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so google has just propelled its fresh new flagship smartphones the pixel 6 and this here pixel 6 pro it’s bigger and it’s certainly more expensive as well started 849 quid where reference is goes on sale from october the 28 th that’s 250 quid more than the standard pixel six but maybe you’ve decided you want to spunk out that additional money because you are a pro and by pro i don’t mean a sex although you might be a prostitute we’re not adjudicating now and if you are a prostitute and you decide to go for the problem clearly the earnings are good so are you all right and maybe let’s have another go at this so i’m gonna whip the pixel six prawn out of its lovely burnished white box go you on a full on tour of the hardware and the software ahead of my in-depth review which will be coming next monday and for more the latest and greatest tech satisfy do plug subscribe and dig that notifications bell praises so as usual let’s begin with a look at what you actually get in the box besides the mighty pixel 6 pro so first up we’ve got the usual quick start guidebook guaranty info and the porcupine manoeuvre to get your sim in there you’ve got one singularly grey nature c to type c usb cable and final up normal form c to usb a adapter so you can transfer files and such forth from one phone to another and that is it no actual influence adapter wrap in there or headphone adapter because you don’t actually get a headphone jack on the pixel 6 pro either so the pixel 6 pro is a 6.7 inch ogre certainly bigger than the 6.4 inch standard simulation but it doesn’t actually weigh that much more it’s 210 grams so got a decent heft to it but not too bad for a

phone this length and this is one glossy glass morpher as well you’ve got gorilla glass victus on the front end as well as the back end and those committees are separated by a bit of smoothed metal formulate war now one of the advantages of gorilla glass victors is the fact that it doesn’t shatter upon impact with your hard-handed surfaces or i have reviewed gorilla glass victor smartphones in the past and sagged them face first onto concrete they’re generally absolutely fine although they do tend to scratch up a little bit easier than previous generations of gorilla glass so we’ll be keeping invoices on the pixel 6 pro to see if it does get all scuffed up after a couple of weeks of use and the pixel 6 pro is amply ip68 water and dust resistant as well so you can rock it in the hot tub at night i know you’ve got a hot tub because you’ve got enough money to spunk out on this thing and yeah the pixel 6 pro is certainly a hand filler although no worse than a lot of other smartphones in 2021 it’s quite slick as well although you do have that jutton camera chassis which helps to give it a bit of traction if you remain it on the arm of the sofa or whatever neat simple smart-alecky layout i do like this cloudy white model you can also grab it in stormy blacknes if you demand something a bit more moody a bit more batman-ish or also google is offering the pixel 6 pro in sorta pleasant which is lovely and brilliant and cheerful at the time i shot this video i’m not actually even sure if that sort of sunny model is even coming to the uk would kind of feel like rubbing salt into the wound given we’re about to plunge into several months of unending darkness that camera chassis isn’t seamless there are some clear noticeable connects in there at least the fact that it pulls right across the arse means that the phone doesn’t wobble about when it’s laying on a desk and you’re poking the screen as for around the front end that screen does arc gently around the edges of the pixel 6 pro but they’re all reasonably sized bezels bordering the spectacle as well nothing more distressing thankfully and only a minuscule little selfie cam orifice protruding its nature into view at the top end of the screen considering what a flipping massive telephone this pixel 6 pro is it does have a teeny tiny little sim tray tucked away inside and merely a single sim placard can actually fit inside of there as well as you can see that’s not reversible and there’s no infinite for micro sd memory posters if you wishes to a

second sim you’ll have to go esim before we dive into the pixel 6 pro specs and many features and everything uh google did very kindly send me the pixel 6 pro official subject so let’s whip that one out too and just like the client for the original pixel 6 this is once again a translucent campaign made from plastic in fact it’s over 30 recycled plastic it’s a exceedingly snug fit indeed it’s like a warm embrace for your pixel 6 pro and it does actually cover the buttons here on the right edge as well but it’s a soft touch effort so you can actually still press them which is always beneficial even though it is uh reasonably translucent as you can see they couldn’t relatively write out the lovely crispy lily-white finishing on the google pixel 6 pro formerly that case is in place so naturally this being the latest google smartphone uh it is of course sporting the fresh new android 12 os and so far i’m really liking the new aesthetics here in uh in android 12.

