OnePlus 8 Pro vs Galaxy S20 Ultra Speed Test

what’s up individuals you back with Technic as well as today I have actually an additional quickest view yet this time in between the 1 + 8 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy is 20 ultra the 1 + 8 Pro comes combined with Qualcomm latest snapdragon 865 handling chip as well as I have the version with 12 gigs of ram affixed to it the s20 ultra that i have is also a snapdragon 865 version since it is imported from korea and also it also comes combined with 12 gigs of ram they are both approximately day in the software program divisions and they both have extremely heavy striking specifications feel free to pause there for additional information have 120 hertz panels on both devices as well as we’re gon na restrict them both to Complete HD And Also because the Samsung can refrain from doing wqhd plus and 120 little bits at the very same time like the oneplus can we can leave animations on on both phones as a result of a current survey on my youtube network run ones gon na be concerning boot finger prints and face unlock Run 2 is gon na have to do with initially opening up applications around 3 reopening app speed as well as round opening will certainly taste that Ram monitoring we’re gon na be utilizing my fingers yet so to maintain things up below we’re gon na keep reviewing video footage to the bottom of your container when I people this is technic and also without additional ado let’s go starting here with around 1 we’re gon na begin with a boot taste as well as we have sped up things up as you can see 400 not 200% in the lower left hand corner the 1 + 8 Pro was 6 secs quicker when starting up the phone and when first filling app

symbols were at first entering into the phone the 1 + a pro likewise a little does that faster than me samsung galaxy is 20 i’ll attempt giving it is 2nd factors in round 1 we’re mosting likely to do based out of 3 right here when it concerns a finger print recognition and also the samsung makes use of an ultrasonic one V one + utilizes an optical scanner the Samsung was somewhat quicker in the preliminary the oneplus was a little quicker in the second round as well as now we’re mosting likely to do the very best out of 3 right here the third one here as well as we’ll see which one is quicker and they were also close to call so neither of them got a point there when it concerns facial acknowledgment though there is fairly a huge difference between them you wan na +8 Pro is quicker every single time right here so it will indeed wreck its 3rd as well as last points in rounded one you men are brand-new to the network base left hand edge over there we do have our GoPro video as well as we have a timer beneath that counting down to the next round opening camera the oneplus 8 professional gets its turning the video camera around once more the oneplus 8 pro obtains it once more and also it obtains its third point when taking a snap slightly quicker than the instantaneous ultra entering into the gallery though the edge 20 ultra opens up that up faster and also these 20 ultra additionally loads opening the image much faster entering into our calculator over right here 1 +8 Pro opens up that up somewhat quicker and we set our double

factors for the 1 +8 Pro now more than dual factors five factors for the one plus a pro after opening up phone entering into setups points were also close to call and also currently we’re mosting likely to enter into anything send its rate test over here incidents pts we’re not gon na really be contrasting download and upload rates however extra so which one can actually run the speed test quicker than the various other one we have actually sped things up as you can see lower right-hand man corner over there by 800% the 1 +8 Pro that are in 34 seconds and also the Samsung Galaxy is 20 ultra it does it in 35 secs simply a second slower yet the oneplus 8 pro does get an added factor over there if you individuals are new to the channel what I do is I slow these clips down a hell of a great deal and also I go with them 2 3 4 5 6 times to make certain I am allocating the factor appropriately if there is just a couple of nanoseconds in between the application opening times I don’t allot a point but if there is 1 or 2 milliseconds between them and it is noticeable which one opened it up quicker than I do alloted factors over there of course if the one is 10 nanoseconds quicker I likewise assign a factor there as well if it is as well close to call I don’t allot advancement in all now 6 factors a piece in round 2 opening rush we open the job a little quicker towards the 1 + 8 Pro over there as well as currently we’re.

