Preview ZTE Axon 30 Ultra 5G Gaming & Camera Test!

hello fantastic sounds i’m chris from texpert and this right here is the zte accent 30 ultra zetti super billy large-scale bollocks premium flagship smartphone for 2021. now the zte accent 20 from last year was a bit of a mixed bag to see it at least that under presentation selfie camera was certainly unique and innovative but it didn’t precisely run particularly well the zenti has wisely scrapped all of that nor ruses exactly back to beefy inventions with some suitable full-on serious camera textbook let’s whip the zte axon 30 ultra out of that chest test the camera tech test out the performance with a good part gentian impact and sheathe everything you need to know about the hardware and the software and from all the latest builders tech delight do poke agree dissolving that notifications bell praises all right so what do you get in this rather serious large-hearted black box well you get one smartphone orbs one porky bolt machine one suitable room psu it’s got a bit of heft to it as well you can knock out a rhino with this thing one character c to form c usb cable one pair of headphones they are the in-ear scrapy campaigns which is sort of all right as a backup duet to chucking your luggage just in case oh and don’t get too excited by the fact that they’re 3.5 mil headphones because bundled in the box you also get a 3.5 mil to character c dongle so yeah bugger bun

headphone jack on the axon 30 ultra and last but not least you do get a protective cover bundled in there as well but it’s not your conventional rubber johnny exertion because it is a stiff fan off no fragment of plastic with the most difficult cutout in the world for that gargantuan camera chassis all right so that is box done now i’ve got to say first impressions of the zt axon 30 ultra i emphatically fairly like some of the design aspects of it including the fact that it’s all sharp edges and contours it’s definitely quite angular in blueprint which helps to stand it out from the rest of the smartphone crowd thankfully despite the fact that those advantages are rather abrupt the zt x730 ultra doesn’t feel uncomfortable to clutch the one-handed use is going to be a bit of a bugger so this is near fairly a 6.7 inch smartphone jolly standard size in 2021 for an android handset but you’re gonna be one of using two mits when you’re using it and likewise rather comedically z structures the axon 30 ultra as a super scrawny smartphone uh which is definitely overselling it it’s not like massively chunky but you do have that jutton camera framework which adds a gala bit of girth to this beast no doubt thankfully though at 188 grams it’s certainly not cumbersome to maintain certainly not compared with some flagship smartphones like the galaxy s21 ultra and the b11 ultra around back you’ve got some anti-glare glass to avoid any greasy slanders and other yum-tastic stuff like that seems to do the job quite nicely i actually relatively like the esthetics i’ve got to say in spite of the fact that camera chassis is

absolutely hilariously gargantuan apparently that skin-deep quality was established by an elaborated 15 -stage itching process too and i repeat pursue a touch feeling close to real silk does it actually feel like silk not really it feels like your normal smooth glass smartphone arse and here in the uk you have but one color choice which is black a little bit boring there but never mind that’s for stability well it’s gorilla glass 5 slab in front and back as well so that should hopefully prove neat and durable neat fragment of scratch resistant activity there should be not the latest grille of glass six or even gorilla glass victus for that display to add a bit of slip resistance in there as well but touchwood the zt axon 30 ultra should prove nice and hardy although that said there’s no mention of ip ratings for water and dust defiance so i wouldn’t become taking it in a bubbly tub with you and before we go about setting up the zt axon 30 ultra let’s just check out that sim tray if i can actually get the pin in there and it’s pretty standard substance as you can see the support for two sims at once but not subsidize regrettably for micro sd remember placards all right we have one ze accent 30 ultra all made up and we’re ready for action what you got here is the latest freshest android 11 as you’d expect of course on a 2021 handset uh we do have zt’s on my us 11 slathered on top of that so you will see some aesthetical the changing nature of the

