Review Blitzwolf BW-GH1 7.1 Surround Sound USB RGB Gaming Headset

hey there people and also invite back to my network this week we’ve been doing some more unboxings on some even more blitzwolf technology and also well today we have got our hands on this blitzwolf bw gh1 pc gaming headset as you can see package well it’s the common blitzwolf layout but prior to we enter into the unboxing people at the end of this video clip look at as well as inspect my blitzwolf playlist you can see all the reviews for these products are in that playlist and i will certainly also connect it in the video clip description down below currently i did pay around 19 extra pounds for this gaming headset at the time of this upload that’s around 24 in us dallas yet is it any good well let’s go ahead and also allow’s dive inside and also check it out for ourselves you have an actually thorough user handbook she’s got a straightforward setup basically alright so minimal packaging actually right from the off wow they in fact look genuine vibrant instead special definitely have a bold design excellent selection for materials such as this steel suspension headband structure which to be straightforward these bwt h1s in fact look a whole lot like my previously examined mpow eg freeze so as you can see we’ve got a blitzwolf logo design to the sides these sidebars are incredible i have to confess i’ve got this pu degree versatile stress lowering headband we have actually obtained massive flexibility with that said headband so indeed you should not have any type of problem with this headset suitable any size head the entire earphones are versatile quite stretchy and with the 50 millimeter driving devices well we do have matching pu leather a pads

now these ear pads they are changeable ready ready fake too yet to the back of that left-hand side chauffeur system we have actually got that quantity control dial uh you know what men i actually prefer the volume control to sit on the audio cable itself we do have a flexible mic yeah so it’s fairly dramable you can bend it into any position it doesn’t have a pop filter though hmm well we’ll see what the mic quality resembles real soon so yeah that discussed cable indeed it is pvc it is without a doubt ready lympha determining 220 centimeters in length it’s gon na interest see how much time this wire lasts with a whole lot of deterioration so though as stated there’s no volume control dial on the cable as well as there’s no mute switch however what we do obtain at the end of that cord is a usb link which is only suitable with pc’s ps4 and also some xboxes but with this usb it will not only just manage the sound but once plugged in it will certainly additionally power the rgb lighting sideways of the chauffeur devices and the suggestion on completion of the mic also oh bring futuristic of course the rgb lights is certainly covered by this mesh grille truly good simply have multi-change coloured lights and this lights will not stick to one specific color and really that lights makes these bwg h1s truly stand out so yeah the layout looks truly excellent appearances wonderful yet with the sound it is mentioned on a bangled site that

these earphones have 7.1 online surround sound well we will see real soon so we’re mosting likely to evaluate them out simply now and also do a bit of a pc gaming see what the microphone top quality resembles too so yeah i have actually had your beasts a little a skittles chewies no shell either today we’re playing day’s gone hang on again wow okay that surround sound of eviction just opening up from delegated best best with the exception of that whoa clotheslined i need to confess blitzwolf have done an excellent job wonderful work with the audio all the degrees are not just appropriate for music and movies yet with the gameplay as well you know what you can in fact close your eyes as well as construct where things are it can injure the leaves of the trees across the method yeah 7.1 border sound states on all i know is that the border audio of this particular headset is almost spot on i can’t see any kind of mistakes also the front direction now some video gaming headsets the front directional audio usually seems like it’s overhanging i can hear everything i can hear whatever in front of me also the wind behind me there’s wind originating from the entryway which it simply originated from what this gaming headset does is it picks several noises at the exact same time so there’s multiple directional noises which ought to refrain just good to keep you submersed in the gameplay and also it can save this

