Review EKSA E900DL Gaming Headset Audio/Mic Test PS5

previously we have actually done a testimonial on the eksa e900 and the e900 pro video gaming headphones currently yes both those previous video gaming headsets are certainly quite similar per other however today we have actually got one more version which is the e900d indeed i recognize they do look practically the very same simply littles of in-depth spruced up but for 33 pounds that’s 43 in us stellars are they simply as excellent well allow’s check them out will we currently for an ordinary price set of gaming headphones what do we heal like most of the eksa gaming headset items we obtain the normal eksa embedded pu liverpool card bag obviously the headphones are inside we’re mosting likely to put them sideways just for now but accessory sensible it obtains a normal eksa outlined user guidebook it likewise has an arrangement guide there’s a white extension cable in instance you want to utilize this headset on your computer or laptop computer as well as we’ve obtained the removable uni-directional microphone let’s have a look at the headset will we now although the e900dls look a lot like the e-900 and the e-900 pros these are absolutely far more larger just actually a little though really 345 grams in truth currently these are the full black versions they do include ever before so slightly thicker ear pads they are detachable by the means so indeed they are changeable and we’ve got full extendability with those side arms with those 40 millimeter chauffeur units rocking to and fro for complete comfortability as these earphones of course they do fit fairly conveniently and securely up on your head

because of their massive versatility to match those ear pads we’ve got a really thick padded headband to the leading as you can see we’ve obtained that eksa logo design that’s ingrained and sideways of those drive devices we have actually obtained a mesh grille design with its lit up logo design that brighten many thanks to those rgb integrated lights that is powered by that usb that’s affixed to that 1.8 meter functional rubber coated cord currently although the usb does just power the lights so mostly it will just be really easily accessible using computer or laptop computer you can certainly utilize this headset with a power bank must you desire that is if you are indeed intending to provide a cosmetically pleasing appearance when betting instance a ps4 or ps5 console currently you can plug that 3.5 millimeter sound jack as well as right into your ps5 or ps4 console controller if you desire those lights on that once again you’re gon na have to connect that usb right into a power source however in the direction of the top of that rubber covered cord which i truthfully do want this was in truth a knotted cord simply for better durability well we get an inline push-button control device with a slider switch microphone mute switch and also a quantity control wheel that sits sideways currently keeping that removable mic it just suits simply like so utilizing that 3.5 millimeter end plugged right into that 3.5 millimeter port on the left-hand side of that drive unit it’s not a negative concept having it removed due to the fact that you can as a matter of fact utilize this headset for

example with your cellphone utilizing them has a typical pair of earphones and you understand what they certainly don’t look out of location they in fact do offer some above ordinary bass when playing songs pretty excellent high tones as well however, for its usage for gaming headsets reached be rather truthful it was definitely rather unexpected all best people so we have actually been playing the last of us component 2 for a few hrs now this is indeed on the ps5 console so we have actually hooked this headset up to the controller as you can see now we have actually obtained to be quite sincere we can as a matter of fact hear remote gunfires and we can really identify the direction of that specific weapon file so the audio is not as well poor we can actually select up really tiny intricate information you see the gunfire is coming from the right-hand man side simply over there as you could be able to tell the microphone pickup is quite impressive as well with the microphone kicking back concerning 2 inches far from my mouth currently within the headphone bundle once again you may have observed that there’s no foam filter for the end of that it doesn’t mean there’s going to be much distortion though especially when it is positioned a little bit of a distance away from your mouth so when you have actually obtained a few dive frightens and you’re shrieking like this ah similar to this well yeah the microphone when it’s placed a little a.

distance away from your mouth um the microphone pickup is rather outstanding and also additionally when it is put direct in front of your mouth it’s still rather good too so yeah great use that army directional microphone but the audio high quality is the most impressive component actually might she assist you yeah glide you right into a freaking uh a wind generator at i i i just can’t when you’re playing with abby i have actually got all interest i just desire to run our road right into anything really off a cliff we’ve done every kind of death scene by the method over me me me me me me me me me me [Songs] yeah yeah the audio quality actually wonderful with this headset i reached be fairly sincere although it doesn’t have 7.1 border audio which is essentially only actually suitable when making use of those certain headsets on a pc keeping that eksa uh surround sound app the audio pickup is rather good i ‘d claim on power with the e900s and the e900 pros i hunch i ‘d definitely state that they are excellent in combat video games call of task and also video games such as this the last people component 2 oh yeah quite an excellent game in that collection and i ought to say they can not recommend them foreign [Songs] yeah total this headset is not as well bad i absolutely really feel that they do look much better than the e900s and also the e900 pros i simply favor resemble.

the full black versions and they certainly do really feel comfy on my ears after utilizing them for a really long while all right the ear pads almost remain on the actual side of my ears however my ears never felt sweaty not even at when for a typical cost gaming headset that you can most definitely use as a standalone collection of headphones i assume that these eksi e900sdl definitely do take a variety of boxes they are multi-platform compatible so for instance again you can utilize them with a ps4 ps5 console even xbox one or nintendo button those high density vehicle drivers most absolutely offer an in-game separated experience where you can hear as an example the lightest footprints the greatest surges to far-off gunfire overall those rgb lights simply set these earphones off bringing you a really visually pleasing set of earphones that look excellent within your video gaming environment for audio with these headphones we are going to provide a 9 out of 10 today for convenience we’re mosting likely to give them a 10 out of 10. the microphone top quality another 9 out of 10 with our overall score for this eksa e900dl headset sitting at 9 out of 10. now if you want to check these out on your own i have actually left a link in the video clip description down listed below for you people to go on and examine it out additionally proceed and have a look at our new channel which is video games from the script that link likewise will be offered also but most notably today i would certainly significantly value the support if you please like and share this video clip additionally go on and support this channel by subscribing ensuring though to strike that bell notification option so you individuals remain upgraded on our really next upload now it’s been fantastic evaluating all these eksa products today and also we’re mosting likely to be doing some more superb tech testimonials in the next couple of days so stay tuned for them however as normal people please remain safe and thank you ever a lot peace you.

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