The 3-inch Android Phone! Testing the Super-Compact Jelly 2

so if like me you’ve been cursed with stumpy pee-pee little troll fingers fortunes are you’re probably coming relatively hacked off with every smartphone these days being the size of a murderou laptop well accentuated no longer because bounded to the rescue is the fresh brand-new uni hurts jelly too quite an amusing name but it’s also one of the most compact smartphones you’ll be able to bag yourself in 2021 by a country friggin mile because it’s just three inches in sizing you can bag yourself one right now from the official uni hertz website for merely 199 and i absolutely had to get my hands my minuscule little baby hands on one of these bad sons to really take it for a test drive so let’s check out the unihertz jelly 2 and for the most recent greatest tech satisfy do poking subscribe and ding that notifications bell mirths i can’t remember the last time i had a phone box that was this tiny and there is the jelly 2 and all of its splendour oh my god that is so friggin cute and actually comes pre-wrapped in a good old-fashioned condom subject as well way size doesn’t matter pussies it’s all about impeding it wrapped up so what else do you get inside of this very cute little carton you get a two-pin adapter got a usb accusing cable and yes thankfully it is type c not micro usb you’ve actually got bloody lanyard bundled in the uh the box as well this really is a blast from the past and

you’ve got a user guide and you even get a screen protection wrap in there as well so a solid offering all over and in fact there is a pre-installed screen protector too so that one wrap in the box is just a bonus and now we go here is the uni hertz jelly 2 and oh my god i’m already in love so the jelly 2 weighs a measly 110 grams as you can see that is quite a chunky monkey as you kind of expect from a three-inch smartphone there’s quite a lot of stuff to pack in there including a 2000 milliamp artillery and all the usual innards and the jelly 2 is only available in this one color finish which is uh technically light-green is a unusually very dark green though so you could be forgiven for judging it was black in sort of dim light it’s actually quite a close match for my uh my t-shirt design foregrounds include a rear attached fingerprint sensor quite a dinky little act there precisely beneath the single camera lens the title hem of the phone is certainly very busy surely you’ve got a pair of buttons here supremacy button and a practice button plus the sim tray plus that usb c charging board and check this out you’ve even got a goddamn headphone jack are you listening apple samsung one plus upper all you more action who can’t find space for a headphone jack on your whopping gigantic flagship smartphones this is a three inch manoeuvre and it’s perceived gap for a gory headphone jack so why can’t you let’s poke open that sim tree and view what we got in there as well and check this out quite impressive again for the purposes of the a pact smartphone you’ve got office for two sims at once there otherwise you can have a single sim and a micro sd

memory card right now i absolutely have to power up the jetty 2 and check this thing in action now is this actually the power button i thought it would be with it being radiant red and all uh but perhaps no it’s the one above it of course it is seriously cutest goddamn phone of all time so check it out even the bloody lord and screen thing is super cute love it oh disco pellets okay the uni hurts jelly 2 is all set up and ready for action and as you can see they’re running full android but it is unfortunately the older android 10 not the fresh new android 11 and as you can see it’s on quite an old-time defence spot more and there’s also irritatingly no apps detect all of your apps have to be knotted there on your desktops and that’s of course you download a fresh launcher from the likes of the google romp but check this out seem contacting up for the priorities in the screen for that notifications disallow no trouble and besides that shortage of an apps trade is essentially simply straightforward furnish android with all of the usual features that you would expect you’ve got gps on this thing you’ve got nfc support with contactless fees and all of that and good stuff and you’ve even got a good fleck of dual ensemble wi-fi and are talking here about the connectivity this will lte stripe endorsement here in the uk so certainly on my 4g tie the apps were downloading reasonably fast no 5g buoy though of course of course having such a pact uh finish is

