffing any greasy books and the like as well thank god the vivo x60 pro can be grabbed in midnight blacknes or sparkle blue this is the shimmery one and i do like that insidiou iridescent finish the proposal of pigments waiting to burst forth from just beneath the surface and dear idol i’m starting to sound like some sort of wanky art crick and thankfully touchwood the vivo x64 seems perfectly durable as well it has been banged about a fair bit this past week no scratches or scuffs to speak of on the back end and you’ve got a pre-installed screen protector over that figurehead glass as well however specific features that i did actually miss here on the vivo x64 this past week was the lack of water resistance which is a real share means you can’t boulder it in the shower checking your emails first thing in the morning you can’t take it in a delightful hot bubbly tub to tighten with your favorite ridiculously vicious anime and that is a feature that you will find on a good deal of contenders at this price site when you switch on the vivo x60 pro your eyeballs will be met with the merry spectacle

of android 11 enclose lovingly by vivo’s fun touch launcher yes that’s the enjoyable suggestion launcher now i didn’t just compile that up ogle it says right there fun touch fun touch and fun touch stop chortling there at the back doesn’t mess about with service standards android designing or aesthetics but it does lent quite a few honourable bonus features and gesticulates so for instance you can swipe up with three paws on a supported app to separate the screen and multitask with two apps at a time you can also for instance long press the work down button in order to launch up the camera or another app of your choosing and there’s also a nifty one-handed mod which is slightly cumbersome to call up but it’s definitely helpful as achieve to the top goal of that screen are genuinely put your thumb out of joint you can even use that camera twinkle as a kind of notifications dawns although there is the usual edge light-footeds and shenanigans for any incoming calls and other notifications really to allure your attention and that is of course fully customizable lots of different options that you can choose from so overall i gotta say i like me a little of fun handle so to speak it kind of reminds me of some other propels like oxygen os which keep the android foundations pretty stable but likewise included their style

of own little esthetics and way of doing things and chow on some bonus features that are definitely well worth having also rounded off the general pieces you’ve got a charitable 256 gigs of ufs 3.1 neat and spry storage crammed into the vivo x60 pro just as well that you’ve got quite a lot of cavity because there’s no micro sd remembrance poster support for expanding it boo speed and i also had absolutely bugger all uh issues with the in-display fingerprint sensor nice and nippy and responsive unquestionably one of the better ones that i’ve squandered you’ve also came full face unlock substantiate on here as well which again is nice and nippy now like other handsets of this sort of price you’ve got an amoled screen that curves slightly around the edges granting that payment feel with exceedingly scrawny bezels to enclose it the vivo pros board is a 6.56 inch ultra or samsung screen hence the centrally arranged selfie orifice it’s not big but it does intrude on the action when “theres going” full screen but no complaints on those full hd plus visuals with full hdr 10 plus river and support for netflix and the rest you’ve got color accuracy which digress towards natural by default although you can boost those colorings in the parade locations if you like it’s a 120 hertz showing so flicking around in the

uh the general ui and using corroborated apps definitely highly terribly buttery smooth really and there is a smart switch option so you can have it flip automatically between 60 and 120 when necessary as for the audio well it’s a basic example orator setup and as usual that’s very easily stifled while you’re gaming or you know busy kicking back watching a video or whatever but with a good chip of bluetooth 5.1 subscribe i found that wireless streaming was absolutely perfect for music audiobooks whatever you want now you do have high-res audio a assistance as well here on the vivo x60 pro but unfortunately you will have to get all dongled up because there’s absolutely subtle headphone jack action here so once again boo hayes etc now the x60 pro uses the snapdragon 870 chipset which is basically a snapdragon 865 plus plus it’s also is located within the poco f3 and it’ s not quite the billy big bollocks snapdragon 888 found in most antagonists at this toll object but it will merrily lope every android app out there and you are eligible to even kill an afternoon with a proper remembering hog like gentian impact helped substantially by the magnanimous 12 gigs of ram stuffed inside and this phone can also apparently make use of three gigs of that ufs 3.1 storage as well as improvised recall

in a pinch but frankly i’ve never found that to be necessary at all in any of my benchmark measures with 12 gigs on board unsurprisingly the vivo x60 pro ain’t really reaching that restraint that hertz stroke response makes zero slowdown when you’re poking and swiping the screen before you experience a reaction which is definitely essential for games like this where you’ll need fast reactions to evade those annoying slush buggers there’s an ultra game mode on board as well which you’ll have to manually add your claims to but once you do that this offers up all the usual implements including notifications blocking brightness fasten all the good stuff and no worries as far as cooling proceeds either i played game change for about an hour straight-shooting and while the vivo x60 pro clearly went warm it certainly didn’t overheat the make frequency stayed stable north rotlin in sight and vivo has added all kinds of acceleration instruments to good age-old merriment style how we adoration it and these are supposed to take over in the background exactly saving things rolling smoothly so for example spawning assured that any online apps that really need a strong stable connection get the line share of that bandwidth all that kind of shenanigans it’s kind of difficult to see whether these actually is everything in the grand planned of things because you can’t toggle them on or off to sort of compare performance but you know it’s good that they’re there i guess and that’s that dragon 870 chipset too adds the best interests of the 5g brace which

