Vivo X60 Pro Plus vs Pro Unboxing, Camera Test, Gaming

so smartphone manufacturer of evo has just launched two new smartphones fresh for 2021 the vivo x60 pro and the x60 pro plus suddenly that pro plus modeling doesn’t inject caffeine instantly into your veins because that would be really handy this week and as you probably put together given that vivo has sprinkled the co-engineering with zeiss substance all over the box the large-hearted emphasis here is on some very clever camera tech but while vivo itself has most definitely developed its spotlight on the camera tech now that’s not to say that the rest of the hardware is just as thrilling so let’s do a full unboxing of the vivo x60 pro and pro plus side-by-side analogies you know which one is likely to be best for you and for more on the latest greatest tech please do protrude subscribe and hitting that notifications bell mirths alright so first up let’s see what you actually get stacked in these cartons so of course you get the phone get your accuse adapter got your sort c usb cable you get a protective cover although it’s not really a condom dispute because it is a proper hard shell you even get some headphones bundled in here as well which is a nice little additional some quite snazzy ogling ones as well with a bit of rubber tip action that’s everything you get in the box and now let’s check out the vivo x60 pro and the vivo x60 pro plus and certainly from the breast

they look basically the same same features pro plus is a little bit heavier so until you flip them around and check out the arsene that you notice some pretty big differences for one the vivo x60 pro has this really nice satin glass finish it feels genuinely soft to the touch kind of same to what you get the likes of the poko f3 and that glass but a matte vogue textured finish as well which is great news if you’re gonna be handling your telephone after you know eating some chips or something like that you’re doing those greasy magazines all over that back end this here is the shimmer blue model but if you prefer sort of darker moodier smartphones you can grab it in midnight blacknes as well as for the pro plus well that boasts the same fake leather finish as the oppo penalize x2 pro from last year abruptly i’m not quite as enamored with the hue here on the vivo x60 pro plus it’s an emperor blue finish but it does mainly only look black until the the sunrise kind of strikes it and then it’s a awfully unusually very dark blue basically so yeah emphatically not as delivering as that colors beautiful forceful orange finish on the penalize x2 pro but it still looks very smart surely certainly ogles more like an administration smartphone and once again nice and resistant to scuffs and greasy marks and the like but you might want to avoid getting the vivo x60 pro plus moist because i’m not sure how that forgery leather approval will respond to that and speaking of getting moist there

was no mention of any ip frequency and any ocean fight in the specs for the vivo x60 pro or the pro plus so you want to avoid to take them into a nice bubbly shower jacuzzi okay vivo x60 pro and x64 plus are all set up ready for action and as you can see now they’re all switched on side by side bugger all gap truly from the front both vivo handsets athletic a 6.56 inch flaunt which as you can see that only arches ever so subtly at the edges of the manoeuvre you’ve got your centrally arranged selfie shooter so very similar to samsung’s recent handsets that’s not a massive surprise because the panels are actually designed by samsung the software situation is basically the exact same on both these vivo telephones you’ve got the latest freshest android 11 but you do have the fun touch launcher slated on top of that to add all kinds of bonus features and such forth definitely acquires the allotment for the pervious voice and launcher of all time and it’s mostly a asset android vibe through and through you’ve got the swipe navigation gesticulates all that good stuff i do of course have the google detect feed you’ve got your apps tray in there then if you dive on into the prepares menu you’ll detect all kinds of bonus shenanigans stuck away in now so for instance you’ve got the likes of the dynamic influences this allows you to play around with mostly all the animations that you get on here including

the fingerprint icon animation i’m absolutely caring the retro uh 80 s wording vibe with some of these i’m getting various kinds of an ocp vibe from this one we dive right into shortcuts and accessibility onus of enormous stuff including that one-handed more which is very handy certainly so to speak as you can see merely a speedy swipe in and out and this will reduce everything down compiling things much easier to use one thing that does grind my gears with merriment touching is the sheer amount of crapper that comes pre-installed on now when you’re actually setting up the vivo x60 smartphones you give them the option of setting extra bonus apps if you want to or not and i was thinking oh great it’s actually asking me if i crave this like temple run too this friggin feline thing people still use these apps in 2021 so of course i don’t take the inferno out of all that but then that didn’t stop the phones from installing a whole bunch of other random that i’m never ever going to use like no that can just go straight away thankfully all these things can be quickly and easily uninstalled but it is still ebolic facebook noop a gala few of these i don’t even know what they are uh iqiy i i know actually this was like the kind of thing i have been able to get behind like genuinely cheesy spooky asian tv proves sometimes these are well worth a watch this one gazes peculiarly stupefying astronomical power establishment where ponzi soldiers in far too much makeup spend the part meter defending one another in a ridiculously over-the-top way for the right to marry some poor maiden who’s

