Huawei Mate 40 Pro vs Asus ROG Phone 3 Speed Test

the huawei mate 40 pro is currently the only android smartphone on the market to incorporate five nanometer process node technology within its chipset but can keep up with the all-powerful gaming centric asus rog phone 3 in sp test while the rog phone still packs a punch with the snapdragon 865 plus processing chip run on seven nanometer plus technology the mate 40 pro steps up the game with its almighty five nanometer processed kirin 9000 cpu otherwise their specs are fairly similar they both have ddr5 ram though the rog phone has 12 gigs of it while the huawei has 8 gigs they also both have ufs 3.1 storage the huawei has a 90 hertz panel while the rog can go all the way up to 160hz and i have dropped the resolution of the mate 40 pro 2 standard to match that of the rog photo 3. the rog phone will have x mode as well as opti-flex enabled while the huawei will have performance mode enabled and we’ve disabled all battery optimizations for all the apps used in this test we’ll be leaving animations on on both devices over here round one will be all about a boot fingerprint and face unlock round two will be all about initial opening of app speed and round three will be about ram management using my fingers over yes

let’s keep things accurate we’re gonna pop gopro footage at the bottom left hand corner this is tech neck and without further ado let’s go we’re going to kick start things off with a simple boot in round one see which one can power on faster it is indeed the rog phone through 15 seconds as opposed to 22.5 seconds on the quadro m840 pro picking up its first points in round one now the mate 40 pro quickly strikes back getting its first points in round one when refreshing the app icons as well as its widgets quicker than the rog phone now we’re going to be testing out the optical fingerprint sensor underneath the displays of both devices and bear in mind we’re focusing on the wallpaper over here not so much the icons the animations are slower on the mate 40 pro but it actually gets through to the home screen slightly quicker than the rog phone picking up at second point in round one when it comes to facial recognition the rog phone was quicker the first time around and the mate 40 pro was quicker the other two times picking up its third and final point in round one as opposed to one point in the rog phone three making sure that we’re hooked to the same wi-fi network max brightness x mode is enabled on the rog phone max performance mode is enabled on the mate 40 pro and we have all apps killed in the background the first port gets allocated to the mate 40 pro when going into the settings app quicker and it was too close to calling

going into the calculator app next system app that we have is the camera app and jumping into that one the mate 40 pro opened up slightly quicker flicking to the selfie cam even with master ai off the huawei always seems to switch to portrait mode so the rog got the point over there and taking the snap the mate 40 pro was actually faster but the rog phone 3 saved the image to gallery quicker so no point was allocated that time around maybe the rog phone three picked up its second point and its third point when going into gallery and opening up the photo quicker as well going into photoshop express here a photo editing app jumping into that one the rog phone has now taken a double point lead with four points now five points as opposed to the two on the mate 40 pro after going into the photo within photoshop slightly faster than the mate 40 pro saving this picture to gallery the rog phone three saved it a tad quicker just a millisecond quicker than the main 40 pro there though still quicker now triple the points going into adobe premiere rush a video editing program the rog phone 3 was quick and opening it up getting into the project and now it’s time to render this 4k video we’re going to compress it down to 1080p and match the frame rate of 25 fps look how crazy fast the mate 40 pro is going not quite as quick as iphones but 12 seconds nevertheless is still great with ufs 3.1 storage as opposed to 19 seconds on the rog phone 3.

Jumping into spotify the mate 40 pro is slightly quicker and now just half the points of the rog phone with four points and going into astral vpn since we need a vpn here in china the rog phone three picks up its ninth point turning it on neither phone gets a point because they did it at a very similar time and going into google chrome very strange things happen there the mate 40 pro put it up quicker but the rog phone loaded the page quicker no point allocated that time around but the mate 40 pro opened and loaded the entire facebook quicker so it got its fifth point there where the rog phone 3 picked up its 10th point when going into instagram the rog phone 3 picked up its 11th point going into twitter completely loading the page slightly quicker that time around 911 points as opposed to five on the new five nanometer process no tech on the mate 40 pro but the mate 40 pro quickly grabbed its sixth point now going into youtube slightly faster than the rog phone three that’s a little bit strange since it’s not really a google enabled device and going into my profile actually searching it because we can’t sign in on the huawei the huawei picks up that point but the rog

phone three gets to my profile slightly quicker so still a five point lead for the rog phone three the mate 40 pro does indeed play the video and load the entire page faster than the rog phone three however getting it its eighth point now just four points behind now just three points behind going into netflix quicker but the rog phone three went into my profile slightly faster that time around getting at its 13th point going into our first benchmark of two geekbench five it was too close to call when opening up the app i’m gonna speed things up bottom right hand corner i’ll slow them slightly down when one phone wins and that phone is the huawei mate 40 pro with two minutes 37 seconds and the rog phone got 2 minutes 45.5 seconds and the scores honestly weren’t too different but nevertheless the huawei picked up its 10th point just three points behind the origin phone three and the next benchmark is 3d mark wildlife going into that one the rog phone 3 opened it up slightly quicker but the mate 40 pro loaded it faster so no point was allocated that time around and we’re going to go ahead and go through this benchmark and see which one can do it quicker as well as the higher frames per second can’t we actually got one minute 13 seconds on both devices never had that one before but i gave the point to the mate 40 pro since it had a score of over 6 000 where the rog had a score of just over 4 000.

The mate 40 pro also got an fps of 39.2 while the rog got 24.9 our next game here well actually our first game of four is subway surfers which the rog phone three snags up its 14th point now with a three point lead once more against the huawei mate 40 pro and the third last game over here third last app of the 20 temple run two sped it up slow to back down it is the rog phone three for the one getting at its 15th point now widening the gap between it and the huawei mate 40 pro going into among us a game that we’ve all come to enjoy and love the mate 40 pro surprisingly opens it up quicker but just a tad quicker at that i had to allocate the point 12 points as opposed to 15 on the rog phone three last game over here last after the 20 last game of the four pubg mobile let’s see which one can get into it faster the rog phone three for sure gaming centric okay i’ll give you that one 14.

5 seconds as opposed to 18.5 seconds on the mate 40 pro wrapping up round two with the 16 points on the rog phone 3 as opposed to 12 on the brand spanking new 5 nanometer process node kiran 9000 chip on the mate 40 pro running through ram management here in round three as you

can see i haven’t allocated a point so far and that is because they’re keeping all the apps open in the background neither phone is killing any of these apps which is absolutely superb whether you have eight gigs on huawei or 12 gigs on the rog the thing to note here is the lpddr5 ram which both of them have and they’re both doing an exceptional job at keeping all apps open in the background ready to jump straight back into total score yeah 15 for the huawei mate 40 pro as opposed to 17 on the rog phone 3 an extremely close one and i’m really surprised that the gaming centric rog phone 3 took the win since it’s running slightly older 700 meter plastic as opposed to the new efficient and all-powerful kirin 9000 five nanometer process chip but if we focus just on round two just focusing on performance here the huawei mate 40 pro got 12 points which was beat by an extra 4 points toward the rog phone 3 with 16 points so the rog phone was quite a bit quicker when it came to raw speed and if this is the case for now i’m truly excited to see what the snapdragon 888 is capable of a sub to the channel would be absolutely fantastic this is technic and i’ll see you in the next one you

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