likes of the status disallow when you drag that down all the little toggles that you got to play around with there and although you’ve only got a small number on there uh to start with you can of course fully customize that to add in a whole but ton of others and ios 11 kind of reminds me of uh azusa’s zen ui as well in that it’s a primarily broth edition of android so you’ve got you’ve got the usual google detect feed for instance you can drag down that notifications bar from anywhere on screen uh you do of course get an app straight-from-the-shoulder and christ and beyond some aesthetical alters the puts menu hasn’t really deepened up too much at all either a few extra bits chucked in there so for instance if you go to sync mind this is where you’ll find the likes of the ai organization device safarus which basically precisely helps to keep your smartphone ticking over delicately make sure you’ve got plenty of recollection and other resources to do everything it is required to do you jump on into facets you’ve got a few extra bits in now you’ve got the likes of the z-pop which is quite common on a great deal of chinese smartphones there’s busy merely a whole knot of customizable shortcuts so for instance you can quickly bring up the uh the menu options you’ve got the usual screen recording tools you’ve also get screen border miss impres prevention uh which is always handy when you’ve got a screen which in fact arches at the edges of the phone although touch commands i haven’t had that problem still further with the zt axon 30 ultron i’ve been using it for about 24 hours but if you do find that your palm fatty is intruding on that screen and inadvertently mincing buttons for you

then you can up the ante on that one there’s also sight to see as well in the gesture and flow part you’d have the option to shake the phone to turn on the flashlight so same to the karate chop that you get on motorola phones all right let’s give this a get shake shake shake shake shake since we shaking it so effectively that turn it on and turn it off at the same time there you go you’ve got to give it time a quick one like that there you go lots of other aspects on now as well including an ever on display which you can schedule as well so it simply turns on during the day and lots of styles to choose between including the usual analog impacts digital and some more trippy stuff including neon owls and the usual inevitable hippie slogans which are designed to inspire and motivate but merely oblige me want to puke in my lip a little thankfully you can wholly customize these so that one’s a bit more realistic as for storage well you got choice for 128 or 256 gigs of seat here on the zt accent 30 ultra depending on how much dodgy substance you are going to be downloading and it is ufs 3.1 like most payment smartphones these days absolutely delighted and nippy that’s for your security shenanigans here on the zt axon 30 ultra well it’s an in-display fingerprint sensor house quite high up the screen and so far touchwood seems

absolutely fine nice and accept not the nippiest round for certain but doesn’t seem to require a couple of taps in order to actually go through and you’ve got the usual raging open substantiate as well with a bit of parent to wake action too and this seems really really nippy indeed certainly no worries on that front so the zte axon 30 ultra cliffs a 6.67 inch amoled screen somewhat standard length and technology for a reasonably payment smartphone in 2021 it’s full hd plus settlement 2400 by 1080 reasonably abrupt despite the comfortable board let’s get some high def content on there something everything looks nice and lush you’ve got hdr patronize as well for 10 chip coloring act unfortunately at the time i shot this video there was no support for netflix or disney plus but hopefully that will be coming once the phone is generally released the colours are quite poppy on the default but if you want to you can go into the display installs and reform up uh the options in there so you can have them from standard to colorful so basically only returns a little bit more vibrancy to it all you can actually change up the complexion temperature as well cool it down a bit warm it up and since he has parcelled this thing with some impressive freshen charge activity as well it’s set to auto by default so it can scale up and down depending on what app you’re actually abusing you can boost it all the way up to 144 hertz which is great news for any compatible tournaments that you might want to play and certainly time whizzing about through your desktops the menus and all that is a super