probably came bugger all realizing it all but yeah you can get rid of all of them and the good news is that both the pro and the pro plus come with 256 gigs of pre-installed storage and is ufs 3.1 absolutely delighted and nippy for downloading fresh apps and opening big-ass apps like gentian impact so back to that 6.56 inch ultra or amoled presentation as i said before manufactured by samsung in both cases perfect for your fragment of major you’ve got full hd plus settlement which manages to keep likeness reasonably crisp despite the fact you’ve got a fairly comfortable committee here delightful poppy dyes as well you can actually jump into the display fixes on both of these and play around with the the dye output if you want to spawn things a little more vivid and punchy uh otherwise dial it back down to a more professional degree and you’ve got full support for hdr 10 plus content streaming on the likes of netflix as well so as you can see they’re a good chip of hdr on the go on both the pro and the pro plus that really nice sharp-worded compare and natural seem pigments those blacks genuinely are nice and deep and like most payment smartphones in 2021 you’ve got a fast freshen charge on both these as well 120 hertz they max out at you can actually keep them on the smart substitution peculiarity which will scale between 60 and 120 hertz depending on what app you use and what you’re actually up to otherwise you can’t just leave it at 120 hertz if you don’t really care so much about saving that battery life and as i alluded to earlier you do have a fingerprint sensor built into both of

these mighty showings and it seems perfectly responsive and precise on both sets of boards still further as for the audio well unexpectedly “its just” a mono speaker setup on both the pro and the pro plus so merely that bottom firing speaker the top earpiece does absolutely now so let’s boost it up and just see what the magnitudes like but then to be fair for the cost so that’s the pro now the pro plus plastic patronage which isn’t 400 huge gotta say the pro plus is actually a tad louder than the standard pro although once you get to that peak capacity on the plus the purity isn’t quite so great unhappily like a good deal of more fee smartphones these days absolutely bugger all headphone jack act now on the vivo x60 pro and the pro plus which is a real shame uh so it’s character c dongles all the way otherwise you do get bluetooth 5.1 supporter but at least you’ve got support for high-res audio and all the usual good material so you may have noticed that the vivo x60 pro and the vivo x60 pro plus be similar in a lot of references so far but when it comes to performance that’s where there’s one of the first large-scale specs changes so the vivo x60 pro is powered by the snapdragon 870 terribly

powerful chipset just propelled a couple of months ago it’s essentially a re-jigged version of the 865 plus and meanwhile the vivo x60 pro plus so many pluses it’s starting to get a bit confusing now it’s powered by the billy large-scale bollocks qualcomm snapdragon 888 chipset so surely a recital ameliorate there there’s not a huge spread between these phones and although by any means that snapdragon 870 is proper powerful still because it is an updated version of the 865 plus which recollect was powering the wrong phone 3 gaming smartphone just a few months back and that breach is also restrained relatively restricted given the fact that both the vivo x60 pro and the vivo x60 pro plus are powered by 12 gigs of ram that is some beefy specs right there of course one of the best exams for carry-on is a given a gentian impact action extremely when you bump it up to the highest detail gives at the 60 fps degree “its one” serious challenge and yes i did find got a couple of little enclose pace judders on the pro and the pro plus to be fair uh when things went certainly intensive you know you’re in a battle with like 10 15 other animals but it was just that exactly a adolescent judder uh certainly didn’t impact the actual gameplay or anything and as i say very rare instances of that as well you’ve got 240 hertz style response on both the pro and the poor plus the

certainly everything is nice and smooth nice and sensitive so yeah so if you’re a gamer then both of these will definitely do the job showing that it’s not a perfectly flat presentation but here oh you can’t have everything you got yourself a good chip of 5g support on both the pro and the pro plus as well so no issues with the connectivity as for the battery tech well no discrepancies between them there it’s a 4 200 milliamp cadre on both of them hopefully should last year the full period as long as you don’t go too crazy with that gentian impact nonetheless while the pro has 33 watt wide accusing support the pro plus does actually ameliorate that to 55 watts so it is nippier once you push it in but there’s no wireless blame support on either of these handsets anyway let’s move on to the big deal here on the vivo x60 pro and pro plus which is that camera tech and of course it’s very fashionable for smartphone manufacturers to partner up these days with optics firms and vivo emphatically has not booked that direction cozying up with zeiss for the two new vivo phones there are shag loads of divergences when it comes to the camera hardware on the pro and the pro plus the first of those comes from the fact that the pro plus actually gets a bit of zeiss’s t-star corton for that glass