Got to say drag down that notifications bar from anywhere like so you’ve got some fast access toggles on there really nicely presented likes a google spend if you want to get that on the go and from here you can first access the power uh aims as well because if you long press the dominance button that by default will bring up the google assistant as usual you can piddle about with the home places like so and from this little mini menu you can also fast access the wallpaper and wording sections you can change up the wallpaper and members of the general esthetics google seems to be leaning heavy into a floral theme here on the google pixel 6 pro by default as you can see you’ve got numerous different dye combos and i really like how when you alter the color of that wallpaper as you can see there the actual colorings of the google app icons likewise changes to match and reflect that primary palette so for instance if we now change up the wallpaper and make it something a bit more red once again the icons and everything will change to match it of course naturally i’m going to stick with my customary geeky anime shenanigans or from wall.alphacorders.

com just in case anyone’s curious now there’s lots of other huge is available in android 12.

unfortunately i’m not allowed to show off any of them now on the pixel 6 pro until my full recall so i have to stay chanted for that for my full hopes on all of that shenanigans but i can show off however the in spectacle visual fingerprint sensor which is replacing the rear prepared fingerprint sensor on previous google pixel smartphones and so far seems nice and spry and responsive as “youre seeing” there got your little guidance printer on the always-on display so you know exactly where to sounds yeah so far no worries on that front though unfortunately there is no uh face recognition now on the pixel 6 pro just like the standard pixel six so it is fingerprint all the way as for storage well you can’t expand the 128 gigs of default storage now on the pixel 64 no micro sd recollection placard funding but you can throw extra cash at google to double that storage to 256 gigs if you demand it is ufs 3.1 unfortunately though if you do want that 256 gig beefcake prototype well your merely color alternative is black now that 6.7 inch oled display here on the pixel 6 pro is absolute eye candy it’s a quad hd plus panel 3120 by 1440 pixel settlement so even though it’s pretty damn spacious you’ve got pin abrupt visuals no matter what you’re up to checking out photos just watching a bit of netflix or disney plus go for the hdr patronage as well of course so nice

natural looking colourings and sharp-witted contrast as well when you’re watching hdr content on the likes of netflix uh but also certainly punchy vivid poppy in your face colors when you are streaming a bit of pixar or something like that on disney plus and you’ve also got an auto refresh option now on the pixel 6 pro as well so that display can automatically scale from 60 to 120 hertz depending on what you’re up to what app you’re using in order ensuring that maximum fluidity fluidity when needed google did mention in its briefing that the pixel 6 pro pattern was also able to flatten all the way to 10 hertz freshen as well when absolutely nothing’s happening on screen so hopefully that should help to preserve the battery life keep it going all day long no worries now as i mentioned before there’s no headphone jack now on the pixel 6 pro sadly but you do get some reliable bluetooth 5.2 support and you do too have a stereo speaker setup it’s rather loud on that top work but still honourable clarity as well but what about the performance well one of the headline aspects now on the pixel 6 and the pixel 6 pro framework comes from the fact that it’s using google’s brand-new tensor chipset freshly designed for these pixel smartphones and here on the pro framework that’s