smooth experience perfectly loving it and like with your samsung smartphone zte has crammed a teeny little selfie cam orifice right there in the middle of the display up at the terribly top objective so clearly they decided against another under the space selfie cam for the 30 ultra probably a good theme unlike many smartphones around this sort of mid-range price point you do have a stereo speaker set up now on the zt axon 30 ultra let’s just bulge up the loudnes and be seen to what extent good it is one chunky ass adapter one usb cable even says that it’s usb in case you’re a little flustered so yeah moderately reputable endeavour uh as usual of course that ap loudspeaker isn’t anywhere near as strong as the bottom organized speaker but neither is it particularly tinny or anything and on top of volume that’ll absolutely blast audio at your face even with the rowdy child in the chamber you should have no problem hearing what’s going on and if you jump on into the audio specifies as well consignments of nonsense to play around with including a bit of support as “youre seeing” there for dtsx ultra good report if you want a bit of surround sound action of course you will need a compatible duo of headphones for that bad boy and then you can dive on into the audio preferences as you can see they’ve got various defaults set up depending on what you’re up to you can even get your ears assessed as well accompany exactly how good trounce drivel they are and mostly all just happy to set up a little preset time custom-built moved for your

locals so now performance and the zt axon 30 ultra 5g is powered by qualcomm snapdragon 888 chipset backed by either eight or 12 gigs of ddr5 ram this is the 8 gig simulate you know what it flowed gentian impact on those top d sinks at 60 makes per second with one minuscule little jello the entire day i noticed it during a good 30 40 instant gameplay period the phone didn’t heat up beyond kind of slightly toasty at any point either even after a sort of moderately long time you’ve got several different cool programmes compressed in here including the vapor chamber you’ve got beds of graphene copper piping to help dissipate that hot so yeah so the phone can definitely handle a reasonably long session on whatever you like and the 300 hz way sampling of the expose meant that every poke is instantly replicated as well so great use for your fast paced action tournaments like pubg announce of duty where every millisecond counts there doesn’t appear to be any kind of gaming procedure unfortunately here on the zt axon 30 ultra certainly none that i could find immersed apart in the deep-seateds or you know when i had a quick scout around online as well although the phone will manage your resources when you are gaming to help give you maximum memory and all the other stuff that you need in order to ensure that smooth gaming know remains up you’ve also got full 5g carry as well courtesy that

snapdragon 88 chipset and the x60 modem that is buried within and wi-fi 6e carry as well so as far as connectivity runs near bother as for the artillery tech it’s a four thousand six hundred milliamp cell stuffed inside of the zt axon 30 ultra which you know not the biggest round but certainly a perfectly dignified size i’ve been using the phone for about 24 hours now and the artillery drainage doesn’t seem to be particularly harrowing maybe not like it’s a gaming on genting affect a good chip of camera frolic and all that doesn’t seem to significance the artillery any worse than any other smartphone out there certainly expect a full period of use out of the axon 30 ultra on a full attack and if you do find yourself in abrupt dire straits you’re going out for the light on the thong or whatever you’ve got essentially no battery power left no worries you can give it an emergency boost with a 65 watt fast charging aid so you can get it filled up quite nipply now let’s coming to an end this unboxing with a test of that camera tech and as you can probably tell from the hilariously gigantic camera framework swiped on the back of the axon 30 ultra we’ve got a lot of camera hardware to cover here and gotta say zte’s camera ui isn’t the prettiest around certainly not by a long shot but it certainly is peculiarity bundled that’s for showing it does give you a lot of supportive opinion for that ai procedure on such as for instance oh there’s a facing shot you might want to enter the photograph state with the primary camera you’ve got a 64 megapixel crap-shooter working sony’s imax 686

sensor with visual portrait stabilization to help prevent blurry shots and certainly the shutter fast is nice and spry and i’ve had absolutely zero issues with the focus speeding as well that is proper quick to measure it out i took the zt axon 30 ultra out and about including a lovely flake of a seaside stroll in five magnitude climate to captivate some sample shots and so far i’m definitely fortunate with the realistic detail packed photos i’ve seen you’ve also got a 64 megapixel ultra wide angle lens use a samsung’s gw3 sensor and this is similar to the oppo find x3 pro for producing ultra wide angle shots with strong item and minimal bia although you do still get commonly heated visuals like most ultra wide angle lenses do develop so do not expect natural appear emblazons then the third lens is actually a 64 megapixel description lens as you can see that grabs to that sketch lens when you enter portrait mode uh so 64 meg it’s got 35 mil focal period and it exercises that samsung gw3 sensor once again and as you can see there uh the phone will once again navigate you with induces to tell you exactly what kind of distance you need to be from your theme you do have to get pretty close with them there’s no ois built into this as well so you have to keep the phone quite still and try and make sure your subject keeps still as well otherwise you will get blurry solutions as you can see here you’ve got various gists you can play around with you can change up the colour outcomes you’ve got usual stage lighter shenanigans theatre sun mono etc etc you’ve also got a beauty mode