fantastic for you know your one-handed navigation all that good material but one of the difficulties involved in that dinky screen is the fact that typing on the jelly 2 is uh an interesting know and mostly each of these little virtual keys is smaller than a fleas lump bag okay let’s see if i can time type tech surge well i’ve already that up save typing yeah instead of t oh there you go i oversaw it and of course if you need reading glasses or anything like that then yeah the jelly 2 screen is probably not going to be ideal for you to be fair to it though that minuscule dinky 3 inch ips screen is reasonably crisp it’s got a 480 by 854 pixel solution giving you pixels per inch reasonably sort of bright on those top tiers you might be squinting a little bit if you’re using the quay 2 outdoors those colourings aren’t exactly super punchy either but not extremely horrific either wide contemplating angles which is uh ever good to see probably not quite the channel you’re expected to uh take in those marvel big screen extravaganzas but uh you know what if you just want to enjoy a bit youtube or a netflix appearance on the go it’ll work and to be fair you do get a preferably dignified 128 gigs of storage packed into the jelly 2 as well with that micro sd expandability yeah as well as that uh headphone jack you’ve also got full bluetooth 4.2 supporting you have a mono speaker built into this thing as well so let’s check that pushing for out promotion touchwood uh alexander reid says this guy is bald band 5g yeah as you would expect from a three-inch smartphone not the most powerful speaker out there clarity is absolutely fine but yeah surely uh time fault in some earphones if i were you now powering the uni hertz jelly 2 is a basic helio p60 uh chipset

but it is backed by six gigs of ram and so far touchwood loading up apps absolutely fine they seem to be running smoothly enough the occasional little judger here and there but yeah overall not too shabby at all i’ve actually done a bit of benchmarking for you super standard devotees as you can see they’re quite estimable on the multi-core front likewise again should be absolutely fine for flowing lots of apps simultaneously but of course in order to truly test out the performance of any smartphone i always was engaged in a good part of a mobile gaming so yeah i uh i don’t really know why i do this to myself but let’s see how well call of duty mobile operates on a three inch smartphone of course the first challenge is actually penetrating my login info all right here we go i can’t actually meet who i’m up against because the calls are so small-scale oh god this is so dumb right okay wish me luck well the screen’s fairly responsive got to see is that where i got to admit i’m just kind of blind firing now oh he’s on my feature oh jesus oh didn’t quite stumble the button yes that was just embarrassing you got killed by somebody playing on a friggin three-inch telephone oh no oh no yes oh cruel snipers oh my god not only did we earn but i killed the final as well in this

guy’s nuts that’s how we won and i’m sorry but mvp as well come on that is bragging privileges for life and the good news is in spite of the fact i’ve been penalise this thing the jedi 2′ s battery life doesn’t seem to be ticking down too fast it’s a 2 000 milliamp cell stuffed inside thankfully a lot bigger than the palm phones artillery which was a measly 800 milliamp that was one of the major handicaps of that pact handset but anyhow let’s coming to an end with a askance at the jelly 2′ s camera tech and slept there on the back is a single 16 megapixel camera lens not even a gory macro lens inside which i thought was pretty much obligatory for all smartphones these days and certainly basic is one of the first words that springtimes to thoughts uh you know this will precisely just about do the job probably if you’re like satisfying in sketch pics on your your google note something like that and you’ve got a couple of mods you actually do have a pro mode if you want to play around with the likes of the iso level and you’ve also got a video mode you can swap to what resolving does that do i’m assuming just like full hd 720 by default but you can bump it up to that mighty full hd resolve if you want to and you do likewise have a basic eight megapixel selfie camera as well which i’m trying to switch to there we go uh how’s just here in this top bezel and uh the work requires i’m sure do an absolutely stunning job for your everyday selfies absolute dreamboat and that right there in a nutshell is the uni hurts jelly 2 highly compact highly lovable definitely so so cute uh i’m still recovering from the fact that i won that bloody call of duty game utterly bonkers typing contents on it is of course an absolute frickin amer but beyond that suitable luxuriant and certainly it’s just like a secondary phone to slip into you know the dinkiest of little compact handbags or pockets undertaking done so let me know your thoughts down in specific comments below satisfy do put subscribe and ding that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest tech and have yourselves a awesome remainder of the week applauses everyone love you

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