headset providing you a top hand in battle royale games so yeah a wonderful appearing gaming headset with foot around audio which as well as difficult honestly it is shocking what i in fact thought this blitzwolf headset it was going to give the table so men yeah uh that’s the audio examination the audio is fantastic i need to admit one of the very best sound experiences i’ve had with a budget gaming headset however with the microphone quality too the microphone has to do with an inch far from my mouth and also as you can tell there’s no distortion also through being loud similar to this so yeah certainly excellent for online streaming excellent for gaming on the internet chat an all-around remarkable headset to be straightforward except for the fact that more youthful than you going on the cord however yeah that’s it so are my conclusions about the bwg h1s now for a video gaming headset that is below 25 pounds you would certainly expect it to be actual low-cost be made from cheap materials that have ordinary audio high quality with a great deal of bass that’s loaded in simply to mask up all the inadequate sound levels but that’s not so with this blitzwolf gaming headset today so when it came to my music listening experience with these gh ones this blitzwolf video gaming headset loaded a real promise the base is wonderful not also overpowering yet what you also obtain is fantastic high tones as well as well as mid array which is place on great pin decline of lows so initially of all allow’s talk regarding the survival sound now as you guys may understand a lot of

video gaming headsets in fact do have the capability of border sound it all really relies on the high quality of your certain gaming headsets and also how well balanced they are so for instance with the left as well as appropriate drivers while being submersed in gameplay i will claim that border noise was undoubtedly place on yet it doesn’t just quit there border noise from the rear as well as from the front was great from the range in any type of instructions the direction of sniper fire was gotten as well and contrasted to the majority of economical pc gaming headsets that i have actually assessed in the previous i will certainly state that these are possibly among my finest budget gaming headsets for border sound that i’ve really checked currently they are advertised as being online 7.1 border audio i don’t learn about that i imply yes you do require the modern technology on a pc so you will certainly require a virtual audio application to obtain one of the most out of this gaming headset as my major console is undoubtedly the playstation these bwg h1s did a great work at duplicating multiple in-game border sound sound effects so for games like fortnite and overwatch this particular blitzwolf video gaming headset would certainly be excellent to say today individuals i am actually truly surprised on what i was gon na get i suggest i ordered them they came real fast within 2 weeks as well as for listed below 25 pounds i was truly holding my breath so yeah audio high quality is great with the microphone top quality yeah it’s excusable i mean i do wish it did have a foam cover throughout and you know what i can not complain at

least you can change it and move it additionally away from your mouth if need be to stop any type of distortion that’s fantastic as well as to be honest i favor flexible max similar to this instead of the autumn down mics which are susceptible to breaking when thrown down these are extremely sturdy as you can see and also yeah i assume that the look the audio high quality are the major plus factors with this pc gaming headset i do believe that this headset is great for real-time streaming so online streaming gameplays not also bad now the fitments was actual company however they really did not feel also limited on my head these thick deluxe earpads did not make my ears really feel sweaty not even as soon as so yes you would obtain a dramatically big amount of playing hours with this pc gaming headset prior to they will certainly feel awkward so as soon as again i do believe that blitzwolf have actually certainly taken out one more fantastic piece of set out of the hat which is this bwg h1 gaming headsets currently the only whine i will have is essentially regarding the cable as mentioned i do like a quantity control dial and mute switch it simply is available in handy when you want to silence the game especially if your youngsters wish to utilize this pc gaming headset you desire to mute the button while your my daddy comes into the room informed you that you did this whether you intend to have the ability to flick that silence button and switch over the sound from the mic off do you like a great deal of blitzwolf technology do you make a lot of high quality items like i have actually mentioned what would certainly i provide this pc gaming headset additionally my normal ranking out of 10. Well today i’ve got to provide this blitzball video gaming headset 9 out of 10. Yeah a 9 out of ten for some excellent looking real good looking facts earphones that take a lot of boxes currently there are headphones on the market simply now within the same rate classification that do provide lighting they do supply you understand a flexible mic an adaptable headbands like this one but regrettably they do not have the develop top quality that these strike will provide today and that’s a spending plan pc gaming headset with rgb lights so yes good gaming that’s it i believe i’m going to be utilizing this as my primary headset from currently on web link for my blitzwolf playlist is in the video description down below and if you desire to go and check that out and also inspect out this bwg h1 well i will leave a bite now connect in that video summary down below have a great appearance as well as if you like we see well go get your own while you’re in that video clip description please guys go in advance and smash that like button please subscribe making sure you hit that bell notice option so you people stay upgraded on all my brand-new uploads did enjoy doing this review today i wish you stick about to see even more uploads coming this week so stay tuned for them and also well thanks peace you