which frankly i would have liked bypassed and then you can change up the bokeh gist more and so far seems like a rational crap-shooter you’ve got accurate periphery sensing even when you’re dealing with crazy out of control windswept fuzz while skin flavors and other hues look natural to my attention and then last up there’s an eight megapixel telephoto lens with five times visual zoom choppers ten experiences hybrid zoom and it maxes out at 60 term zoom you do have visual portrait stabilization to help keep things delightful and sharp-worded and up to the 10 meters zoom stage you can get crisp makes perfectly natural gaping visuals more but beyond that things swiftly get grainy and if you’re shooting a human subject they’ll look like they’ve got some kind of horrific skin disease and then besides the description state you’ve got the usual uh camera bonus aspect as well including a night procedure which i’m actually quite impressed with this can really help to brighten up a very dark scene indeed and without blow out the strong light sources that might be contained within get quite a few extra bonus chips you can play around with as well including a manual procedure if you want to dick about with the limits yourself and you do have a 64 megapixel settlement state as well if you want to shoot that maximum res elevation otherwise it’s 16 megapixels all the way you’ve got the obligatory moon mode which could just help to

highlight the moon and certainly magnify it if you want to freak parties out on facebook construction them foresee the world’s about to end or something and lots of different video alternatives to play around with as well if you leave it another little tap as you can see you’ve got likes of an hdr procedure which you can swap to a movie mode as well this gives you extra alternatives to play around with you swap between all three of the main lenses the uh the portrait lens the standard lens and the ultra wide angle lens and you can mess around with the white-hot equilibrium to coincide your environment as you can see there you shoot at 1080 p by default you’ve got a choice of either 30 or 60 formulates per second otherwise you can bump up to 4k and once again shoot at either 30 or 60 fps or ultimately you’ve got an ak option which shoots at 30 fps there’s no 60 fps option there because that would be bonkers and then last-place up around the front you have a 16 megapixel selfie shooter which is again tested at the seaside yesterday seems absolutely fine for your part of gram activity uh and of course you can shoot a delightful biography shots get the uh the bokeh style blur in the background and you’ve even got the uh the all nighttime mode for the selfie snapper as well if you want to shoot yourself up in the golf-club uh when that’s allowed again not too long hopefully there you have it my quites that in a nutshell is the zt accent 30 ultra or the zte accent 30 ultra 5g to

give it its full word but i’m starting to refuse to employed 5g at the end of smartphone appoints because that’s visit pretty much everything now has friggin 5g certainly when you get to this sort of mid-range to premium rate degree regardless and so far i gotta say i really do like it is a bit of a bad bonkers motif and everything but i think that kind of adds to the appeal the performance is a spot on the battery life seems absolutely fine i really like that delightful crispy stunning showing and you’ve got a pleasantly stockish edition of android on there with a few bonus custom pieces that are definitely profitable more than anything i’m just glad that zt didn’t it up by going for another weird under expose selfie cam or any other gimmicky stupidity like that just seems to do its job really nicely certainly so regardless that’s what i think about the zt accent 30 ultra 5g what do you guys think it’d be great to hear from you down in specific comments below uh go check out my uh coverage of all the other telephones that have launched this week there’s quite a few going on uh please do thrusting agree ding that notifications bell and have yourselves a fantastic residual of the week ovations everyone

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