mosting likely to export a 4k 25 frameworks per second over below both of them running you at this 3 storage space you Samsung coatings in 16 seconds and 3 seconds slower on the 1 plus a pro with 19 seconds they both have 7 factors currently in round 2 which is excellent going into astral VPN right here because we need a VPN in China the oneplus opens it up fast up with the Samsung transforms it on somewhat faster we need this in order to open the following couple of applications that we’re gon na be examining app sure because we are in China and also regrettably they do block them the Samsung opens up concerning first social media Africa which isn’t in Facebook making it one factor ahead of the oneplus now it is a really limited taste thus far I haven’t had 2 tools so close to each various other considering that I tested asked by means of Shami meeting Pro any kind of real me x2 Pro actually I keep in mind the Samsung has been out quite a lot longer than the oneplus 2 it has had a couple of even more updates though both of them are presently in the newest updated state however the oneplus we’ll probably get slightly quicker in the Samsung as the months go by because the snapdragon 865 processing chip does have updatable vehicle drivers as well as I do have these dragan version of the Samsung so it has obtained a few chauffeur updates I’ve been told this point thus far we have.

three factors in advance on in the East winning altra and now the 1 +8 opened Netflix a little quicker both of them going into my profile at similar times one plus opening up Google Chrome slightly quicker currently simply one factor behind the East winning ultra and also going into train surfers over right here which is our initial game to see which one opens it up quicker the East winning I’ll show it was somewhat quicker if you return you’ll see that it actually goes to the screen a hair of a second foster but it is without a doubt obvious the same can be said with flip diving however vice versa providing the point to the one plus eight probe over below now still simply one factor behind the East when your ultra our next video game which is slightly a lot more extreme to open is Temple Run 2 over below so many of you people do play you can in fact use that terrific high refresh rate panel of these screens to play that game entering into pop G which is our most graphically intense game over below we’re gon na see which one can go open up the application pasta as well as it is without a doubt assigned to the 1 plus 8 Pro also at 13 points in contrast to 14 factors of the s20 ultra which was one point ahead in round 2 entering into round 3 this has nothing to do with RAM administration whatsoever it.

actually relates to reopening application speed so reopening all the apps that we simply open going in a full contrary direction and also not a looped direction we ‘d just be tasting out Ram administration if we entered into a loophole direction so going in this opposite instructions we’re gon na go all the means pull back to camera as well as afterwards after that we’ll loophole back to Bar G to taste our RAM management in round 4 thus far they’ve been opening them up really similarly here both simply have one point and also going into YouTube the oneplus 8 Pro opens a little quicker and also not two points instead of the one points of the s20 ultra in round 3 over below as I have actually also popped right into the description the various times of the round so do not hesitate to click ahead if you would certainly such as to see the results of both phones however when it comes to currently we’re shooting still right into rounded 3 over below now 3 points in advance on the oneplus 8 pro instead of the galaxy is 20 ultra entering into Adobe rush over right here v1 plus 8 Pro opens that up slightly quicker and also if you men have actually thought that things were extremely close over right here often the oneplus opens it up quicker because of the computer animations both of them are utilizing complete force.

animations but oneplus missions are slightly faster than that of the Samsung Galaxy is to ultra my previous examinations I did disable animations on all the devices that I did yet I lately did a YouTube poll as well as all of you people elected bulk like sixty or seventy percent voted to leave the animations on if you would certainly such as that to change then head over to my web page go to my canoeing community tab as well as cast your vote now going into round 4 of year after rounded 3 the one plus was just four points ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S 20 I’ll try wind of resuming up applications now we’re gon na be testing out RAM administration’s below if both phones open the app and also maintain it running in the background neither points is offered if one opens it up and keeps it running the history the other does not after that naturally it gets alloted appoints and also if both of a killed’ like we just saw there with photoshop than either of them get appoints as well actually i’ve never seen this before in a test yet neither of them obtained a point because their RAM monitoring is on point both with 12 gigs of ram complete points yet 23 for the one plus a pro instead of 17 for the s20 ultra though if we just count round 2 & 3 which is all concerning rate then it’s 20 for the 8 Pro as well as 17 for the is 20 ultra guys hit that subscribe button this is technic and also I’ll see you in the following one you.