you would of course expect at this sort of price moment now the vivo x60 pro’ s 4200 milliamp capacity artillery may be dwarfed by some challengers but it certainly proves strong enough for all-day play even with ladens of media streaming both audio and video slew of messaging use it as a sit nav i do like a little of skype act lots of camera play i still found that pretty much every single day i finished with at least a one-fourth power to stay in the vivo x60 pro so no disorders there so even if you find you typically tot up at least five or six hours of screen on time a day like i do no worries when it is time for recharge well the vivo x64 doesn’ t exactly specially impress there it’s 33 watt fast billing so pretty bog standard compared with a lot of competitives at this rate stage and no wireless blaming patronize either which is particularly poor when you consider some challengers like that xiaomi mi 11 comes swaggering on by with their 50 watt wireless blaming buoy now the optics is one area where vivo’s really centred and of course it’s very fashionable for smartphone producers these days to spouse up

with optics conglomerates and vivo certainly hasn’t bucked that veer causing up with zeiss for the brand-new vivo telephones the central crap-shooter boasts a 48 megapixel sony imax 598 sensor but the headline feature here is vivo’s updated gimbal stabilization working in partnership with visual epitome stabilization to give you five axis stabilization overall and this will aptly counter any kind of handshake or tremor and the vivo x64 is certainly capable of pumping out some beautiful and fairly detailed photos even when you get quite close to your subject yeah some qualities definitely did appear richer in my shots than in real world but the results are usually attractive indoors you’ll not be troubled too much by speck although moving subjects do often come out very blood if they’re not well illuminated that stabilization really cures with low-pitched light-footed shots even if you’ve had a skinful stick on the night mode and hold relatively still for a few seconds and you’ll do significantly brighter grabs that almost look like they were made several hours earlier the next lens is a 13 megapixel ultra wide angle effort with anti-distortion correction which does a acceptable occupation of preventing any warpy jankiness and while colour reproduction isn’t as accurate with this sensor the pullback viewpoint is emphatically good for subjects of a larger stature and vivo finishes off the triple lens setup here on the x60 pro with a 13 megapixel likenes snapper as well abruptly you

don’t get any hot telephoto action looks just like you do on that vivo x60 pro plus still the likenes procedure displays some good seem pickings with the ability to tweak that bokeh and refocus a shot after you’ve taken it video can be shot at up to 4k solving at either 30 or 60 chassis per second and again the results are five-stroke in the lovely visuals are crisp emblazons are again fairly well captured although a little boosted shall we say and epitome stabilization is good as you’d expect with that gimbal design either with or without the anti-shake feature active plus that triple mic spatial audio recording with air sound reduction smart-aleckies obviously does the job when you’re shooting outdoors cleanly capturing specific actions from all sides with limited distortion tap on that cinema mode and you’ll exchange to a 21 by 9 perspective fraction to captivate some suitable widescreen footage if you fanciful yourself as a little of an indie director type and it certainly adds a bit of flair to your tusk movies if you thoughts it and final up that 32 megapixel selfie snapper is another good one at times at least anyway sometimes our opening pickings can inspect a little bit saturated lacking in torn as well as depth but indoor shots typically look pretty good lots of detail in there and on the patches of cereal and softness and again you’ve got a painting procedure that works pretty well when you want to compile the shot all about your lovely vicious face so overall the vivo x60 pro is a good phone i have enjoyed utilizing as my full-time handset for the past few weeks but unfortunately this sort of price moment is definitely preferably expensive for what you get in terms of the general overall suffer compared with some competitives the problem is is that certainly for

the average everyday user the vivo x64 doesn’ t really furnish anything especially different or unique while also serving up somewhat weaker specs than a good deal of the competitor so take for instance sometimes galaxy s21 doesn’ t have that gimbal stabilization compressed into the camera but you’ll find that shots made on that side by side with the vivo x64 generally slightly more accurate color atmospheres and a bit more detail jam-pack in there as well but of course if you do suffer from hand shudders or anything like that then probably that stabilization facet is going to be worth its weight in gold so anyway that’s what i think avivos x60 perhaps exploiting as my full-time smartphone for a week but what do you guys guess be great to hear your thoughts down below have you been using the vivo x60 pro yourself as well or maybe even the pro plus mr figment pants delight do let me know all your thoughts bang them down in the comments please do thrusting subscribe and ding that notifications bell as well if you’ve got the time precisely to check out some more tech and stir me that little bit happier slash richer glees everyone love you

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