covering and protecting the lenses this just helps to reduce annoying little issues like lens flare when you’re shooting in a bright environment for its primary lens the x60 pro has the 48 megapixel sony imx 598 sensor quite a popular camera sensor in smartphones we do get vivo’s gimbal stabilization 2.0 as well as optical likenes stabilization giving you full five axis stabilization now this does an absolute bloody-minded looty luminou undertaking of countering any kind of hand tremors whatsoever so if your hands are on specially still or you’ve had a few drums of whiskey on a saturday nighttime the vivo x60 pro will help to give you scavenge sharp seeming shots all the same as for the vivo x60 pro plus well this uses the fresh snazzy new 50 megapixel samsung gn1 sensor with visual persona stabilization built in as well i thought to test out the camera tech i’d make some side-by-side shots with the x60 pro and the pro plus there’s not really a golfer difference between the two to be honest they both induce delightful crisp detailed photos even in quite tricky differ i did find that the pro plus created somewhat punchier somewhat bolder colorings on occasion but apart from that good results from both on the ultra wide angle front the pro has got a 13 megapixel ultrawide inclination camera with anti-distortion correction and the pro plus boosts that to a 48 megapixel attempt with gimbal stabilization 2.0 so that pro plus will make it much easier to shoot sumptuous panoramic style backgrounds with that ultra wide angle effect because you’ve got that gimbal stabilization you likewise have a dedicated

portrait lens on both of these vivo blowers it’s a 13 megapixel endeavour on the pro 32 megapixel on the pro plus but again both of them did a bang up job with their good old-time veronica here and while that’s it for your camera lenses on service standards vivo x60 pro the pro plus supplements a eight megapixel periscope lens with five times visual zoom for getting closer to your subject so while the standard pro transcends off at a 20 hours digital zoom where everything appears a bit cac the pro plus can go all the way up to a mighty 60 epoch zoom that said during my measure shots the vivo periscope lens emphatically wasn’t half as impressive as uh some challengers who found likes of samsung telephones huawei’s smartphones didn’t seem to make a huge difference in precision are comparable to only the standard pro with its digital zoom as far as the actual camera uis go as you can see they are absolutely substance full of different modes and aspects thankfully quite a lot of it is automated like the macro procedure can be automated the hdr and all that good material and by leaving the ai state on that actually does a really good job of swapping to the different modes when you need them as well the likes of biography states got a dedicated nighttime procedure on both sets of blowers as well for captivating low-pitched sunlight shots you got that high-pitched decide option on the pro plus 2.

this could not only shoot 50 megapixel uh shots exploiting the primary sensor but you can also shoot a 100 megapixel was shot dead by mostly shooting lots of selects all in tandem and then combining them the pro state on both the x60 pro and the x60 pro plus dishes up a huge selection of manual restrains iso level slam speed a grey counterbalance lineup focus to manual focus and you can shoot in a raw format if you like and if you thought that was it for borderlines camera features oh no the more section holds plenty more stuff including the usual moon shenanigans and all of that there’s also ladens of different uh video options on both of these blows extremely if you actually dive into the resolution as well as you can see they’re both set to full hd by default you can jump up to 4k on the pro and all the way up to 8k statu on the pro plus the pro plus are supportive of hdr 10 plus video capture as well and you’ve also got wide screen options if you want to shoot more cinematic footage and last up you can also spin around to that 32 megapixel selfie camera on both the pro and the pro plus it’s essentially the same shooter on both and once again you can capture mighty fine seem selfies of yourself with uh light modes smart portrait smart-aleckies all that good stuff and that my friends is how

the vivo x60 pro and the vivo x60 pro plus stack up against one another so i think some highly delectable tech in there indeed but are you persuasion by either of these blowers and which one would be great to hear uh your thoughts down below as for me i’m gonna go dunk my thought in a barrel of chocolate because it’s been a preferably intense week if you haven’t already go check out my uh poco coverage from monday the f3 and the x3 pro uh the oneplus 9 series vanished live on tuesday the realme 8 pro inspect vanishing live yesterday and moto g100 action today as well whoopi hurrah so to make sure you don’t miss out on any more hot brand-new smartphone opens delight do plug subscribe to doing that notifications bell and have yourselves a superb respite of the week glees everyone love you

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