backed by 12 gigs of ddr5 ram and certainly if you’re into your geeky chipset shenanigans then this sounds like an absolute blinder it’s got its own custom-made tpu which can help with the machine learning features submerge away here in the pixel 6 pro so for instance you’ve got lots of text-to-speech and speech-to-text tools one of the most exciting of these for me is the call screen feature which thankfully is coming to the uk it’s not “re going to be” us merely this basically allows you to if you’ve got an incoming call you can only press a button that says announce screen the phone will then request whoever’s calling you what you want me and then the person who’s calling could be like hey i’m jeff from nonsense sell restriction here to waste your time and then what will happen is you’ll actually get a transcription of what they’ve just said on the screen and then you can decide whether to answer the bawl or say bugger you jeff off you the tensor chipset also bought a 20 core gpu so you’ll be recognized on for gaming check back my full critique for more on that as well as a separate security cord for leading all of your sensitive enterprises and that titan m2 security chip to store your private data you’ve also get built-in 5g aid in that tensor chipset as well but it is just sub 6 here in the uk whereas i believe it is sub 6 and millimeter curve in regions like the us we’ve already come these new technologies available you’ve also got wi-fi 6e reinforcement built

in here as well so on the connectivity breast and i also know it’s buried apart in the spec membrane that the pixel 6 pro prototype actually substantiates ultra wide band tech as well which is something that you don’t get in the standard pixel six as for your battery tech well it’s a instead capacious 5 000 milliamp cell crammed into that godzilla-like formulated so hopefully should impede you going all day long peculiarly if that tensor chipset proves to be as energy efficient as google is bigging up unfortunately not super fast on the recharge rapidity 30 watt blaming because you don’t get the adapter wrap in the box you’ll have to provide your own otherwise throw even more cash at google for one of those alternatives if you’ve got a spare wireless charge stand kicking about the place where you’ve got full qi wireless accusing support here on the pixel 6 port just like the standard pixel six and if you’ve got the second gen pixel stand as well and 23 watt wireless blaming guaranteed there and a good part of reversal wireless billing to boot now let’s mission at this unboxing of the pixel 6 pro with a squint-eyed at that triple lens camera tech so the camera hardware has is entirely overhauled for the pixel 6 successions the primary crap-shooter is a 50 megapixel effort with built-in optical likenes stabilization so a major raise in the megapixel detail and likewise the camera sensor sizing as well it’s 2.

5 times bigger than the pixel 5 gen so should prove really really exceed for the the low-grade lighter shots not quite so is contingent upon the software smart-aleckies at any point you can exchange to the 12 megapixel ultra wide angle shooter complete with anti-edge distortion tech and the large-hearted roar now on the pixel 6 pool compared with the standard pixel 6 comes from the fact you’ve got a 48 megapixel telephoto shooter that’s capable of up to four times optical zoom you can also get up to 20 experiences super resume so that’s a combination of the visual and digital zoom as well and that lens again has built-in os as you can see the fact my hands are trembling but the image is remaining quite stable you’ve got the standard camera modes here on the pixel 6 pro like the portrait good aged trusty of course the fresh brand-new action procedure which can’t actually is shown by regrettably uh but as you can see that supposed to be quite good for any moving themes has a nice little misty aftermath in the background so again check back for my full camera review for more on that you got the night view procedure of course when things are getting a little bit

dark and if we swap to the final states there’s a couple of extra bonus flakes there and then follow your video shenanigans you’re shooting in full hd by default because you’ll probably want to boost that up to 4k ultra high res you can shoot either 30 or 60 frames per second and then last up around breast here on the pixel 6 consortium you’ve got an 11.1 megapixel selfie crap-shooter and this can give you a slightly more drew back 94 stage end if you want to try and fit lots of friends in if you have friends and this can shoot video at 4k resolve as well so helpful if you want to do a good bit of vlogging on the go so that right there in a nutshell is the google pixel 6 pro nars i say stay tuned for next monday where i’ll be imparting you my full in-depth review of the standard pixel six i’ll follow that up with a pro further consideration and i will be creating my full in-depth pixel 6 and pixel 6 pro camera review and comparison next monday as well in the meantime it would be absolutely ruddy lovely to hear what you find for cohen think of the pixel 6 and the pixel 6 pro if you’re invited by one or another or neither or both and from all the latest greatest tech please do framed subscribe and ding that notifications bell and have yourselves a superb remainder of the week praises everyone love you

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